Monday, October 24, 2011

Why no EU referendum.

BBC says, 'The government is facing the prospect of a rebellion by Conservative MPs when Parliament votes on proposals for a referendum on Europe.

All Conservative, Lib Dem and Labour MPs have been instructed to vote against the motion calling for a public vote on the UK's place in the EU.'

The government wants for once to be conservative and not rock the EU boat. For most of MPs, there is no memory of an independent sovereign UK except from our history which seems despised. We went into the then EEC under Heath after the 1970 election. Voters than had no choice, Lab and Lib's manifestos said we will go in. Cons said they would try and negotiate favourable terms. In we went. Life separate from Europe, started under Henry VIII, ended with Heath, Wilson et al. People under 60 have no memory of an independent UK. Is it any surprise that all three parties are where they were in 1970? They want us lost in the EUSSR. It is clearer now and more dangerous. Do we really want that little Frenchman to tell us to mind our own business because we are not in the Euro mess? Yes we do. We should listen, pack our bags and leave the Germans and French to sort out the continent. The previous two centuries are the history of their desire to rule Europe. Let them and let them pay the price of empire; bailing out your poor relatives if you cannot exploit them for profit.

Our legislators are frightened by the prospect of an uncharted future in an independent UK where they have to take responsibility for government. They want the soft life with a sinecure on the EU gravy train when they have to depart from Westminster.

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