Monday, April 30, 2018

The changing world (90) Feb 80

Feb 1st Did TEE accounts. Jane Hamilton to supper.
2nd       Katy to musical evening.
3rd        Colossians at Hillcrest Sunday school. Barnaba Dusu on the creed in Hausa.
4th        Editing the poor translation of Seven Letters. Visited Sharpes. She has threatened miscarriage. Very thick harmattan.
5th         Editing slow. Chat with Luka from Gwoza who has been ill.
6th         Executive Committee has approved my secondment to work for Dele. Katy on duty. Petrol easier.
8th         TEE at Dutsen Was, 110 miles.
9th          Katy on duty. Water short. No tanker.
10th        Taught Colossians. Simon Dades poor in Hausa. Trevor Wells did good study.
11th        Editing Seven Letters
12th        Katy at nursery and Pineview. Garba checking Seven Letter. More editing.
13th        To Bukuru and Foron with the TEE book. Mavis Bulmer is tying.
14th        TEE editing is hard work. Liz MacLean and Lindsey Sharpe to supper. Katy at recorder group.
16th        Musical evening on Bach. David Owers and Eileen Clarke engaged.
17th        Colossians again. Gos and Magog picnic with Wells. Led Hebrews Bible study.
18th        TEE editing.
19th        More editing.
21st         Marion Mollenhaur to dinner.
22nd        Went to Miango for Garba to check TEE book.
23rd         White ants in TEE stationery. Bookselling to big evangelistic rally at Bokkos.
24th          Hillcrest Sunday school taken again.
25th          TEE editing.
26th          Jonathan has bleeding infected feet.
27th          First rain of the year.
28th          Petrol long queues. Katy at school PE display, recorder practise and St Pirans choir.
29th          TEKAN Hausa Bible school subcommittee congratulated me an TEE work. Petrol queue an hour and a half.  

The changing world (89) Jan 80

Jan 1st Birthday tea for Sue Ladipo at Miango.
6th       Jim Pleudemann preached morning an me evening. Garba's entrance hut burned down.
7th       Filling by dentist. Walk in pine forest with the Wells.
8th       79 letters written during the week's holiday.
9th       To river with Wells. Greeted Garba and helped with a gift.
10th      Back to Rockhaven and TEE teachers meeting.
11th      Lectured on TEE.
13th      Lead Hausa service and communion. Encouraged to find newly arrived Hemmings are reformed. Led Bible study. Bentleys to lunch.
14th      Katy started a week of guesthouse duty.
15th      Water getting short so the watchman is pumping at night.
16th      Visited the water board but no tanker sent.
17th      Children back to school. Chaired TEE Association.
18th      Preparing for Sunday hausa service with students. TEE stocktaking.
19th      Bought potatoes in Daffo. Hillcrest musical evening.
20th      Hausa service at Kabong. Students led. I preached.
21st      Tanker delivering water. Rachel to school screaming.
22nd     Katy on Pineview duty. Delivered TEE books to Foron and Shendam.
23rd     Too TEE Seven Letters for quotation at NBTT. Katy on guest house duty.
24th      Last day of Hausa course.
25th      End of term Hausa course visit to the wildlife park.
26th      Took the boys to play with Drews. He s consultant paediatrician at the university hospital. Wiltons to  supper.
27th      Started series on Colossians at Hillcrest adult Sunday school.
28th      Trudy Becker to super.
29th      TEE correspondence.
31st       Tidying TEE store. Long prayer meeting with Daniel Musa.

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Diary w/e 28 Apr 2018

Sun 22 April

While I heard Paul Levy on Love your neighbour, Katy, feeling ill for more than a day, off her food and at times confused, had dialled 111 and been sent to a GP who said her oxygen was low . Referred to Ealing A&E she was admitted with pneumonia and dehydration. Visited her in the evening. Failed to find a lift to Harmondsworth to preach and I had to agree not to drive myself.

Mon 23 Apr

Katy upset to be told she needs liver tests and perhaps a stay as inpatient until Thursday. When I visited she was in better spirits. Going through the papers for our member whose power of attorney I am to have,

Tu 24 Apr

Registered with local doctor as the Perivale surgery has thrown us out. Visited Katy. In good spirits. What we thought we re hallucinations are merely due to macular degeneration. Gethin Jones at Ealing Lunchtime talks on the resurrection in Mark, Jesus the prophet. Pastoral visit sorting out a members finances.

Wed 25 Apr

Third cut of lawn. Katy home from hospital. Iranian visiting speaker at our midweek meeting telling of witness and persecution in Iran and witness among the Iranian diaspora .

Th 26 Apr

Early morning elders prayer meeting, always an encouragement.

Fr 27 Apr

OPD at Moorfields Eye, Ealing.Four hours with unexpected more laser treatment to settle my left eye. Gridlock coming home. Walked about half the way. An hour and a half to get home.

Sat 28

A cold day and my spirit felt that too. I had booked to go to two meetings but had not the energy.

Saturday, April 28, 2018

The changing world (88) Dec 79

Dec 1st To Daffo. Three men sold N672 of books. Bought potatoes.
2nd       Cold season now with us so no swimming. Daniel Must preaching in the morning, Dave Bickel evening study.
3rd        Teaching Hausa. TEE duplicating.
4th         Taught two lessons for TEE supervisors course. but not well with stomach pains. Last time Katy supervises Pineview.
5th        Yakubu Yako lectures on evangelism.
6th         Christmas programme at Hillcrest.
7th         Visited Crossleys of CMS at Kafanchan overnight.
8th          Kafanchan much hotter than Plateau. Picnic down Kwoi Road.
9th          Back to Jos. Dele flew in and I took him to Mango. Christmas programme at Hillcrest.
10th        Teaching Hausa. Barnaba Dusu lectured.
11th         Typing TEE tests and duplicating. Trevitt and Mollemaker to dinner.
12th         Boys on school holidays. Katy at St Piran's choir practise.
13th         Garba lectured on witness to Muslims. The need for a church for Hausa converts is evident, a contextualised approach.
14th         Quiet  Day on church as community with the Evangelical Sisterhood of Mary.
15th         On duty in guest house. Dominy preaching, Brian Evans Bible study.
17th         Supermarket in Jos robbed but two thieves caught.
18h         Chuck Kraft of Fuller Seminary to lecture and lunch. He wrote our Hausa course book and had to leave the Church of the Brethren Mission when he advocated polygamists could be ordained.
To Garba's for naming ceremony.
19th         Gulas lectured on Borno.
20th         Hausa teaching. TEE proof reading. Katy to St Piran's choir practise while I cooked supper.
21st         Christmas music evening at Dominys.
22nd        Katy played at a big society wedding for the Gowon family.
23rd         Colin Bulley preached. Elizabeth Clarke and Charles Todd to lunch, Carlings to tea. Katy played for St Piran's carol service. Drinks at Ladipos.
25th          Disturbed early morning by a church service with loudspeakers. I preached in the morning. Lunch with Wells, Wiltons and others in guest house. Coles to tea.
27th           To Mango for holiday. Bulmers and Kimbers there too. Rachel fell and scratched face and leg.
29th          Garba round to tell us he is a father again, a boy, Suleman.
30th          SIM standard of preaching shows improvement.
31st          Visited grab and family. Watch night service to see in the eighties.

The changing world (87) Nov 79

Nov 1st Electricity off all day. Katy helping at nursery school.
2nd       Jim Pluedemann lectured on leadership.
3rd        Took children swimming. made a bonfire, burned a guy and cooked potatoes.
4th         Road to Kano now good. Visited Dele.
5th         Bankole lectured on independent churches.
6th         John Crayton, Katy's cousin's husband visited on business.
7th         Luch with John at Plateau hotel before he left for Kaduna.
8th         Hausa teaching. Katy at nursery school. Pleased to meet another reformed Dutchman, Willem Mollemaker.
9th         Picked up Mark from printers. Pleudemann lectured again. Rivetts and family members visiting to supper.
10th       Took boys swimming. Planted seeds. Field Society barbecue at Lamingo Dam.
11th        Peter Dominy preached at HQ. Katy on guesthouse duty. Took boys swimming.
12th       Labaran, a second informant employed. John Boer  lectured. Bill Clark of Evangelical Press arrived.
13th       Hausa teaching. Showed Bill bookshops and TCNN. Talked about me doing book work in future.
14th       John Boer lectured n church and society.
15th       Took Bill to Kunet, Bokkos, Daffo and Farin Ruwa. He spoke at prayer meeting.
16th       Visited Greers at Bukuru before driving All to Kano and eating with Onamusi.
17th        Back  to Jos, 300 Km in three hours. Our Town performed at Hillcrest, the first stage play I ever saw as a boy.
18th       Recorded Jonathan in third grade choir during Hillcrest service. John Cox visiting. Took Bible study.
19th        Peter Dominy will have my part time secondment to work with Dele considered. Ezekiel Makama lectured on church growth.
20th        Hausa teaching. Unpacking parcels from Evangelical Press. Katy at Pineview where we ate dinner.
21st        Katy started a week of guesthouse supervision. Alexander Law lectured on spiritual life in COCIN. Birthday party for Jonathan's ninth
23ed       John Boer's Th.D party at Evenhousess.
24th       Recording Sue Davies' LPs. Grace Onamusi gave us plantains. Took boys swimming then to see polo. Katy at musical evening.
25th       Geof Kimber preaching.
26th       TEE subcommittee. New worker Sunday has stolen N1200 from Rockhaven safe.
28th       Hausa teaching and preparing a lecture on TEE.
30th       Katy to Messiah.

The changing world (86) Oct 79

Oct 1st Met Dupe Onamusi and Dave Bickel at new Jos airport. Stuck twice on road to Mango.
2nd       Hausa course going well.
3rd        Supplies TEE books to Mada Hills church.
5th        Translated when Garba gave the students a lecture on Hausa customs.
6th         Work on TEE prayer book.
7th         To Tae for the 75th anniversary go the mission. Governor war and TV present for four hour service, Bitrus Gani preaching.
8th         N100 to washing stolen from the line. Barnaba Dusu lecture on Middle Belt Cultures.
9th         Katy at Pineview.
10th       Kieth Back lectured on the Kanuri.
11th       Hausa teaching then a lecture again at TCNN.
12th       Emmanuel Oladipo lectured on student work.
13th       With Kathleen Gordon and Barbara Jaques to wild life park and Elm House swimming pool.
14th        Colin Bulley preached at HQ. Lunch with Gulas at Gindiri, tea with Owens. Good evening Bible study by Geoff Kimber.
15th        Students complain Garba's drilling is not very good. Mavis Bulmer doing some typing for me.
16th        Katy at Pineview where we had supper. It was infamous for 365 dessert, a variant of fruit salad every day.
17th        Arranging a TEE Association exhibit for the Nigeria Evangelical Fellowship meetings.
18th        Hausa teaching then NEF and a lecture on TEE at TCNN. Led prayer meeting.
19th        Book selling at NEF.
20th        Took family and Tim Bulmer to Foron. Supplied men in Bokkos with books and picked up potatoes making N5 a sack profit.
21st         Trevor Wells preached.
22nd        Peter Dominy lectured on Christianity and social change.
24th         Katy on Rockhaven fury. Emmanuel and Ruth Oladipo lectured on the Christian family.
25th         Took Bible study at prayer meeting. Katy doing Halloween costumes.
26th         Hillcrest fancy dress parade.
27th         Took family for a swim. Katy at a musical evening.
28th         Preached in Hausa. Swimming again. David Owers spoke in the evening.
29th         Must Gotom lectured on African theology.
30th         More Hausa teaching. Pineview for supper again.
31st          Katy on Rockhaven duty. I took the children to Kafanchan but biting ants prevented a visit to the waterfall.

Friday, April 27, 2018

The changing world (85) Sep 79

Sep 1st Buying books for Boi bookshop to resell.
2nd       Rush to get to church at 9am as Katy supervising and I had to feed rabbits and chickens. Led evening meeting.
3rd        Rain less. TEE Hausa committee. Reading New Testament part two manuscript. Traffic jams with President Obasanjo in Jos. Hillcrest PTA.
4th         Katy at Pineview.
5th         To Kano to pick up David Bickel from plane.
6th         Editing Life of Christ TEE book.
7th         Ruth Veltkamp secretary of TEE Association visited. Rachel in nursery class. August allowance aid - record promptness? Editing Life of Christ. Pregnant Jenny baker has hepatitis. Swains and Bulmers staying. dele and family lunched at Rockhaven.
8th         Dug up grass beneath the flame tree. Bought beef at N3.50 a kilo and pot at N1 per pound.
9th         Eileen Clark, Kathleen Gordon and Mary Salter to lunch. Katy did children's Sunday school for ours and Wells.
10th        Life of Christ editing. Digging garden. Katy to Mango for conference committee. Rachel weepy at school.
11th        TEE editing. Katy at Pineview. Kimber, Bulmer and David disciplined over exposing themselves at school.
12th        Katy on Rockhaven supervision with three families staying. TEE book work and gardening.
13th        Katy at nursery with Rachel. She has pain in one eye.
15th        To Bokkos, Daffo and Foron. N816 of books sold. Bought bananas, limes and potatoes. N7 a sack profit on the latter.
17th         Took Brian Boddy to Kabwir and gave five lectures. Brought Salter and Clarke back. Phillip Hacking and Dominy to dinner.
18th          Garba has new hearing aid.
21st          Mango conference. Must Got poor.
22nd          Hacking and Ogobe speaking.
23rd           Farewellfor John Dean. Bulley good sermon.
24th           Back to Rockhaven with nine on a new Hausa course.
25th           Course going well. Farewell for Grace Stokes. Katy at Pineview. Saw Ezekiel Bagu.
26th           Boys have good school reports. Bought Paedia Press books from John Boer and enjoyed a cigar. The books ate from a friend of his in Canada and a great introduction to Dutch reformed righties.
27th           Rachel's birthday party. Did TEE accounts. Dele staying.
28th           TEE subcommittee. Dele took boys to pick up his daughter Dupe from Kent Academy.
29th            Sermon preparation. Sawed branched off tree.
30th            Preached in Hausa. Brian Boddy with us all day.      

The changing world (84) Aug 79

Aug 1st Seeing about TEE book printing. Katy in charge of Rockhaven guesthouse.
2nd        Gave blood for a Polish professor. Petrol queue half an hour.
3rd         To Daffo for furniture and potatoes.
4th         Moving things into the new house hampered by heavy rain.
5th         Final sermon of three on Ezra at HQ church. Katy took children's Sunday school. John Wilton evening study. Minuses of SIM enquiring about Hausa course.
6th         Moving into new house where we slept but meals in guesthouse. Farewell for Baxters.
7th         New washing machine a luxury
8th         Work on TEE life of Christ. Sally the dachshund now with us
9th         Boys happily back to school. Picked up Old testament part two from the printers.
10th       Colloquial Hausa test for Pfeffers.
11th       Peter Dominy gave lecture at the start of a new Hausa course for thirteen students.
12th       Grace and Fred Holland, American TEE experts here for supper.
13th       Good star to three week Hausa course.
15th       Bitrus Pam lectures.
16th       Shagari elected president.
17th       Hausa teaching. Andrew and Janice Rivett to supper.
18th       To Kafanchan. Visited waterfall. House full of dog ticks.
19th        David Owers preached morning, Usman evening.
20th        Teaching going well. Heavy rain.
21st         Katy has a new job, covering supervision of Hillcrest's Pineview hostel when houseparents are on their day off.
22nd        Hausa teaching.
23rd         Katy supervising guest house.
24th         Hausa teaching.
25th         Sold N200 books to Modern Bookshop. Tree foot puff adder killed while labourer cutting grass. Taken by night watchman for the pot! Heavy rain.
26th          Less rain so warmer. Pauline Farley and Marion Mollenhaur to dinner.
27th          Checking park TEE book. Katy briefed on guesthouse supervision while Wiltons on holiday. Lord Mountbatten, three of his family and eighteen soldiers murdered by the IRA.
28th          Katy supervising Pineview and Rockhaven.
30th          Spoke at prayer meeting.
31st          Supervised lunch for over forty people. End of short Hausa course. Garba gave very good talk on witness to Muslims. Gave five people Hausa orals.

Thursday, April 26, 2018

The changing world (83) Jul 79

Jul 2nd Took Paul Oakley to Boi TEE to show him the road which was very bad in places.
3rd        David's bike arrived but too big for him to tarn on so he is using his brothers.
4th         Received four new TEE books from Kenya.
5th         Drove to Kano to meet a pastor back from All Nations training.
6th         Dele says he will give up bakery and concentrate on book selling.
7th         Back to Jos. Elections for senate.
8th         Katy working as Rockhaven hostess.
9th         I am relieved of TEE area supervision by TEE subcommittee.
10th       Daffo TEE supervisors meeting. Returned with potatoes and bananas.
11th       Hausa teaching and work on TEE book. Bitrus Pam addressed the students.
12th       Barnaba Dusu addressed the course.
13th       Hausa course finished.
14th       Sermon preparation. Elections to house of representatives.
15th       Preached to about 70. Katy said I lacked application. A lot of rain.
16th       A wasted trip to Boi with Paul Oakley because no teachers turned up.
17th       Katy too Jonathan to see the doctor about his eye. No physical damage so the problem likely linked to his hemiplegia.
18th        Discussions with printers and publisher. Pam Brenton to supper.
19th        Looking at first draft of a new TEE book on seven letters. Garba teaching Lutheran ladies.
21st        Disappointed by Pentecostals from Streatham baptists taking the Quiet Day.
22nd        D McBain preached at HQ.
23rd       Visitors have taught us to play Boggle. Petrol in short supply.
24th         Daffo TEE and traded potatoes.
25th         Moving house at Rockhaven
26th          More moving.
28th          Bokkos TEE. Three men have sold N650 books. Back with potatoes and bananas.
29th         Preached at HQ and led Rockhaven Bible study.
30th         Sorting TEE store. Results of governors election coming in.
31st         Solomon Lar elected state governor.

The changing world (82) Jun 79

Jun 1st To Miango on holiday.
3rd       Sermons from an able Southern baptist and also Pleudemann.
4th        Hohls all here from COCIN.
5t          Miserable with the runs.
6th        Still off my food.
7th        Continuing unwell.
8th        Ladipos chatting. He is Yoruba with Campus Crusade. She is from York.
9th        Vomiting. on sulphonamides.
10th       Two preachers tried to be expository but not very gifted.
11th       Croquet with couples from Benin. Climbed the hill behind the mission.
12th       Football with boys. Lawn darts.
13th       With ladies to waterfall. Visited grab.
14th       Enjoyed tsire(Kebab) from market. Croquet. Climbed on of the volcanoes.
15th       Home to Rockhaven.
 16th      Family picking cizakis at Foron while I visited Bokkos and Daffo using potatoes and bananas.
17th       Reasonable sermon at COCIN HQ.
18th       Garba in Lagos so I did all the teaching.
19th       Garba in Zaria. I did the teaching. Jonathan starting piano lessons. Brian Boddy down from Maiguguri.
20th       Still no Garba so I taught. Bevers of CMS Onitsha with us for tea.
21st       Garba back teaching.
22nd      David Lot spoke to my students on the history of Panama and also local politics.
23rd       Liberal leader Jeremy Thorpe not guilty of killing his lover.
24th       Preaching Mbar Secondary. Had a request played on BBC Work Service. Lunch by the river at Bokkos. Chat with Tom Owens at Gindiri.
25th        Hausa teaching. Bulmers to lunch.
26th        Association of Theological Educators seminar at Piano on Educational Planning. TEE book work on Pauline epistles.
27th        Another day of Hausa then the Mango seminar.Good reception for TEE display there.
28th        For the first time I am liking a woman lecturing on theology.
29th        Back from Mango. Brian vans to super with a gloomy report on mission finances.
30th        Bulmers to such. Electricity off a lot.

The changing world (81) May 79

May 1st Rachel has hepatitis. We all were given gamaglobulin injections.
2nd        More load from Daffo. Lydia for Boers helping in the house. Made cizaki jam.
3rd         TEE subcommittee. Rob Koop round to talk about Hausa teaching. Jean Hamilton visiting from Belfast.
5th        To Daffo. Very muddy. Bought a hand of bananas.
6th        Church at Hillcrest with the boys.
7th        To Mwari TEE. Katy has a bad eye.
8th         Started first Hausa teaching. Emmanuel Oladipo of fellowship of Christian student was to be my only ever Nigerian student. Wiltons and an SIM man. I teach grammar, garbage the drilling of oral work.
9th         Garba to Zaria for audiogram. Hillcrest showing Schaeffer film, How Shal We Then Live?
10th       Ding all the teaching as Garba away. Jonathan proficient on his bike.
11th        Katy to a Brahms requiem. me to more of the Schaeffer film.
12th       Dug garden. Katy not well but Rachel recovered now.
13th       Sunday school and church at Hillcrest. Brian Evans led good Rockhaven Bible study in the evening.
14th       Little rain at present. More gardening.
15th       Daffo TEE teachers. Bought bananas again and potatoes.
 16th      Suppied books to a supermarket in Jos. Grace Stokes and Lilian Blenko to supper.
17th       David had become very dog friendly.
20th       David fell off his tricycle.
21st       Doing Daffo and TEE accounts.
23rd      Katy bottled mangoes.
24th      Weekly HQ prayer meeting.
26th       To Bulmers at Foron for lunch. Alexander law speaking at our Quiet Day.
27th        Hillcrest Sunday school. HQ church service then I led evening Rockhaven Bible study.
28th        Fever and stomach pains. Prescribed antibiotics.
29th        Had to teach as Garba in Zaria. Dele visited. Katy finished Hillcrest teaching.
30th        Boys now on holiday. Baby David Middleton very sad to see as he cannot had or move his head.
31st        Lectured on TEE at Bukuru. With Bulleys for lunch. He says no other staff there believe in inerrancy.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

The changing world (80) Apr 79

Apr 1st Preached at Mbar secondary school.
2nd       Took boys back to school.
4th        Work on TEE prayer book second edition, Prayer, and one Bible school class taught.
5th         Fetched water. packing for our move.
6th         To Jos collecting History of Old Testament part 3 from the printers, the Bible Translation Trust.
7th          Met caramels in Kuru and visited CMS kafanchan. Home to daft. sw a bad crash near Vom where 22 killed the day before.
8h           No_one kew it was Palm Sunday when I asked when reaching. Led communion. Farin Ruwa for Rachel to paddle. Hot with some harmattan.
9th          Mwari TEE.
10th        Tafawa Balewa TEE. Back to Daffo.
12th        Picked up boys from school.
13th        Good Friday. Took children out of sermon and did Lego.
14th        Asked to take a woman two days in about to hospital. Three miles down the road she gave birth, my second delivery in the landrover. Good rain.
!5th          Easter Day to Kunet new church opening. Long sermon. Big feast.
16th         Ten missionary visitors with us to Farin Ruwa. Rain.
17th         Daffo TEE class. Took boys back to Mongu.
18th         Planted potatoes. Daffo TEE class.
19th         Margaret Howells visited us.
20th         Fever hampering packing.
21st         District council meeting. Two lunches and the gift of a chicken.
22nd        Farewells at Daffo church
23rd         Move to Rockhaven with bed on top of crammed landrover.  Picked up boys.
24th         Unpacking. Hot water a luxury.
25th         Brian Boddy  helped me with a trip to daft for more goods. Upset to find Hillcrest thought Katy would teach music full time.
26th         Another trip to Daffo. At HQ prayer meeting Paul Baxter says they are leaving discontented with the way missionaries are being treated.
27th         David Telta tells about conflict in Chad.
28th         Jonathan learning to ride his bicycle. Hugh Jones taught me the local game of dara.
29th         David and Rachel unwell. Kohorn's Hillcrest Sunday school good. Mediocre sermon. COCIN service mere entertainment and testimonies.
20th         Work on TEE lessons. Much rain.

The changing world (79) Mar 79

Mar 1st Finished editing TEE Following Jesus. A little rain in the night.
2nd        Resumed translating book on preaching. Picked boys up from Mongu.. Wales rejects an assembly. Scotland votes for a parliament but both had low turn out.
3rd         Called in to preach at local convention when the speaker did not turn u. Gill Joy here testing pupils for secondary entrance.
4th          Crowded convention. I presided at the Lord's table.
5th          Boys back to school. Fillings from dentist at Hillcrest. Supper with Bulmers at Foron.
6th          One lecture and TEE editing.
7th          Editing. Hot. Went for water.
8th          Ditto.
9th          At Jos editing. saw boys. Thick harmattan
10th        With Ernie Maxwell of SIM on TEE. Back to Daffo.
11th        Endless announcements. Three collections. A prison chief warder was preaching.
12th        Mwari TEE. Leader upset that I am to leave their supervision.
13rh        More Mwari TEE. Feverish back at Daffo.
14th        Not well. Fetched water.
15th        Hot. Gave Bible school students half term test.
16th        Water drawn. Took Katy and Rachel to see the Bulmers at Foron while I collected the bus.
17th        Games with boys.
18th        Very hot. Did Sunday school with boys while Katy at church. Saw a monkey up in the rocks.
19th        Boys to school. An evangelist has sold N200 books in three weeks.
20th        Heather Peters staying. Hot.
21st        A few drops of rain.
22nd       Heather left. Kimber family visited. A good rain.
23rd       Mushere end of month meeting. Evangelist sold N412 books. Rain. Road slippery.
24th        Took family to hear me preach at Maikatako. Given potatoes.
25th       Flew kite. Climbed the rocks.
26th       TEE translating.
27th       Daffo TEE teachers. Translating. Thick harmattan.
28th       Translating. Labour lose a vote so may be general election.
29th       We are to move after Easter and teach a Hausa course from May.
30th       Sold potatoes in Jos. Brought boys home to a happy Rachel. A little rain.
31st       Married two couples, my first.  Little meat at the feast which rain disrupted.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

The changing world (78) Feb 79

Feb 1st From Mango to Jos.
2nd       Two hours to have landrover pass vehicle test. Rachel overjoyed to be reunited with her brothers. Jonathan has been in contact with hepatitis.
3rd         Visited Bulmers and the zoo ar feeding time.
4th         Hillcrest Sunday school and church. Cornelius Corhorn of CRC not bad. Headquarters compound disrupted by a service under the tree. Visited Isaacs at Baptist High School. I put Rachel to bed while Katy took the boys to Hillcrest evening service.
5th         Put books in commercial Modern Bookshop. To Daffo. No Aljan. Students have watered the plants.
6th         Three evangelists sold N386 of books. Finished annual TEE accounts.
7th          Two students offered to wash and iron. Evangelist sold N98 books.
8th           Visit to Jos. We are posted to Jos from July.
9th           Musa's ironing not good. No water in the well.  Preparing TEE and a sermon.
10th         TEE and office work. Walked with family to the new market. Planted tomatoes, aubergines, cabbage, red cabbage and cauliflower.
11th          Preached at Mbar Secondary. 160 there. Met Qua Ibo educated headmaster. Saw two eagles at Farin Ruwa where rachel paddled. Saw river birds including a kingfisher.
12th          Mwari TEE teachers. Stayed overnight.
13th          Sold N100 books at Tafewa Balewa Bible school. 4/8 TEE teachers resent. Hit a sheep on the way home and killed a mouse in the loo.
14th           Started Bible school students on TEE pastoral course. Did annual accounts for audit. Hot and dry. Went with two students to bet water from the river. Received sea mail in a mere five weeks.
15th           Hot with some clouds. Editing TEE book.
16th           David calcite with us,. Went to Mongu to pick up the boys.
17th           Filled the water. Bush fire nearby but spared us. Hot. Lots of cloud. No rain.
18th.          Preached then to sarin Ruwa. No birds seen. Too cold for paddling. A change of weather with cloud and thick harmattan with a few spots of rain.
19th           Took boys back to school but Jonathan weepy. Delivered potatoes. Petrol difficult. Home via Foron.
20th            TEE class went well. Heather Peters here for medical work but had to take a difficult delivery to Barakin Ladi.
21st            Mushere TEE class. Work on TEE book and sermon. Filled up our water then at night the first proper rain of the season.
22nd           Took students to a ford to fill a muddy place with rocks. Evangelist sold N60 books. TEE editing.
23rd            Rain around but not here. TEE editing. Church evening prayer meeting.
24th             Sermon preparation. TEE editing. Planted beetroot, carrots and turnips. Brought water.
25th            Preached. Farin Ruwa Rachel paddling.
26th            To Jos and TCNN. Greeted Bulleys. Back to Daffo.
27th            N558 of books sold by three men.
28th            TEE editing. Water from stream.

The changing world (77) Jan 79

Jan 1st transplanted tomatoes. Erected swing for the children. Sermon unintelligible followed by a feast of meat. Painting Concorde kit and starting Boeing 707. Picnic and fishing at Farin Ruwa.
2nd      Tree evangelists came to replenish their book. They had sod N280 with commission paid of N32. Model aeroplane making. Mary Titus did some washing for us.No potatoes in the market.
3rd       Family to Jos. Picked up History of Old Testament part two from the printers. Picnic at Got and Magog. Mary did more washing back at daft.
4th       Boeing &)& still under construction. Mary washed, ironed and showed us how to use a kerosene iron.
5th        Boeing finished. Work on TEE tapes for teachers. Staked tomatoes. Reading Telegraphs and Sunday Times from September, our slow surface mail or gifts from expatriates here.
6th         Women's fellowship here. Preparing TEE teachers tapes.
7th         Three times had to chase pastor's cows off our tomatoes. Morning service at Gindiri legalistic and Christless. Lunch and tea with Gulas who are encouraging me to translate Calvinistic booklets.
8th          Preparing TEE tapes. and calendar.
9th          In Jos duplicating TEE calendar at Boers.
10th        Work on History of Old Testament. Enjoying Al Martin tapes sent by his church. Women's Fellowship met until late and kept us awake,
11th         Chasing cows from garden. Did critique of Common Hausa Bible.
12th         Built Lego for boys. Rachel grumpy.
13th         Sermon preparation for Sunday. new labourer employed. Evangelist John reported sales one N126 books. Lego with boys.
14th          Preached to about 350. 150 communicants and I presided. Took family to paddle at Farin Ruwa.
15th         Mwari TEE teachers via Boi. Supplied Boi bookshop with N200 of books.
16th         To Jos for TEE subcommittee. They want to expand and we are not ready. I also do not want two more districts to supervise. Heather Peters on medical visit.
17th         Labourer did not come with water. Took boys to school happily. Family staying at COCIN HQ.
18th         TEE Association AGM.
19th         Buying books for resale. Talked to publisher about need for TEE reprints. Visited boys who are happy boarding.
20th         To stay at Mango.
21st          Poor sermon in the morning so skipped evening service. Took Rachel on a walk to see the pigs.
22nd         Jim Pleudeman opened TEE workshop. Chat with our old Hausa school colleague, Ruth Veltkamp of CRC.
23rd         Preparation for writing and describing students and objectives.
24th         Jim taught in the morning then Ruth taught sequencing. Dick and I worked on teaching visiting.
25th        Different groups of us critiqued one another's work.
26th        Jim made us rewrite some then start a chapter on customs.
27th        Writing pronounced good.
28th        Pleudemann preaches, a big increment. Dele came thither the managers of his newly opened bookshop.
29th        Critiquing oneanother's work.
30th        Wrote chapter on modest dress.
31st        Jim critiques the lessons and we had them tested. SIM here for a conference. Ray Ortlund of Pasadena preached.Seems Arminian and a concordance preacher.

Monday, April 23, 2018

The changing world (76) Dec 78

Dec 1st To Jos despite my fever. Rachel has chickenpox but David has it worse. Katy to Messiah.
2nd        Picked up Jonathan but David only later as he was sleeping off a restless night.
3rd         Looked after David in sick bay during church. Lunch at Gindiri with Pam Brenton and Kathryn Hill. Greeted Gulas at pastors college. Home to Daffo.
4th         Tired and upset stomach. Preparing a lecture on TEE.
5th         Daffo TEE teachers. Sold a lot of books.
6th         Wrote a paper on introduction to TEE.
7th          Did a paper on borrowing TEE texts.
8th          Fenced the garden.
9th          To Mwari for TEE teachers.
10th         Took potatoes to Jos. Christmas concert at Hillcrest so saw the boys.
11th        Gave paper at introduction to TEE course.
12th        Fever so went to see Dr Jean Wells. Infected burst external haemorrhoid. Gave paper on translation at TEE Association.
13th        Still feverish. TEE course ended. Got boys out of school.
14th        To Makurdi via Lafia with lunch at Alushi.
15th         To Onitsha via Alushi and Oturkpo. Lunch in forest shade. Them Enugu, Obi river and Ankora to Bishop's Residence Onitsha. Ibos far more outgoing than northerners when one stops. Hospitality from Bevers of CMS.
16th          Owerri then Umahia and to the Smiths at the Qua Ibo Bible college, Ikot Ekpene.Very humid.
17th          With David Smith to Qua Ibo church at Abak.All in Erik.
Family swam in local stream.
18th          Rachel confidently in the local pool where we swam.
19th          Very very sweaty day in Calabar. Truly the white man's grave though it was a white woman's we visited, then of Mary Slessor. Terribly neglected and like a latrine. Visited the village where she lived.
21st          To Lutheran seminary, Obotedim via Oyo.
22nd         Buying souvenirs in Ikot Ekpene. Another cooling swim. Rachel not well.
23rd          Ekpene Obom for leprosy hospital carol service.
24th          David had a bad stomach and Rachel grumpy.
25th          Boys received a Lego train. Katy had the carvings I ordered in Ife. Christmas dinner with other Qua Ibo missionaries.
26th          Went into Abak shopping. Final swim.
27th          376 miles to Makurdi via Ikot Ekpene, Ugep, Ikom, Ogeji, Iheyh, Gboko, Mkar and Yandev.
28th          To Jos via Alushi.
29th           To Daffo. No Aljan.
31st            Usual boring sermon. Took family to Farin Ruwa and caught four fish.

The changing world (75) Nov 78

Nov 1st Typing TEE tests. Katy feverish.
2nd        To Jos collecting New Testament Survey part two to edit.
3rd         Did seven days TEE editing. Katy a lot better.
4th         Completed TEE editing. Sad to see tomatoes are dying. Lego with Rachel.
5th         hay fever my excuse to leave Katy in the boring church service and cook lunch.
6th         Took the completed TEE manuscript to Jos.
7th         Heather Peters with us for medical clinic.
9th         To barking Ladies with Rachel to pick up the boys.
10th        With boys making Concorde kit, Lego and kite flying.
11th        To Richa preaching and baptisms
12th        Monguna with family. Preached, communion, three baptisms. Lots of food. Then a picnic and food again at Garang.
13th        Took boys back to school.
14th         Chis Cheal visiting. She was at Panama 1930 to 1969.
15th         Heather Peters staying too.
17th         Took our visitors to TCNN. Lunched with Chilvers. Planned to take the family to Alushi but finding Jonathan has chickenpox we stayed at Rockhaven.
18th         Shopping. Chat with Charles Todd who has hepatitis. Children to zoo except for Jonathan.
19th         Jonathan a happy birthday despite his spots. Hillcrest church. Katy bad with a cold.
20th         Cheered by Pater Dominy dying he will try and have us moved to Jos. Home to Daffo.
21st         No Aljan. Finished accounts.
22nd        To Jos via Foron where Enid thinks I am trying to get out of work.
24th         No Aljan. Did magazine article on TEE.
25th          Still no Aljan.
26th          Boring sermon. Picnic at Montana. At Vom greeted my old pharmacy staff, Zwambun and Bashi. Tea with Triggs. Preached for hospital church English evening service.
27th          TEE teachers at Mwari. Tafawa Balewa district church council staying overnight.
28th          Took Peter Dominy to Kabwir then to Langtang to talk TEE supervision with oakleys then to Daffo.
29th           Midwife asked me to drive her to Karfa to help a woman who had been in labour several days. First vehicle down the road after the wet season. I was crawling back. The woman was too weak to cry over the bumps. Then she was delivered of a baby girl in the landrover. The midwife had nothing to tie the cord. I gave her the tube from the windscreen washers. When we stopped for delivery the male passengers were told to leave but I stayed and so could help with the cord tying.
30th           Feverish.

The changing world (74) Oct 78

Oct 1st A better sermon at last.Climbed the hill by our house.
2nd      8/12 teachers at Boi. Aljan not at work so we will sack her.
3rd       Took boys to Mongu for their ride to school. TEE translation.
4th        Aljan penitent so we elected and will still employ her. Bible school class taught. More TEE translating. Dorothy Fairbairn and Rev Mugana staying interviewing students for Zamko training.
6th        More translating. Rain has returned.
8th         Really blessed by Ridderbos an Paul.
9th         Planted out cabbages.
10th       Teachers report some decline in TEE enrolment. Started editing another TEE book.
11th        More on TEE editing. One Bible school class. Transplanting tomatoes.
12th        The TEE book on Christian life ia a poor translation with poor theology too.
13th        In Jos getting samples of new book on pastoral work.
14th        Annual church meeting at Maikatako. Sold over N200 of books.Over twenty women baptised but no men.
15th         Preached for Fellowship of Christian students at Mbar secondary school. One student asked for help with his besetting temptation of visiting prostitutes. No such queries in UK!
16th         Due to fever did not enjoy the daft district church council.
17th         Andrew Trigger and Heather Peters staying.
18th         Took Andrew to Tof and saw the ache harvest - local cereal good for porridge.
19th          Took Andrew to Panama
20th           To Jos picking up the boys than to CMS Kafanchan.
21st           Grass around is full of ticks than get on the dog and people. You cannot pull them out whole but need to apply iodine tincture. We went with Sue Davies to the local waterfall. Two students came to swim in the pool beneath. Only one returned. We asked him where his friend was. Dead. Drowned. Sue said he must report it. He said he would be accused of killing him so Sue went to his college as a witness. The body was found downstream some days later. Our children never know.
22nd          Anglican service. Rain. Planned to go to Kagoro hills but river impassable.
23rd           Took boys back to school.
24th            CRC plane flew me to Gboko. Saw Daffo from the air. Staying with Berends from New Zealand.
25th             Took Reformed Theological College morning prayers then lectures on Reformed churches in England followed by TEE introduction. Swim at  local cement camp.
26tg             Two more lectures on TEE and another =swim.
27th              Flight for Mbar to Jos. Home to Daffo. Rachel suffering from sunburn.
28th              Big meeting at Mushere down muddy road. Sold N350 books there, Bokkos and Daffo.
29th              Preached then cooked lunch while katy at communion service.
30th             Teachers meeting Boi. Sold books at Pankshin.
31st            One Bible school class and school photo. Pain fees for one student at Pastors college.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Diary w/e 21 Apr 2018

Sun 15 Apr

Chris Roberts on omniscience at adult Sunday school. Paul Levy on turning the other cheek then Num 12 in the evening. American missionary family to lunch.

Mon 16 Apr

Second cut of lawn. Started the hard work of digging a border. Three builders contacted for tenders concerning garden walls.

Tue 17 Apr

Early morning prayer meeting. Haircut. Gethin Jones on Matthew's account of the resurrection at lunchtime talks. Pastoral visit and took an elderly member to redo her will. I am an executor and with a fellow elder have been given her power of attorney so we can make decisions concerning her medical care and finances when needed.

Wed 18 Apr

The Star Belgravia, lunch for the School of Pharmacy, London University class to 1967. First reunion in 51 years. Led on 1 Sam 15 at house group.

Th 19 Apr

Hottest April day since 1947. Dinner with the Littles in Ruislip.

Fri 20 Apr. 

Met with family of the church member whose attorney I am to be. Went to Southfields for a market research interview on plastics recycling. Had locksmith out to sort back door.

Sat 21 Apr

First corner of back lawn dug for a flower bed with some help from Debbie. Katy feeling ill the last 24 hours and not eating.

The changing world (73) Sep 78

Sep 1st Picked up boys from main road. Between there and Daffo now very muddy.
2nd       Lego building with boys.
3rd        Once again church depressing with long notices, even discussion in them.
4th        End of Ramadan holiday. Made KLM jet model for the boys.
5th        One Bible school class and TEE teachers.
6th       Trip to Mongu with boys delayed by muddy road.
7th        To Jos for TEE committee and overnight.
8th        Very muddy road back to daft.
10th       Preached and presided at communion, my first.
12th       TEE teachers meeting.
13th        Bible school class then TEE translation. Helped Katy bottle guavas.
14th        TEE accounts and manuscript checking. Katy made guava jelly.
15th        More TEE checking. Big rain and flood.
16th        Transplanted tomatoes. River flooded over the road.
17th         Church depressing as ever. Walked to the rocks to view the river.
18th         Started revision of a poor translation of TEE book on preaching.
19th         Translation so bad decided to redo it myself.
20th         Happily translating.
22nd        Rachel's third birthday. To Jos and boys happy to be out for lunch at the nursery.
23rd         Took family to wildlife park then market shopping.
24th          Hillcrest church twice and tea at Boers.
25th          Challenge Bookshops giving quotes for TEE book publishing. Home to Daffo.
26th          Aljan says she is leaving. Tied up cape gooseberry which is now giving us fruit. The season is changing.
27th          Bible school students harvesting pastor's maize. I helped with the landrover. TEE translating.
28th           TEE translating then to Mongu picking up the boys.
29th           Lego with the boys. A dry week.
30th           Katy to women fellowship. Took boys fishing but they were more interested in splashing about.

The changing world (72) Aug 78

Aug 1st bible school students return. No Aljan. Plenty of rain.
2nd       Took boys to fish at sarin Ruwa but in spate so no joy.
3rd        Mixed wonky Tilly iron.
4th        To Jos and received the cases lost by the airline.
5th         Building the new Lego I brought. Caught seven small fish.
6th         Cooked lunch while family at church.
7th         To Boi repairing washed out road as I went.
8th          Boi TEE. Some via Pankshin where book sales were good.
9th         Both boys to Hillcrest as boarders but seemed happy.
10th       Katy tired with washing as no Aljan.
11th       Sorting office and helping Katy.
12th      Journey to Jos delayed by a lorry stuck on the bridge. I pulled it off. Engagement party for Dick Tyler and Janet Webb.
13th      ECWA Plateau Chapel. Took Jonathan to doctor with impetigo.
14th      Home to Daffo.
15th      Taught Bible school class. Books sold to evangelists in for primary teachers course. Sorting accounts. gardening.
17th      To Jos where Katy and Rachel will stay while I am in Ife.
18th       Over 16 hurt drive to Ice. Lost in Ibadan.
19th       Conference disorganised. No lunch provided. Water short.Pleased to meet David Smith . Roomate a Nigerian Igbaja lecturer. Opening speaker very rosy view of the spiritual state of things.
20th        Osie Mensa good on Rom 13 but reckons from Rev 13 that demonic government does nt deserve obedience. Abashiya good on Christian nation building. State strategy group poor as was Yakubu Yako on the North East. Ariye fair. TEE exhibit set up.
21st        Mensa on 1Cor 9. S Ibrahim on cults. Poor small group discussion. Panya Baba on North West. Blind physiotherapist Bitrus Gani very good.
22nd       Mensa fair. One on every Christian a witness was historically and biblically inaccurate. Poof Nigeria Evangelical Fellowship AGM. Ejiwoumi good on Both West. as was Paul Jinadu.
23rd       Ademayo of Association of Evangelicals in Africa and Madagascar was very poor showing off his Greek. Emmanuel Oladipo good on unity, diversity and truth. TEE Association meeting and committees. Bishop Falope good.
24th        Not an impressive paper on theological pitfalls in Africa. Visited expert wood carver and ordered three nativity pieces which have African contextualisation of incarnation events. The best souvenir I ever bought.
25th        Odunaike closed the conference. Five hours to Okene, 172 miles, where we lodged with Bowers, SIM.
26th         500 miles to Jos. Lunch Alushi. Stayed with family at Boers.
27th          Boys out for the day. Two services at Hillcrest, the second a good sermon on Ps 1 from Kiekover of CRC.
28th         Hime fo Daffo.
29th         One Bible school class.
30th         Sorting TEE statistics.


Friday, April 20, 2018

The changing world (71) Jul 78

2nd     Geoffrey and Sara to lunch. Visited Robert Rayner's farm.
3rd      TEE translating. Visited the Grahams in Ripon.
4th       TEE translating.
5th       TEE work. Visited Arthur Rayner's sheep farm, Spout House above Masham.
6th       Bus trip with Jonathan to York railway museum.
7th       TEE translating.
8th        To Newlands, Cumbria via Swaledale. Climbed Catskills Jonathan did well. Met dainty and Whites at keswick convention.
9th        John Stott at convention broadcast service. Met Bishop of Ilesha. Cilbed Skiddaw.
10th      Walking prevented by blisters.
11th      Explored Newlands vally. Geoffrey and Sara visited.
12th      Climbed Maiden Moor, High Spy, Dalehead, Hindsgarth and Robinson. Missionary reception then SUM campfire.
13th      Up Causey Pike, Scar Crags, Sail, Eel Crag, Wandhope, Grasmoor, Hobeaton End, Grisedale Pike. Sunburn. SUM meeting at campsite.
14th      Coffee with Dr Jones in Keswick.
15th      Skipton via Leyburn for lunch. Met Dele at Metcalfes, Ripon.
16th      Morning at Northallerton Evangelical. Geoffrey drove us to Welwyn. Tea at Wattesons. Ian Tait poor in pulpit IMO.
17th      TEE at Potters bar.
18th      Ditto.
19th      Ditto and doing some Greek too.
20th      GOS doctor says we can do back next week.
21st      1 Cor TEE work. Tea at Horners.
22nd     More TEE.
23rd      Double dose of Tait. Ate with Jellets who say there is much dissatisfaction in the congregation but speaking up you are accused of a critical spirit.
24th       Finished TEE translation.
25th       Putting LPs on cassettes Dinner at masons.
27th       Struggle to get cases down to 20Kg each.
28th       kano via Amsterdam. No luggage on arrival. Met by Dick Tyler.
29th       Back to Jos. Rachel hardly knew me. David happy with his present of a fishing rod.
30th       Hillcrest in the morning, SIM Chapel evening. Tea with Rules, supper Dominys.
31st Took boys for medicals. Back to daft where the house has been repainted.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

The changing world (70) Jun 78

Jun 1st Took lily to Maiduguri zoo.
2nd       Nine hours to Jos. Six parcels of books from Evangelical Press. Home to daft. World Cup on TV.
3rd       Took tapes for TEE to Bokkos.
4th        Once again church service a mess.
5th        Sorted the accounts.
6th        Sowing garden. Bought potatoes.
7th        Sold many EP books in Jos.
8th        2am from Jos to Kano 7am. Plane to Heathrow with Jonathan. met by Overends.
9th        Dad came down and I drove up to Skipton.
10th      Took Mum to Thirsk shops. sw William and Joyce. Visited by Geoffrey, Sara, Arthur and Christine.
11th       Morning church Northallerton, evening Hambleton.
12th       Some TEE work. Bus to Evangelical press Ripon. Dad took us to Rayner's at Featherholme farm.
13th       Work on TEE book.
14th        Ralph Lawley took us to Hatfield where Mr Overend met us.
15th        Visited Alison Jenner and son in Great Ornond Street. Doctor ordered tests. To Bible Society.  SUM AGM.
16th        Three physiotherapists examined Jonathan at Great Ormond Street. Supper with masons at Welwyn Garden City.
17th       To Southend and Foulness Island.
18th        Church at Welwyn. meals with Clarks and Masons.
19th        Shopping in Stevenage.
20th        Visited by old colleagues the Clarks.
21st         Jonathan enjoyed the train up to Skipton.
22nd        TEE work. To Arthur Rayner's farm.
23rd        TEE work. Visited Leggs.
24th         Skipton Methodist's mystery trip to Brough, Keswick and Boness. Boat trip too.
25th         Priory Street York. With Geoffrey and Sara. Evening service Skipton. Dad won't have the football on TV on a Sunday. back to York.
26th          Train to Potters bar changing at Huntington and Stevenage which Jonathan enjoyed.
27th          Interviewed by Colin Semper at BBC World Service. Hospital psychologist  says Jonathan is fine. EEG done.
28th           Day trip by train to family in Newport. Return train late and the area manger kindly ordered the train to stop in Potters bar specially for us.
29th           GOS diagnoses petit mal. Prescribes ethionamide and says to return in three months. back via Steadmans.
30th            Ordered a duplicator at Gestetners. Supper at Masons.

The changing world (69) May 78

May 1st At Daffo checking TEE proofs.
2nd        To Jonathan to see doctor then school. Flight home with him approved. Met chaplain to Nigerian army 3rd division.
3rd          To Kaduna and back getting TEE book on evangelism from printers.
4th           Home to Daffo from Jos.
5th           Geoffrey Dearsley and p\Peter Dominy visited to meet church leaders. Big rain and flood but no danger to the road.
6th            The two visitors left. gardening.
7th             family to Mwari for ordination of four pastors. Huge overflow crowd. Very hot.
8th             Bible School term finished. Sue Davis of CMS Kafanchan came to stay. She is a great TEE colleague. Plays cricket and hockey for Lancashire. She was to die of cancer in her forties refusing to go home early when a lump was seen on her breast.
9th             TEE at Daffo and Til.
10th            To Mango for Association of Christian Theological Educator's consultation on accreditation standards for secondary education.
11th            ACTEA consultation and visit to Jean Oliver.
12th            Mango to Daffo. Petrol in short supply again.
14th            Took local church leaders to Kwalla ordination. Road bumpy but beautiful.
15th            Mwari TEE teachers.
16th            Mwari students and then back home.
18th            To joe checking 1 Cor with garbage.
19th            Katy and David to Hillcrest to hear Jonathan singing in Grade 1 school concert.
20th            katy presented a musical evening on records at Dominys.
21st            Hillcrest morning service. Katy went to a Brahms requiem and boys to junior church.
22nd           1 Cor proof reading completed and manuscript taken to the publishers.
23rd            To Maiduguri with Sue Davies and John Horton of CMS in their van. 10 hour journey.
24th            Very hot. Met TEE supervisors. Meals with Smiths and Chis Bell.
25th            Lunch with Barringtons. Prayer meeting.
26th           Lunch at Lake Aloe. Hot. Planning TEE class. Coming down with fever.
27th           fever but at least the electricity is back on so i have the fan. Yakubu Yako arrived for a New Life For All campaign. He was a most gifted evangelist working earlier with SUM's Wilf Bellamy.
28th          Fever easier but not right so no church.
29th           Trevor Wells here for bookshop accounts.
30th           To Bama, Mbuliya and Pulka. Luch with Gulas at Guduf. Gwoza then Limakara where the empty house id a mess. Brought three lots of food.
31st           Our CMS friends climbed to Ngoshe.Back to maiduguri. Dinner with Swains.

The changing world (68) Apr 78

Apr 2nd Bores as usual with Daffo service.
5th          Continuing preparation of four Bible readings on walking in the night.
6th          Bookselling at Foron and Fellowship of Christian Nurses Conference in Jos.
7th          Spoke to the nurses on walking in the night.
9th          Over 100 present for walking in love and walking worthy of the Lord.
10th        Final talk for nurses on walking in the spirit. Measured for robes. back to Daffo.
11th        Marking TEE tests. Opening of daft Bible School.
12th        One Bible school class taught. Translating 1 Cor TEE.
14th        To Jos in rain. TEE Association, morning English, afternoon Hausa. Jonathan has ear infection and his teacher wonders if he has special needs.
15th         To Kuru for Jonathan's ears syringed. Flew kites and glider.
16th          Hillcrest church. Dropped Jonathan. back to Daffo.
17th          Mwari TEE. Back via Boi, Kabwir and Panhshin.
18th          David and Joyce Smith and their two boys arrived from Qua Ibo Mission in Calabar.
19th          Took Smiths to the river. David was pastor at Eden, Cambridge and is not a hard line Strict baptist.
20th           Enjoying Smith's fellowship. Rachel feverish. David constipated.
21st           Katy took Rachel for an injection. Took Smiths to picnic at Farin Ruwa.
22nd          Smiths left. Potatoes bought found to be rotten due to a saltpetre sack. Gardening.
23rd           Ordination. Boers, Bulmers, Dominys and Margaret Dodd here. Big feast.
24th           To Kano. Potholes one third of the way. Visited Dele.
25th           Shopping and with Dele.
26th           Kano to Jos. Dr Jean Wells says one of us should take Jonathan for medical investigation in England.  Back to Daffo
27th          Janet Webb's parents visiting.
28th          Exceptional rain. I had to get Jonathan at the river which had washed away the bridging culverts. With local help we walked him across planks to get home. Lots of debris being washed down.
29th        The road is washed out at the river. Webbs left.
30th        Cooked lunch. Walked to the river and saw the embankment has been restored..

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Quotes 18 Apr 18

The next event on God's calendar is that He will
return for His church.  What has to take place
before Jesus comes again?  The answer is nothing.
His return is imminent.
     --Charles F. Stanley (1932-    )
      _Walking With God, Volume 1_ [2012], "Life Principle No. 30"

Come to the Bible, not to study the history of God's divine action, but to be its object; not to learn what it has achieved throughout the centuries and still does, but simply to be the subject of its operation. --Jean-Pierre de Caussade (1675-1751)

The sermons of many twenty-first-century clergy
have become more a mixture of pop psychology and
psychobabble than the pure preaching of the gospel.
Their purpose is to make the hearers feel good
instead of challenging them to do good.
These modern day messengers are more concerned
about their reputation than winning souls; they
need to catch the spirit of Jesus recorded in
the book of Matthew.
--John Hagee (1940-    )
      _Four Blood Moons_ [2013], "The Spine of Prophecy"
On the subject of the seizure of the churches of valuables the conference is to reach a secret decision to the effect that the removal of valuables I'm especially those in the wealthiest habit monasteries and churches must be carried out with the merciless determination stopping at nothing whatever and in the shortest possible time therefore the more representatives of the reactionary clergy we manage to shoot the better we must go please call right now such a lesson that for decades to come - Yakovlev, A century of violence in Soviet Russia, Page 160 quoted in -  Labour and the Gulag.  Giles Udy p185

If the ghosts of the British and Empire soldiers who died in the war marched four abreast past the Cenotaph in Whitehall raised in their honour it would have taken them 3 and a 1/2 days to complete the posthumous parade. - War and the death of news, Martin Bell, Page 31

Monday, April 16, 2018

The changing world (67) Mar 78

Mar 1st Daffo Bible school doctrine class and editing TEE pastoral work book.
2nd       Went with David and Rachel to get water.
3rd        To Jos with TEE manuscript. Picked up Jonathan. Delivered potatoes. One hour queue for petrol.
4th         Mushere TEE class. Daffo church convention. Went for water. Derek Joy visited us.
5th         Long church service with Bitrus Pam.
6th         Jonathan to Jos. he cried a bit. Petrol scarce again. Started on New Testament TEE book.
7th         One Bible school class. Work on TEE book. Janet Webb recovering from Lassa fever ar=t Rockhaven.
8th         Work on TEE book. Rain more frequent.
9th         To Kuru with Brian Boddy who is still convalescing with us from hepatitis. Petrol still long queues.
10th       To Bauch via Boi, Lusa and Tafawa Baleaw.
11th       Bauchi TEE class. Petrol in short supply. Noisy and sticky in Bauchi.
12th       Preached in Hausa.
13th       Sum TEE class. Mwari TEE class. Sold lots of books at Pankshin. Back to Daffo.
14th       Daffo TEE teachers and book editing.
15th       Finished TEE manuscript editing. David grumpy. Rachel being potty trained.
16th       More work on TEE book.
17th       To Jos. Visited recovering Janet Webb.
18th        Daffo District Church Council fixed my ordination date. I ordered robes and a cow for the feast. Norman Hohl on doctor's visit.
19th        Rural health assistants graduation in long morning service
20th        Mwari TEE. Bookselling Pankshin and Panama. To Jos. South African missionaries arrested in Lagos. Our South African Reformed missionaries were expelled in the sixties. Our others from that country were eventually expelled too from Mada Hills area.
21st         .Bought small black and white TV which runs off the vehicle battery. Visited Hausa teacher Jean Oliver at Mango. Her assistant, grab, who has professed faith is under pressure from the local Muslim group which promotes Islam. Back to Daffo.
23rd          Checking TEE book on 1 Cor. Picked Jonathan up from Mongu.
24th          Good Friday. Pastor's sermon mainly anecdotal.
25th          Helping Katy who went to women's fellowship. Made marmalade, chocolate cake and sugared peanuts, cured ham,
26th          Easter day with ham for lunch.
27th          Aljan back to work after prolonged absence. Picnic at Farin Ruwa.
28th          Took Jonathan back to school. Sold books at Foron. Back to home.
29th          Preparing TEE tests.
30th          Ditto.        

The changing world (66) Feb 78

Feb 1st Jos with two sacks potatoes. Picked up Jonathan and to Miango.
2nd      Daffo. Did accounts. A little rain.
3rd       A little more rain. TEE accounts. 8/11 at Kunet class.
4th       At Mango. Trevor wells helped me balance the TEE accounts.
5th       Children good at Mango church. Rachel slept.
6th       To Jos. Jonathan a bit weepy. To Daffo.
7th        Zango via Gindiri. Tee class. Yams and good chicken.
8th        Mango TEE again. To Jos.
9th        TEE subcommittee. Home to Daffo.
10th      To Jos. Good cigar at Boers.
11th       Gingiring TEE.
13th       To Daffo via Kuru.
14th       Daffo TEE teachers.
15th       One Bible school class.
16th       Work on TEE book.
17th        To Jos and picked up Jonathan.
18th        Rachel has fever and runs.
19th        Took boys to Hillcrest Sunday school and church.
20th        To Mwari overnight. Pastor in Tafawa blew in jail with lots of arrests over a new chief.
21st         Tafawa Balewa TEE class.
22nd        Boi TEE then home. Katy not well after a taxi ride home the previous day.
24th        Janet Webb in hospital with suspected Lassa fever. In Jos handing over the TEE there to pastor Ezekiel. Petrol queues again.
25th        Daffo TEE class. Got water in landrover then it rained.
26th        Daffo church with boys then afternoon walk.
27th        Work on TEE pastoral book.
28th        Recording TEE tapes for Bo in Jos then home.i. Janet a lot better.

The changing world (65) Jan 78

Jan 1st Preached Daffo. Asked to eat some off meat at pastor's. Must be the only time I could not eat. Took boys walking round the rocks to the river.
2nd      To Kuru to duplicate lectures. No flour to be had in Jos.
3rd        Panama teachers course with Dick and Enid. Katy not well. Bitrus Pam general secretary visiting and Janet Webb for rural health course. Katy not well.
4th         Finished Panyam course. To Langtang via Kabwir.
5th        TEE Kwalla with Dick.
6th         Kwalla to Jos via Zamko and Panyam. Picked up Brian Boddy. Home to Daffo.
7th         Katy better but no Aljan to help.
8th         Katy and Brian to communion service while I cooked. Picnic Farin Ruwa.
9th         To Boi for teachers TEE course. Poorly attended.
10th        Finished Boi course.
11th        Teachers for TEE at Kabwir. Women's fellowship at daft in large numbers. Ailsa Beech staying for a course.
12th        To Jos with potatoes via Kuru for TEE and duplicating. Petrol scarce.
13th        Jos TEE course. Waited over four hours for petrol.
14th        Finished Jos course and back to daft.
15th        Bumers here. Bible School certificated given out.
16th        Fixed up a strip light to run off landrover battery in house.
18th        Potatoes to Jos and Jonathan back to school.
19th        26 at TEE Association meeting with me in chair.
21st         Back to daft where there has been two days unseasonal rain.
22nd        Boi TEE teachers and communion service for nearly three hours. back home with gift of a rabbit.
23rd        The chief of daft visited. Took on Bible school class.
24th        One bible school class.
24th        To Jos and bought golden syrup, a rarity.
25th        Jos teachers class and to mango about TEE books.
26th        Ordination licensing committee interview. Pick up family and to Langtang. Sticky.
29th        Launching of a book on the Yergum at the VIP rest house.
29th        Langtang TEE course certificates given out. Graham Mytton of BBS Hausa service visited. He says they are too Muslim dominated as they are the first language speakers so the only ones employed and the second language speakers needs, i.e. Christians are neglected. Rachel fell with a bloody nose.
30th       Home to Daffo via Kabwir.
31st       One Bible school class and Daffo accounts.

Diary w/e 14 Apr 18

Sun 8 Apr 18

Paul preached mat 5 divorce and oaths linking them with keeping promises. In 48+ years I can only think of three divorces in our congregation. Two of those involved men not in membership at the time.
   For lunch, a Romanian Hungarian, Spaniard and Irishman. Truly we are an international church .
   Evening service at Harmonsworth Immigration Removal Centre. Congregation included, Nigerians, Ghanaian, Beninian, Cameroonian, Botswanan and Bangladeshis. I preached  from Jesus baptism on the trinity as it was Trinity Sunday. I related the Holy Spirit in all the Scripture and the Angel of the Lord as the pre-incarnate Christ. Thanks to church member Chrisine for being my driver.

Mon 9 Apr

We went to the garden centre and purchased topsoil, fertiliser, perennials, seeds and a parasol. The latter was a tenth of the price of the awning we were considering for the patio. Now I can read and smoke my pipe in the rain.

Tue 10 Apr

Chuck Phillips excellent on John 3:1-10 at lunchtime talks. Pastoral visit then cardiology nurse again with good report.
I am disgusted by ealing Council's unanimous vote to ban demonstrators from within 100 meters of the local abortion mill. That is not representative of Ealing opinion. I am ashamed of the Conservatives failure to stand for freedom.

Wed 11 Apr

U3A Current Affairs on Brexit. I was the only keen brexiteer in the group and also the only one appalled at the council's decision to stop free speech outside the abortion mill locally. We have now been in this house six months, almost, and at last I have had the wonky wireless thermostat in the bathroom replaced. Pleased to find it guaranteed until 2021 for the underfloor heating. Still two months to wait for the new electricity and gas meters and now four for the water meter.

Thurs 12 Apr

Elissa eleven today. After birthday cake to Liss with Paul levy for their first congregational meeting in the seven months since James Buchanan was installed as their pastor. A well behaved, well chaired meeting. We had to endure a briefing on the folly thetas the new data protection law. If it was up to me I would ignore it and face the consequences if any. Unwarranted government interference in the church IMO.

Fri 13

Unseasonably cold and dull.

Sat 14 Apr

Encouraging site visit to the IPC building which the very pleasant foreman says will be completed September. My ideal son in law fixed the wardrobe doors, kitchen cupboard door and repositioned the washing line, all DIY rules as beyond my competence. Hottest day of the year.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

The changing world (64) Dec 77

Dec 1st 13 and a half hour drive to Maiduguri.
2nd        Lunch at Molai with blanches Saw Brian Boddy who has been ill in bed for five weeks. Five men on TEE course supervisors.
3rd         TEE supervisors course, Breakfast with Cartmels. Dinner with Barringers at Molai.
4th          Breakfast at Smiths. Preached in English. Lunch caramels. Tea with Chris Bell.
5th          Ten hours for 420 miles to Jos in Peugot.
6th          Home to Daffo.
8th          Working on TEE book proofs.
9th          Planted irrigated garden with Katy.
10th        TEE class preparation but hampered by fever.
12th         Day trip to Mwari TEE.
13th        Manuscript proof reading. Janet Webb staying.
14th        To Jos. Long wait for petrol in Bukuru. Picked up Jonathan and off to holiday, SIM Mango.
17th        Boys have made friends here. Rachel likes the roundabout.
18th        Preaching here poor so the morning service was the only one we attended.
19th        Katy has catarrh, cold and cough and off her food. rachel is catching it too.
20th        Both Katy and Rachel ill. Disrupted nights.
21st        Shopping in Jos but Katy still not well.
22nd       Home to Daffo.
23rd        Helping unwell Katy with cooking etc. Putting up Christmas decorations with the boys.
24th        Helping Katy bake. Janet Webb here.
25th        Stockings before dawn. Presents after breakfast. Church until 12:30.
26th        Visitors included Boers, and four others, one staying three nights. Food at Patrick's. dancing.
27th        Food and dancing at another home. Given two chickens and bananas.
28th        Janet departed.
29th        Work on TEE book then to Farin Ruwa with three unexpected CRC visitors. Dancing at Hatori.
31st        Preparing TEE work and avoiding dancing at Bokkos.

The changing world (63) Nov 77

Nov 1st Proof reading TEE book.
2nd        Duplicating TEE texts at Mangu.
3rd         four Bible school classes.
4th         Picked up Jonathan and stayed in Jos.
5th         Jos TEE students class. We went to the zoo.
6th         Preached at Hillcrest. Took Jonathan back with no tears. Back to home.
8th        Janet Webb here upset pastor wants her to look after the maternity here for a fortnight.
11th      Bought 8 sacks of potatoes for N27 each . I will make at least N3 a sack.
12th       Preached at Bokkos baptisms. Delivered potatoes to Jos.
13th       Preached at Hillcrest.
14th       Started teaching a TEE course for 8 pastors to be supervisors. Rachel sick.
15th        Enid and Dick also teaching this course. Rachel still sick.
16th        Still teaching TEE course as is Geof Kimber.
18th        Took Jonathan to wildlife park for birthday treat.
19th        Jos TEE class then Jonathan has his birthday party at Boers,
20th        Preached Hillcrest. Lunch with Koops of CRC. Home with Jonathan. Rachel sick on arrival.
21st        9/10 at Mwari class.
22nd       Isaacs from Langtang here for lunch also Janet Webb. Rachel off food.
23rd        T0ok Jonathan to mango for school. No tears.
27th         Daffo church frustrating. 35 minutes announcements. Five special songs. Rubbish sermon.
28th         TEE editing.
30th          To Jos.

The changing world (62) Oct 77

Oct 1st  Jonathan at home. Built Lego heliport.
2nd       Cooked lunch while Katy at church. When the rain stopped visited Farin Ruwa in spate.
3rd        Local church district approved my ordination request.
4th        Took Jonathan to Mongu for transport to school. Radio told me Boi road impassable so back home.
5th         New testament classes then to Jos.
6th        Nigeria Bible Translators Trust placing printing order. back home.
7th        teaching parables in Bible School.
8th        Katy not happy that I have cigars.
9th        Preached at Mangu.
10th      Two New testament classes. Tomatoes transplanted.
11th      Taught doctrine of sin Bought 80 bananas for N2. Katy pickled cucumbers. 3/4 at TEE teachers meeting.
12th       Making lime squash. Three Bible school lectures.
13th       Bought four sacks of potatoes for N24.
14th       To Vom for Rachel's third TAB jab. Picked up Jonathan who went for a swim in a mission pool.
15th        TEE committee.
16th         Preached at headquarters church.
17th         TEE committee. Drums arrived by rail after sea transport. Unpacking at home.
19th         Three Bible school lectures.
21st          Walk to Toff with Dr Norman Holt. Preached. Goat stew. There overnight.
22nd         Norman saw patients. I preached.
23rd          To Richa. Preached to over 1000. Very hot. back to home.
24t4th       Bible school teacher Patrick violently ill rolling on the floor. I called the dispenser and we agreed he should go to hospital. It turned out he had a strangulated hernia and the surgeon there operated. This is the only time I know I saved a life. The family said that without my advice they would not have sent him to hospital. With Patrick away I took five classes.
25th         To Jos to see about printing of books. Bought milk and cement blocks. Back to home.
26th          Took four classes.
27th         Three classes.
28th        Five classes.
29th        Mushere TEE.
30th        Cooked lunch. Flew kites.
31st        Visited Patrick in hospital. TEE at Boi. 5/9 there. To Jos.

The changing world (61) Sep 77

Sep 1st  Typing TEE manuscript. Katy much faster but too bury.
2nd         Patrick, bible school teacher checking my 1 Cor translation.
3rd          Work on TEE book.
4th           Patrick preached. family to Farin Ruwa where there is a great picnic spot and place for the children to paddle.
5th           Josiah, the Bible school teacher who went off for a course is back so I am relieved of his lectures.
6th           Supervising students taking Regional bible School entrance exam. A third of them at least will fail as their wives are illiterate.
7th            Hear from pastor's Jos visit that Jonathan was upset because he had expected a visit last weekend.
8th            Radishes and Chinese cabbage from garden. Chickens are eating the latter. Too much rain has ruined the tomatoes.
9th             Bible school students weeding round house and garden.
10th           Katy off could with a cold. More 1 Cor translating.
11th           Katy to communion service while I cooked lunch for seven local guests. Visited Farin Ruwa again.
12th           More 1 Cor translating. Rains less. Warmer.
13th           4/5 Daffo teachers TEE. Michael Phillips, mission treasurer with us overnight.
14th           Dropped Phillips at Panama. Jonathan with me in Jos overnight.
15th           River up so could not get home.
16th           Back home.
18th           Disorderly church service so left after sermon. Took children up the hill.
19th           I am to resume New Testament teaching in Bible School as the teacher has left.
Peter Dainty staying.
20th           3/8 only daft TEE.
21st            To Vom for Rachel's typhoid jabs but no doctor.
22nd           Picked up Jonathan. Back to Vom for injections. Jos overnight.
23rd            TEE publications committee.
24th            Mango for conference.
25th            Rev Luther Chisak spoke. Misses Warfield and Watkins of SIM, their Hausa experts, discussing publications. Warfield was related to the Dutchess of Windsor.
26th            Back home after planning with Enid and Dick and meeting the MD of Challenge Bookshops, SIM.
27th             New house girl, Aljan, seems good. Boys grumpy.
28th             Produced guidelines for TEE translating and editing. Aljan encouraging.
29th             To Gindiri but did not find the pastors I needed to see. One in Jos, one in jail.
30th             Did some Lego with the boys and gardening for Katy.