Monday, October 17, 2011

Sunday Working

An employee of the NHS who did not want to work on Sundays has had his wishes respected. The employee, who has worked with the NHS Trust for 10 years, was initially told that he would be able to opt-out of the rota on Sundays. Yet despite submitting an opt-out application, the employee’s request was disregarded.

Following intervention by the Christian Legal Centre, the employee sent a letter to the NHS Trust, outlining the legal position and explaining that he should not be compelled to work on a Sunday. The NHS Trust has now relented, and the employee will not have to work on Sundays.

Andrea Williams said: “Employers should respect Christian employees who do not wish to work on a Sunday, as in most situations arrangements can be made to accommodate this. This situation is an encouraging example of how Christians can ensure that their faith is respected in the workplace.”

I shall be interested to learn what the employee does. I managed a pharmacy where every few weeks I had to do a one hour Sunday morning rota which coincided with church service times. I regarded this as a work of necessity and mercy and was not bothered by it as part of my employer's NHS contract.

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