Saturday, June 23, 2018

Diary w/e 23 June 2018

Sun 17 Jun

Entering the M25 en route to IPC Liss I suffered extreme diarrhoea without warning. I have had problems ever since the colon cancer surgery but usually I do get a little warning. We had to return home. I showered and stayed at home for the morning.
   We were invited to fathers' day barbecue with Rachel and family. Lovely food but my appetite was awry. Tea at IPC with Gethin Jones telling us his missionary plans for Paris. Paul preached Eze 33 evangelistically. I think I may now support Mexico after their defeat of Germany in Russia.

MON 18 Jun

I NOW HAVE LASTING POWER OF ATTORNEY FOR ONE OF OUR ELDERLY CHURCH MEMBERS WITH RESPONSIBILITY FOR HEALTH AND FINANCIAL AFFAIRS. My friends on Facebook told me to remove posting this. I was tempted to be stubborn thin king MYOB but reluctantly complied. I am a coward. 20 Jun

Tue 19 Jun

Nine at early morning prayer from 6:30. Blood test and check up with diabetic nurse. lunch with Littles senior.

Wed 20 Jun

Very pleasant tea for Ealing U3A helpers at the posh Ealing Golf Club. I led house group on 1 Sam 22-23 and Ps 52 and 54.

Thu 21 Jun

U3A on power of attorney. Important as I am one. I am offering to give a lecture on Nigeria next year. Debbie unwell and did not go to her cauldron's club.

Fri 22 Jun

Deb prescribed antibiotic for strep throat. We now have raspberries from two hanging baskets. Gone are the gooseberries harvested this time last year.

Sat 23 Jun

Digging deep down in the border and breaking up the clay for the real gardener. She is planting the border. Sermon prep on Noah for Harmondasworth.

The changing world (133) Mar to Apr 84

Mar 5th Congregational meeting.
6th         Met Mt Tombs Jonathan's teacher. While I was at work the Ealing visage rape took place less than a mile from me. Michael Saward the vicar was beaten with his cricket bat and his daughter raped. Interviewed in his hospital bed he was asked if he forgave the criminals. He replied that his first concern was justice. sadly the sentences passed on the evil thugs were not appropriate though the judge later contributed to Jill Saward's charity so showing some admission of his error in the trial.
8th         Day off and met with Dawes owner of Pickups Pharmacy hayes and about ten others. He was to give me a job then sack me when I asked for more money. A thoroughly dis likable man. One rep asked him why he was also rude only to be told it was because he had no reason to be nice to him. Iy appears he was a decent man at the start when he had one shop but with success came overweening arrogance. his passion was money and horticulture. Te first of my worst three employers. Two of the there were Jewish but so was the best employer too.
9th         Larsons to dinner.
12th       Session meeting.
13th       Barnes to dinner with Seabers and Sarah Archer.
Apr 1st  Geoffrey Aiken to dinner.
2nd        Session meeting.
5th         Last day Butterys.
7th         Met up with Procters.
15th       Lunch at Braithwaites.By then I must have bought my old Peugeot 504 estate. But I was still cycling to work.
27th       Minuses from Australia to dinner.
28th       Abrahams to dinner.

The changing world (132) Oct 83 to Feb 84

Oct           No diary entry's and no hospitality record.
Nov 28th  Church session meeting.
Dec 2nd    Dr and Mrs Clowney to dinner.
18th          IPC carol service.
Jan 2nd     The wells dined with us.
7th             Paul Simpson dined.
15th           John Moffit ditto.
16th           House group at barnes.
Feb 6th      Session
7th             Led prayer meeting.
9th             Holiday for moving. My diary omits the joys of househunting. We visited plenty in Southall, full of idols and curry. But most are too small for six. Where houses are larger is Norwood Grren which is whiter and more expensive. One day we saw two suitable properties, hanwell and perivale.The first was Connolly Dell with little parking so we plumped for Perivale. £46,000 with a £30,ooo mortgage which was a struggle. I never thought we would qualify for benefits except child allowance. Only later did I realise we could have claimed something.
10th           Move to 71 Lee Road, a DIY job with help from Trevor Wells. The big struggle was getting the piano. Eventually we had to back it into the under stairs cupboard beef getting into the front room. I vowed that if ever I left this house it would be in a box. Our first owner occupier house.
Joe and Steve visited.
14th           Presbytery.
17th           Back to work. Half term.
27th           Back to school.
28th           Paul Simpson to dinner.
I do not have the exact date but we adopted a new family member, Wellesly Dogmatix, the RSPCA  dog. A lovable mongrel, the result of a Jephtha like rash promise made to David in Nigeria. He loved Niko the Rockhaven racist Alsation and I rashly said he could have a dog when we had a house of our own. Welly was from a violent home. It was very sad to see the children their wave goodbye. Walking him by the canal he shied away from fishermen's rods. He was never obedient or trainable. David took him to classes but to no avail. He had pointer and palmation in him, the mutt. The latter breed are dogs of smell brain.Let him off the lead and anything could happen. By the canal he went for a smaller dog on a leash. The owner was forgiving. I threwWelly in the canal. What he did have was affection and loyalty and he was good with children. The old guy at 73 questioned us having him. No problem. George in 69was another kettle of fish. He lived there with his senile old mother. They were protestant Irish from the republic. Another brother had committed suicide from the from bedroom window. Mental ill health ran in the family. At the previous silver jubilee they had complained that the flags and bunting in the street were not good enough -manf them Irish! More to come of the saga of George and his blowing hot and cold for years.

The changing world (131) Sep 83

Sep 1st Bought sports outfit for Jonathan. Returned the car with Jonathan. back by train. Opened building society account.
2nd       Sermon prep.
4th        Steve morning, me evening.
5th        Started work at G R Buttery South ealing Road. Busy. Late home. Session at Joe's.
6th        Work finished on time 7pm. Despite nerves all OK. I think I was still writing labels or was I typing?
7th         Finished work 6pm.
8th         Mortgage people say to go ahead and look for a house.
9th         Day off. Sermon prep. With Katy shopping in Greenford.
10th       Quiet working day.
11th       Joe not so hot in the morning. Children back to crusaders. I preached at high. Asked Muke Rudd to sit still. He walked out. Some said he was schizophrenic. I found him honest and sincere. An old boy of Guy Fawkes school, St Peters york. He once stole our gut=y on bonfire night to protect the effigy of his fellow old school pupil. He never formally joined IPC because he did not accept mediated authority. He had direct line to the Spirit's guidance. From a wealthy family but estranged from them. I admired him for never claiming any benefits.
12th        Quiet at work. I found the boss who worked in his other shop easy going. His wife sometimes worked in the shop and was more demanding. Congregational meeting.
17th         School sports St Saviours.
20th         Harvest Sunday,


The changing world (130) Aug 83

Aug 1st To Pharmaceutical Society. Saw ad for an Ealing job and got an interview. Visited Ealing Hospital as chaplain. Patients asleep or demented. With Clowneys to hear excellent Chuck Colson at London Institute. Few speakers impress me. He is the second lawyer to do is -well ex lawyer now.
2nd        Job interview went well. At hospital staff fellowship. Talked with a man from Madrid whose father is terminal and a Ghanaian too.
3rd         Spoke at Michael Flanders. Hymn cassettes help. Ealing Hospital. Gave the African a New testament. Two encouraging old Baptist ladies.
4th          Took family to Potters Bar where dam met us to take the children north. Katy and Deb stayed there. I want back to ealing. Dele phoned. I brought him from Heathrow in Simon's car. He rested and I took him back to the airport.
5th            Letters. Reading. Not sociable at church barbecue.
6th            Katy and Deb back. Supper at Larsons.
7th            Steve not stimulating in the morning. Aimed at US visitors.Preached at Watford. A Pentecostal disagreed on Acts 2.
8th            Katy started Discoverers teaching. Cycled to felt ham and interviewed by Andrews of Moss. Went well but I am undecided about multiples never having worked for one since my unhappy year with Boots as a student, 33 to 64.
9th             To Library. A day reading
10th            Mashru has offered me a job in South Ealing pharmacy. Overends brought boys back.
11th            Discoverers closing session. Took Jonathan shopping for his holiday.
12th            Took Jonathan to Waterloo on holiday.
13th             Evangelistic visit. Walk in park.
14th             Steve in morning, me in evening. Visiting American team left. Walk in park.
15th             Pharmacy will pay £10,200 rising to £10,800. Lunch at Wells. Visited Thames lock. Trevor says that salary will mean a struggle to have a house and a car.
16th              Sermon prep. House group here.
17th              Last visit to Michael Flanders. Library. Visited Hassans
18th              Some practical work on church fabric. and garden.
19th              Reading records of church especially discipline of Derick Johnson who we eventually excommunicated. The only one in our history. He was later jailed for arson. Later, divorced he wanted to remarry and have half the property as it was in joint names. A law there to protect hime makers was exploited by an indigent alcoholic. When he was out people felt threatened for their property. A sigh of relief when he moved north. I once told him to stop driving when drunk. I said I was not bothered for him but innocents on the road. He told me my sins were secret, his open. An argument from the pit. Sober he could be charming. From jail he accused me of helping his wife defraud the DSS. Supper at Claire Pound -Corners.
20th               Picked brambles by canal with the children. Visited Paul Clough. My previous post about the death of his wife Liz was in error. She was not a Bennett. Now his fiancee Maya is the Bennett. At Chorleywood.
21st               Alan Hosier in the morning. Afternoon Richmond Park. Preached in the evening.
22nd              Collected Jonathan from Waterloo. To Evangelical library and Pharmaceutical Society.
23rd               To Gloucester with Jonathan and Rachel. R reg Peugeot 504 estate from Borrow a Banger. Good but stalls if braked hard.
24th                Drove to Leapers large house via Potters bar.
25th                Lunch north of Penrith. At Scotts Dalry. To Saltcoats beach.
26th                Lunch at Saltcoats beech. Drove coast and moors to Largs.
27th                Fine but too windy for long on the beech. Enjoyed moorland scenery.
28th                To Trinity dairy. Then beech and Troon Marina.
29th                Largs ferry to Great Cumbrae and round the island.
30th                Walked up the glen behind West Lynne. Last time to the beech where the children have loved building sandcastles and watching the tide wash them away.
31st                 Lunch at Wimslow then ealing with children very well behaved.



The changing world (129) Jul 83

Jul 1st  Good conversation with an old Muslim at Southall mosque. Did some gardening at IPC. Gulnabee entertained me to supper in Southall.
2nd      Depression and anxiety over house purchase. Boys to music. Drove them and Samantha Farrell to Elstow. Cricket with church friends. Picnic. Moot Hall. Bedford Bunyan museum and meeting then St Johns. Overends brought us a washing machine.
3rd       Steve good at IPC. Gavin France and fiancee to lunch. Church meeting supportive of Southall plans but I am anxious.
4th        With Hassan to Daily Times office. Stanley Webb, Westminster fraternal, on healing. Surprisingly charismatic. I believe in healing by extraordinary means and ordinary but totally deny a gift of healing like the apostolic, 'Siver and gold have I none. In the name of Jesus Christ rise u and walk'. Today's pretended healers are charlatans who demand faith and/or money.
5th         Depressed.
6th         Visited two possible houses. Unsuitable.
7th          Gardening at IPC. Chat with Elliott helped be see my depression is fear of failure.
8th          Sermon prep. Looked at another house.
9th          Children to Questors music. Took Jonathan to choose school prize book. Took bots to Drayon High for interview with Ealing Junior Music School. Gardening. Southall mosque but everyone too busy with Ramadan preparations. Supper at hastens.
10th         Tony Wales preached. Recognised as an IPC Ealing elder. Elliott ordained too. Walk in park. Preached at Hosiers in evening.
11th         Depressed. Talked with Katy and elders. I am to write ups job description.
12th         Bank manager says I need a £14,000 salty for a mortgage, Convinced that means pharmacy full time. Katy says part time. I cannot then justify church support. Geoffrey Rowland says it needs evening work among Asian men. Spoke to rachel's brownies and then at hose group at Barnes.
13th        Michael Flanders centre then sermon prep. Told Steve I see my future to be pharmacy.
14th        Sermon prep and riding round Southall.
15th        Depressed. Sermon prep. Visit to Southall Park. Square dance at Larsons.
16th        Children to Questors music. Walk by canal with Rachel. Depressed. To park with family.
17th        Preached at IPC. Braithwaites here. Lunch in church garden. Tea at home. Evening preaching South Hanwell Baptist. Later at IPC visiting pastor from Denver good on church growth.
18th         Applied to reregister with the Pharmaceutical Society. All I needed was to pay the annual registration fee to regain my certificate. It would have been much more difficult in later years but I wayback in easily after resigning nine years before. Arthur Imbrey took me to a ministers fraternal in Twickenham. Went to see Jonathan receive the school home economics prize.
19th          Sermon prep. Judy to supper with her girls whose father has abandoned them again. He would go off in
20th          Spoke and appreciated at Michael Flanders. Told Ron Sniyh South hanwell Baptist I would do free church chaplaincy for him. Visited Christchurch school. Teachers pleased with the boys.
21st           Jonathan to GOS hospital where Dr Ebrahin says he is doing well and they can do nothing for him now.
22nd          Sermon prep. Children on holiday for simmer.
23rd           Shopping with Katy. As years went buy I did this less and less. Basic sexual difference is approach to shopping. Man makes up his mind quickly and buys. Woman dithers and asks advice and my advice id=s nearly always but it and move on.
24th           Preached twice for Digby James Mitchum Congregational. Lunch with them and walk in park. Willem Mollemaker arrived from Netherlands.
25th           Talked TEE with Willem. Pub lunch. David on holiday with crusaders
26th            Reviewing my first two books for Evangelical Times. House group at Barnes.
27th            Michael Flanders centre so[poke. Hazel King ex Katsina to lunch. She wants to marry a CAPRO Nigeria and go back with him. Greeted hastens.
28th             Bought David a cornet. Katy recording hymns for Michael Flanders centre.
29th             Sermon prep. Excellent IPC International Food Fair.
30th             Elders away day at Lion. Lack of systematic planning.
31st              Steve preached. Jacobs round in afternoon. Hassan in evening.

The changing world (128) Jun 83

Jun 1st Translating. Cooked curry for John Dobson to dinner.
2nd       Translating. Shared with Steve my depression at church's lack of response to Southall plans.
3rd        Dyt return by rail to Newport.
4th        Translating.
5th        Steve preached in the morning and I led communion. The Nigerian pharmacist called pleading he is not a bad husband but a careless one too busy making money and he wants to be reconciled to his wife. Final talk on worship. Only four there.
6th        Westminster Fellowship addressed by an brother from India who gave encouraging report of church growth there. Talked with Roger marsh and pastors from Hounslow and Cranleigh. Encouraging session meeting with Elliott there too.
7th        Translating. Temporary crown from Howard Hallett. He used to be Lloyd-Jones dentist too.
8th         At Michael Flanders. Found the woman who questioned the trinity is Mormon. Considering doing a survey in Southall. Gulnabee the Afghan visited and ate with us. He wants to return home.
9th          SUM event at LCM. John Audu, Deborah Dusu, Sheila Burns. Met Paul Oakley, Brian Boddy, Brian Swain, Trevor Wells and Dave Bickel.Talked with Elliott about Gulnabee who blows hot and cold. General election
10th         Sermon prep after rising 4am for election results. Thatcher has a safe working majority. Greenway increases his. Ate at Raju's. Says church lacks direction.
11th          Took children to music then to rachel's sorts day in Lammas Park. She came third in sack race. Hosiers, Huis, Abrahams and parsons there. Thatchers cabinet more to the right.
12th           P{reached IPC. Knells to tea. Baptism of Iranian Bassey's daughter at South Hanewll.
13th           Sermon prep. Met with Thelma Soremekun. Deacons at Clowneys.
14th           Prayer with Steve. Chat with a Chinese doctor and with Hassan.
15th           I hear my Michael Flanders work is appreciated and numbers have increased. Gavin France to supper. Visited an unsuitable house in Southall.
16th           Sermon prep and for visit to Alperton Muslim in afternoon after I saw Rachel's teacher who says she is doing well but needs more friends.
17th            Cut grass with Joe's ride on mower. Had a babysitter so we could both discus plans with Abrahams in Acton.
18th             Took the children to music school. Walked back. More mowing. David Smith and family to lunch. Watched Hanwell carnival procession. Viewed a house that seems suitable in Southall.
19th            In Simon's Fiat to preach twice at Jack Jenner's Cheshunt Baptist. After church spoke on witness to Muslims.
20th             The subject of IUDs and abortion has aroused debate. IUDs prevent implantation so IMO  do not disrupt a pregnancy but prevent conception which occurs at implantation not fertilisation. Many fertilised eggs are lost naturally. It is not mourned as significant. So I am not unhappy with IUSs. Others differ. Church meeting continues my support.
21st             Study. Prayed with Steve. Chat with Chinese. Mary Cooper took me to see her late mother's house but her sister living there was out.
22nd            Spoke at Michael Flanders. Visited one sick church member and the Chinese. Met Elizabeth Curry, BMMF, and discussed Southall.
23rd             Lift from Hassan to Evangelical Library. Chat with Chinese. Tooth crowned by Howard Hallett. Barnes to dinner. He will act as our solicitor for hose conveyancing.
24th              Cycle to Southall. David Bronnert very establishment Anglican would want me to work through established groups. Arthur Imbrey FIEC more encouraging. Had to walk back pushing the bike with a puncture. Had a babysitter to go to Larson's buffer and share dance.
25th              Children to music. Boys make slow progress. Rachel seems good on recorder. To Hyde Park SPUC rally. Stott excellent. Schaeffer not so relevant to UK. Tape from Mother Theresa. Muggeridge some too. Quick march to Trafalgar Square. Jonathan did well carrying a banner.
26th              Edgar McKenzie rising speaker twice at IPC. Borrowed Simos's Volvo to tale family to Crusader's birthday service then Rachel to a birthday party in Chiswick by the river.
27th             Used Larson's car to move the family back to 52 but I stayed overnight at Spring Cottage still.
28th             Picked Martins up from Heathrow. Not a word said about how Katy had cleaned the kitchen.
29th             Spoke at Michael Flanders.
30th              Took Jonathan to see Twyford school.


Friday, June 22, 2018

The changing world (127) May 83

May 1st Prayer led bu Graham Wiggott, ANMC going to Niger. C Banks preached 1 Cor 13 again. Fasting and believed the Lord was speaking and leading.
2nd         Making models with boys. Jonathan stubbornly does not confess to mistakes. Rachel tells the truth. David is frustrated thinking he is unloved. Deb is so sweet.Went to see a video at Hui's while children were on their computer. Looked at a big house going cheap nut cheap and tasty.
3rd           Pam Hallett asked for help concerning Crusaders and Steve. Presbytery at Kims in Tony's Saab.
4th          Spoke at Michael Flanders. Rachel off school because of cleaners strike. Cycled to mr Hallett as I broke off part of a molar. Trevor Wells came and advised on tax.
5th          Talked with Steve concerning church planting in Southall. Talks with Cheese. Showed them round church. Good witness to Muslims in Alperton.
6th           Preparing sermon. May Harris visited us.
7th           Took Jonathan to first trumpet lesson with mt Bates at Questors Young Musicians club Elthorne High. He recommends David to do cornet but David reluctant. Took meal to Grays, Carol recovering from a brain hemorrhage. Mexican supper at Larsons. Bedlam at table.
8th             Excellent sermon from Joe. Took Simon's Fiat sports to Sunningdale baptist.
9th             Deb kept us awake most of the night with earache. John Blanchard on pop culture at Westminster Fellowship. Lunch with Philip Iveson of Finchley. Negative lecture but Any Sandys spoke up for Cliff Richard. Met Richard Tomlinson now of LCM. General election called. Visited hastens. Elected an Ealing IPC elder. Geoffrey in Leeds hospital Renal problem. May be in up to six weeks. Throbocytopenic purpura.
10th            Prayer with Steve and David Barnes. to Kennington EMA Muslim world group. Lutherans want me to broadcast in hausa on FEBA
11th            Spoke at Michael Flanders. Hired cornet for david.
12th            To City in Hassan's new Mercedes. Lunch at Seoul Restaurants. Walked Aldgate to Holborn. David Barnes phoned over a Nigerian client seeking divorce from her pharmacist husband.
13th             Rachel reluctant to go to school for she says she has no friends but off she went for a weekend Brownie camp. David Barnes had me to Brentford County Court to swear an affidavit for his Nigerian client who has left her husband in Nigeria. Overends here for her birthday. Sue Davies, phoned her after learning she has inoperable breast cancer.
14th            To Questors Young Musicians and had David enrolled. Rachel will be accepted too. Duplicated newsletter,
15th             Steve preached morning and me on OT worship n evening. Rachel back from camp.
16th             Deb has fever but still on ear antibiotic. Chinese diplomats to dinner. Geoffrey out of hospital.
17th             Met with Geoffrey Rowland who is retiring from Southall work. Says n evangelicals north of Uxbridge Road. Katy not too keen on the area. Deb diagnosed with tonsillitis.
18th              Deb much better. Ministers fraternal. Worked on NT worship. Did my accounts and Trevor to dinner and checked them. A neighbour arrested and released on bail with 250 counts of child abuse involving 250 boys locally.
19th               Prep on worship. Halletts to dinner.
20th               Translating TEE book.
21st                Took boys to brass lessons at Questors Music. Rachel to enrol. Moved to Martin's house while they are away. Not as chaotic as expected except for the kitchen.
22nd                Friend of Steve's from Vermont preached. Barnes twins baptised. Children enjoy martin's big swing. Only Steve there in the evening so cancelled.
23rd                 Children take E1 bus to school. Translating. Deb sick three times in night.
24th                 With Steve to Kims planning work in Southall. Deb sick again.
25th                 Spoke at Michael Flanders.
26th                 Translating.
27th                  Ditto and to Holy Trinity, Hounslow for Mission to London counselling class. Anglo-catholic.
28th                  Overends visited in the evening.
29th                  With Wales to Bohunt School where Steve preached for IPC. Met solicitor mark harvey.
30th                   Braithwaites took us to their's. Walk in Trent park.
31st                   Day return by train with boys to Geoffrey. Walked by the Ouse in York.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

The changing world (126) Apr 83

Apr 1st Dad preached Dishforth Methodist. Steak lunch. Visit to Middleham castle and Leyburn. Hambeton Evangelical in the evening.
2nd       Shopped in Masham en route to Arthur and Christine at Spout House. Snow. lamb]ng starting tomorrow. Visited Houlston's.
3rd       Preached twice Bethel Ripon. Lunch with Dawson's, tea Pollards. Dawson farm has 450 tear old barn.Hear the pastor has left Zion. Willis Metcalfe, Calvinist backer of Evangelical Times is there. His brother Douglas, Arminian, is at Bethel. Douglas is the only ex-Methodist consistent in that theology and not going Calvinist or charismatic.
4th        To Geoffrey's You. Then to Museum of Yorkshire farming.
5th         To Boltby and Kilburn White Horse. Ham and eggs at Cotswold.
6th          Home on train. Shortlisted by Moorlands.
7th          Answering Moorlands queries by letter. Overends to tea with Crayons. Mrs O may have breast cancer.
8th          Visited John Cox, Stevenage, and a goat farm.
9th           Train to Overends and left Jonathan there.
10th         Preached for Ealing Korean IPC.
11th         Prayed with Steve. To Leicester Banner conference with Peter Golding. Errol Hulse good on hell but he has a critical streak. Met Ray Tibbs who is now in Cambridge. John De Witt not impressive on election.
12th         David Jones on painting testiness in ministry. MacLeod on evangelistic preaching. R Chester on children and conversion. De Witt on atonement.
13th         g Murray on pastoral care. MacLeod on elders. David Smith excellent on mission. Met Paul Gardner. He was at IPC in 1969. Now minsters in PCA as did his father who left the Anglicans after 1966.
14th        MacLeod very good sermon on the cross. Home with Peter Golding.
15th        Examination for eldership went well.
16th        Train day return to Kinnears, Newport.
17th        Deb not well yesterday now some better. Steve's sermon dull. Katy taught Sunday School.She went in the evening and i baby sat.
18th        Dave Bickel visited. Congregational meeting.
19th        Depressed. House group listened to interview with David Watson on healing. This charismatic Anglican was to die of cancer to the dismay of many who hoped for miraculous healing.
20th        Good numbers at Michael Flanders. TV back from Dixons after six weeks. Marty ran up to us to get me outside to Scott. She had told him to tell his brother to get a bath. he decided to jun on him from the end of the bed but d]=fell through the window. His leg was cut from the outside of the thigh. he was not really conscious and had a lot of glass in his face. Elliott arrived and said he was fortunate not to cut inside his thigh as a severed artery may have proved fatal. A kind passer by also helped him. Hospital treated him. Mrs Overend has mastectomy.
21st         Depressed. Visited the Chinese. David Drew staying. says Nigerian inflation and corruption are terrible.
22nd         Better prep on worship study.
23rd          Told to hire a trumpet for David. Braithwaites to lunch then to Kew.
24th          Steve preached in the morning. Iranian Bassey to lunch. Converted here. Crusaders term started. Preached in evening.
25th          To Evangelical Library then St Andrews in the City. Met Terry Hemmings. Dick Lucas on preaching from a passage, Mar 4. Met Stan Steadman's brother. Roy Clements on preaching to an issue - First commandment versus humanism. Jim Packer on what the preacher needs to believe.
26th           With Elliott and Larry Snyder of L'Abri to conference. Clements on God is heard through the Bible. Then Packer. Chat with Paul Gardner and Terry H. R T Kendall on Preaching from a text. Not contextualised. Talk with a Wycliffe Translator . Practical dilemmas with Ranald, Dick  and Roy. Supper with Dick Lucas. Jackman on Preaching with pastoral application.. Turned down for Moorlands job.
27th People are changed by the Bible from Packer. With Jonathan Burrough to South Norwood Baptist for Catherine Hodgkinson's funeral. Spoiled by cremation. Long chat with David Barnes on housing.
28gth       Bought David a trumpet Michael White's.
29th         To Herne Bay FFM conference with Brian Knell.  S Banks preached. Judson from Lebanon encouraging.
30th          Banks preached. Norman Anderson brilliant on law and new trends. Chatted with him. Jack Bud on Middle east. FEBA. Lunch and walk alone coast with Dave Bickel. Niger with Graham Wigett of SIM. Helen Page RSMT Mali.

The changing world (125) Mar 83

Mar 2nd One difficult original church member resigned. A relief as some are when they go, members of the 5% who take up 95% of one's time.
3rd          First day of spring weather. Ealing Abbey passover Seder led by a Jew. No fatherhood of God, no grace nor sacrifice.
4th           Sermon prep and for a contextualisation talk. Kim and Cynthia to dinner. He was a Korean air force pilot. They met at Swiss L'Abri.
5th           Took boys to play a computer game on the Clearing House (Clowney's) computer. Rachel to St Saviours for Rachel's brownies open day. Cycled to Kilburn Nigerian Deeper Life Movement. Legalistic but stressed prayer, holiness and evangelism.Critical of Anglicanism - at least in England IIRC.
6th            Steve preached. Content good. Presentation lacking. Bread and soup lunch for TEAR fund Sunday. Cycled to Overseas Fellowship of Nigerian Students. Dele came fro Nigeria to go the Christian Booksellers Association meeting.
7th             Our Lady of Lourdes RC Acton for funeral of Michael Halvey. Went to burial too. No gospel, no assurance of resurrection - failings of Roman Catholicism. Cycled to talk to Alperton Pakistani Muslims.
8th            Pub lunch with Steve. Go in charge at the embassy was educated in a mission school. Took hose group at Barnes.
9th            Lecturing on contextualisation at WEC. Received forms for lectureship at Moorlands.
10th          Gave three lectures at WEC. Julia Law to supper and Treor Wells visiting.
11th          Train to Weston super mare Methodist House. SUM conference. Lunch with Dominys. Met Ann Struthers, Gerald Mann, Williams.
12th          SUM conference continues. Met Grace Stokes, Andy Wills and jane Hamilton.
13th          Preached. Driven home by Andy Willis.
14th          Studying worship. Chinese visited for tea and were open to gospel witness. Jean Oliver to dinner and recorded the awful way COCIN has not welcomed converts from Islam.
15th          At WEC and played testimonies of Jean and Garba. Hose group at ours.
16th          Spoke at Michael Flanders. Applied for Moorlands job.
17th          Dele visited and I showed him IPC.
18th          Ministers fraternal with an orthodox rabbi on a Jewish view of Christianity. At GOS neurologist says Jonathan has no epilepsy but colossal genesis for which there is no treatment.Went to An Inspector calls at St Stephens.
19th           Duplicated newsletter. On bus to Kew with out three and two Knells. Walked along Thames to Richmond.
20th            David not wanting to go to Crusaders but changed his mind and a holiday booked with them. IIRC this was formative spiritually for him. Ed Clowney preached the while Bible from Jonah,'Salvation is of the Lord'. Phenomenally good. Interviewed by elders for eldership. They had recognised my COCIN ordination but synod had not accepted me as a member of presbytery. Qizzed on application of preaching, pastoral counselling and depression.
21st              WEC on worship and contextualisation. Then apologetics case studies in Africa. Dele asked me to take a message to Heathrow for someone to take to Grace,
22nd            Talked with Yang of embassy. Jean Oliver to dinner and house group at m]barnes.
23rd             Islamics seminar at All Souls. NAM, OM, ANCC, BMMF, Horizons, WEC.
24th              Good visit to regents park mosque. Gulas visited us.
25th             Train to Welwyn and talk to Evangelical Press.
26th             Drove to Jenners, Cheshunt, where jack pastors among Strict baptists.
27th             Cooked mince curry. Steve in the morning. Let down by a Nigerian failing to meet. Brian Knell preached in evening.
28th              Prayed with Steve. Did prayer letter. Talk with Chinese. Overends visited.
29th              Sermon prep. House group here.
30th              Sermon prep. To estate agents looking at houses £38to 55,000.
31st              To Skipton by train.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

The changing world (124) Feb 83

Feb 1st Geoffrey back to York. Piece on me in Banner magazine. Took Bible study on Hosea. progressing on word processing.
2nd       Lunch at WEC and booked a course to teach. Dinner at Michelson's. He is from a wealthy Colombian family. They eventually left IPC and he went back to Rome - the Tridentine faction no less.
3rd        Dr Ebrahim at GOS says CT scan shows Jonathan has a lesion. Referred to neurology. Visited Graham Mytton at BBC Hausa. Deb fever and vomiting.
4th       Deb not well. Chinese staff from the embassy round to talk.
5th       Deb not eating but stopped vomiting. Visited Hassens and showed Nigeria slides.
6th       In Larson's car to Alperton Gospel Hall. Elizabeth Franklin took me to visit a ken Pakistani Muslim. Weales took me to preach at Hayes.
7th        Met Bob Sheehan in town who explained Welwyn's anger with us. Unjustified IMO. We chase to be at IPC because we were offered accommodation. Middletons visited us with their handicapped baby son David. IPC congregational meeting.
8th         Strangers at church begging so took them to lunch. EMA Muslim world group making contacts. Met Mrs Mark, head, and Mrs Beasley Rachel's teacher.
9th          Spoke at Maivhael Flandres centre. Lunch with Steve. Trevor Wells visited us.
10th        Visited John Parry, neo-orthodox but has immigrant contacts. Anne barker and baby James visited us.
11th        Visited mr Yang, Chinese embassy.Went to see Catherine Hodgkinson ins not well in East Dulwich. Dinner with holdings at Weales.
12th         Took Rachel and Jonathan kite flying in snowy park.
13th         Steve's preaching more theological than expository. Visited hassan back from Nigeria.
14th         With Yau at embassy but limited English hampers conversation on religion.
15th          With Diedre Ducker to Cynthia Kim's fathers funeral. Took Bible study on Hosea.
16th          Visited Dr Naser in Alperton. A Muslim with no concept of sin.
17th           Depressed. Macbeth at Upstream Theatre well done.
18th           Depressed all week.
19th           With Jonathan to Heathrow to meet gulls but they had come on an earlier fight.Missed Hemmings too.
20th            Preached at Kings Cross Korean IPC with translation. Steve on apologetics at evening IPC.
21st             Met three embassy staff at church. Day of prayer not well attended.
22nd            Day return to Newport to visit Kinnears.
23rd            Howard ballet repaired a molar. Evangelistic visiting.
24th            Reading on revelation and inspiration.
25th            Evangelistic visitation.
26th            By bus to Braithwaites. John drove us back.
27th            In Hui's Volvo to Liss. Preached. Lunch with John and Jill Barrs. Visited Boddingtons. Evening reception at Chinese embassy.
28th            Better after two weeks depression. Talk with Chinese staff, Afghan Gulnabee and Hassan wives.

The changing world (123) Jan 83

Jan 1st Played tag American football in mud. Cleaned Knells rabbits. Took Rachel out on roller skates and deb to Cleveland park.
2nd      Steve preached morning, me evening,. Few there.
3rd       Visited Hassan and had a ride in his Mercedes, a first for rme.
4th       Visited a lonely Kanuri Muslim student in Woolwich.
5th       Train to Birmingham. Met by Peter Clark.Lunch at their farm. Rachel and Jonathan went out on ponies.
6th       Very wet at Clark's farm
7th        Visited Stratford motor museum. Rachel watched peter milking.
8th        Back home . Katy and i to pantomime at town hall.
9th        Joe Martin morning, me evening. more there.
10th      Encouraged by gift from Bethel, Ripon. Churchill Hui now in offices next to church.
11th      Pub lunch with Steve. Writing prayer letter.
12th      Spoke at Michael Flanders Centre, Acton. Lunch at St Marys. CARE meeting well attended on AIDS but secular approach. Laws to dinner.Visited Nigerian business studies student in Tottenham
13th      Investigating a mortgage load. Bus to tea with Goldings, pastor Hayes Town Chapel.
14th      Jonathan had good report at GOS hospital.
15th      Work day at IPC polishing floors.
16th      Joe martin preached morning, me evening. Children to Crusaders.
17th      Visited London City Mission and they questioned if my ministry call was pastoral or evangelistic.
18th      Prayer letter and letter writing. Lunch with Steve and an American visitor from Germany.
19th      Letters all done. Not happy with lack of communication from Welwyn. They were not happy with me becoming Presbyterian. They had moved to be more Baptist which was their leadership not their constitution.
20th      Met Paul Todd, Moorlands, who hopes to teach in Nigeria.
21st      Anthony Robson visited while coming for London Transport job interview.Newsletter duplicating for IPC.
22nd     St Aldates team at church very charismatic so not my cup of tea.
23rd      Anglicans took a warm and wooly service. Not much ministry of the word. Children to Crusaders and i visited hassan. Katy similarly dissatisfied with the Oxford visitors in the evening.
24th       Met Abe Wiebe NAM. Failed to get into learning word processing on Hui's computer. my first try on the new technology.
25th       With Steve to SOAS and met Ron George to plan WEC course,Did word processing of report to presbytery. Tony Wales took Steve and I to Kims for presbytery with great food.
26th       Cycled to Ruislip and met the RBMU lady who was the first missionary into Nepal 25 years ago.
27th       Bill Clark says Welwyn did not distribute our latest prayer letter asking for support as they are unhappy with us. I want to meet their elders. At GOS Jonathan's EEC is unchanged so a scan is ordered. Talk with Jean Oliver.
28th        Paul Clowney to dinner. Told of his growing up as son of Ed the president of Westminster seminary.He said John Murray was very austere but requested permission to smoke his cigars in their home. Paul had been not the bet behaved youth, driven him in a police car having been caught drinking alcoholic public.  Later he was drafted to Vietnam and served as a photographer of the conflict for the army.
29th        Hassan's chauffeur driven Jaguar XJ6 to Arsenal 1 Leeds 1.  Geoffrey with us.
30th        Spoke on Nick Page BBC radio to Lord Super. Tony Wales preached. Talked with Howard ballet during Crusaders. Film on Cults at IPC in the evening.
31st        Visited Nigerian banker in Brixton. Led prayer meeting at Knells.

Monday, June 18, 2018

The changing world (122) Dec 82

Dec 1st Translating.
2nd        Depressed. Unproductive trip to town.
3rd         Depressed reading novels.
4th         Ditto. IPC bazaar poorly attended.
5th         Preached at St James. Visited Hassan wives. Spoke at IPC in the evening.
6th         Back to Bible reading. Pub lunch with Stave.
7th         All day letter writing.
8th         No-one conversing at the mosque. Evangelical Library is very cold.
9th         Depressed. letters, Christmas cards, novels.
10th       Ditto. First volume of Lloyd-Jones biography arrived. Not as critical as it might be by Murray.
11th        Reading the Doctor's biography. Christmas cards. Visited hassan.
12th       Steve preached in the morning. Katy upset at lack of preparation for carol service.I spoke in evening.
13th       Lunch at the Kent with Steve. Translating. A second student had committed suicide next door jumping from the second floor.
14th        With Steve to Oxford by train to errand St Aldates to visit us next month. Rachel a bunny at Brownies party.
15th        Good chat with a Ghanaian at the mosque.
16th        Translating. met vicar of Alperton who wants a full time Gujerati worker.
17th        Poor turn out for IPC carol singing around West Ealing. Katy frustrated by lack of planning carol service too.
18th        To Martins for greenery to decorate church but not ready. Eight children in Hui's Volvo to Willesden children theatre, Magic lamp. Overends visited.
19th         family service. Nativity play. Rachel an angel. David chief guard. Jonathan a wise man.
20th         With Katy shopped for children presents from us, Skipton and Myra. Translating. Bought TV £50.
21st           Translating. Bus to Total Albert Hall Sir Charles Groves Messiah. Not a full house. £15 TV license.
22nd          No contacts at mosque. To Old Kent Road for some snooker bits for Elliott. Free lunch at Seoul restaurants.
23rd            Met Mum and dad in Potters bar and delivered presents to Braithwaites. Frost.
24th            Drink at pub with Steve. Deb feverish.
25th            Deb crying 4am. 6:30 children with stockings. Present unpacking stretched to after lunch. Yorkshire roast chicken. Larsons got a billiard table.
26th            Steve preached. Brief family service. Geoffrey and Sara to lunch. Surprised that brought the dog with no notice. Afternoon walk. Evening service at Hosiers.
27th             With Geoffrey's her assembled Knells Scalectric. Geoffrey drove us into town to see the lights. he did a U turn in Piccadilly and only had to stop at two lights all the way back.
28th             With dad to Bedfont to pick up Myra and Dorothy. Geoffrey and sara left after dinner.
29th             Was going to National portrait Gallery with dad until Mum intervened.
30th              Translating after Mum and Dad left.
31st              An hours drive to borough Green to see baby Christopher Leaper. Watchnight service at IPC. Bed 2am.

The changing world (121) Nov 82

Nov 1st Prayer with Steve. Translating. Church meeting went well except I was told I did not sound very enthusiastic about my work. Perhaps because I have has no offer of a full time job. People say calling adults by forenames if fine. We dissent.
2nd       Cycled to Ken Okeke, Streatham, to tell of my need for Nigerian contacts.
3rd       Roger Malstead OM round to discus literature needs in Nigeria.
4th       Took Jonathan to GOS hospital/ EEG OK. Eyes do not need glasses. Physio prescribed exercises. Visited National Gallery, Trafalgar Square and the Thames. Edward Law to dinner.
5th        Ian Sproule visited. Fireworks at 48 with that family.
6th        With boys to Brentford 2 Bradford 2. Rubbish game. Terrible crowd obscenities. At Clowneys discussed plans fo evening services.
7th         Led morning service and took evening study. Lunch at tea in Finchley with Oldfields RSMT.
8th         Translating and catching up on a week with no Bible reading.
9th          Still down. Sermon prep and translating.
10th         David Drew here en route from USA to Nigeria. Spoke at Michael Flanders centre. Visited mosque. Christchurch day David is fine but Jonathan below par.
11th        Translating. Hassans hospitable. They say Hausa women are the most fortunate. Confined in purdah they alone are the women who do not have to farm. Good curry at Abrahams.
12th         Translating. Visited John H curate at St James. John Cox visited. He is a JP.
13th         Curry at Cradocks.
14th         Preached in the morning. Taken to M Hassan while children at Crusaders. Commission by presbytery so nor I am an IPC elder.
15th          Translating. Only three at prayer meeting.
16th          Translating. led Bible study.
17th          Translating. Good conversation with a Yoruba alhaji at the mosque.
18th           Translating. Deb's second birthday. All Larsons flew first class to LA thanks to their travel agent aunt.
19th           Translating. Sermon prep. John Fulton wants me to write around about a ministers fraternal. Friends round for Jonathan's twelfth birthday super.
20th            Dave Bickel visited overnight. Family to Museum of Mankind, Trafalgar Square and Christmas light in Regent Street and Paicadilly Curcus. Substantial gift from Petersfield friends.
21st           Spoke to Kings cross Koreans about my work. Children to Crusaders, me chat at hastens. He is a sincere Muslim. Spoke at IPC in evening and discussed future plans for evenings.
22nd         Translating. Paid by SUM.
23rd         To Broxboure EMF conference. Good slide presentation by WEC on evangelisation. Roy Clements very good lecture applying regulative principle to missions.
24th          John Dart spiritualised Song of Songs. Talked with S Davies, Moorlands and J Potter SIM. then Barbara SA of TEAR fund and CLC man from Brazil..Graham Kingston, Gild Hill on church growth . SAMS man legalistic on giving. Meadows of Buzz on youth. Castro ICF on prayer.
25th         Home. Supper at martins. Rachel bad sore throat.
26th         Translating. Rachel off school.
27th          With Brian Knell to FFM at UCCF centre.Heard about MECO, WEC, SIM, Gardner Trust, NAM and UCCF. Martins to dinner.
28th           First frost. Joe Martin preached in the morning. Preached for Koreans at Emmanuel Wimbledon. Some at Ealing IPC in the evening.
29th           Translating. Prayer at Knells.
30th           To SGM with manuscript and to collect booklets. To CLC and St Pauls.

The changing world (120) Oct 82

Oct 1st Visited Ron George, Brethren, Tunbridge. Islamics degree from SOAS. Showed me work by Heskett on West African Islam. May want me to help in Muslim awareness seminars.
2nd        IPC harvest supper. Too cold and salad for me.
3rd         Steve good at family harvest service. Children took gifts.I cooked chicken curry then took children to crusaders. Eighteen at my evening study which is better but one member monopolises the discussion.
4th         SUM agree to pay for translation. Liz Clough has died of a stroke. Daughter of Arthur Bennett on The valley of Vision.
5th         Train to Greatham. Presbytery agrees I should be recognised as an elder.
6th          Visited randy Lawler of Operation Mobilisation, elder at St Johns Wood Strict baptist Church. Want me to do Arab work with him. Visited Hassans. He is in charge of the Nigerian Daily Times Office in the city. Happy for me to visit his two wives in purdah in Ealing as they have little English.
7th          Fire lit for the first time. Visited library and some evangelistic calls for IPC.
8th          To Whitefield's Memorial Hall Tottenham Court Road but the only Nigerians were Yoruba.
9th          Train day return with children to see Aunty Myra in Newport and discus her will and future plans.
10th        Hassan not at home but his wives pleased to meet our family.
11th        Moving books to church where I can have an office.
12th        Keith Wood, BMMF, says a co-ordinator needed for immigrant work.
13th        Spoke at Michael Flanders Centre, Acton. Visited Twyford C of E High School as Jonathan will be in secondary school next year.
14th        After I put children on the bus for school I sorted my office at church. Very good mexican dinner with Bickley at parsons.
15th        Katy and I have caught the bug that has had deb sick for three days.
16th        To YMCA in town, former ANMC students fellowship. met Anthony Robson. The new habit of children calling parents by their forenames seems strange. Jonathan vomited all over his bed
17th       Joe martin preached in the morning and I took evening bible study. Afternoon spoke to Overseas fellowship of Nigerian Students.
18th       Visited UCCF worker for advice on student congas. Evangelistic visiting.
19th        Sermon preparation and translating.
w0th       To Heathrow to pick up a Ugandan couple from USA for Knells. But they are not the destitute we were led to believe. Four friends round for David's tenth birthday.
21st        Decline to take Ugandans into London. Translating. Filling ny Howard ballet who did not charge. Special fondue supper for David.
22nd       Interviewed by John Stott and Nigel Sylvester for Evangelical literature trust job. Train to Thirsk.
23rd        To John Thompson, Bradford, them Idle Evangelical Church.
24th        Preached at Pollard park Evangelical. Evening too and back to Skipton.
25th        Walk to canton. Visited John Legg who is leaving teaching.
26th        Cooked tandoori. To visit G Gordon and talk about Fellowship of faith for Muslims.
27th        Home to Ealing by train. Did not get Evangelical literature trust job.
28th        With Jonathan to Dr Ebrahim at Great Ormond Street.
29th        Katy took family to potters bar. Duplicated church newsletter.
30th        Braithwaites took us to Barnett for lunch and promised regular support. David Drew stayed overnight en route to USA.

Diary w/e 16 June 2018

Sun 10 Jun

A treat to have Prof Jonny Gibson of Westminster Seminary preaching. I heard him in the morning on Martha and Mary then he'd to speed off home as we had forgotten to switch on the roast. I cooked lunch then in the evening was at Harmondsworth Immigration Removal Centre. I preached on Pentecost as I as not there that Sunday and I heard no mention of it at the time in two IPC churches. New detainees from Namibia, Ghana and Nigeria. Katy getting better after her D & V but it is a slow recovery.

Mon 11 Jun

Shopping at the garden centre for more plants to beautify the garden. A visitor from Manchester, Keith, here for the catalyst conference the next three days. We find that due to a genetic condition he cannot eat protein so Katy has a culinary challenge.

Tues 12 Jun.

200+ at IPC Catalyst Conference, Pentecostal Presbyteriansm - 12-14 June 2018 , Ealing Town Hall. Opening devotions from Jonty Rhodes of IPC Christ Church Central, Leeds , on the garden in the Wilderness. Prof Richard Gaffin on Pentecost and the gift of the Spirit. Chris Roberts gave an excellent lunchtime talk on Ecc 12 . Talk on the Spirit of Christ. — with Sinclair B. FergusonJonny Gibson on Worship:Biblical Theology . We have another lodger, James Buchanan our pastor from Liss with us until Presbytery on Friday.

Wed 13 Jun

Second day of IPC Catalyst conference. Jonty Rhodes excellent on the Mountain of the Lord, the burnt offering Lev 1. Dick Gaffin gave us Pentecost and the gifts of the Spirit. Excellent on how natural gifts are spiritual. Pretty well cessationist. Discerning spiritual gifts should not be individualistic but corporate. Gifts are for the service of the church and great gifts, like Paul's , may go along with weakness too. Sinclair Ferguson has the graveyard postprandial shift on the Spirit of Sonship than Australian Mark Earney was stimulating on the history of worship and the development of reformation liturgies. Housegroup 1 Sam 21 tonight.

Thu 14 Jun

I left Catalyst at lunchtime at feeling very well. Seventh cut of lawn.

Fri 15 Jun

Presbytery was well attended. But I am not happy with increasing evidence of clericalism. Good local Chinese takeaway for dinner. saw second half of great game, Spain 3 Portugal 3 with breathtaking Ronaldo free kick to level the score after Spain twice came back from behind.

Sat 16 Jun

Am I alone in thinking this Grenfell commemoration is over the top with a minutes silence and children wearing green? Are we becoming maudlin, sentimental and un- English again like over Diana? Yes it was the worst loss of life in a fire since WW2 but IMO way OTT.
   The first decent game in Russia with a superb free kick from the unlikeable Portuguese. Very good Chinese takeaway discovered at the end of our road.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

The changing world (119) Sep 82

Sep 1st To Christchurch School to enrol the boys. Knells took us to Burnham Beeches.Wet picnic in pleasant woods.
2ns        Submitted claims for free school meals. Katy took Rachel to St Saviours. in same class as Larson twins. Mr Carol put Jonathan in Christchurch 4A and David in 2B. Seem very happy.
3rd         Translating and talking plans with Steve.
4th          Mended bike tyres for Katy.
5t h         Preached at IPC. Picnic there and volleyball.
6th          Took children to school by bus but delayed and so they were late.
7th           Start of Dobson films  Focus on family at St Johns. Good stuff on anger not being effective in discipline.
8th          Depressed and lethargic.
9th          Katy complains I am uncaring and I admit to selfishness..
10th         Still inactive.
11th         Lunch with Weales. He is unemployed at present. They go to Hayes Evangelical.
12th         Led IPC service then Lord's Supper. Picnic at IPC and volleyball. Preached Potters Bar Evangelical.
13th         At Sidcup. SUM council did not approve any payment for translation. Took a Nigerian student to an Oxford St college. IPC prayer at Knells.
14th         Back to Bible reading after a week off. Translating again. Dobson films on adolescence not so good. Rather secular psychology.
15th         Translating. No north london church possibility.
16th         Translating. Now 1,385,000 Muslims in UK.
17th         Finished translating preach the Word.
18th         Applied for ELT job. One and a half hours with children on bus to Chessington zoo.
19th         Nigerian student to church and lunch. Cooked chicken curry. Took our three to Crusaders.Only three at evening service.
20th         Started translating Old Testament introduction part three. Steve says church will support us to do evangelism part time. Elliott says we can stay a year.
21st          Translating. EMA Muslim world group Kensington. Met Castro of IMF and Keith Wood of BMMF. Two Dobson films helpful husbands and wives.
22nd         Party for Rachel. Three weeks. Four Hosiers. Two parsons. Angharad. Deacons want me evangelising two days a week.
23rd          EMA contacts helpful. hard of Arab Christians in Ealing. Visited Judy Cradock and her Nigerian friends.
24th          Victor H Carlyle Road hospitable Arab Christians.
25th           To Leapers at Platt. Rodney about to become M O D regional engineer in charge of midlands contract surveillance. Walk in Kent woods. Arranged for Rodney to lodge with Clarks near Birmingham. Lost coming back through London.
26th            Steve preached well in the morning. Lunch at Judy Cracks. Spoke at evening IPC.
27th            To In Contact after translating. Patrick Sookdheo falloff ideas and would offer work. Prayer at Knells.
28th             Took rachel out on roller skates with deb walking. Met haven Green minister.
29th             To Sidcup and asked for translation payment. Visiting for evangelism.
30th             Cycled to WEC Bulstrode. David Burnet may offer me some lectures. Advert for a house in Evangelical Times.

The changing world (118) Aug 82

Aug 1st Steve Bickley preached at IPC.
2nd       52 quieter with parsons away. Elders of IPC visited. Raju Abrahams took me to Southall to see Geoffrey Rowland who works among Sikhs. Picked blackberries.
3rd        To Greatham with Steve, Ranald Macaulay and Clive Boddington. The two there say how about half time pharmacy. Steve agrees with me declining this. Bible study at Guthries.
4th         Interview at YMCA lunch with ken Wycherly of UCCF.
5th         Katy made bramble jam and I picked more.
6th         To Southall and met Sally Stringer of BMMF and Margaret Wardell ICF and Geoffrey Rowland who say to contact their missions and red Sea too.
7th          parsons back and with us for supper.
8th         Preached IPC. Deb had disturbed night. Braithwaites visited. Evening very poor IPB attendance.
9th           Good cheese from Corucipia. Fondue.
10th        Took children to Thirsk by train on day return. I returned. They stayed.
11th         barbecue by side of Hui's pool.
12th        Started to resume translating of preach the word.
13th        Dinner with Grass.
14th        James family round. Digby took me to two bookshops.
15th        Preached Walthamstow.
16th        First child benefit paid. Trans]slating.
17th        Arranged with Scripture gift Mission to revise their Hausa booklets. Lunch with Triggs at sidcup. Geoffrey dearly happy for me to do translation work. Train to thirst. met by and stayed with houston's.
18th        To Skipton. Kinnears there. Brought children home by train. Expected a meal at martin's 20th wedding anniversary but cake and games. dinette uncommunicative. Funny woman suffering after an assault by Derick Johnson.
19th        Children banked money at post office. Joined library. With Marty Larson to Kim and Scythia Worcester park.
20th       Typing Hausa translation on preaching. Katy picking blackberries. Sandra Humerston to dinner.
21st        Sandra to lunch. To Richmond park with jean Oliver. lots of deer. Chinese at Jean's Acton Green.
22nd      Steve twice at IPC. met Discoverers team for holiday Bible club.
23rd       translating. Children started Discoverers week.
24th       To John Oldfield at red Sea Mission Team Finchley. John will contact some churches for me.
25th       With Discoverers to box Hill where I spoke. Elliott back with Marty's family.
26th        Translating. Cooked Mexican mince dinner.
27th        Translating. presentation at Crusaders.
28th        Train to Bradford. met by John Thompson. Staying with Platts., Spoke at church.
29th         Preached idle evangelical. Saw Lionel Fitzsimmons of ICF about Muslim work. Preached Pollard Park.
30th        Train home. Deb fever.
31st         Translating.

The changing world (117) Jul 82

Jul 1st Packing. N Ireland and Aussies draw. USSR beat Belgium.
2nd     Packing and labelling. Lunch Kimbers. Hillcrest potluck dinner. Did Hoilloway monologue. Germany beat S[pain. Argentina lost to?
3rd      Lunch at Wells. Dinner at Koops.Packing. Farewell party with tribute from Dick.
4th      HQ service. To Daffo. Heavy rain. Spoke in church. Send off with songs. Lunch with pastor and chief. To Gidiri. Big skid in the mud. Tea with Oakleys. Greeted Pam Brenton. Final packing.
5th      Four hours to Kano in two vehicles. 997 Kg lfreight. Staying SIM. Freight N710plus N110 insurance. England drew with Spain and shock defeat of Brazil by Italy.
6th      11:10 Kano. Sabena DC10 not as good as KLM. Brussels 4:40. Heathrow 6:45 . met by Overends and John Reubens of Welwyn.
7th      Enjoyed an apple . Phoned family from Overends.
8th      Application to UCCF. Job offered at IPC. Took children to library to borrow. Hungary beat Poland and Germany defeat France on penalties.
9th      Took Rachel to swings. Katy to Chariots of fire.
10th     Tea at Braithwaites, barnet. hendon RAF museum visited.
11th     bob Sheehan on love of god at Welwyn. Italy deserved winners of World]d Cup against West Germany.
12th     First electronic game for the children. Played on TV. Welwyn elders.
13th     Tea with Sheehans.
14th     Dad came in the morning and drove us to Skipton.
15th     To Lightwater Valley park. Houlstons and rebut and family visited.
16th      Indian lunch Ripon. Visited Grahams.
17th      Lunchtime fish and chips from Thirsk. Masham traction engine rally. Steak out with Geoffrey and Sara for dinner.
18th       Malcolm peters at Hamilton in the morning. Hear John Legg may leave Northallerton. Katy to canton Methodists. Anthony Williams visited. talked about EMF Poland. Preached. Priory Street York has a split.
19th        Chatted with Malcolm Peters at his Thirsk market bookstall. Visited Rayner's at Wimbledon
20h         Picnic at Sheepwash, Osmotherley. Children paddled. Dinner with Houlstons at Carpenters Arms, Flitwick. Excellent.
21st        York Railway museum with ladies. Trip on river with Geoffrey and Sara.
22nd       Dad took us to patters bar. Took a load to 52 Cleveland road Ealing where Elliott says we are welcome as long as we need it at £30 a week initially.
23rd          Another load to 52.
24th          Took load to 52 then the family. Supper with parsons.
25th           Brian Knell preached at IPC. He is to be General secretary North Africa mission. Picnic lunch in church garden. With IPC leadership and Steve Bickley discussed future employment and said it was impractical as yet.
26th           Brian Knell interviewed me for UCCF job. Some air freighted books damaged by rain.
27th           Unpacking. dunner at Bickley.
29th           Dave Bickel visited. Myra and Dorothy too. Discussed will with them and David Barnes.
30th           Long talk with Bickley about the church. Unpacking.
31st           Larsons away on holiday. Walk to allotments and park with family.

The changing world (116) Jun 82

Jun 1st Garba checked Dick's doctrine MS which I then took to Foron.
2nd      TEE committee on editorial procedures for COCIN.
3rd        Scherazade restaurant for Boer's 20th wedding anniversary.
4th        Pricing children's toys for sale.
6th        To Kafanchan day trip.
7th         Work with garbage on doctrine MS.
8th         COCIN Hausa committee planned new courses.
9th         Dental filling at Miango. Larsons offer accommodation and tell of a UCCF job vacancy.
10th       MS checking. TEE accounts done. Items put out for sale.
11th       Ditto.
12th       Took Bulmer's children to Foron with the book. English cultural evening at a Nigerian's home.
13th       Sproules to lunch. Pleased to see Belgium beat Argentina which we watched on TV as start of World Cup.
14th       TEE committee at last appoint a principal. Brazil beat Russia coming from behind. David came home from school with four stitches over his eye. Accidentally hit by his teacher's hockey stick.
15th        Argentinian army surrenders. Saw Peru draw with Cameroon. Scots beat kiwis and Hungary thrash El Salvador.
16th        Handing Hausa materials to Barbara Smith. COCIN leaders say it has been a communication problem and they assumed I would continue with COCIN until Amazing grace received an immigration quota.But I was never so consulted on this. Algeria beat West Germany, England beat France. Spain and Honduras draw.
17th          Finished doctrine book with garbage. Now translating preaching book. Garba says that parch all's New paths in Muslim Evangelism could have been written in Nigeria. Austria beat Chile. Draws between Czechs and Kuwait, Yugoslavia and N Ireland.
18th          Translating and checking. Bought batiks. Children in school production. Italy draw with Peru. Argies beat Hungary. Brazil, by far the best team so far, beat the Scots.
19th          Sorting goods for sale. Boys overnight with Drews. Poland and Cameroon draw. Belgium beat El Salvador and USSR beat New Zealand.
20th         Translating. Drews here for tea. Germans beat Chile, England beat Czechs and Spain beat Yugoslavia.
21st          Told Colin Smith how things need to change between the expats and the church. Checking translation with garbage. Callcots to lunch.  Austria beat Algeria. France beats Kuwait. Honduras and n Ireland draw.
22nd         Inteviewed by COCIN executive and said my piece. Handing over TEE accounts. Poland beat Peru, Draws between Belgium and Hungary, Scotland and USA.
23rd         Handing over Hausa materials. Looking for air freight company. Started writing grab's testimony. Italy and Cameroon draw. Argentina beat El Salvador and Brazil beat New Zealand.
24th          Took Deb for yellow fever jab. Finished Garba's testimony. Packing books. Finished application for UCCF overuses students secretary job. Algeria beat Chile. France and Czechs draw. Yugoslavia beat Honduras.
25th           Packing. hausa and TEE books handed over to Barbara Smith. Miss Knight says Jonathan tries but his work is below the grade. W Germany beats Austria. England beats Russia. Scotland lose to New Zealand.
26th           Selling goods at SIM sale.
27th           Writing a prayer letter and trying to make it palatable to SUM, Welwyn church and Aunt Myra.
28th           Packing and weighing cases. Lunch out at a restaurant with Boers. Gave paper on contexualisated approach to Hausa Muslims at Theological Society. William Arthur Phillip Louis is the new prince of Wales. Poland beat Belgium, France beat Austria,
29th           Encouraged by non-critical letter from SUM. Packing office. Selling. Supper at Drews with wine and cheese. Germany beat England, Italy beat Argentina.
30th          Checking flights at Sabena office. Packing. Supper at Smiths.

Reflection on IPC presbytery - are we getting too clerical?

Due to an unforeseen delay in my transport I was late for yesterday's presbytery so was told I had not vote though present as a ruling elder.
   When Francis Schaeffer founded the IPC over fifty years ago one of his innovations was to IMO for the first time in a Presbyterian denomination take seriously the parity of elders. Presbyterianism is characterised by plurality and parity of elders. No hierarchy of bishops etc. No one man ministry with the pastor in charge. Each congregation has a plurality of elders who are to have parity in authority in ruling under Christ.
   That is the theory. In practice it is the minister, teaching elder, and the ruling elders under him. The minister may well be over them six foot above contradiction, a clericalism as strong as an episcopal priesthood. Schaeffer made no such distinction. His IPC constitution did not talk of differing classes of elders. None of the Charles Hodge idea that ruling elders were mere representatives of the laity and ministers were members of presbytery not local churches. In practice this meant in IPC all elders may preside in the administration of sacraments. Not only the minister presides at the table. The table requires the ministry of the Word.All elders being apt to teach are therefore able to preside at the Table. That AFAIK is uniquely IPC and frankly is IMO a hill on which to die.
   I was ordained in Nigeria in 1977 in another denomination. Back home in 1983 I was installed as an elder of IPC Ealing. My previous ordination was recognised. There was no question as to whether I was a ruling or teaching elder, I was an elder.
   But as time went on we developed an increasingly regulated church government and teaching elders who laboured in the ministry usually with remuneration and full time were distinguished from ruling elders. The former were subject to a more strenuous doctrinal treating on the floor of presbytery. Ruling elders merely appeared before the Candidates and Credentials Committee, which incidentally always seems to have a preponderance of teaching elders.
   I am classed as a ruling elder and for the sake of the peace of the church and no desire for self promotion I have not questioned this but regard myself as simply an elder.
   But this distinction has consequences. All elders are members of presbytery but now only some ruling elders may vote. This is because larger congregations could send all their many ruling elders and so sway votes their way. This is in fact unlike to happen as few congregations are large and the larger ones are far enough apart that not all elders will attend presbytery. But the rule meant that yesterday I was not among the Ealing elders with a vote.Three other ruling elders had been chosen. In fact one of them should have had a vote as a teaching elder ordained in PCA and co-opted into our presbytery. Of or two teaching elders one was ordained this year. But he had a vote. I did not. IMO it was totally anomalous. I seconded a motion, I proposed another motion, I spoke to the findings of a Commission of Enquiry of which I was a member. But in all three instances I had no vote. Clericslism IMO. So to  it seems is the recent decision not to circulate references for candidates for eldership to all the presbytery. Only the Candidates and Credentials Committeee it seems is to be privy to confidential references.
   So I write this to lay down a marker. I have resisted the idea put forward by one elderly elder that IPC has moved from Schaeffer's ethos. However in this we have; and I fear a principle of spiritual and clerical entropy that we will become like other Presbyterians where the parity of elders is more theory than reality.
  BTW I am the longest continual serving elder in any IPC congregation and have been moderator for two past terms of two years so I am familiar with that of which I write.

The office-bearers in the house of God, who in the Scriptures are called by the name of elders,[ 18] are of several sorts: preaching elders or ministers, teaching elders or doctors,[ 19] and ruling or governing elders. All three are often in the New Testament comprised under the general name of elders.[ 20] It is the ruling elder whom we have now to do with, who is so called,[ 21] not because the power of ruling and governing the church belongs to him alone (for it belongs to the preaching and teaching elders or to the ministers and doctors), but because to rule and govern is the principal and chief part of his charge and employment, it is the highest act of his office. It is not competent for him to preach—that belongs to the pastor or minister, nor to teach—that belongs to the doctor. But his office is comprised within the compass of ruling and governing the church, and therefore he is called the governing or ruling elder. The apostle in the epistle to the Romans, chapter 12, verse 8, calls him ‘him that ruleth’, and 1 Corinthians 12: 28, he calls them ‘governments’, putting the abstract for the concrete, governments for governors. Thus then we have the proper or right name of these church office-bearers, which serves to correct a twofold mistake: 1. The first is, of those who either out of ignorance, or disdain, do call them lay-elders, as if they were a part of the people only and not to be reckoned among the office-bearers of the Lord’s house, whom the Popish church in their pride (and others following them) calls the clergy, that is, the Lord’s inheritance, in opposition to the laity or people whom they look upon as base and much inferior to the other in worth and excellency, whereas all the Lord’s people are his portion, and the lot of his inheritance.[ 22] 2. The second mistake is of those who do call these only ruling elders, who sit in presbyteries, synods and general assemblies, allowing to others the name of elders, but not of ruling elders. But every elder in the Lord’s house is a ruling elder because the power and exercise of rule and government belongs to every elder, though some of them upon special occasions are called to a more eminent exercise of it than others.

Friday, June 15, 2018

The changing world (115) May 82

May 1st Sorting Lego for sale. Marion Mollenhaur's 60th birthday party.
2nd        Church at Hillcrest because COCIN HQ service cancelled for an ordination service elsewhere in Jos.
3rd         Hausa teaching and checking Dick's doctrine manuscript.
4th         Hausa students did a Mexican supper. Welwyn church do not want us to come home.
5th         Farewells for Marion Mollenhaur retiring. Dele took his bus back. Growing conviction we should pursue Muslim work at home.
7th         Jonathan taken to a physiotherapist who prescribed exercises.
8tj          Very wet. Smiths to dinner.
9th          Students to Kabwir for Lilian Blenco's farewell.
10th        Teaching Hausa. Our goods are selling well. The mission has refused to send out our resignation prayer letter.
11th         Chat with sympathetic Colin who thinks there should be a way of appealing COCIN executive's decision.
12th         Bulmers in sick bay with fever.
13th         Hausa teaching.
14th         As above plus work on doctrine book. Katy to high school recital for her pupils.
15th         Took children swimming. With Dick to a film at Hillcrest. People queueing five hours for petrol.
16th         Don Davies and wife to lunch. He is theology professor at Union Seminary, Richmond, VA. Swimming. To choir singing on Crucifixion.
17th          Sea mail came from August to march.
19th          Teaching then translating. Chats with Colin and the Jones who are supportive.
20th          Oakleys touch supportive. Wilhelm Mollemaker visited.
21st          Dick to lunch and work his doctrine book. Jones to dinner.
22nd         Work on Dick's book. Sorting children's books to sell. Indian food with Minuses. Her great great uncle helped Adoniram Judson in Burma. 5000 soldiers landed on the Falklands.
23rd           Woods to such. Very heavy rain. Visit to flamingo dam.
24th            Checking Dick's book. Jean Oliver recommending potential Muslim work for the future.
25th            Checking Dick's book with garbage. Handover of Hillcrest PTA.
26th             Took Dick's book to Foron for typing. Picking up TEE books from printers.
27th             TEE supervisors meeting is easier when some colleagues are absent. Ground forces attacking in Oak;ands.
28th              End of Hausa course. Great Korean lunch from Kangs.
29th              Took Jonathan to physiology. Katy had concert for her pupils.Children swimming. 900 Argentinians captured at Port Darwin.
30th               Lunch with Wilmshurst at Vom. Greeted Zwambun and family.
31st               Calcotts to supper.Very understanding.

The changing world (114) Apr 82

Apr 1st Dele took book stock to Kano.
2nd       To Miango holiday. Argentina invaded the Falklands.
3rd        Walk in pine forest.
8th         Concert programme with an excellent folk singer doctor from Qua Ibo Mission. I was MC and did monologues.
11th        Up the hill at 5am for Easter sunrise service. Children played in river by waterfall.
12th        Back home. The COCIN executive want my complaint letter withdrawn before negotiation. No way.
13th         Translation exercises for Hausa course. Told Dele why we are resigning. Told COCIN executive we are not with drawing our resignation. At peace about it.
14th          Tee work stocktaking. Brian Boddy to supper.
15th           Hausa class and TEE accounts. Dick Bulmer thinks I should withdraw my letter as it has angered the leadership but I regret nothing I have written.
16th            Power more off than on this week.
17th           Doctor says Jonathan's glassed from Great Ormond Street are wrong. His eyesight cannot be helped by glasses. Musical evening at Dominys with Katy and Esther Koops, CRC, doing duets.
18th           Led at COCIN English. Marion Mollenhaur to lunch. Greeted grab on the birth of a boy. Picnic at waterfall.
19th           Power still more off than on. Hausa teaching. TEE accounts. Translating Preach the Word.
20th           As yesterday. Power off after the morning. Hillcrest PTA executive.
21st            SIM ladies enquiring about Hausa course. Visitors from CAPRO and QIM.
22nd           Hausa teaching. TEE accounts balanced.
23rd           Miss Brouwer says David shows some improvement but he thinks he is doing a lot better.
24th           Sorting goods for sale.
25th           Koops to lunch.
26th           Withdrew letter to General Secretary but not my resignation. Sharon Wells to hospital with suspected appendicitis and Wells family to dinner.
27th            Checking manuscript on doctrine for Dick Bulmer.
28th            As above plus Hausa teaching and TEE books from printer.
29th            Doctrine MS checking with Dick.
30th            Public holiday. Cloudy with rain. Took boys to Hillcrest to see Pink Panther.