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The changing world (280) Jul-Sep 2006

Sat 1st F S Trueman died. Eng 0 Portugal 0. Rooney sent off. Lost 3-1 on penalties.
2nd      Breakfast under gazebo. Preached introduction to proverbs.
5th       M&S Larson at IPC on Afghanistan. K retires from school after 19 years.
7th       Did two minutes silence for the 52 killed in London 2005.
8th       To Nikides barbecue with BN recovering from pulmonary embolism.
9th        Dimitri Ps 20. Shan Shan and Jennifer Courtney to lunch. Preached on Wisdom. Italy win World Cup beating France on penalties.
11th      Saw Middlesex beat Hampshire at Southgate 20:20. Session mainly on deacons training.
12th      200+ killed by Mumbai railway bombs.
13th      Lost £44 ticket on way to Lords and bought a £62 one top of grandstand. England batting against Pakistan. Hannah fell from bed and broke collar bone.
14th      Drove to Paddington for an Indian with Erica.
15th      Shocked to find i had a parking ticket last night.  To Canterbury.
16th      St Mary's. Reculver. Back for Dimitri and Ben's farewell party.
17th      Session met with deacons. Not happy that Aaron is for not doing the boiler in case of redevelopment.
19th      97F. Went to paddington and found where i parked was restricted until 8:30pm hence the ticket.
20th      3% pay rise awarded.
21st      Terry Beldam to dinner.
22nd     To Southgate, Middlesex v Sussex. Home early in afternoon due to rain.
23rd      Led for Ralph Kelley of Atlanta.  Four of them to lunch. Preached on folly. Israel bombs Hezbollah in Lebanon.
24th      At Perceval House examined objectionable plans proposed for next door, 73. Officer thinks it will be refused.
25th      Anglia quote £2500 for new front porch etc.
26th      Led prayer meeting.
27th      To Eccleshall. Cheadle parish church. Jonathan Woodworth married Barbara Woodcock.
28th      Pm preached on the sluggard.
31st      Rachel pregnant.
Aug 2nd Led prayer meeting with reduced summer numbers.
4th          Israel continues to attack Hezbollah.
5th          Again led for Ralph Kelley then I preached on the friend.
8th          With deb to QPR 2 Leeds 2.
10th        Flights held up as suspected suicide bombs in hand luggage.
11th        All arrested are pakistanis. They want d to down perhaps ten planes.
12th        To Burroughs and RSPB reserve walk.
13th        PL church as willing service. Me Proverbs, words.
14th        Lebanon cease fire.
17th        Our Lebanese next door escaped the country via Syria. Christian areas unaffected only the Shi'ite ones helped by Iran.
19th        Coach South Mimms to Dover. Shearings holiday. Calais. Rheims.
20th        All of France shut on Sunday. Hergeswal posh hotel.
21st        Charted boat on lake to Lucerne. Coach back
22nd       Coach to Briedel to see wood carvers. Good fondue Interlaken. Train to grindewald. Coach back.
23rd        Coach to Thun then Berne.
24th        Coach through Gothard pass to Italian wine cantons. Lunch in German Diminis. Back over pass in Glacier Express.
25th        Endlbeg then mt Titilis. Three cable cars. Cloudy but in the sun above cloud on top.
26th        Bought a local travel ticket for the next week. Across lake then up funicular. Biggest lift in Europe.
27th        Rain. Local reformed German church. no welcome whatsoever. Disgusting.
28th        Dull day some rain but we can criss cross the lake on the boats.
29th        Train to Interlaken.
30th        Snow on peaks. Boat, cable car, train up mountain.Rigi.
31st        Boat to Alpenstad. Funicular to Pilates. 48% steepest in the world.Back by cable cars, bus, train.
Sep 1st     Cloudless day. Train to Apsnach. Mountain railway up Pilatus. Down by train. Train to harness. Funicular. cable car. Stansehorn.
2nd         550 miles to hotel at St Omer.
3rd          Boat to Calais. Coach to South mimes. Mini bus home. PL fine on Gen 1.
4th          Session. Will look to expand chapel.
6th          Still watering garden by buckets.
7th          K&D to new 24/7 club.
9th          Penelope Keith in Entertaining Angles at Richmond.
10th        Hristo took me in Merc to Liss for ordination of David Sacherneim. Richard Bewes excellent pm.
11th        Still watering.
13th        PL back from Baku. Filling in visa forms for Afghanistan.
16th        Afghan visas arrived. Canterbury.
17th        Zac baptised. Vicar spoke about trip to Mozambique and his wife danced. Ugh.
19th        Paid £600 by Glaxo Stockley park for training their reps.
20th        Still watering.
22nd        Farrelly visiting us. Noelle Hussein to dinner too.
23rd        PL moderating presbytery. committed to growth.
24th        Led for A Waldecker v good on Ex 33. Christine told about Timosoara pm.
26th        GP says bp up, lose weight. Ealing hospital wired me up for cardiac test over 24 hours.
28th         Edgware pm for audit instructions and poor veggie food.
29th         New front porch from Anglia.

Diary w/e 22 Dec 2018

Sun 16 Dec

Due to continued waterworks problems I did not go to morning service but enjoyed Sinclair Ferguson's 'Some pastors and teachers' and also Gavin Peacock on BBC1 on how he became a pastor. Evening was our first IPC carol service. Katy was one of thirteen musicians. The children sang beautifully and Paul preached the gospel. Followed by mince pies and mulled wine.

Mon 17 Dec

Katy enjoyed the Christmas concert  at out granddaughter's school but why would two church schools give a concert with no mention of the real Christmas gospel?

The changing world (279) Apr to Jun 2006

Apr 1st J%Co came. Two Leapers left.
2nd       Brought Fenelia from Wealdstone to church. Good testimony from DB with his same ethnicity.
3rd        Lunch with new boss mike Rudin. He used to represent the pharmaceutical industry to the government.
5th         Good prayer meeting. K told more surgery will not help her back.
7th         Oklahoma at Questors.
8th         Bought two leather sofas in Northolt.
9th         PL on moth and rust and end of Ruth.
10th       Ealing haematologist says too many red and white cells. Reduce weight, alcohol and change hypotensive.
14th       Good Friday. Led for PL. Chinese student from Luton, Patti, staying. Walked by Thames at Richmond.
15th       With Patti to Oxford. Christchurch produced six PMs but dean John Owen is forgotten. Martyrs memorial. Thame county show.
16th       Paul M on 1Cor 15. Natalia and Shan Shan to lunch. May declined and we did not know it was because of romance with mark. I preached pm.
21st       The Queen's 80th birthday.
22nd      Canterbury.
23rd       Early church then St Lawrence's 50 overs Kent v Somerset. Trescothick 158. Got his autograph. Somerset won by Duckworth Lewis after rain.
26th        Sam Rothman piano recital Gunnersbury.
29th        To Bromley to hear  Elspeth Aeberli speak.
30th        PL excellent on do not judge.George Rinard, a rocket scientist from Maryland and Monica Matthews to lunch. Ben W good on prodigal son.
May 3rd  Frederick Mondin staying.
4th           Local elections. one vote for CPA and two for Tories in our ward.
5th           Ealing has gone Tory for the first time in 16 years. Labour lost because of red Ken's stupid plan for a tram along the Uxbridge road. CPA still have only one seat in Newham. As You Like It at Questors.
6th           Visited MB in hospital weak with pneumonia. Not herself.
7th            PL Mat 7. Ben W on elder brother excellent. Grace is like Marmite. Love it or hate it.
9th            Marjorie Beldam died 4pm.
10th          Crazy for You at Questors.
11th          D&Co staying.
12th          David drove me to Absom church and Bristol records office. No more at Absom but found two more John Weeks. A 17th C Presbyterian and a 18C pelican.
13th          Lords saw Sri Lanka follow on. Panesar did well. J&Co here.
14th          PL on Lord, Lord. Jean, MB's daughter at church making arrangements for funeral. Carlo and Nino cooked my Italian birthday lunch. Pm P Larso's on Kenya.
15th          World Vision researcher interviewed me and three from IPC.
19th          I took marjorie's funeral and at crematorium.
20th          Paradise Lost at Richmond. Nudity well done.
21st          Brought Fenelia to PL's 30th and good last Sermon on the Mount preaching. We did internationals meal. Leeds lose to Watford in Championship play off final. Dimitri on Gideon.
22nd        Picked up Kenneth and ian Skilling from Heathrow. Staying with us.
23rd        Pizza lunch with Mike Rudin.
25th        Leather settees delivered.
27th        Miriam Johnson married at St Paul's. Avoided DJ whose elder daughter now has a Mancunian accent.
28th       PL Ps 16. Dimitri on Gideon. Deacons unhappy that AR is not convinced as to female deacons.
29th       IPC picnic Richmond Park.
Jun 3rd Joint sixtieth party at IPC. 100= there. Carlos, Clara and Paul H cooked steak and chicken wings. Joe led square dancing.
4th         Bob Johnson, Hickson PCA, Luk 14. Dimitri on Gideon.
6th         Hosepipe ban. 40+ buckets on garden.
8th         Session mainly on deacons.
9th         Bouma's housewarming, Northolt.
10th       Took Farrely and Liviu to synod at Kingston. Sneaked out to pub to see Eng 1 Paraguay 0 in World cup.
11th       Ian Hamilton on Gen 3:14-15. Evening on guard outside as last two Sunday evenings cars broken into outside IPC.
12th      90F.
15th      Eng 2 Trinidad 0. Police at house across road.
16th      Cannabis grown in our road. Chinese tenant arrested. No-One suspected it.
17th      Katherine Jenkins at Hampton Court. Missed the fireworks due to bad crowd management.
18th      PL good Ps 17.
19th      IPC AGM. Deacons should bring firm proposals not ideas for discussion.
20th      Oval with CB and TW. Sri lanka had the better day. back for Eng 2 Sweden 2.
21st      Spoke on pharmacist's role at Barnett Voice for mental health.
22nd     Katy's last school concert. Elders and deacons on relationship, boiler and land. Developers have sold next door to noting hill Housing.
23rd      Internationals barbecue at 52 with excellent steak from Carlos and PH.
24th      Great Shelford via new Baldock bypass. BN in hospital with pulmonary embolism.
25th      Led for Ben Ps 18. England 1 Uruguay 1 so in last eight. PL on I will build my church.

Friday, December 14, 2018

Family Christmas Letter

Christmastide 2018

Greetings from the Weeks family this blessed Christmas, our second in our new home where we have been happily settled for over a year. Various improvements have been undertaken and we now have a back garden that is not merely lawn but has flower borders. Our improvements are as nothing compared with our International Presbyterian Church where with a spend of around £3,000,000 we now have a new chapel seating over 300 and beautiful ancillary facilities. The opening was on 17th November when Sinclair Ferguson preached. Our pastor Paul Levy, had, on the first Sunday given us the text, ‘This is the Lord’s doing and it is marvellous in our eye’s.’ The congregation started in L’Abri’s house in 1969.We moved to its present site, an Anglo-catholic convent chapel in 1979. But our grade 2 listed building has been too small for the morning congregation for the last ten years. We have met elsewhere in the mornings and evenings too since building started last year. Evenings and weekday activities have been at Dean Hall church and we are very grateful to them for free use of their premises.
This  has been a less traumatic year for health too. No more hospital admissions, only outpatients appointments now. Graham’s sight has not deteriorated , merely a blurred left eye. The bilateral leg ulcers healed in February and it was then he felt the consequences of the 2017 illnesses. Graham bought a ticket to visit his friend Dennis recovering from major surgery in California. A bargain at £400 but the cheapest insurance was over £1600 so he went without cover for pre-existing conditions. The family were not pleased but all went well apart from gout starting to be evident as he flew back.
   Katy’s health has remained much the same with her chronic back pain and increasing arthritis .  She did not go to California but we both enjoyed Scotland in July, flying to Inverness then motoring to stay on Mull and Orkney, new islands for us including Staffa, Iona and Hoy Katy continues to be very busy with her cello and piano in church and cello in various outside groups.  She is also very active in our church’s English classes helping women from other countries, teaching them to improve their English and a Bible half hour for those willing to stay.
   Graham has resumed preaching at the Heathrow Immigration Removal Centre, the captive audience, largely African.  That is two or three Sunday evenings a month.He continues to convene three specialist groups for the local University of the Third Age, world religions, current affairs and history. He is now in his 36th year as an elder in our church and has been to presbytery meetings in Aberdeen and York.  He has twice been involved in campaigning concerning the violence against Christians in Nigeria. First he was the only non-Nigerian in a demonstration outside the Nigerian High Commission protesting the government’s failure to protect Christians from Muslim terrorism. Then he was on a vigil for the release by Boko Haram of Christian schoolgirl, Leah Shaibu. A passing Igbo man videoed him and his speech on the reasons for the conflict went viral on the internet.
   Debbie still lives with us. She helps in the church mother and toddlers group and also a weeknight club for children in school years 1 to 6. Her craft and design skills are much in demand. Since September her child minding has developed into primary school classroom assistant caring for our pastor’s daughter Phoebe who has Down’s Syndrome. Three days a week she also cares for Phoebe’s two elder siblings after school        
   Rachel now has left her occupational therapy. She and husband Adrian have been approved by the local council as foster carers and await their first child. who will be younger than their own. Elissa has started secondary school, Ada Lovelace,a new Anglican one in walking distance but temporarily in the premises of another Anglican free school, William Perkin.Brother Ethan is still the resident Lego expert.                          
   Near Cambridge, Jonathan has employment in the warehouse of the Cambridge Examinations Board but it is zero hours contract. He has twice applied for and failed to land full time contracted employment. Bethany and Hannah are now teenagers. Bethany is studying catering. Hannah is in high school .
   In Canterbury Zac has found an unusual favourite subject in grammar school, Mandarin Chinese. Sahara is doing well in her studies despite chronic fatigue due to Lymes disease hindering school attendance.David is still producing many paintings of Kent seaside towns and of Canterbury in a naive style. Prints and cards are for sale.  Elizabeth is full time consultant psychologist    So we are thankful for God’s blessings to all of them.
    Keep next August 10th in your diary. Golden wedding party is planned.
  With our love and prayers for 2019,
Graham and Katy

The changing world (278) Jan-Mar 2006

Jan 1st PL excellent on Es 4. 21 Larsons there and 10 Lloyds. Burroughs, JMBH with us.
2nd      J%Co left after lunch.
5th       With K to orange Tree, Totteridge, for Godwin's farewell. Posh and expensive.
7th        Braithwaites at Bromham. Alcoholic Kennedy resigns as liberal leader.
8th        Pl on fulfilling law. Very good. Pm Noah. Full house twice.
9th        Cameron is merely Blair dressed in bluish colour.
10th      Enjoyed the first of the $40 box of cigars from the late Mick Langley.
11th      Lounge full for church prayer. Nurse karen renewed bandage on my lympodemous leg.
12th      Lunch at Oak Hill with Celeal Becker, Turkish convert. Joel to dinner. Elders discus deacons.Sent home 10pm by PL as I was snoring.
13th      Elliott and Martin to dinner. David phoned and has found Robert Weeks b. 1788 Wick and Absom.So that is where the name is from.
14th      Five hour long session on deacons.
15th      PL good on perfect righteousness. He preached on Barnabas at joint service with Koreans at Haven green. Lee, Spurs midfielder there.
17th     K at first Christianity Explored.
20th     Bottlenose whale lost in the Thames.
21st     Whale dies.
22nd    PL Mat 6. Dimitri Ps 12. I presided. R,A and Paul Larson family to lunch. Two little Larson females en route from Liverpool to Kenya.
25th     K off school with laryngitis.
26th     Encouraging session prayer. PL and AR opposed an Edinburgh church plant.
27th     Bryce and Ashley hales visited.
28th     Presbytery chaired by Wade. Gideon Song has planted in Baku, Azerbaijan. Excellent Korean Glee Club Choir at Haven green.
29th     PL on Our Father. Gordon and Caroline Figgett to lunch. Dick Lucas on 1 Jn.
Feb 1st Sabbatical started. God spirit at prayer meeting.
2nd       K to hospital for steroid injection which did not seem to do any good but left her immobile from the waist down for an hour.
3rd       R&A may leave Oldfield for IPC.
5th       Jane Eyre very good at Richmond, especially the dog. Hristo staying. Led for Richard Bewes. Dick Lucas 1 Jn.
6th       Row continues over danish Mo cartoons. Shammi silent.
7th       Deb interviewed at Great Ormond Street.
10th     Deb did not get GOS job.
11th      Canterbury and visited David in Roman museum.
12th      Barton Evangelical church. Chorousy and female leading.
14th      Smoking banned in pubs etc.
19th      PL Your kingdom come.  Rut 1 pm. Boumas and Daphne to lunch.Fatalities in Maiduguri riots.
21st      R&A rang from Gatwick telling K he had left his passport in his flat. Took time to get it and by the time she got to them their flight had left for Brazil and they lost half of their fortnight holiday.
Resolved to get mobiles.
24th     Red Ken suspended for a month for abusing a journalist but he still gets paid.
26th     PL, Thy will be done and Rut 1. Meiners and Clara to lunch.
27th     Steve Pound active over Arts Council grant to Jerry Springer the Opera.
Mar 1st Mike and Bonnie Mahoney, SDAs from Kabul to dinner.
2nd       Deb at Club 16.
3rd        J&Co here. Blair criticised for saying he prayed before going to war.
4th        To see new Wembley and roof going on. Elizabeth on labour.
5th        E back home not in labour. PL on Daily bread and Rut 1. No so good as sometimes.
6th        E caesar,. Ashford.2:45pm Zachary Jhn 9lb. EUPHORIC. The line is safe.
7th        To see grandson after work.
8th        New boss Mike visited. R&A back from Brazil. Fell asleep while reading aloud in housegroup.
9th        Z back to hospital with jaundice.
10th      Z some better on drip.
12th      PL excellent on Forgive us our debts. Pm Ruth redeemer. Z home.
13th      Deb in Canterbury for the week.
15th      Commonwealth games Melbourne.
16th      Man ill after drug trial Northwick park.
17th      Gas people tell us we need a new system.
18th      Lunch with Wells. Nabucco at Richmond.
19th      Led for Perrin. He dined with us. PL on Boaz.
21st      British gas quote £5000.
25th      K&D on child protection course. I refuse to be checked to prove I am not a paedophile.
26th      PL on temptation. Surprise visit of MC Matthews. PL Rut 3 pm.
29th      CB has fallen for a Malaysian woman who cannot get a visa.
31st      Henry V at Questors. Libby and Becky staying.

My best books of 2018

See My best Christian books of 2018 for the Christian ones. Read this year. Not necessarily published in 2018. In fact one is over 100 years since publication.

1.The Silk Roads: A New History of the World by Peter Frankopan 

2. Like The Roman: The Life of Enoch Powell by Simon Heffer  (Author)

3. Hausaland, or, Fifteen Hundred Miles through the Central Soudan by Charles Henry Robinson

4. All Out War: The Full Story of How Brexit Sank Britain’s Political Class by Tim Shipman  (Author)

5. High Minds: The Victorians and the Birth of Modern Britain by Simon Heffer  (Author)

6. The Age of Decadence: Britain 1880 to 1914 by Simon Heffer  (Author)

7.  Pachinko by Min Jin Lee  (Author)

8.1,000 Days on the River Kwai: The Secret Diary of a British Camp Commandant by H. C. Owtram  (Author)

9. Sikunder Burnes: Master of the Great Game by Craig Murray  (Author)

10. Labour and the Gulag: Russia and the Seduction of the British Left by Giles Udy

11. Churchill & Orwell: The Fight for Freedom by Thomas E. Ricks  (Author)

12  The Way of the Strangers: Encounters with the Islamic State by Graeme Wood  (Author)

History - 4

Biography - 4

Politics - 2

Travel - 1

Novels - 1

My best Christian books of 2018

Read but not necessarily published in 2018.

1. Reformation Worship: Liturgies from the Past for the Present by Jonathan Gibson  (Editor, Contributor), Mark Earngey (Editor)

2. Everyone's a Theologian: An Introduction to Systematic Theology by R C Sproul  (Author)

3. Last Things First: Unlocking Genesis with the Christ of Eschatology by J. V. Fesko  (Author)

4.  2,000 Years of Christ's Power Vol. 4: The Age of Religious Conflict - Nick Nedham

5. Prayer: Experiencing Awe and Intimacy with God by Timothy Keller  (Author)

6. Christ in His Suffering (The Schilder Trilogy: Vol 1) by Klaas; Zylstra, Henry (translator) Schilder (Author)

7. The Prodigal God: Recovering the heart of the Christian faith by Timothy Keller  (Author)

8. The Book that Made Your World: How the Bible Created the Soul of Western Civilization by Vishal Mangalwadi  (Author)

9. I Shall Not Die, But Live: Facing Death with Gospel Hope by Douglas Taylor (Author)

10. Christ Crucified by K Schilder (Author)


12. Martin Luther by Lyndal Roper  (Author)

So that is

Church history - 3

Exegesis - 3

Ethics - 2

Liturgy -1

Systematics - 1

Biblical theology - 1

Pastoral theology - 1


Americsan - 5

British - 3

Australian - 2

Dutch - 2

Indian -1

The changing world (277) Oct -Dec 2005

Oct 2nd Dimitri Ps 12 and Ben W good on Jn 17.
9th         PL on blessed ar the meek and Jn 18.
10th       Estimated 30,000 killed in Pakistan earthquake on 8th.
14th       Heathrow by Hungarian airline to Budapest. Train to Timosora crowded in Hungary. Slow at border. met by Christine.
15th       Met Jim Ramsey. lunch at Liviu's. Teens group. Shocked to hear Mick Langley died suddenly.
16th       Preached Mk 1. Talked with older couple on 89 revolution.
17th       To Revolution Square and cathedral.
18th       Fishing but caught nothing.
19th       Treated my hosts to a meal out. £20 for three of us.
21st        Train to Budapest. Stanstead. Bus to Golders Green. K&D met me.
23rd        PL good on mercy and Jn 19. Sullivans to stay.
24th        To Boddigtons, Exeter. South Brent country house hotel. Pricey but quiet and plush.
25th        Saw where in 1917 the sea destroyed a village. Ugborough.
26th        Buckfastleigh Abbey.Trago Mills. Totnes. Ugthorpe.
27th        Wembury, Princeton, Tavistock, Ivybridge.
28th        Stow. Home.
29th        Taken to Ace Cafe on Jonny Long's Harley.
30th         PL good on pure in heart. Visited MB in hospital.
Nov 1st    The usual Diwali bangs.
4th           IPC speaking on Guy Fawkes but few internationals there.
5th           Hamlet at Richmond.
6th           Chuck on Rom 10, me on Thomas.
11th         Observed the silence at work. News says only 10 WW1 veterans still alive.
13th         PL on persecution forgot his notes. To Welwyn. many old friends including Grimwades. There for Hristo. M Roberts good on Ecc 10. Heard EMF students.
19th         to Leapers than Kunars.
20th         Installed Alan W as elder. Preached on preparing for worship. Lunch at Leapers new house.
24th         George Best lingers on in hospital. Not had such a protracted death since Churchill.
25th         Best dies. Biggest fuss since the pope. Sky installed.
27th         Iden Green. Preached on second coming.
Dec 3rd   Wrote Christmas letter. The Rivals at Richmond.
4th           PL on persecution then on children in church. Te move to have all in the service from age three up met with some resistance but we only lost one family over it. They had several boisterous children. The session was criticised as having no young children except well behaved ones. PL had firm convictions. I was prepared to abide by the consensus but told any objectors that if they had objections to be voiced to the session I would articulate them. No-one asked me to. The production of activity sheets for the children during the sermon and also introducing the subject by the preacher in Sunday School has helped.
5th       Cards done up to D.
6th       Cards to J. GP put me on statins.
10th     Great Shelford. B's Christmas fete. She talks more now. H silent.
11th     Woken at 6 by biggest explosion in Europe since WW2. Hemel Hempstead fuel depot. Heard in Hastings and Holland. We could smell the cloud. Amazing fatalities. PL good on salt and excellent at carol service too.
13th        Finished cards. K told her back may ease a little but the op being delayed it was not a success. That was caring new Labour's but backs in the NHS. Offered spinal block injections.
18th        PL excellent on light of the world. Hristo, a Korean, Ben and Nikides to lunch. Led at table and Dimitri preached pm.
24th        Took communion to MB. DES here.
25th         Barbara from Canterbury with us. Led for PL excellent Mat 1. RA and CB to lunch. Three  Littles to tea.
26th         Angela field to lunch, R&A too.
27th         DES left. R&A, Natalia and three Estonians, Christina Lawler and Phillips and Jan Thomas to tea.
30th        JMBH here. All to Sunderban Indian for A's birthday.
31st        Walked girls to canal to feed ducks.

Thursday, December 13, 2018

The changing world (276) Jul-Sep 2005

Jul 1st Clare Levy says Bethany severely speech impaired.
2nd     Lords ODI final. Tied with Aussies.
3rd      PL not so hot on Ps 11 and Jn 12. Ballots out for PM as elder,
4th      McHendry Langley on Kuyper. Background of French revolution. Burke. Prinsterer, ARP, Kuyper a genius.
5th       M&S Larson gave presentation while on leave from Kabul.
6th       2012 Olympics awarded to London. I am angry at the prospect of extra tax on Londoners only.
7th       While on tea break at Kuyper course on common grace central London bombs, three on tube, one on a bus, killed 37 with 700+ injured.
8th        Mckendry Langley to dinner.
9th        Braithwaites to lunch. Visited new Wembley under construction.
10th      Led for Ben on Nahum. Dimitri Sep 1. Both good. Paul, Mark and Eric Larson there. DES with us.
11th      K told September operation.
12th      Oval. Aussie win ODI. They bowled too well and won by 9 wickets.
15th      The four bombers were all British Muslims.
16th       Jerram bars on common grace, law, baptism. Well attended. Amir Khan wins first professional fight in one minute. PM is an elder.
17th        Ben good Nah 2. Dimitri Zep 2. Carlo, Clara, Carlos to dinner.
18th        Elders prayer and discussed children in services again.
21st        Four bombs fail to detonate in town.
22nd       Brazilian shot on tube by police.
24th        To Field's new show house in Epsom. Canterbury. saw D in Ottakas bookshop. Berkshire Choir choral concert in cathedral. Elizabeth pregnant.
25th         Tenterden for Kent and East Sussex steam train to Boidiam.
26th          Dover castle. Barnsale vineyard.
27th         Day trip to Calais. 84 mussels for a lunch starter
28th         To Eric Larson's RAF Branpton. He is in strategic planning.
29th         Harrogate.
30th         Dorothy to Masham's Yorkshire day. Lightwater vally.
31st         G preached Killinghall. Valley Gardens. Grove Road in evening. Harlow car.
Aug 1st   Took D to Hartlepool marina. HMS Trincomalee, Nelson's last frigate.
2nd          Skiton Bridgew graves, Carpenters Arms Felixkirk, Scarborough, Rayners Pickering, Uncle Newell and saw his 41043 scrapbooks to be deposited in the local museum, Topcliffe graves,
3rd           Skipton. Waldekers in Leigh. Leapers.
4th            Ironbridge, Museum, furnace, Quaker burial ground.
5th            Burton. Brewery museum. Adam's.
6th            Wilmslow. Joe some better and walking.
7th            Sullivans. Third meet in 36 years. Home.
9th            Larsons and their three girls to dinner.
11th          Interviewed for Pharmacy executive committee position but not expecting to get it as the other interviewee is a proprietor.
12th          J&co here.
13th          Whistles here.
14th          PM good on God's wisdom. Mark Allen and Caroline then to lunch. I preached Jn 13.
19th          J&Co here.
20th          Family taken to Legoland.
21st          PL fine on Mt 11. I did Jn 14.
22nd         Holiday Bible Club, great escapes started.
24th          K to Charing cross hospital.
25th          K had op. Looked well.
26th          K home.
27th          To Fields at The Nave. Poole bay. DES joined us.
28th          Swanage Baptist. Twineham abandoned village.
29th          Home.
Sep 1st     New Orleans floods.
3rd           Luton for Stephen and Lorraine Braithwaite's wedding. Baptist church. RC hall for reception.
4th          PL introduction to sermon on Mount excellent. Carl Truman on the dying thief.
10th        Aussies at the Oval. Extremely humid.
11th        PL good on beatitudes. Pm Jn 15.
12th        Draw at Oval and we win the Ashes. Elders and deacons. I do not want to bid for the Brethren hall and do not trust our developers.
14th        Deb passed her test.
18th        PL good on poor in spirit. Doctor fro Ethiopia to lunch. With PL to liberal synagogue for installation of rabbi. Sam Larson of reformed seminary on Jabez's prayer.
19th        David Jackman on Exodus.
24th        Presbytery in lass. Good news of Turkish work in Belgium. Oldfield baptist curry night with Indian evangelist.
25th        Pl on blessed mourning over sin. Saw MB in hospital. PL on Jn 16 good.
26th        Liviu and Jim Ramsey to dinner. K back to school though I think she should not.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

The changing world (275) Apr-Jun 2005

Apr 1st First day of 8:30 opening. New pharmacy contract means more work for managers with users audits and customer satisfaction surveys annually. D& family here.
2nd       Kurt Piestrup's engagement party. John Paul II died.
3rd        Richard Bewes excellent on Rev 5. I preached on joy.
5th        Chiropody says I should have ingrown toenail removed.
6th        PL round to pray.
7th        Evening Edgware Hospital PCT on new contract. I was in a small ethnic minority.
8th        Pope buried. Sick of wall to wall media coverage.
9th        Watched Charles & Camilla wedding and blessing.
10th      PL on joy, prayer and thanksgiving them Jn 7 pm.
11th      Elders anointed and prayed for LB again.
14th      Farewell meal for Kurt at restaurant.
16th      Nigel Havers in Rebecca at Richmond.
17th      P{L good on 1Th 5. Jn 8. I did communion liturgy.
18th      papal enclave started.
21st       Session attendance fueled with Paul Meiners now. K to Canterbury by coach to be nanny during house move.
22nd     K back.
24th      Elijah by Uxchoir at awful Hayes RC shrine.
25th      St Botolph's without Aldgate preaching on joy for free Church f Scotland. Pm Dimitri IPC.
26th      Dullest election campaign ever.
28th      Hillingdon to hear Gulas. Gwoza has anti-government Muslim militants. Start of Boko Haram?
29th      Party leaders spoke well on TV but refuse head to head debate.
May 1st A took us to Ipswich. R got us lost with wrong address in sat nav so only just in time for A's niece, Alice, at supposedly evangelical C of E. At Shelford H has lower leg in plaster.
2nd        Day trip to Canterbury to see the new house.
5th         General election.
6th         Up to 2am to see Labour getting the 66 majority predicted by exit polls. Good my friend Stewart Jackson won Peterborough.
7th         Brian Boddy arrived.
8th         Paul Meiners fine on Hosea. Led for Brian on his 34 years in Nigeria. VE day 60th anniversary muted celebrations here.
9th         Noelle cooked for us at 52. C Hall of Cornhill on hermeneutics at IPC.
14th       Elders prayer.
15th       Led for PM on marriage. Lunch at Meiners. Ben W pm.
16th       Again dinner from Noelle at 52 then Christopher Ash on Bible study.
17th       Deacons and elders. Encouraged by the giving.
20th        Elders on scrapping junior church.
21st        Adrian took me to excellent Christian Chiltern brewery shop. Richmond for Winters tale with all male cast.
22nd       PL on best form Ps 135 and Jn 10.
25th        Amazing Europen Cup final win by Liverpool 3-0 down to AC Milan in Istanbul. Won on penalties.
28th        Lords. Bangladesh started 90 for 5. All out 11:45. Second biggest win ever. Got Vaughn's autograph.
29th        PL Ps 129 and Jn 10. Lunch at Daphne's.
30th        Met IPC walk at Chalfont St Peters. French reject Constitution.EU
Jun 4th   Terry Beldam's birthday barbecue. Dale there with parents.
5th          PL Ps 139. To Canterbury. lunch with Fields and Kirsty. Back home.
6th          Session. David Tomae, WHM there. Are the changes to Sunday School and deacons necessary.
7th          Moved Natalia to 52.
8th          Deb connected broadband. RPSGB inspector paid amicable visit. To Luton airport and picked up Christonel and Nina to stay.
9th          Paul C came and advised me to get a wireless router.
11th        Synod in Kingston.
12th        Newborn Lawler baby dies and David Porter too. PL on Ps 139. Visited Great Shelford.
13th        Michael Jackson not guilty. Good AGM.
14th        Lord's for MCC v Lara's 11. He bowled all 10 of his men with MCC 327 for 7. Visited Dan H in Charing Cross. he will lose a foot.
16th        With K to paradise Fields and two Cats the narrow boat of A's uncle.
18th         A got router going. Fancy dress barbecue at IPC with Carlos's steak.
19th         Robin Sydserff of Proc trust good on Ps 1. Pl Jn 12.
20th         Flash floods Helmsley, Thirsk and Hawnby.
22nd        Memorial service for one day old Jessica lawler. Packed. Good words from PL and a Minnesota pastor on Jn 11. CB suspended from his social work.
24th         YMCA make Poverty History quiz. Our team with Barnes and Hereward won.
25th         MB in hospital.
26th         PL good on Jn 12. MB looks ill in hospital.P Meiners interviewed by congregation.
28th         K told slipped disc but no op until Oct or Nov. Ealing Forum meet at The Kent. Met Gerry Tan. My site is now hosted in Australia.

The changing world (274) Jan - Mar 2005

Jan 1st To Canterbury.
2nd       Next to no sermon at St Mary Bredin. Saw new semi D&E are buying. R&A to excellent fish curry lunch. Canterbury is a culinary delight.
3rd        Home.
4th        Teresa restarted work.
5th        Mohammed Haji from Kabul, a vet on WE.
7th        Despite 45,000 complaints BBC will not cancel Gerry Springer The Owers.
8th        Emerging from Horsenden Lane Katy in Yaris hit by a car going east and jumping the lights. Sun in his eyes? Visited Wells.
9th        PL excellent 1Th 1. Took communion to MB who is in decent spirits. Dick Lucas on Mk 1.
10th      Insurance promise car while Yaris repaired. PL excellent at well attended meeting on how to lead a Bible study.
11th      Corsa delivered. Yaris take. Took Deb to her new housegroup at levy.
13th      Silly row over Prince harry in Nazi fancy dress.
16th      PL on 1Th 1:9-10. To Braithwaite's. met Stephen's Caribbean fiancee.
18th      Howard H in hospital and sons called as may be near the end.
19th       HH died. Had been at church Sunday. Deb's first driving lesson.
21st       Frontier centre near Northampton. CPA conference. Leader Alan Craig spoke.
22nd     More came to a ramshackle uninspiring conference.
23rd      Few at nutty, charismatic, lefty conference. But I agree with the principle of a Christian party. But they were to do downhill later . Divided you fall. Dimitri good on Jn 5.
27th      Larsons and Carl to dinner.
28th      IPC for Burns Night. Excellent haggis.
29th      Too Burroughs.
30th       Preached on grace. PL on Jn 5.
Feb 1st  About 30+ family and 20 friends at Howard H's grave near Heathrow. Around 150 at Gunnersbury baptist including Sit Fred and Lady fatherhood. Pam, Martin and I spoke. Encouraging prayer meeting.
3rd         Stock take.
5th          PL here to see Wales beat England at Cardiff.
6th          PL am on 1Th 2 and a full house better on Jn 6 am.
10th       Charles and Camilla engaged.
11th       G down by train.
12th       G&I to RAF museum Hendon.Natalia lodging.
13th       PL good on 1Th 2 and then Jesus walking on water. G back home. Bethany broke left arm falling from J's back and is in Addenbrokes.
14th       GP nags again on weight and pipe.
15th       Few at expensive pony Avenue wine bar for Beer and Bibles. Good chat with Chuck of MTW.
16th       Natalia cooked lasagne.
17th       J&Co to visit us.
18th       Alan Colquoun and Judy to dinner. 13 years since the lawyer lodged with her.
20th       Preached on adultery in Liss. Ryan has turned them down as he did us. Back to IPC but not PL, a LCM Cornhill man not so able as PL.
25th       Phillips to dinner.
27th       Led for PL on 1Th 4. PL Joh 6 a bit repetitious.
Mar 1st  Well attended church prayer.
3rd         Liviu also Edwin Beattie staying.
5th         Deb with R&A to Twickenham North v South Tsunami match.
6th         Joel Rinn lacked structure. I led at table. Elliott good and controversial on Your Kingdom come.
8th         Ealing hospital haematology.
9th         Dan H drunk fell three flours in Melbourne and survived.
11th       Extended parliamentary session over terrorism bill.
13th       PL 1Th 5. French, Taiwanese and two Koreans to lunch cooked by Deb. Pm Jn 6.
16th       Teresa being pursued by bailiffs for old council tax debt now she is working again.
19th        PL round to see Wales beat Ireland and their first grand slam since the seventies.
20th        PL good on 1Th  5. Dimitri on Jn 7.
24th        R took K to Annie's funeral in Wilmslow.
25th        Good Friday led for bill who lunched here.
26th        J&Co here.
27th        PL disturbed by phones and late comers this Thomas sermon. Ben Williamson on Rom 1.
28th        Burroughs here. Visited Bunny park.
31st         Deb back from Spring harvest.