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The changing world (162) Nov-Dec 1990

Nov 1st Social services committee.
6th         Education committee
7th         Oldfield governors
11th       Robed for the Remembrance Day service at Greenford War Memorial. Evening at the British Legion there.
12th       Conservative group
13th       Bob Hetherington Conservative whip's funeral. He died driving home from the town hall. Melbourne governors.
16th        Ward surgery.
18th         Civic service at the Polish church. Great catering.
19th         Church meeting for members
20th         Schools committee
22nd        SACRE
23rd         Went to Dream of Gerontius.
25th          Heigler family from Texas to lunch.
26th         Group meeting.
27th         Full council
Dec 2nd   Went on Wesley's London walk from Museum of London.
4th            Walford governors
5th            Lunch at Glaxo
7-8th        IPC synod
13th         Social Services. Katy's term ends
14th         Debbie's term ends
15th         John with us
17th         Relate - the most boring of duties as I do not agree with non-directive counselling
18th         Education committee
19th         Twyford term ends
21st         Ward surgery
22nd        Church carol service
25th         Dr Chang-Lin Hand came to stay, our first HOST student. A post doctoral researched at University College we gave hi a Chinese Bible but he preferred Debbies cartoon Bible in her bedroom where he stayed. I went through Genesis with him and encouraged him to go to the Chinese church. He was the only student we know of who came to Christ via staying with us.
26th         Eric Larson now at West Point to dinner. Also a Japanese and a Korean student.
27th         Messiah at Royal Albert Hall
29th         With Deb to civic performance at Questors theatre.

Return to Ealing and update

Return to Ealing, by John Betjeman

Return, return to Ealing,
Worn poet of the farm!
Regain your boyhood feeling
Of uninvaded calm!
For there the leafy avenues
Of lime and chestnut mix’d
Do widely wind, by art designed,
The costly houses ’twixt.

No early morning tractors
The thrush and blackbird drown,
No nuclear reactors
Bulge huge below the down,
No youth upon his motor-bike
His lust for power fulfil
With dentist’d drill intent to kill
The silence of the hills.

In Ealing on a Sunday
Bell-haunted quiet falls,
In Ealing on a Monday
‘Milk-o!’ the milkman calls;
No lorries grind in bottom gear
Up steep and narrow lanes,
Nor constant here offend the ear
Low-flying aeroplanes.

Return, return to Ealing,
Worn poet of the farm!
Regain your boyhood feeling
Of uninvaded calm!
Where smoothly glides the bicycle
And softly flows the Brent
And a gentle gale from Perivale
Sends up the hayfield scent.

Return to Ealing, by Graham

Return, return to Ealing,
Worn poet from the sticks!
Regain your boyhood feeling
Of multi ethnic mix!
For there the leafy avenues
Of lime and chestnut mix’d
Do widely wind, by art designed,
The costly houses ’twixt.

No early morning tractors
The thrush and blackbird drown,
No nuclear reactors
Bulge huge below the down,
The youth upon his motor-bike
His lust for power fulfils
And muggers on their mopeds
Snatch mobiles at their wills.

In Ealing on a Sunday
Sunday trading malls,
In Ealing on a Monday
Constant mobile calls;
Lorries grind in bottom gear
Past buses faster lanes,
And constant here offend the ear
Heathrow's aeroplanes.

Return, return to Ealing,
Worn poet from the sticks!
Regain your boyhood feeling
Of multi ethnic mix!
Where smoothly glides the bicycle
And softly flows the Brent
And Hoovers now in Perivale
Has Tesco flats to rent

The changing world (161) Aug-Oct 1990

The paucity of diary entries indicates a period of depression. We went to Wales on holiday. It was so hot that walking in bare feet on the beach was uncomfortable. We climbed one mountain and saw RAF planes flying the valley below us. My mother was admitted to Northallerton Hospital and I drove there on a Sunday and saw her for the last time. She insisted on giving me money for petrol.
19th Aug Wendy Barber to dinner.
25th Aug My mother died in her sleep at Northallerton. She was 72. She had instructed that her age not be given on the death notice in the local paper.
Sep 4th    Schools committee.
5th           Finance briefing.
6th           Group meeting
10th         Social services committee.
11rh         Presbytery
15th         Visited Dr Zaki Badawi at the Muslim College.
16th          Bulmer family visited.
17th          Open evening Fairley House school
19th          Oldfield school governors
24th          Congregational meeting
25th         Conservative governors meeting.
27th         Dad visiting us.
30th         Geoffrey and Sara visiting us.
Oct 5th    Elders meeting.
9th          Schools committee
13th        Costons ward supper
15th        Free church federal council
16th        Full council meeting
18th        Walford High governors
19th        Ward surgery
20th        David had friends round to celebrate his 18th birthday - Richard, Rebecca, Luke, Mark, Jeremy
21st         Stuart Ferguson the Presbyterian monk to lunch
22nd        Dad came down by train
27th         Visited Southall mosque.
30th         Melbourne governors
31st          Group meeting

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The changing world (160) Jul 1990

Jul 1st Bob Heppe's New Life team took morning service Lunch at Majiyabe's in town. Watching World Cup later.
2nd      Found Assistant SS director is a Christian.
3rd       Education committee rather a mess. Tony Young is chairman.
4th       Wet and cold school visit to Chessington World of Adventures.
5th       Hoard Bilton of Co-op pharmacies to dinner but he has no jobs on offer locally.
6th       Worked in Brentford covering for their sick pharmacist.
7th       Conservative dinner addressed by Lord Mackay the Lord Chancellor. Surprised he purchased raffle tickets which I eschew.
8th       Good preacher from New Life. pot luck lunch.
10th       Boring Conservative group until 11.15pm.
11th     Oldfield Primary annual meeting for parents.
13th      John Majiyagbe with us en route to Nigeria.
15th      Hot and humid. Katy not to church in the morning as the building work means the house is not secure.
18th      Elders planning day at Martins near Oxford.
19th      Education committee.
20th      Ward surgery. Few come and those are moaners. I gave up doing them after a few months.
23rd      Group meeting.
24th       Full council meeting. Guillotine comes down on debate after 11pm. No more debate only votes on motions then a drink with the mayor.
25th       Three hours with the director of Social Services.
27th        Town planning briefing.
Diary sparse. A sign of depression.

The changing world (159) Jun 1990

Jun 1st Assistant Asha for part of the day.
3rd       Election victory party at the home of the leader, Martin Malam.
4th       Assistant Asha all day. With Denise Bell to visit a Sick family concerning the RE syllabus.
5th       Asha very  very slow. A short and boring Schools Committee.
6th       Article in The Times on Ealing RE. Conservative group will support change. Group political briefing - good from Bob Hetherington.
7th        My first councillor speech  Education Committee,  proposing a new sexual equality policy ,  to replace the old Labour pro-homosexuality one. Summed up at the end of the debate too. Complemented on my performance.
8th         Denise handed in SACRE petition. Press coverage disappointing. Helped at Harry Greeenway's MP surgery.
9th Costons Conservatives ploughman's lunch. Art exhibition by Jan Roe of IPC.
10th        Larry preached on prayer for evangelism
11th        Took Rachel to the coach for school visit to Wales. Perceval House for introduction to Social Services by the director Robin Fleming with whom I was to enjoy working and personal friendship.
12th         Conservative school governors meeting supported change in RE syllabus.
13th         With help of our builder, Mick, put in fence posts for a new back garden door. To Downing Street with Denise to hand in a petition about the RE syllabus.
14th          Asha slow and lacks in hygiene. No evening assistant.
15th           Picked up Rachel from coach back from Snowdonia,
16th           No assistant all day.
17th           Civic service at URC. Very poor. I prefer RC liturgy to liberal Protestantism.
18th           Congregational meeting. Finances in good shape.
24th           Depressed. hard to stay awake in sermons.
25th           Pre-committee briefing for Social Services with assistant director for old people.
26th           Selbourne Primary governors.
27th           New Irish assistant, Orla.
28th           First Social Services committee went well.
29th           Work a struggle
30th           IPC food fair well attended but no Chinese from next door.

I am interviewed by a Nigerian journalist

INTERVIEW: Why insurgency persists in Nigeria’s North-east — British Activist

Graham Weeks, a Septuagenarian Englishman
Graham Weeks, a Septuagenarian Englishman
Graham Weeks, a Septuagenarian Englishman in this interview with PREMIUM TIMES reveals why his passion is seeing an end to the traumatising insurgency ravaging the North-east. The pharmacist turned activist has continued to push for the return of the abducted Chibok and Dapchi schoolgirls in far away Britain. In this interview, he mulls the cause of the insurgency and possible solutions to end the bloodletting.
PREMIUM TIMES: Tell us a bit about yourself
Weeks: I an a 72 years old Englishman from Yorkshire. I graduated from the University of London, School of Pharmacy in 1967. I studied Theology and Missions at All Nations Christian College 1967-69. 
In 1970, I came to Vom Christian Hospital in the then Benue-Plateau State to be a pharmacist there. My wife was pregnant with the first of our four children, the eldest three were born at Vom. 
In 1971 we studied Hausa in Kano. On my return to the hospital, I was hospital chaplain as well as pharmacist. In 1974-5 we lived in Borno, south of Gwoza where I was principal of the Bible School training local evangelists and supervising Nigerians from the Plateau working as missionaries in Borno, especially in the Gwoza hills where the people had before colonisation, a safe haven from Kanuri jihad.
Then we lived in Plateau at Langang, Daffo and Jos. My main work was translating Christian books into Hausa and training church leaders to use these in Theoliogcal Education by Extension. I travelled all over Plateau State.
By the time we left in 1982, our Church of Christ in Nations had the largest such programme in the world with over 2000 students. I was ordained in this church in 1977. From 1980 I was in charge of the church’s Hausa School teaching the language to expatriates new to the country. I worked with a Hausa colleague who was a convert from Islam.
In all my time in Nigeria it was a country at peace with no threat to personal safety. There was little civil disturbance due to Islam and we were on leave in England during the Maitatsine troubles. Before we left Nigeria in 1982 I was also working with a Yoruba Christian in Kano importing, wholesaling and retailing Christian books. 
PREMIUM TIMES: Then after that?
Weeks: Returning to England we lived in London. I returned to my profession of pharmacy and served as an elder of our church, International Presbyterian Church, Ealing. From 1986 I became involved in local politics because the local government was promoting the social acceptability of homosexuality – aka gay rights. 
This led to me joining the Conservative Party and IN 1990 -98 I was an elected a councillor of the London Borough of Ealing. This was done as unpaid spare time work. My speciality was social services. After I lost my seat on the council in 1998, I resigned from the Conservative Part as they no longer opposed homosexuality as they had done under Lady Thatcher.
I have preached regularly at the Heathrow Immigration Removal Centre for the last eight years, where my ‘captive congregation of detainees’ are mainly African, the majority being from the south of Nigeria. I have retired from community pharmacy for six years. I have been married 49 years and have six grandchildren.
PREMIUM TIMES: How will you assess the insurgency that has ravaged Nigeria in the past few years?
Weeks: Let’s go back a bit. In 1900, the colonisation of Northern Nigeria by the British brought Pax Brittanica. Jihad and slave raiding stopped. The British ruled the north with a handful of expatriate colonial officers by indirect rule through the Emirs. 
This consolidated Muslim rule in some areas that were not Muslim like the south of Bauchi State. It enabled the peaceful spread of Islam. Christian missions were prohibited from the North except in areas like the Plateau which had resisted the Fulani jihad. 
The south had had Christian missions and education during the 19th century under British rule but the north was left with Islam and resisted Western education even when imposed in small measure by the British. 
Rulers did not send their sons to school but the slave sons were sent. This disparity in education and the British favouring southerners in the civil administration of the North was a factor in the situation that led to civil was with Biafra in 1966.
Now let me answer your question. The present insurgency started with Boko Haram in Borno. They appeared to be violent Sallafists determined to be rid of all Western and Christian influence and they do not mind killing Muslims who do not hold to their exclusive interpretation of Islam. Most Nigerians in the North have lived lived together peacefully for over a century. 
The rise of post 9/11 Islamism has changed everything. The second wave of insurgency has come from the Fulani. At first this was reported as herdsmen versus farmers. But why? Herdsmen had peacefully migrated for a century and more. Why the violence? In the British Parliament, it was blamed on climate change. Nonsense. It was become apparent that this is a return to the old Fulani jihad. 
Islam is a religion of peace. That is a phrase coined by (George) Bush and (Tony) Blair to prevent anti-Muslim civil disturbances in their countries where the Muslim minority is on the whole peaceful. But Islam is at ‘war’ with the non-Islamic world. 
That rule can if needed (will) be established by force. That is the explanation for terrorism worldwide and the Fulani jihad resuming in the Middle Belt. Politicians will not call it so for that is said to be inflammatory language. But it is a truth which hurts. Nigeria has to face the consequences. 
PREMIUM TIMES: What do you think could have been done differently to curb insurgency and contain the surging humanitarian crisis?
Weeks: Nigeria has always been reluctant to seek outside help. The number one nation in Africa is proud. It does not ask for help when things go wrong. There could have been requests for assistance from other countries, governments and NGOs.
I have no solutions to offer ordinary Nigerians except that they vote for politicians who promise to do something realistic to stop the killings like withdrawing the army from the Middle Belt and replacing with an expanded armed police force under local state control. Also let communities have drones to guard their security and spot infiltrators at night.
I am fearful of more violence next year with the elections coming.
PREMIUM TIMES: Why are you passionate about the plight of the Chibok, Dapchi school girls?
Weeks: I am a Christian. I stand with my Nigerian brothers and sisters persecuted by Islamists. Chibok is like a Christian island in Borno. That is why their girls were taken. One Dapchi girl who will not convert to Islam is the only one still in captivity. Boko Harma wants all traces of Christianity removed. I stand with the suffering Christians.
PREMIUM TIMES: What are some of the measures you have taken to attract global attention to their plight?
Weeks: I am very active in social media and have demonstrated twice outside the Nigerian High Commission in London. I was the only Englishman among Nigerians demonstrating outside your High Commission in London last month, demonstrating with Nigerians about the killings in the Middle Belt. I support Christian groups in UK campaigning on behalf of suffering Christians in Nigeria and worldwide.
PREMIUM TIMES: What other strategies do you think other like minded persons like you can embark on the assist these traumatised girls and their families?
Weeks: Show support for Nigerian Christians and their plight in the media here who report little about Nigeria and are scared to criticise anything to do with Islam. Inform our political leaders here. Pray without ceasing.

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The changing world (158) May 1990

May 1st Blistered feet from delivering election leaflets round the ward.
2nd        Delivering leaflets and canvassing all day until Twyford annual parents meeting where I questioned why they did not teach chastity and fidelity in sex education. The governors' chairman said they had children from single parent families etc. I replied it was because they had teachers who could not teach it without hypocrisy.
3rd          Election day. On duty at polling stations at Oldfield school. Knocking up non-voters on Medway. Then to the count at the town hall with my parents. When my father died four years later his ticket to the count was in his wallet. He was a life long Labour voter and his son about to be a Tory councillor.
4th            2310 voted for me. A 700 majority removing Labour from our ward and against the national trend we took the council for the Conservatives 40 seats to 30. To bed at 4am. Group meeting in the town hall at 7pm.  Appointed vice-chairman of Social Services.
6th      Larry led for Raju on Jesus Only. Paul Clowney on reasonableness of Christianity.
7th      Bank Holiday Monday. Moved items from garage to shed. Great walk with Katy and Deb at lakes by Heathrow and the Thames.
8th       My full time assistant has done a bunk.
On my own until 5pm.
9th       No assistant all day.
10th     Evening Loveday Road meeting five mothers of dyslexic children.
11th     Very busy at work on my own.
12th     With boys and Chis Baddock to the Oval and saw Yorkshire beat Surrey so very happy.
13th     Enjoyed being robed for the first time at Ealing Abbey RC civic service. Aunty Myra to lunch. Katy's aunt now resident in British Columbia.David and Rachel to New Kids on the Block concert.
14th    No staff at work. Alperton High governors.
15th    Conservative council group. Appointed to education, SACRE and Aids Response.
16th    One assistant, Sherry. But some hours still not covered. Bomb in Wembley.
17th    Late for introductory seminar after work in Perceval House, aka the Kremlin.
18th    Did Yorkshire Dialect at Twyford PTA. Good food with Larsons.
19th    Stocktake done by noon. Celebration meal with champagne at The Lantern with Larsons.
20th    Elliott led for Larry. Katy went in the evening.
21st    On my own all day. Group meting in council chamber. Warned of likely demonstration tomorrow.
22nd   First council meeting. Did not speak. Te liberal Rev Neil Richardson insulting for Labour.
23rd    Moved desk in roaches to the new front room and watched ODI with New Zealand.
24th     Robed for annual council meeting. Good food and claret on a solely Conservative table.
25th     Depressed at work with temporary assistant Seralyn.
26th     Caroline a decent assistant all day.
27th     David Barnes on Great Commission. Cocktails with Mindels, W5 luxury. Whip Bob Hetherington say she Sikhs will oppose the RE syllabus.
28th      Completed David's wardrobe and curtain rail. Took girls to Gurnell fair.
29th      Supposed to have Asha as assistant but she was on the tills most of the day.
30th      Long day. Asha part of it but no-one in evening. Depressed at Jonathan's unemployment.
31st      Boss David failed to get a locus so another long day and Asha not much use.

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The changing world (157) Apr 1990

Apr 1st Preached on Mark 9 in the morning and John Tuttlebee some about his work in Ireland in the evening.
2nd       New assistant, Helen, started via agency. Too wet to canvas on the ward after work but went to the Free Church Federal Council and stirred things up . John Parry angry and liberal as ever.
3rd       Helen doing OK. Twyford musical evening with Rachel in the orchestra.
4th        School half term including Katy's beacon House.
5th        Leafleting then canvassing with our MP, Elliot and Joyce Godfrey, an old member who remembers seeing the land mine fall on Medway estate. She was an air raid warden.
6th        Canvassing after work.
8th        Peat family to lunch after I preached on the rich young ruler.
9th        Jonathan started work on the buses at Acton Town. Canvassing on Medway estate with Joyce.
10th       After work canvassed with Elliot. No-one rude today. It is easier than evangelistic cold calling.
11th       Jonathan unfairly sacked from the buses. The builder is dividing our bedroom into two. Canvassing. Did six cards.
12th       Encouraging canvassing five cards on Medway with Elliott.
13th Good Friday service reading the day's events with David Barnes leading. To St John's Passion with Katy.
14th      David's last day at the pharmacy. On my own 5 to 8pm.
15th      Easter Sunday. David Barnes led for Paul Clowney then Larry in the evening on resurrection.
16th      Removed top soil. Staked out shed base. Broke up hard core rubble.
17th      Canvassing with Elliott on Medway after work.
18th      Only Larry at prayer breakfast.
19th      Medway canvassing after work.
21th      Hired cement mixer and started on shed base.
22nd     Larry led for Randy Lawler. Pot luck lunch. Larry in evening.
23rd      Colin Hart of the Christian Institute staying with us to present Denise Bell's RE complaint to Ealing Council.
24th      Medway canvassing. Local Pharmaceutical Society branch meeting on adverse drug reactions.
26th      New front room being plastered. Garden shed delivered.
27th       Canvassed two cards in Costons.
28th      Put up bathroom cupboards.
29th      Larry led for Dick Keyes. Pot luck lunch.
30th      Bank holiday. Last drop of election leaflets and Costons lane canvassing. Mum and Dad here.  

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Diary w/e 15 Sep 2018

Sun 9 Sep

A good sermon from Laurens Du Plessis from South Africa who is under care of IPC white studying at oak Hill. He and two IPC members to lunch. I preached my fourth and final Genesis 3 sermon at the Immigration Removal Centre. Three things people fear, snakes, the devil and death - and why we need not fear. Christ is the head crusher and the resurrection and the life. Numbers are down as the centre's detainees total less than half the former numbers. New men from Ghana and Kenya. For the first time in eight years, no new Nigerian Christians.

Mon 10 Sep

Water meter installed. Sorry to hear of the passing of John Corcoran. Praying for his widow, Clare.

Tu 11 Sep

Arranged the front garden which meant placing concrete slabs as bases for five large plants in pots.

Wed 12 Sep

Back to house group which was a great study on 1 Sam 25, David and Abigail.

Thu 13 Sep

8am coach over 500 miles to Aberdeen by 9:35 pm via Manchester, Glasgow, Perth and Dundee.A pleasant journey until darkness hiss the view from Perth onwards. Met a Romanian Pentecostal family with no English gong to Aberdeen. A little communication in French. 5.30 leave TB services Westmoreland 16.15 Carlyle. My host picked me up ten minutes after the coach arrived. It was five minutes late on a 13+ hour journey. John Corcoran.funeral in Switzerland. Very quick so none from IPC present.

Fri 14 Sep

Slept well. My hosted is the church administrator. She took me to The Mission where Presbytery meets. The catering by Trinity IPC is excellent. Business was concluded before dinner than to Queen Street church, newly bought from the Church of Scotland. They do not wee that liberal theology is killing their congregations. They do not care. They left in the building all manner of historic items . O could covet the minister and elder chairs and the table for IPC Ealing. High point of the day singing Old 10th0 accompanied by a great pipe organ. Dr Macleod, GP church member took me to my host, picked me up for presbytery in he morning too and after lunch took me near yo my hotel.

Sat 15 Sep

James Torrens of Inverness IPC gave two excellent lecture on children in the church, theology and practice. Dr Macleod took me to the Station Hotel. Very central and close to the coach station too for Tuesday departure.

Thursday, September 06, 2018

How to Pray - “Thy Kingdom Come”

R. J. Rushdoony
Good morning, friends. A fatherless home is a broken home, one lacking its true support and authority. Likewise, a people whose lives are lived apart from God the Father are without true authority and security. A godless nation is a nation in which authority and law are broken or corrupt, because the only source of authority is denied or neglected. The nations of today are broken homes, breeding delinquency in the body politic because of their prodigal wandering from the authority of God the Father, who is alone the true sovereign of all nations. Having rejected His authority, they are subject to His judgment.
It is for this reason that the Lord’s Prayer summons us to pray, “Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” Here is a petition that God overrule us, both in our personal and our national lives. To pray in these words sincerely is to confess that our will often fails to move in conformity to the Lord’s will. Our Lord, in giving us this prayer, gave thereby a confession of sin for us to echo, and yet one of such significant direction. The focus is not on our sin, nor on our wayward will, but instead on God’s Kingdom and His will. Prayer must be made for confession of sins, and thanksgiving for forgiveness is essential, but prayer cannot revolve around our life, our will, our hopes, or our planning. That God has room in His purpose for our hopes and needs is clear enough in the next petition, wherein we are asked to pray for our daily food, but to limit prayer to our lives and our will is to abuse prayer, if it is constantly done. At times, indeed, pressing personal problems overwhelm us, and our prayer cries out in purely personal tones. This is right, and pleasing to God. But the proper perspective for the whole of our prayer life must be in terms, not of our will, but that His will be done, not in terms of our petty domain, but that His Kingdom come.
However, as Dr. James Reid has pointed out (Hear My Prayer, p. 330), “the Kingdom begins within ourselves. Our heart is a world in itself. God’s rule must begin there.” In his Confessions, St. Augustine candidly comments that during one period of his spiritual pilgrimage his prayer seemed to have been, “Lord, make me pure, but not yet.” This kind of praying is all too common in every generation. What we want of others, we are unwilling to ask of ourselves. The character we demand of the nation, we too often refuse to manifest in our personal lives. Humility is a great virtue, and we are anxious to see it in others, but less anxious about our own lack of it. Other people should be patient and loving and thereby put less strain on our own disposition. So many people feel that it would be a wonderful world if other people were righteous so that we could be comfortably undisturbed in our sinning, or in our spiritual laziness.
This petition is directed against all these things when, by its simplicity and plainness, it overrules all persons in heaven and earth and supplants their will and their planning with God’s will and God’s Kingdom.
Jesus Christ established the pattern of obedience in this respect in His faithfulness to His appointed task, establishing the Kingdom and manifesting His faithfulness to God the Father. He declared, “Here I come—in the roll of the book this is written of me—I come to do thy will, O God” (Heb. 10:7, Moffatt). “Not my will, but thine, be done” (Luke 22:42). The world cannot be left out of our praying, but neither can we leave out ourselves as an object of he Lord’s chastening, reviving, and overruling providence. This petition has in mind the great reality that the kingdoms of this world are and shall be the Kingdoms of our Lord and of His Christ.
It finds total fulfillment only at the end of history when the recreation of all things is consummated, but it finds daily fulfillment in your life and mine as the Lord comes into our hearts in power and in truth, received by us in faith and daily glorified by our trust and obedience. It finds fulfillment as the nations are brought into the light of the gospel and the joy of the Lord. To limit God’s answer to the end of history is to refuse an answer and to resist the reality of His present sovereignty. Therefore, let us pray in faith, saying,
Our Father, who art in heaven,
Hallowed be thy name.
Thy Kingdom come. Thy will be done,
On earth as it is in heaven.

Diary w/e 8 Sep 2018

Sun 2 Sep 

My usual Sabbath rest from the Internet. Great enjoyment reading 2,000 Years of Christ's Power Vol. 4: The Age of Religious Conflict by Nick Needham. Adult Sunday school, Chris Roberts on the atonement . Paul Levy was excellent on conversion preaching from the Ethiopian eunuch. it was both evangelistic and edifying for believers I was very pleased the congregation with swelled by a family of five, single father and four children under 12 who I had invited along. I hope they will be back next week too.  Roast beef lunch was enjoyed in the company  American missionary  guests working with our church.  We had a visiting Nigerian preacher from our church in Shepherd's Bush in the evening. 

Mon 3 Sep

Ancestry has helped me find a family tree link to Mormons in California! Encouraging elders meeting. 9 out of eleven there plus two from sister churches and one Oak Hill student under the care of our presbytery. We reallocated the shepherding with each of our 11 elders having personal pastoral care responsibility for some of our members. We aim to visit everyone at least twice a year. We have seen a number of new attenders over the summer including some seeking the truth in Christ.

Tue 4 Sep

U3A restated after the August break with our World Religions group. Thanks to the generosity of Evangelicals Now I had a complementary copy of the current issue for each person as the subject we perception and the magazine always has news of suffering Christians. My leading on the subject concentrated on the least controversial part - the persecution in the Roman Empire. We saw how rulers scapegoat minorities when there are problems in the regime. We also saw how a persecuted minority become persecutors once they gain ascendancy.
   I went to use an ATM and am confronted by a screen telling me 'Santander supports Pride'. Well I don't and will be telling my bank I do not want this ideological propaganda in my face.

Wed 5

U3A current affairs here on world trade. I had not prepared well and we strayed onto tariffs and other matters further off topic. Five came including one new recruit. I went to the Nigeria  High Commission for an hour's vigil, one of 200 hours vigil for the girl, Leah, taken by Boko Haram and imprisoned for 200 days because she would not convert.  I was asked by Scott the man from Christian Solidarity Worldwide who was organising the original to stay on an extra hour as I was doing well with three staff from the High Commission coming to talk including the Deputy High Commissioner, a Muslim from Sokoto who complemented me an my Hausa. I was relieved by a Pentecostal Nigerian who had witnessed the killings of the Ibos in Zaria in 1966 It had so traumatised her as a teenager that she had blocked it out of her memory. She took over the vigil after I did an extra hour which included being interviewed by an Ibo journalist who liked my critique of Nigerian history which blamed the colonial British for a lot of the mess today. In the evening we had our monthly church prayer meeting at Dean Hall with 26 o present including four teenagers which is encouraging.

Th 6 Sep

I took a nonagenarian to her GP to OK her proposed visit to Myanmar where she was born. 

Fr 7 Sep 

An eventful day at the Oval. Not because of Alistair Cook's last test or a mere 198 for 7 from England. But because my friend Trevor went as he said to spend a penny in the lunch break and never returned. He phoned to say he had passed out and was in the medical room. I was to keep watching the game and he would come and join me. Then two paramedics came to collect his bag and tell me he was being sent to be checked at hospital. He phoned after a while to say he was being discharged as fit to go home but will need more tests later. We have been friends since 1969 and had 12 years together in Nigeria.

Sat 8 Sep

Joined the team led by my fellow IPC elder Peter Lofthouse for breakfast and Bible study at Tasty Bites cafe. Then three of us on the bookstall but most of the time I was talking with Usmani on the Muslim bookstall. 
   I have been testing items for suppliers  - mainly Chinese. You buy on Amazon, send them proof of purchase, publish a review and your costs are then reimbursed. It has been fun so far but sometimes modern electronics are a headache and other family members drafted in to help set up and operate the devices.
    The interview I did with the Ibo journalist seems to be going viral on Facebook.

Wednesday, September 05, 2018

Pride at Santander

My email to my bank.


I do not know if this is the right email address. If not please forward it to the appropriate department.

When I go an ATM to get money I do not expect political propaganda in my face. You may support Pride. That is your choice. I do not and do not expect my bank to be part of a campaign for the social acceptability of behaviour I consider detrimental to public health and social decorum. Has Pride paid you to advertise them? If not what part of a bank's work is it to use funds to promote homosexual behaviour?

I am considering withdrawing my custom and urging like minded friends to follow suit.

Graham Weeks

Saturday, September 01, 2018

The changing world (156) Mar 1990

Mar 1st Wendy Barber to dinner. Mark Krietzer from SA visiting again.
2nd        David back from Exmoor with school. Jonathan completes his first week at Gateway.
3rd         Went with Trevor Wells to see Leeds at Watford. Surprised to find it all ticket but we managed to buy some outside and got in. But we were robbed at 1-0.
4th          I led for Elliott on Mark 8. Jonathan looking for a car to buy.
5th          Church meeting approved commissioning an architect to look at building extensions (Nothing came of it but a new building is to be opened in October 2018 DV).
6th          Interviewed an English assistant. Walford High governors meeting.
7th          Discussing baptism with Larry and Elliot at church. Conservative Group at the Town Hall. Not a very well organised meeting.I am a candidate for Costons ward and expect to win it but the tide nationally is against us taking back control of the council in May.
8th           Purse thief caught at work and arrested. Noisy full council meeting setting the Community Charge for the year. Labour hate the poll tax as it is called. No-one likes a tax that everyone has to pay. I support it. Its downfall was that it was uneconomic to collect from the poorer residents who only had to pay 10% of what the rest of us paid.
11th         My last Sunday leading for Elliot preaching.
12th         To Twyford PTA on sex education. Work started on our alteration of garage to second reception room.
13th         Cashier supervisor admits to theft at work. Security secretly filmed her through the wall between the pharmacy store and her cashier's office. She had been accusing checkout workers of theft. Prayer meeting.
14th         Men's prayer breakfast. Lecturing on Islam in Africa at WEC Bulstrode. In a minority of one at Alperton High governors. I wanted the striking teachers rebuked.
15th         Katy at Twyford parents evening. Pleased Rachel has  a good report. Builder working on patio roof.
16th         Costons Conservatives meeting and meal with MP harry Greenway.
17th         Took Rachel to music. Delivered In Touch fliers to the ward and got a blister. Watched Scotland beat us in grand slam decider. Michelsens to dinner. Alfredo is now a Latin rite RC.
18th          Raju led for me on transfiguration.Joan, former exclusive brethren to lunch. She fortuitously bought a violin bow that was very valuable.
19th           New assistant, Karen, started. Jonathan passed bus driving medical.
20th           Melbourne School governors. I found Mrs Malhotra the head could be difficult but living in the next road she was very hospitable with her husband's whisky. Denise Bells case against the RE syllabus was heard.
21st           Forms signed for my nomination as a candidate in the council election in may. By coach to Newcastle to hear Brian Griffiths, adviser to Mrs thatcher, at the opening of the Christian Institute. Hospitality from evangelical vicar in a very rough council estate in Gateshead.
22nd          Overnight coach back to Victoria by 4:30 am and a wait for the first tube at 5:30. Home 6:30 then to work. No assistant. very, very tired. Jonathan has a bus driving job offer.
23rd           Late to session meeting. Discussed raj's plans to leave being consultant neurologist and return home to India as a missionary.Took Rachel to EJMS and later at their concert. Jonathan bought a Honda Accord which runs well.
25th            Procters to lunch. They generously helped us buying this house. We were at All Nations together and later in different IPC congregations.
26th             Local election campaign started.
27th             John Tuttlebee, another AMMC contemporary with us all day on leave from his work of mission in Ireland.
28th             My last day working at church with Larry.
29th             Still no full time help at work. Larry witnessed a rape on the tube.
30th             Rachel having trouble with her paper round.
31st             A very funny farce, Noises Off, at Twyford.

Jonathan was not taken on to drive buses. The instructor gave him an order he could not obey to drive the wrong way down a one way street. It was a no win situation. Most unfair. Break the law of disobey the instructor. he disobeyed and should have been commended not rejected.


Twelve Iranian converts from Islam to Christianity have each been sentenced to one year in prison for “propaganda” against the state and for “inclination to the land of Christianity”. The twelve converts were originally arrested in the Iranian port city of Bushehr in 2015 and were released on bail while the case against them was processed.
The sentencing judge found all twelve guilty of “propaganda activities against the Islamic Republic of Iran” and of “holding house churches, inviting people to Christianity, and inclination to the land of Christianity.” The verdict was handed down on 20 June 2018, but was only recently reported.
Payam Kharamam, one of the converts, described how interrogators repeatedly questioned him about alleged contacts with the West: “The pressure and harassment of the security forces on me began in early 2012, and I was repeatedly summoned [by police] … and interrogated about evangelism and communication with abroad.”
Ask that Payam and the other eleven believers will not be troubled or afraid as they face jail in Iran’s notorious prison system, but instead will know God’s peace (John 14:27) and the comfort of the Holy Spirit. Pray that the announcement by U.S. President Donald Trump of future sanctions against Iran will not lead to a greater harassment of Christians because of their perceived connection to the West.

Diary w/e 1 Sep 2018

Sun 26 Aug

One daughter not with us at IPC due to sore throat and loss of voice. I cooked lamb chops and she could not eat them. Chris Roberts on Mal 2 again. I took a new speaker to Harmondsworth Immigration Removal Centre. David Jones, now a PCA missionary with our church has served twelve years in Ivory Coast and also in Turkey. His great gift is personal evangelism and he is most at home in public when addressing Africans. He was excellent on witness to Muslims last night, teaching Christians the exclusivity of Christ and how Islam gives men a book, we give them the warm embrace of God in Christ. I shall be taking him for three more talks on this subject.

Mon 27Aug

Bank holiday. Visited a new neighbour - a church family have moved into a nearby house. They are from Malawi so I could go and knock on the door and be welcomed. With Africans one can dispensed with the contemporary English need to ring before calling. Bought a new bed in Hayes.

tue 28 Aug

Gave my second talk at ELT on victory in Christ. Then my usual pastoral visit. Evening barbecue for an IPC member's 40th birthday.

Wed 29 Aug

Numbers rising at prayer meeting as the holidays end. 25 present including 4 elders and 4 deacons from 5 nations.

Th 30 Aug

After a most encouraging pastoral visit together with one of our deacons we are expecting a family of one adult with five children at our Sunday school's new term opening this Sunday.

Sat 1 Sep

 Excellent barbecue at Immanuel Church Brentford. Best salad selection ever. Long chat with an elderly German lady resident in England since the sixties. She said she had never experienced anti-German prejudice and in fact got her first job with the help of a German Jew whose family had fled Berlin under Hitler.  Warm today. Are we going to have an Indian Summer?

Books read in September 2018

1. On the Crofter's Trail by Craig David (Author)

I was given this by a friend whose family was cleared from Strath Never. A book to bring tears to your eyes. man's inhumanity to man. The opening chapters I found rather dull and hard going but once we were in Canada the stories came to life. Much of this is criticised by historians as mere oral tradition but that is the way history is transmitted in all cultures and this makes it all the more significant. It shows the way history is remembered. Sometimes it was too painful and suppressed as old soldiers do with their stories. But it is brilliantly and passionately recounted, edited by a man passionate about this terrible tale. It should indeed provoke outrage and thankfulness one lives in better times. Here were people burned out in evictions. Shipped in ships more crowded than slave ships. Some were merely dumped on the inhospitable coast of Canada. I once wondered why Highlanders were so antipathetic to English Conservatives. Here you lean why. It is enough to turn anyone to the SNP! This book is also quite one to whet ones appetite for travel to see the places he describes so well. I have been to many of the Scotland locations but now Canada calls. The stories of the suffering are enough to make one weep but there is one tale that made me laugh out loud - the black pot. I also found it interesting how a persecuted people become persecutors themselves in another land - the crofters in Canada's attitude to the subsequent waves of immigrants and to the indigenous peoples.

2. Voices from the Past: Puritan Devotional Readings by Richard Rushing  (Editor)

Excellent daily devotions for a year and antiquated language has been modernised. When I read the second volume I thought it Puritan blessed thought rather than an exegesis of the texts but now I see the editor chose the texts to fit the daily readings. I note Watson and Baxter are deservedly the main contributors - the most quotable and the most prolific of Puritan authors. But as I said on volume 2, it is a pity dates were not given nor references to actual sources. 

3. 2,000 Years of Christ's Power Vol. 4: The Age of Religious Conflict - Nick Nedham

The best church history book I have read. I learned a lot about Lutheranism,  Roman Catholicism and Eastern Orthodoxy. But where the book came really alive was England and Scotland. The understanding of the development of Anglicanism, Puritanism is superb. The conflicting currents before, during and after the Civil War are well described. I never realised the endless divisions in Scotland over the covenants. God moves in mysterious ways. As well as the history we are treated to excerpts from primary sources too. as well as lists of important people. My only query is that I have no doubt which side Bunyan would have fought on in the civil war. A no brainer surely? Now to read the former volumes and to await the last in the series.

4. Walk Through History: Discover Victorian London by Christopher Winn  (Author)

It does what it says for as you follow the maps and the clear instructions you learn the history of the London built by the Victorians. It is a convenient size to hold in one hand then pocket it as you take your photographs. But when I follow it I see lots of other newer or older buildings en route and natural curiosity makes me wish I had to hand a guide including those too. But this book does not claim to be a comprehensive guide to all of London's sites. Very educational.

5. In Bitter Chill (DC Childs mystery) by Sarah Ward  (Author)

I read this because the author's name came up when I was researching my family tree. Lo and behold her main character is a genealogist and our family name is there as a character mentioned in the book too. But the family connection has not influenced my review. This is the best crime novel I have read for a long time. Loved the setting. The characters seem well delineated. The plot is complicated but not too much so. It is reasonably easy to follow but a glossary of the characters would have helped. Unlike most modern writers there is no explicit sex.  Sex yes but tastefully discreet.If I want to read more crime apart from the next Grisham, Ward will be my author of choice.

6. Derailing Democracy in Afghanistan: Elections in an Unstable Political Landscape by Noah Coburn  (Author), Anna Larson  (Author)

I have met one of the authors. I visited  Afghanistan in 2006. Well written good scholarship and detailed research, but I wonder about the title. Surely the text shows that democracy as we know it is impossible in this country? For starters, this is not a nation state. It is a clongomeration of waring tribes who only ever come together in order to defeat an invader. They did it twice to Britain and once to the former USSR. What central power has ever had a rule of law over this failed state? It is a mess and will remain a mess. For the West to try and impose democracy - well it seems on the surface to be a good idea but the\narrative here related shows it to be a false hope. 
   I found the anthropology very interesting as democracy smacks here of a cultural imperialism by invading powers masquerading as a good idea because the ruling elite go along with it for their own self interest. I am tempted to say the book tells me we should be out of there and leave the locals to go back to their usual habits of killing one another. Helping Muslim dominated states is a thankless task. Keep clear seems sensible. Does the West have a responsibility to make rules of a democratic game which is really a farce? The authors conclusions concerning the future of democracy in Afghanistan as perceptive. The whole book serves as a primer for outsiders to understand how this country functions. But one is left to question the wisdom of westerners thinking a representative democracy can follow elections taking place. Liberal democracy took a very long time to evolve in the West. can it be expected to quickly appear in this country? Surely that is an unreal expectation.

7. Hausaland, or, Fifteen Hundred Miles through the Central Soudan by Charles Henry Robinson

Published in 1896 this is an account of Nigeria before if became united as a British colony. Whites were in the south for commercial and missionary reasons but the north was a different, largely Islamic world. Read the account of these Englishmen going as pioneers into the north. It is a different world. The problems of travel on foot, of finding and controlling suitable bearers, of payment with salt. Gifts have to be exchanged with the ruling local powers en route to Kano. Cloth is a medium of exchange for the local currency of cowries is not portable. They are in want of a currency and means of transport. Slavery is endemic and it is Muslims enslaving unbelievers, a continuation of the jihad 0f Usmani Dan Fodio at the start of the 19th century. Slaves are used by the rich for currency when travelling. Thus is pre-colonial Africa.  He wants to see Britain take up its responsibility agreed when at the Berlin conference the European powers divided up the continent. He describes Islam here from his missionary perspective. Details of medicine and pilgrimage are given. Fascinating history and anthropology. 

8. “Giants in the Land Pioneers of Reformational Thought" Volume 1 
Guillaume Groen van Prinsterer, Abraham Kuyper, Herman Bavinck
 - Compiler, Chief Translator and Chief Editor:
Dr. Jan H. Boer

This is a ebook available on An introduction to three great
 men from the Dutch reformed churches. Boer is a great enthusiast for
 reformational thought , reformed theology applied to all of life and in
 a way that combines understanding with true spirituality. Here are men
 of true piety who were the antithesis of pietists. The book is a resource
 of links to the writings of these men and those who have written
 concerning them.

9. Causes of the Jihad of Usman Ɗan Fodio: A Historiographical Review
 -John Edward Philips,

I was sent this by the author because of a shared interest in the north
 of Nigeria. The causes of the Jihad of Usman Ɗan Fodio. are 
classified  as religious, ethnic and socio-economic. I think the paper
 lacks a clear delineation of what society was like before the jihad
 and afterwards particularly in religion and in slavery. One wants to
 know more concerning the origins of Islam in the area among 
Hausas and in Borno.

10. Who will send rain? by Pat Appleton

Here are true stories of the African Christians. They happened between 1900 and 2014. The author says she writes to reach Christians in various African countries and also to interest and encourage Christians young and old where ever they live. As I started the book one read of miraculous answers to prayer, endurance in persecution, providence, God spreading the gospel. These are all most encouraging stories from a variety of missionary authors I was particularly moved reading stories from Nigeria especially Mama Tabitha who I knew from 1970 at Von Christian Hospital and all Chibok girl martyred at the hands of Boko Haram. I found this book so encouraging I want to buy copies to give away but so far I have yet to find where it is being sold.

11. Magnificent Obsession: Why Jesus is Great by David Robertson (Author)

If I could give more than five stars I would. Simply the best book
 of practical apologetics. He takes on the atheists in a convincing
 way. Not that this will change anyone. Only  the Holy Spirit
 does that work.

12 . Story of Craft Beer by Pete Brown (Author)

All you need to know about beer -brewing, types, countries and
home brewing too. Very informative and educational but made
me thirsty.