Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Muslim Madness?

'Hausa people consider the Arab uprising was engineered by west [U.S and Britain] as grand design to supress Islam and Muslims.' So writes a man from Kano. When my colleague from Pakistan tells me the twin towers was a Zionist plot I can only be silent for I deem such views unworthy of refutation. Is this all the result of Islam which must rule the world miserably failing politically ever since the end of the Ottoman empire? If you have the faith which you reckon gave us modern science but has produced no real technological advances. If you have the world's greatest book but are doing minimal publishing compared with the West. Are not all these part of the frustrations that lead to a persecution complex? We must be superior because we are Muslims but evidently we are not. These Western kaffirs are running the place. Very frustrating it must be. 'Islam is my religion and I am proud of it' was a bumper sticker I used to see in Nigeria. Why, I still wonder.

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