My name is Rekha. I am from Bangladesh. My father got me married but my husband was not a good person. He don’t give me food. He won’t speak to me. We were staying at my father’s place. My husband’s brother came. He said he can get me a job. I asked him what kind of job? He said, ‘a good job.’ His name is Sagar.

He brought me to the boarder. There another girl was also there. Along with the other girl, he brought us to Pune. He took us to Pramila Didi’s house and kept us there. I was at Pramila’s house for one month. Pramila didi told me I have to do dirty work. I told her, ‘No I’ll do good job here. That is why Sagar has brought me here.’ She said no one does good job here. You’ll have to do dirty job here. If you do the work you’ll get money. I said I will not do this dirty work. She asked if you will not do this, why did you come here? I cried a lot. After 10 days I started doing the work, forcefully. Pramila didi forced me to do it.

After a month, police came in civil dress. There is a girl named Poppy and police came to her. Poppy told them that she is a Bengali. The police took both me and Poppy. There were two lady police and three civil dressed police. They took us to the police station. There they spoke to us in Bengali. I told them the truth. From there we were taken to a government home. We were there for 3 months. We were taken to the doctor. While we were there, eight more girls from Bangladesh were brought there. All of us were sent back to Bangladesh. Then after these past few years, I was called to the office (Rights Jessore) and I came back here and went to the court.

I saw Pramila there. I saw Sagar also. I was overcome with anger even after so many days. I spoke/testified against them.

How do you feel now?

I feel good now. When I spoke about them, Pramila and Sagar got angry with me. They asked me why did I speak like that? The lawyer, Pramila’s lawyer said I am lying. Nothing like that happened. Nothing happened. I replied it happened. I am telling the truth. Now I feel good. I am with sister social worker now. I am feeling very good.