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The changing world (190) Mar 1996

Mar 2nd Session with AH invited along. Visit to SS respite care Northolt. Merry Widow at Greenford hall.
3rd         Preached How 3-6. Paul on worship in evening then took Mr O back to Potters Bar. This was to become a regular pattern when he ho longer had a car. he would come to us by train, have roast lunch and I would run him back.
4th         Deb helped in the pharmacy in the afternoon.
5th         Katy to orchestra. Me to prayer meeting led by Bob Heppe.
6th         I think it was a council colleague who gave me his season ticket to see QPR 1 Leeds 2, Yeboah scoring.
7th         Police consultative committee Southall. The Asian locals there prefer to be policed by whites as we have no favourites. The police have no problems there except at religious festivals when groups come in from other towns.
9th         Session early morning.
10th         Preached Hosea again. Andrew are and fiancee Nicki to lunch.
11th       SS director before work. Deb helped in afternoon. SS group in evening.
12th       SS committee.
13th       Thomas Hamilton kills 16 five year old children and their teacher in Dunblane. It turned out the police had not vetted him properly for gun licences. Parliament was as a result to introduce such repressive legislation that our Olympic pistol shooting team had to go to France to practise.
Met the MD of Brets the council contractor. He is a Christian. Front of the Fiat's radio stolen when parked by the Common.
14th          Elders prayer early morning. EVSC Acton.
15th          Whole country has grief over Dunblane. Major and Blair visit together.
17th          Preached How 11-13.Treated Katy and family to Mothers' day lunch at Pizza Hut.
19th         With Randy to Kingston for presbytery. Ranald told she is not happy with Liphook over baptism and we tried to tighten the conditions for baptist elders.
20th          To funeral of Harry Gaskin our former neighbour at 73 Lee Road. He had been involved in building the houses here in the 1930s and ought his when newly built.
22nd          With Katy to get Rachel from Canterbury.
23rd           Kary, Deb and Rachel to 'Joseph' at the Apollo.
24th           Led morning service. Braithwaite's and Mr O to lunch. Stephen Green of Christian Voice in the evening.
25th           Rachel got some work experience arranged at Georgian House,
26th           Katy to orchestra.
27th           SACRE not quorate due to Anglicans not attending.
28th           Elders prayer before work and housegroup after.
29th          Mad cow scare but no cheap meat to be found.
30th          West London Synphonia, La Boheme at St John's.
31st           Rota. David and Jane arrived. I preached evening Palm Sunday sermon.

Diary w/e 27 Oct 2018

Sun 21 Oct

Laurens very informative adult Sunday School on worldview. Paul's sermon on Mat 10 - Christ divides so Christians persecuted would have been appropriate in Nigeria. Jonathan Wilcox presided very well at the Table. Little family to lunch with us. Paul excellent on Num 20 and rightly proud of his three points - God in the dock, God on the rock and God with his flock. It beats apt alliterations artful aid.

Mon 22 Oct

To Central Middlesex Hospital urology OPD for a surgical procedure only for the consultant to say he wanted to try a different one and I would now be on the waiting list. It is too like plumbing. You cannot get the job done when expected.

Saturday, October 20, 2018

The changing world (189) Feb 1996

Feb 1st Early elders prayer. Visited new art gallery in Pitshanger manor. Sorry it seems all modern art, no historic paintings.
3rd       Looking after dale while his mother visited her daughter who is with the father. Margery  visited in Northwick Park again.
4th       Ballot approves call of Steve Constable. David Cross, MTW missionary with EPCEW visited with Merrilie Ritchie who spoke on divorce.
5th     With SS director before work and our pre-policy group on ward boundaries.
6th      Heavy snow made me late for work. Had to deliver oxygen to Florrie. EHHHA evening health promotion on emergency contraception. I was in the minority of those who do not want the freedom to prescribe the morning after pill.
7th      Evening visit to a SS group home which has satisfied clients and good staff.
8th      Morning prayer with Bob Heppe.
9th      Evening pastoral visit to AH who is unhappy with some session decisions.
10th    David B back on session. men's prayer breakfast. Visited Rajinder after her surgery in Ealing Hospital. West London Sinfonia at St John's.
11th     Morning service led and introduced Hosea with Jennifer Reid and Lesley Barnes reading.
12th     Boring education committee.
13th     Katy at music group.
14th     School for Scandal at Questors.
15th     Special council for housing grant. Ward AGM.
17th     Took Deb to Great Shelford. To Myra's for Dorothy's 52nd birthday.
18th     Uncle Neil preached at St Jame's Green.Geoffrey and Sara across.  Lunch with Myra and tea then Dorothy back to her home in Richmond.
19th     Took Myra to lunch at the Angel, Topcliffe. Snow showers.
20th      Picked up deb from Great Shelford and home in snowy landscape.
22nd     Morning at EHHHA in Chiswick workshop on sexual health. Said my bit on zero risk sex to the surprise of the homosexual leading the workshop. Housegroup Rom 8 at Robbins.
24th       Session. Visited Rajinder in hospital.
25th       Rota. Elaine Barnes to lunch. Some on worship again in evening.
27th       Full council. Home 12:45 am.
29th       Special council tax setting preceded by the gift of a Polish eagle for the mayor's chain.

Diary w/e 20 Oct 2018

Sun 14 Oct

To Liss IPC as part of my elder's duties. Excellent sermon on giving from James Buchanan and hospitality at their home too. Back to IPC Ealing evening service but only to take David Jones for his third talk at the Immigration Removal Centre on witness to Muslims. David is the expert on personal evangelism and he relates so well to Africans. New detainees from Nigeria and Ghana as usual. Another from Brazil too and for the first time ever in eight years, a Russian in our captive audience.

Mon 15

Pastoral visit to High Wycombe to encourage Amjad and Sarah, our members there engaged in Muslim ministry. Enjoyed Pakistani curry and then prayer meeting.

Tue 16

Four of us at early morning prayer. Wasted journey to Northwick Park OPD. Appointment cancelled. Late to ELT thanks to the E7 bus being slow. Chris Roberts excellent as ever on The Wedding at Cana. Pastoral visit. ECHO cardiogram in Hanwell.

Wed 17

Hosted U3A history on Spain up to the Muslim conquest. I learned that orange comes from Arabic. Housegroup at Cradocks on the witch of Endor. A dark passage of judgement pointing to a better king.

Th 18

Waited for E10 to travel to dine with family in Ealing. Over 15 minutes late then stuck on Ruislip Road due to roadworks at the Argyle Road roundabout. Told the bus would terminate at Scotch Common. Rang to say we would not be dining where we had booked as we could not get there in time. Off the E10 and back to Greenford for lunch at a cafe there. Katy planted four pots of bulbs. New chapel not ready to clean this Saturday but next.

Fri 19

Shopped with Katy in two supermarkets.

Sat 20

Breakfast and Gen1 study with five IPC men then bookstall which was very quiet. First anniversary of our move to this house. 37 years in Ealing, four homes. Twelve years in Nigeria, ten homes.

The changing world (188) Jan 1996

Jan 1st Dropped David at Alperton then to Burroughs with Grandad.
2nd      Su Pui from Drayton High is new work experience girl. OM team at prayer meeting led by Bob H.
3rd      With Katy to civic performance of The Ghost Train at Questors.
4th       Elders prayer before work. Elders and deacons met jn evening. Katy reluctant to let me get internet.
5th       At Babcocks to see internet at work.
6th       Constables visited us with their two toddlers. I would be happy to call him.
7th       Hosiers to dinner,
8th       Met SS dirtier before work. SS pre-meeting after. Terry Beldam tiling the kitchen. Rajinder concerned she has to have surgery.
9th        SS committee. Katy our with cello.
10th      At Mansells hit the panic button calling police when a nutty white woman assaulted a large black customer in the post office queue. St Anne's governors. Rachel back to Canterbury.
11th       Steve Constable at our housegroup.
12th       Away day at Martins. Agreed to send members a letter recommending calling Steve Constable. At the time I did not record him saying he would consider staying three years or so but I do remember thinking, "What happened to the concept on staying until the Lord calls elsewhere?'
Deb had Gillian Heppe for a sleep over.
13th         With Rachel in Canterbury.
14th         Led for Steve C.
15th         Ordered modem and did not tell Katy yet.
16th         Evening pharmacy continuing education on health promotion at town hall.
17th         Signed up for Mailbox internet.
18th         Modem arrived and Keith Martin helped set it up.
19th         Found evidence of a dishonest assistant. My fords email sent to Rachel.
20th         Session decided to ask David B if he wants a sabbatical.
21st         Church meeting agrees to ballot to call Steve C.
22nd        Rota. Chis paddock to lunch. Spoke on worship in evening.
23rd         The boss persuaded the dishonest assistant to repay £1000 and leave with no references, no police.
25th          Early morning elders prayer. Good housegroup on Rom 8.
26th          A little snow. Joan Welch back with us first time in over two years.
27th          A little more snow. J&M with us.
28th          Led for Barry Segren preaching at ordination of Mark Larson as deacon. Spoke on worship in evening. David B to take sabbatical from session.
30th           Second health promotion workshop at town hall.

Friday, October 19, 2018

The changing world (187) Dec 1995

Dec 2nd Elders prayer. Shopped with katy at Macro. Front garden tend. Tim Gray staying. katy and I to good Messiah by Ealing Choral Society, Acton Town Hall. Counter tenor good in place of contralto.
3rd        Morning service disrupted for me trying to help a very distressed Margery after a black in his car tried to rob her. Evening David B on divorce. Pulled a muscle and could not sleep for pain.
4th        Could not get night doctor or quick A&E help before work. Suffered until saw Dr Lancer 4:30 who confirmed muscle strain as ibuprofen has helped. Told boss I was giving notice. He said he was yet to make me a n offer. Oldfield parents will reject plans to have tutorial centre there. Dick keys spoke on heroes.
5th         Boss surprised me offering 5% now and 3% next year which I will probably accept. Home in snow.
6th        Told boss I would accept his offer and that he is grumpy and Indu selfish. Felt better for it. EHHA JCC briefly then a drink with the Labour councillor, Liz Brookes.
7th        Elders prayer. ward meeting.
8th        Deb to youth group then Heppes overnight. With katy doing overseas cards.
9th        Early elders then prayer breakfast. Tiles ordered for kitchen. Costons lunch. Gardening for a short while.
10th      Finished the cards. Rota. Randy led. Katy to youth service.
1th        Deacons.
12th      Brought Margery to encouraging prayer meeting with OM team here for Christmas evangelism.
13th      Katy out to school Christmas meal.
14th      6am set off to Canterbury
 through city. Lost three times but Canterbury 8:30. Left ( with Rachel who navigates well. Home 11:30 then off to work.
15th      After work rejoinder took me to Excelsior and the staff meal cost us £10 each. Good carvers. Home 11pm.
16th      Early session meeting. Our MP's lunch not well attended.
17th      David led for Paul. Teen's service on Freedom. OM did the carol service but few outsiders came.
18th       Rachel has a student's appetite for home cooking.
19th       After lunch donned hired father Christmas suit. Hot but fun. Visited surgery in it.
20th       In the suit at Mansells. EVSC management. Nibbles after and good chat with RC orient from Acton.
21st      Shopped with Katy for final presents at Ealing Broadway. Work in Santa suit. Housegroup Rom 7.
22nd     Visited Georgian House in Santa Suit. Glad to divest myself of it. Staff meal Shahee tandoori Southall, Rachel included but Katy busy at home preparing.
23rd      david home and Hiroko, japanese student from Durham here for the holiday.
24th      Led for David on Mary. Had neighbours, Beldams and Robin to ours for carols. Phoned Steve Constable arranging his visit.
25th      18+lb turkey on atv7am. David B preached well. Chis Baddock and Mr O with us .
26th      J&M with us and grandad too, After lunch a walk up Horsenden Hill. A little snow later.
27th      Back to work Mansells and Mattock lane later.
28th      Prayer with Paul before work. Housegroup Seaber. Very upset at family addicts.
230h      Elders prayer before work. Babcocks and david's friend Tristram with in the evening.
31st       Led covenant service with Bob preaching a rambling sermon on Peter. Soup lunch. Pot luck for evening dinner before games. Phoned Larsons.

On Pastoral Visitation - Church of Scotland General Assembly Act 10, 1708.

"The following articles are unanimously recommended to the ministers of this church, not as binding rules, but as a help to them in their visiting of families: viz., that ministers visit all the families in their parish, at least once a year, if the same be large, and oftener if the parish be small. And in the management of this work it is advised, 
1. That ere a minister set out to this work, he labour to have his own heart in a suitable frame for it. 
2. That he choose such a time in the year, as his people may be best at leisure to meet with him: and that due intimation be made of the minister's design to visit, that the people may order their affairs so that he may find them at home. 
3. That he be accompanied with the elder of the bounds; with whom he may confer before they go forth to the work, about the state and condition of the persons and families of these bounds, that the minister may be able to speak the more suitably to their condition, and as may be most for edification. 
4. When they enter a house, after a short account of the design of the visit, they are to take an account of the names of the family, parents, children, and servants, and inquire for certificates from those who are lately come to the parish, and to mark them in the roll for catechizing: and to take notice who can read, and of the age of children when capable of catechizing. 
5. Then the minister may speak to them all in general of the necessity of regeneration, and the advantages of serious religion and godliness: of piety toward God, and justice and charity towards men. 
6. And next, more particularly to the servants, of their duty to fear and serve God: and to be dutiful, faithful, and obedient servants, and of the promises made to such: recommending to them the reading of the Scriptures as they can, and prayer in secret, and love and concord among themselves: and in particular, a holy care of sanctifying the Lord's day. 
7. The minister is to apply his discourse to the children, as they are capable, with affectionate seriousness; showing them the advantages of knowing, loving, seeking, and serving God, and remembering their Creator and Redeemer in the days of their youth, and honouring their parents; and to remember how they are dedicated to God in baptism; and when of age, and fit, and after due instruction of the nature of the covenant of grace, and seals thereof, to excite them to engage themselves personally to the Lord, and to desire, and pray for, and take the first opportunity they can of partaking of the Lord's Supper; to be specially careful how they communicate at first, much depending thereon: and such of the servants as are young, are to be exhorted hereto in like manner, exciting them also to daily reading of the Scriptures and to secret prayer, and sanctifying of the Lord's day. 
8. After this he should speak privately to the master and mistress of the family, about their personal duty towards God, and the care of their own souls' salvation, and their obligations to promote religion, and the worship of God in their families; and to restrain and punish vice, and encourage piety, and to be careful that they and their house serve the Lord, and sanctify the Lord's day. After this, it may be fit to exhort masters to take care that God be worshipped daily in their family, by prayer, and praise, and reading of Scripture. They should inquire of them concerning the conversation and behaviour of the servants, and their duty towards God and man, and how they attend the worship of God in the family, and the public worship on the Lord's day, and how they behave after sermon: if any of them be piously inclined; if they make conscience of secret prayer, and reading of the Scripture: if there be catechizing, and instructing of the ignorant and weak; if due care be taken in educating the children, and particularly if they be put timeously to school, and how they profit thereat: and how the Lord's day is spent after sermon, in the family and in secret: all which the minister may mix with suitable directions, encouragements, and admonitions, as he shall see cause, and most for edification. 
9. He may inquire who have Bibles, and encourage them who are able to get Bibles of their own, to make diligent and religious use thereof, and to recommend to parents and masters of families, to have the Confession of Faith, Catechisms, and other good books, for instruction in faith and manners. 
10. If any be tainted with errors, or given to vice, they should be particularly dealt with, and spoken to, either privately or before others, as may be most for edification, and all in the family are to be exhorted to watch and edify one another, and to carry towards any who walk disorderly according to the rule, Matt. 18 : 15. 
11. If there be any difference or division, either in the family or with the neighbours, the minister should endeavour to remove the same, and to make peace and to ex cite to follow it with all men, as far as possible. 
12. It may be also inquired of those who have received tokens to communicate the last season for it, whether they have made use of them or not, and those who have communicated may be inquired privately, how they have profited thereby, and excited to remember to pay their vows to the Lord. 13. If there be any in the parish who keep not Church communion with us, whatever their motives may be, ministers ought to deal with God for them, and with themselves in such a way as may be most proper to gain them, and exonerate their own consciences before God and his people, waiting, if God peradventure will prevail with them; who can tell, but our making them sensible of our tender love and affection to their persons, especially to their souls, giving them all due respect, and doing them all the good we can, yet still discountenancing their sin, may in the end be blessed of God for their good. Jude 22, 23; 2 Tim. 2 : 23, 25. All this should be carried on with dependence on God and fervent prayer to him, both before a minister set forth to such a work, and with the visited, as there shall be access to, and opportunity for it." .

The changing world (186) Nov 1995

Nov 1st deb not into Tutorial Centre.
2nd       Elders prayer. Boss has taken his son to Manchester to meet red devils players. Housegroup at ours.
3rd        Moaning boss back. Resolved to leave ASAP. Rachel worked pm. Labour have cancelled bonfire night firework display.
4th        Session. Shopping. Gardening. Letter to gazette on fireworks. In Israel, Rabin assassinated.
5th         Rota. Gave Mr O Southern Comfort from holiday. Took Rachel to Alperton station on her way back to uni. Steve Constable sample sermon on video went well but AH unhappy.
6th         Rachel happy start to her placement.
7th         Katy at music group. Prayer meeting poorly attended. Deb off tutorial centre with pains. Frost on car last four mornings.
8th          Finance committee. Too tired to go on to st Anne's governors.
9gh         I was the only one there for early prayer. Session at ours. We cannot offer housing to Corcorans. Finances good. as is feedback on Steve Constable.
10th         Boss reckons some money has gone missing in transit between the two shops. Pleased deb went to teens.
11th          Prayer breakfast. Present shopping with Katy. Harry Greenway not happy with my Gazette letter criticising the lottery. One of three I had published.
12th          Remembrance Sunday. Usual inappropriate folk group at Richardson's service at the war memorial. Chris Baddock and Mr O to lunch. Spoke on church government for youth service. Supported the mayor at the British Legion and found Pound also opposes the lottery.
13th          Group chaired by Barbara Yerolemou was rather slow. Deacons will not let Corcorans stay in church flat on their return from Switzerland.
14th          Katy out with c hello. Wrote to PAE about their documents. Anger over Nigeria executing Saro Wiwa.
15th          Deb and I took Welly to vet before she went to tutorial centre. Wrapping presents for Yorkshire.
16th          To Harrogate and before judge in chambers. He said Shores never sent dad bills and the six year rule applied halving the bill too £1000. Shores garage man very angry. Tea with Myra. Drove home to find Rachel there.
17th          House of Jacobs teens round for Deb's birthday.
18th          Met with Paul for session before synod which I missed due to work but I wrote our report.
19gh         Led for Raju but had rota. He is very critical of IPC elders. Liss is still with s for they have concessions to accommodate ballistic elders. Indian takeaway from Alperton to celebrate Jonathan's birthday. he is here with Miriam. Spoke on the welfare state in the evening.
20th           Before work prepared sermon on Job and Christmas letter. Good turnout for church meeting but AH unhappy over change in voting rules fr calling elders. Diana interviewed by Bashir on Panorama. Critical of Charles. Katy refused to watch. (Within two years she was no more).
21st            Everyone except us has sympathy for Diana. I still think she was a young unwise woman ignorant of the ways of royal princes. I do not excuse Charles but he was par for the course of royal princes like his great uncle. His grandfather and great grandfather and great great great grandfather were exceptions to the rule, His great great  grandfather typified it. He and Diana were both at fault. He should have married Camilla but she was no virgin. Diana was but she came from a failed marriage so had no good family example to follow. A beautiful, sad, manipulative woman but a good mother to her sons and she did good work with Aids and land mines charities. Rosemary West found guilty of three counts of murder. Bosnian peace agreement. Katy out with cello.
22nd           Boss refuses to consider a pay rise. New computer program giving trouble with labelling. With Miriam, Katy and deb to Northolt harvester in Deb's honour but found the steak very small after Boston.
23rd           Elders prayer. Boss talked but offered no more money and Moss job is open. SACRE boring presentation by Walford head of RE. Free Church woman is the pits too.
24th           Asked Moss for written offer. Enlivened by the prospect of leaving this job. Tutorial centre cancelled visit at short notice.
25th           Good elders prayer. Welly to vet. Photocopied Christmas letter. Helping Katy in garden cutting back trees.
26th           Went well preaching the grace of God in Job. carol Gray gave moving testimony on death of her first husband and she sand from messiah too. Katy at contact Sunday at her school. I visited Robbin. David Barnes on divorce. best Sunday for a long time.
27th            Group until 11pm. I stirred it up with my objections to grant Maintained schools. They are from a government not bold enough to reintroduce grammar schools and will be no help for special needs pupils.
28th           Full council. I had two questions and four supplementaries. Spoke on Acton hospital, GM schools and Tutorial centre as well as SS agenda. Home 12:30 am after drinks with the mayor.
29th           Letter offering Moss job. Katy not enthusiastic not having details of hours. She went to quartets.
30th            Elders prayer. Good housegroup. Clinton in Belfast.

The changing world (185) Oct 1995

Oct 1st Missed Mike Peat's sermon due to rota duty. Cliff Bergdal on mission in evening.
2nd         Neela from Brentside on work experience. Joint elders and deacons discussed youth worker, administrator and new deacons.
3rd          Jury says O J Simpson not guilty. Bob Heppe led prayer meeting.
4th          Indu says she will have ab arranged marriage.
5th          Prayer with Larry before work and session to 11:30 at night on DJ and matters charismatic.
6th          Interview with Moss. Becklers had a farewell dinner with us. I have told larry I was concerned at his going to PCUSA. I have given him a good reference. I would never recommend PCUSA.
7th          Did Katy's tax return.
8th          Joe preached on Jacob.
9th          Morning EHHA Southall interview on formulary development.
10th        Katy to Heston strings ensemble.
11th        After work took Welly to Great Shelford.
12th        Packed our cases for USA. West trial goes on with 10 murder charges.
13th        11:30 flight from Heathrow. 7 hours to Boston. Marty late to meet us then broke down in the tunnel. Pushed out. Broke down again on way to Southborough. car had not been serviced. Katy and Deb to hear Paul play in concert at Gordon College. Elliott and I heard Dick Keyes at L'Abri.
14th        Two mile walk in falling leaves. Bought cigars and some mac stuff at a computer show.
15th         Sunday School then church at Larson's. Rib of beef at Durgan Park. Quincy market juggler. Bunker Hill.
16th         400+ miles to NH White Mountains and the Flume, a waterfall in gorge. Vermont and covered bridge . Meal at L'Abri.
17th          Plimoth Plantation. Impressed by saints and strangers . Knew their theology well. Visited mayflower II. Evening Bible Study.
18th          Elliott took us in RV. At Northampton saw Edwards memorial and Brainerd and Stoddart graves. Katy drove to Oneida RV Park overnight.
19th          I drove RV 2 hours. Niagara falls by lunchtime. Impressive. Walked by Horseshoe and American falls. Very wet in cave of the winds walk. Maid of the Mist exhilarating with falling water on three sides. Stopped overnight at camp site. Went into Canada to see the falls floodlit at night. Disgusted we had to show passports and Americans did not.
20th         There of us drove 450+miles back to Southborough. Marti cooked Mexican.
21st          Visited local pharmacy and discount warehouse shopping.
22nd         Sunday School at Hope church. I preached on 3 solas at Larson's. Saw carl in band at boring American Football game. Walked to L'Abri.
23rd          Bus to Boston. Freedom trail followed to Faneuel Hall. Deb had caricature drawn.To Tea Party Ship. Bus back. L'Abri supper. Deb did tricks with spoons.
24th          To Kennebunkport and saw home of the elder Bush. Beautiful coast. Lobster for lunch. Shopped E L Bean at Freeport.
25th           To Boston music shops, Harvard, Warm day. Boston subway negotiated. Saw some World Series baseball on TV.
26th           Fat lift up 60 floors of Boston's Hancock Centre. Great diorama explaining the history and harbour view. Lunch at Quincy Market. Boat trip in harbour. TV saw Cleveland Indians beat Atlanta braves.
27th           To Concord to see North Bridge and the Fighting Road along which we retreated. At Lexington Green we were the only ones photographing the redcoats memorial. Salem full of hypocrisy. Occult shops and a denial that there was any historic witchcraft.  Katy and Deb with Marty to a play at Gordon College.
28th          Bought Marty flowers as we flew out of Boston with no immigration check.
29th          Larry late to pick us up at Heathrow, 6:15 am. Bed 7:30 am 3 hours. J&M came to return Welly. IPC farewell meal for Becklers with excellent sketches from teens.
30th          To Roy George before work. Group to prepare for SS committee.
31st           SS committee.

Thursday, October 18, 2018

The changing world (184) Sep 1995

Sep 1st  Discoverers ends. Card from Rachel in Nigeria.
2nd       Post brought a list of addresses for Rachel's lodgings and we went to canterbury finding one small but clean.
3rd        David led for Larry. Jane back home by coach.
5th         After work to Quaker Meeting House for boring EVSC.
6th         Elders prayer before work and meeting after work. Macleods have left us for HTB. David Barnes does not want to lead or preach in future due to problems with his boys.
7th         Wrote to Barry Seagren on baptism.
8th         After work did barbecue then games and malt whisky at Babcocks.
11th       James Buchan from Acton High for unexpected work experience. Threatening letter from DJ in prison.
12th       Evening presbyter all on List and baptist elders.
13th       Surprised by Rachel coming to the pharmacy on her way home from Heathrow. To Northolt harvester celebrating her results. News from Garba.
14th       Prayer with David B before work. Took Rachel to TFG Acton. Prayer meeting.
15th       Took David B to Badger for a weekend away. Waited on for dinner in a house with antiques.
16th       S G MaGrath spoke three times from Is 40. I would like to call him as pastor. Visited Bridgewater.
17th       Communion at Badger. Discussed help for lawyers and Nigel whose shop is in trouble financially.Visited John Sullivan. Katy took Rachel to Canterbury.
18th        Applying for moss job in Brentford.
21st        Rachel home for weekend.
23rd       Costons tea. Rachel back to Canterbury. Katy to string quartets.
24th       Paul on Noah, Alan on David. Phoned Myra with greetings on her 83rd birthday.
25th       Kat to Hounslow evening class to see if she will do cello in an orchestra.
26th       Medway public meeting on how to spend Tesco planning gain.
28th       Housegroup at ours on Ram 6.
30th       To David to Exeter lodgings in a large Baptist manse.

The changing world (183) Jun- Aug 1995

Jun 9th Away day with elders at Joes. I am still down and angry over David leaving his degree course.
10th      Rachel at work with me. Premier radio launched.
11th      randy preached. Rather a spiritual ramble than an exposition of the text.
12th      A customer asked me to dial 999 as an Asian being mugged by two Blacks outside at 1:30 pm. Three cars came and arrested three men but vistim and witness had gone.
13th       Julie from Cardinal Wiseman on work experience. CID asked me what I witnessed yesterday. SCARE at the synagogue.
15th        Work. EVSC in Acton. Ward committee then house group.
16th         Rachel started A level RE. David thinks he will work in Exeter for a year.
17th         To Great Shelford where the newlyweds are happy in the flat owned by a Christian doctor.
19th          Met with SS director Roy George,
22nd         Social services committee.
Jul 15th    IPC international food fair.
24th          Jamila, Pakistani Muslim started work.
27th          FHSA for audit workshop.
28th          Rachel to Bawtry hall weekend
29th          David to Jane in Wirral.
30th          Preached on goodness.
31st          Katy took Debbie to Leapers and brought back two easy chairs for Jonathan and miriam. This has been the third hottest July of the century.
Aug 1st    Nigel Gray led prayer meeting.
2nd          Katy painting the kitchen.
3rd           Geoffrey received a summons for over £2000 from Dad's garage. I favour arbitration.
4th            Ranald Macaulay asked me to appear on ITV on Sunday to defend the dropping of the atomic bomb 50 years ago but I am preaching that day.
5th            To Great Shelford. Countryside the brownest I have ever seen. Moved J&M into 10 Mores Meadow, their bungalow.
6th             Preached on faithfulness. Drove Rachel in Fiat to leapers and brought deb back.
7th             Jonathan Edwards gold at Goteborg world championship breaking his own triple jump world record.
9th             Wedding anniversary celebrated at Northolt harvester.
10th            Housegroup Rom 6 at Judy's.
11th            Jane Montgomery visiting.
12th            Overnight at Clarks near Birmingham. Pleased to see all four of them. Our deb milked with Peter.
13th            To Wilmslow via Kiddiminster and the statue of Baxter.
14th             With Woodcocks and to their Susan who has a demanding pair of dogs. Visited Jack Williamson too.
15th             Now walked with us to the excellent historic Styal Mill. At David and Enas with many wedding videos washed down with whisky.
16th            To Harrogate via Glossop, Huddersfield where we were lost again, Hebden Bridge and Haworth. Visited the main street and church where I remembered Grimshaw. Out to pub with Geoffrey and Sara.
17th            Took Myra to Nostell Priory. Heard Rachel has a B for A level Christian Theology. Saw Pickering and the steam train. Tea with the Rayners and their William and Phillip. Robert took us over the moors to Goathland.
18th            With Geoffrey to west End to see a village flooded in 1959 and only seen last in 1976. Visited Grassington, Ribblehead and Dent where their own beer is excellent.
19th             Lunch with Myra. Home to hot and sticky London.
20th             Larry good on self control. Helen Roosevere video in evening.
21st             Petra Goepher, German student visited.
22nd           Took Rachel to Heathrow.
24th             After work to the fait on the Common and housegroup at Robbins.
25th            Katy took Deb to Jonathan's.
25th            To IPC Liphook service. Not impressed. L'Abri lunch with Ranald. Tea with Procters.
26th             To Great Shelford and brought Deb home.
29th              Discoverers started.
30st             Booked £306 tickets with American Airlines to Boston.

The changing world (182) Mar-May 1995

Mar 1st Went to Joint Consultative Committee and missed St Anne's governors.
3rd         First Commons vote to ban hunting with hounds.
5th         Rota duty so missed David barnes on the narrow Way. Ken Bailey video in evening on mission in Tsaiah.
7th        Rachel to Sunderland for Northumbria interview.
9th        Session but my diary daily entries dry up. Depression .
18th      David back from Exeter.
21st       SACRE
29gh     Reduced to 3000 words a sermon on Anxiety for a Times competition. I was a daily reader of the paper.
31st       Farewell party for Robin Fleming SS director.With Katy and Rachel to strip wallpaper in Robbin's flat.
Apr 1st  Saw Rory Bremner on stage at St John's.
2nd        Preached on authority of Christ, mat 7 end of series. Robbin and dale baptised. Meal in their honour.
5th         St Anne's governors
6th         Session.
10th       Visited Margery Beldam in Northwick Park hospital.
13th       Jonathan and Miriam with us.
13th       David Barnes led Good Friday dramatic reading of Mark. Preparing home-brew wine for the wedding.
16th        Joe preached resurrection.
17th        Burroughs came to plan the wedding.
18th        Met with Roy George new acting SS director.
22nd        Took David to Exeter.
23rd        Brought Robbin and dale from Northolt for church then I had rota duty.
May 1st   Octa Tanna from Indonesia with us from HOST.
 9th          Presbytery Kingston Korean IPC.
12th         Very angry and upset David has dropped out of his art and primary education degree. More angry with the university than him as they have made no effort to put him into another degree course.
16th          Council. I had one question and two speeches.
20th          Jane Burrough here to fir girl's bridesmaids dresses.
21st           Bob Heppe preached.
22nd          Paul Oakley from Burton on Trent stayed with us.
23rd          Annual council.
26th          Bottling wedding wine. David and Jane Montgomery came. Wedding rehearsal Great Shelford. Took the groom for drinks.
27th          My sermon was short at Jonathan and Miriam's wedding. All went very well with reception at Gonville and Caius College then on to Burroughs.
28th          The honeymooners rang from St Austel. David and Jane back to Exeter.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

The changing world (181) Feb 1995

Feb 1st Very wet. Floods in North Yorkshire.
2nd       Deb going to Tutorial centre well. Good house group Rom 1
3rd        Saw SS director about an alternative budget. Rachel has an offer from Canterbury if the gets B grade.
4th        Katy did church flowers. I prepared sermon on Judge Not, mat 7.\
5th        Sermon went OK. Raju in the evening on North India work.
6th        Town Hall meeting on drugs in schools. Heard the shocking history of a SS client known to us at church. I remember Elliott saying Evangelicals do not know how the world lives.
7th         I was the only councillor at Special Needs Ealing Education meeting. Katy to prayer meeting. Deb not in the tutorial centre due to pains.
8th         Group meeting discussed our policy over the planning gain from Tescos Hoover plans. Perivale got a new community centre and the towpath was improved.
9th         Good elders meeting but one of us has problems with a teenage son's behaviour and suspension from school.
10th       Delivered medicines to Florrie a sweet housebound old lady.
11th       Prayer breakfast and pastoral visit.
12th       Paul on Pearls before swine. Sylvester spoke to teens in the evening.
13th       Submitted alternative SS savings for budget.
14th       Katy not happy with the worship group.
15th       SS responsive to the young member whose case I have referred to them.
16th       Visited tutorial centre and quite encouraging. Special council then ward AGM.
17th       Deb made pizza then ice skating with teens.
18th       Deb washing cars for a Bibles for schools charity.
19th       Randy and Alan preaching.
20th       New post office now open at mantels.
21st       Barry Seagren met with the session and told us Less want to leave IPC. Their prospective elder candidates are Baptists. Mayor opens the new post office facility.
22nd      Fist day at the new Mansells with post office. Proposal for Ireland and UK both to give up constitutional claims over Northern Ireland.
23rd      Rajinder a good held at mattock lane. dads garage still demanding money.
24th      Alf White, aka James Herriot died. Deb reluctant to go to counselling. Katy has decorated the landing.
25th      Shopping with Katy for lampshades. Wasting time on computer pinball.
26th      Morning service man from Jews for Jesus excellent on passover. Lord's prayed video by Bailey in evening.
28th       Two hours at council on Tescos planning gain.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

The changing world (180) Jan 1995

Jan 1st  I preaches]d Mat 2, The King Revealed, and Larry led covenant service. Six Heppes to lunch. Fred wast Gloucester murderer found hanged.
2nd       David back from Wirral and we took him to Exeter.
3rd        Very cold. Took deb to Questors for cicic performance of Alice Through the Looking Glass. Katy rightly angry at IPC worship team meeting during the prayer meeting.
5th         Wet, cold, windy. Rachel at Mattock lane with me.
7th          Hosiers to dinner.
8th          Rota duty then to Braithwaite's.
10th        Mark Ashton, Round Church Cambridge spoke to session.
14th        To Thirsk then ate out in Harrogate.
15th         Malcolm Peters at Hambledon Evangelical. Visited the graves. Back after lunch at Myra's.
17th         Earthquake at Kobe in Japan, worst in over 60 years. 2000+ dead.
18th         Deb did not want lesson with Wendy. The boss in better mood since his post office completed. Rachel is a good worker.
19th          Work. Planning west. Ward. Prayer meeting at ours.
20th          Elders at Joes. Bob Heppe, Randy and Cliff Berkdahl there. Bob shared Southall plans. Becklers not settled.
21st          At Mansells. Struggling with tiredness, depression, anxiety.
22nd         Rota so missed Paul on Treasures in heaven.
23rd         Katy went to dyslexia counselling.
24th         Briefing from SS director. Rachel to interview at Christchurch Canterbury for OT degree.
25th         Prayer at Becklers.Jane started work with me. At last an English girl with brains. Rachel back unhappy with group interview.
26th          SS committee.
27th          Rachel to TFG house party. did in better spites and she cooked pizza.
28th          Preparing mat 6 sermon on anxiety.
29th          Preached. Larry persuaded Katy not to give up her church music.
31st          Education committee. Worst continental floods of the century.

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Diary w/e 13 Oct 2018

Sun 7 Oct

Lorens Du Plessis good on Worldviews in adult Sunday School. Good third sermon on Heb 11, Faith and hope, from Paul Levy. Our newest church member, Raphael Siva, age two days, present with his parents. He did Num 18 in the evening with Laurens leading and Paul Meiners presiding well at the Lord's Table. Katy and I watched the first two episodes of Vanity Fair. Loved it, especially the Bunyan references, but how does a story set around 1800 have electric lights on a merry-go-round?

Mon 8 Oct

Visited our neighbour, Arpana, a Gujerati widow with three adult sons, one married with two children. Very friendly and accomplished lady. Walked to William Perkin School to see where the bus stops are for I am to escort a pupil to her home in Ealing Broadway so she may learn the route. Overjoyed to hear Hamid has been judged worthy of asylum. Session meeting, hopefully our last at Dean Hall.

Tue 9 Oct

Co-op ATM - beware. I have used this near the Town Hall twice. The first time it swallowed my card for no reason. Today it gave me £60 and a receipt for £80 withdrawn. I had to go to my bank, Santander, to claim my money which I await. Co-op say it is merely their wall not their machine. Not very co-operative IMO. Chris Roberts excellent at ELT on the Light coming into the world - the light you cannot see unless God opens your eyes in new birth.

Wed 10 Oct

Our friend Kenneth Skilling flew in from DC and I cooked him tandoori for lunch. Then I had a wasted hour waiting to take a girl home from school on the bus but her mother failed to tell me my help was not needed. Fascinated by the last episodes on Vanity Fair. I think it owes more to Ecclesiastes than Bunyan. 

Th 11 Oct

Nine elders at early morning prayer. The only thing better than rising early to pray is rising early for corporate prayer. 'How sweet and pleasant it is when brothers ...' Shopped at Wyvale garden centre and disgusted by 20 minute wait for a bowl of soup. Joel Rinn from Verona arrived to stay after a synod planning meeting.

Fr1 12 Oct

ATM £20 shortfall refunded. Joel left us for his Verona home. Katy gave her weekly piano lessons to Ethan and Elissa.

Sat 13 Oct

Big Boys Cafe, breakfast to celebrate Deb's job as classroom assistant. Book table Greenford Broadway but my only conversation was with Usmani and Mohammed on the Muslim book table. London Festival of Male Voice Choirs. Treated to excellent seats and a cab home by our friend Kenneth Skilling.

The changing world (179) Dec 1994

Dec 1st Trouble with kitchen fitters - wrong sink and refusal to fit cooker hood.
2nd       Kitchen completed apart from the cooker hood as fitters say the grill is too high for it.  Katy out helping clean Robin Gomes' flat.
3rd        David offered Exeter CU presidency. Alan with trailer helped me clear the kitchen debris.
4th         Larry on psalm for the king, I presided at table. Wycliffe video in the evening.
6th         Deb OK at tutorial centre. Prayer meeting.
7th         Dad's garage says he owed them £2000
8th         Katy not well enough o enjoy her school meal at Charlotte's Place. Session with Larry, Paul and David.
9th         Teens tramps supper finished with us and Katy's Mississippi mud pies.
10th       Prayer breakfast. Coston lunch. Jonathan and Miriam brought David back from Exeter. Break in at Mansells stole lot of perfumes.
11th       Bob Heppe on Is 9.
13th       Deb OK at tutorial centre.
16gth      Staff meal at taste of China in Harrow.
17th        With Trevor to Highbury and saw Leeds beat Arsenal.
18th         Joe on Mat 1 genealogy. Randy led carol service. Judy and her Aussie friend David to lunch.
19th         No staff so rand Rachel at school and she came in to work.
20th         Took presents to Doris and Stephen in Northolt.
21st          Assistant Sarah is in hospital. Put up mirror and pictures in newly papered hal.
22nd         Finished Christmas shopping at Ealing Broadway with Katy. House group at Judy's.
23rd          Jonathan and Miriam with. After a nearly year closed the call bridge reopened by Brent.
24th          Helped Katy prepare vegetables and wrap presents. Larry did a 5pm device. Russia attacks Chechnya.
25th          Preached on The King is Here. Fred Benton was in church but died later that afternoon. Robbin Gomes with us for the day.
26th          Two cars to Great Shelford and met the family including Miriam's grandparents and her dancer brother.
27th          Helped Katy prepare cold turkey lunch for Beckler's. Tim Gray to tea. England not doing well in the Ashes watched on Sky.
28th          Back on duty at Mansells. Indu wants to go to India and have her brother exorcised. Tried to get her to contact Raju for help.
30th          Two shot at a Boston abortion clinic.
31st           David to Jane in the Wirral. Did Tandoori at IPC meal before the games and watch night service. Phone call from the Larsons in USA.

Friday, October 12, 2018

The changing world (178) Nov 1994

Nov 1st At Mansells while two one ton safes were delivered for the new Post Office. Education Committee to 11pm. How come when Labour cut the demonstrators are absent unlike when we cut?
2nd        At Mansells the PO counters are being installed.
3rd        After Mansells, session.
4th        Bought food processor with Myra's gift. She is considering a home for Dorothy.
5th        Mattock Lane OK on my return after 3 days of mantels. Rachel with me in the afternoon. With Katy to a party at Sunrise radio,
6th         Pharmacy rota. Mr O and Peter Barnes to lunch. Racked elderberry wine. Our Korean lodger cooked his own food which angered Katy with the garlic fumes.
7th         Gregory the Korean lodger does not want to drink tap water.
8th         Seminar on drug abuse at Town hall.
9th         Marjorie Beldam called in for pastoral counselling.
10th       To Deb's tutorial centre, No local counselling on offer. Martin Mullins died. RC Conservative supporter who had a brain tumour which had not been quickly diagnosed.
11th       Wrote to widow hilary Mullins. Her husband went from normal, to wrongly diagnosed behavioural problem to death from brain tumour in the space of sex weeks. Tragic. Elders and wives bowling at Heathrow.
12th        Men's prayer. Agreed to have a new kitchen fitted for £2950. Repaired greenhouse glass.
13th        Remembrance Sunday at Greenford war memorial. Only two Labour councillors there to support their deputy mayor. Greg Bahnsen preaching at IPC. Took a young woman to the police with alleged rape but they said she had no case as there had previously been a consensual relationship. She stayed with us overnight. I went to the British Legion. One Conservative councillor college there with the Labour mayor and two from his side who were not sociable.
14th        Dropped our overnight visitor at solicitors. Ealing Arts exhibition. David Barnes chaired portly attended church members meeting to set the budget.
15th        Greenford RC church for requiem mass for martin Mullins the day before the funeral. Seated at the front with the family and our MP who spoke well and my Jewish councillor colleague.
16th         Mansells putting up the scripts for the addicts for the next week. Why can they get methadone on the NHS but I cannot get whisky? Sky sports subscribed to see England 1 Nigeria 0, undeserved victory.
17th          Mattock Lane work. ward meeting. Hose group.
18th          Mansells then clear up the mess left by Maureen the previous mattock lane pharmacist.
Gregory has left. Deb to teens on her birthday.
19th           Synod all day. re=elected moderator for the second year running. Gave talk to IPC and PAE on IPC history. PAE was the Presbyterian Association of England precursor to the present EPCEW and came out of an earlier London conference. I preached for them in Cambridge on several occasions and later in Chelmsford too. I hope we will one day be one denomination as we agree doctrinally if not organisational at present. Great Korean lunch. Love the kimchi. Katy keeps he distance afterwards as garlic seeps from every pore.
20th           Sermons from Larry and Alan and pot luck lunch in honour of Jonathan leaving.
21st           Group meeting. I will have four questions and six speeches at Social Services.
22nd         Full council went well. I was the Tory with the most speeches and was complimented in public and private by Cudmore the labour council leader. Neil Richardson to chair SACRE, the liberal rector of Greenford who I described to his face as a false prophet, saying peace when there is no peace in his services blessing homosexual relationships.
23rd          The kitchen fitters have postponed starting work.
24th           Failed to get anyone to oppose Richardson as chair of SACRE. Deb refused to go to tutorial centre after an altercation with our good friend Wendy.
25th           Good staff meal at a Chinese in Yeading celebrating Indu's birthday. She is Hindu. Two Sikh staff there too.
26th           Brain Boddy here for lunch. With him to Samson by Ealing Choral Society. Uplifting. Greeted widow pam Wood.
27th           Joe on Ps 2 then Brian on his work in Borno.
28th           Sarah sick. Rachel came to take over from the boss's wife. Writing to NHS purchaser about lack of mental health provision.
29th           Too tired to enjoy pharmacy education evening on dressings at the Town Hall.
30th            Deb reused to go into tutorial centre. Now she says the maths tutor is the problem. Cleared kitchen for fitters.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

The changing world (177) Oct 1994

Oct 1st Katy and Deb took David to Exeter and John Boer left us.
2nd       Pharmacy rots so I only heard evening sermon, Bob Heppe on evangelism.
3rd        Visited Noah's Ark children's nursery. Found short cut from Empire Road to the canal for dog walking.
4th         Prayer meeting at Beckler's flat.
5th         Deb's counsellor wants to carry on but Deb does not.
8th         To Wells, Staines for lunch and walk in Windsor Great Park.
9th          Paul Clowney on anger. Dad, Luck and Joe to lunch.
10th        These are the best autumn colours for 11 years.
11th        Free Church Council in Southall commissioned Bob Heppe to serve the local ethnic churches.
14th         Bought a new mac £1400, our second I think
15th         Took old mac to David in Exeter. Pizza lunch outside in Indian Summer weather. back via large man's shop in Beer.
16th          Randy good on lust and marriage bit as usual not from the passage. Paul Clowney sorted out our computer and gave us a lot of software. Alan on Joh 18.
17th          Sellers will replace our computer as it is faulty.
18th           Computer replaced. St Anne's governors.
19th           I was applauded in SS committee for opposing Labour closing Ealing family Centre and three OAP homes.
20th           Press release done on yesterday's SS meeting.
21st           Jonathan and Miriam with us for the weekend.
22nd          Costons Conservative lunch. Welly taken to the vet with a sore rear.
23rd          Preached on oaths and truth telling from Mat 5. John Skinner to lunch. Video at church on Moravians.
24th          Interview on SS cuts on Sunrise Radio.
25th          Child and family Service say the waiting list is 30 weeks for deb to be seen.
27th          At Georgian House for 100th birthday party of Mr Maloney. Mayor there too.
28th          Northolt Rugby Club with harry Greenway launching Friends of Cayton Road Playing Fields. A campaign to stop the council building on fields in my ward.
29th           Korean Grand renting a room from us for a month. Katy in town on two day music course.
30th           Preached on love you neighbour. Did a quiz at youth service.
31st           Our Korean is dog walking with me.


The changing world (176) Sep 1994

Sep 1st Wet and cool. Not up in time for Bible reading.
2nd       End of Discoverers week.
3rd        Cooked my first fondue. Rachel to Weymouth on holiday.
4th        Larry did a short end of Discoverers service.
5th        Mansells shop fitting for Post Office move.
6th        MOT on Fiesta. Prayer meeting good spirit but numbers low.
7th        Deb not happy with RC councillor. Council educational social worker says they have a long waiting list.
8th        Jonathan to finish at Leslie Oliver.
9th        Jonathan to Cambridge. Pleased Deb went to teens.
10th      On my own in shop Saturday afternoon. Rachel back from Weymouth caravan.
11th       An unexpected work experience student from Acton High. Over the years I was to have many. At least two became pharmacists. All manner of ethnicities but two things in common. They would not speak their mother tongue to customers (except for a recently arrived Polish girl) and no-one can add up without recourse to the aid of a calculator. Mental arithmetic is dead.  Threatening letter from our excommunicated member now in prison. I have been helping his wife cheat the benefits system. I gave the letter to the police. They had been incompetent in getting him convicted for arson and a four year sentence. It he had been found guilty of arson to endanger life he could have been sentenced to life imprisonment.
12th         Chinese take away to celebrate Rachel's A levels. She is considering doing A level RE now.
13th         Given enough grapes to make two gallons of wine.
14th         Prayed with Larry before work. Deb at her unpopular RC counsellor. The LEA has now offered a doctor's help but no date given.
15th          At Mansells where there is a new shop front and the dispensary is now at the back of the shop.
16th         Jonathan to Cambridge. Sorting out all my letters from Nigeria which my parents kept.
17th         Nicola Braithwaite's wedding at barnet baptist.
18th         David's friend Tristram here. David Barnes on beatitudes, Alan on Joh 17.
19th         Session discussing two services, a traditional and a contemporary style.
20th         Cheques arrived, the children's inheritance from my father's estate.
 21st         takeaway to celebrate Miriam's birthday today and Rachel's tomorrow and Jonathan leaving home. Cheque from the solicitors for me.
22nd        Paid off 2/3 of mortgage. Terry Seaber in hospital for appendix operation.
23rd         Briefed by the SS director on Labour's proposed cuts and visited Mattock Lane family centre.
24th        John Boer arrived to stay.
25th        David Barnes on Mat 5 then John on his Nigeria work in the evening. Pleased to hear from Onamusis and Garba by later.
26th        John to High Leigh writers workshop. Visited two OAP homes under closure threat.
w7th       To Grange part which has a Polish OAP unit too.
27th         Mansells disrupted by back extension being built.
28th         Routleys from Argentina visited. Not seen them for 14 years.
30th         At the surgery farewell party for Dr Gray who was there when I started in 1969. David packing for Exeter.

Tuesday, October 09, 2018

The changing world (175) Aug 1994

Aug 1st No Sara at work. Asthma. Pleased to have Rachel all day. Do not know why I am depressed at present.
2nd        Dinner at Malhotras. She took EA and several governors to industrial tribunal and the LEA paid her to withdraw her case.
3rd         Work at Mansells. Boss not encouraging to put it mildly. Deb to counselling but she is not happy with it.
4th          86 Year old Mr Squires told me of 80 years ago today when WWI was declared. His met police father was recalled from holiday and he has not forgiven the Kaiser. He was later head of Scotland yard fingerprinting.
5th          Swapped dad's wardrobe for mine.
6th          Katy drove us to Burton Bradstock, Dorset. Luxurious cottage but no parking.
7th          Bridport Baptist, traditional, good sermon content but poor exegesis.
8th          Lyme Regis and a walk along the cliffs.
9th          The family gave us a fondue set to celebrate our Silver Wedding. Deb and I went to Chesil Beach.
10th        Wet shopping in Bridgeport. Walked at Freshwater Bay.
11th         Beauminster and Lyme Regis.
12th           Lyme Regis Monmouth beach - where the duke landed.
13th         To Thirsk via Dorset, Wits, Glos, Warwick , Leics than motorway.
14th          Rather lifeless Frandale at St James Green. To Harrogate via the grave. Geoffrey preached at St Andrew's Starbeck, charismatic C of E and later church of Brian Boddy.
15th           Northallerton, Osmotherly, sheepish, Hawnby, Boltby. Visited Nicksons in Knaresborough. Tea with Myra and called on Grahams in their new Thirsk house.
16th            Masham, Leyburn, Lawes, Swaledale. Family meal at Nags Head, Pickhill.
17th            Harrogate, Bradford, Huddersfield, Glossop, Buxton, Leek, Stoke to Leapers. In their caravan.
18th           Macclesfield for Mark Larson's wedding to Sue Wright. Elliott preached. Twins sang. Luxurious reception at Anlington Hall hunting lodge. Lot of IPC there. Took Carl back to Leapers.
19th           Carl, deb and Christopher dropped at Alton Towers while we went to Lucy and Joe in Wilmslow with Mr Overend. Nan and three more generations there. Elizabeth and Rebecca at national tetrathalon, Warwick.
20th           Home via Martins where we left Carl. Row with George next door over the dog barking. he insulted me when I banged my head on the shed door frame. Rachel not happy with A level results.
21st           Joe and rationalism and emotions. Alan on Joh 17.
22nd          Concluded I dislike pharmacy because I am there due to my failure being so up and down. Later I was diagnosed as bipolar - two decades later - and I came to see pharmacy as a providential provision. Proving the ways of providence are not quickly or easily discerned.
23rd          Katy painting the bathroom so I feel a guilty bystander as I am at pharmacy, council and church work not family and house work.
24th           Deb working with me. She is more of a bolshy teenager now. She and David wind one another up. He is working for Tessa and Yates.
25th            Opening of summer fair on Common. Few Labour there and I was the only Tory. This time I did not over indulge.
26th            Seeing SS director Robin Fleming for my monthly briefing. We always got on very well as I did with her eventual successor.
27th             Replacing bathroom fittings after painting done by Katy. I got frustrated with such practical tasks.
28th             Katy's aunt, Myra, from BC and John Skinner to lunch. Paul Clowney on materialism and evening Jen Morris of OM prior to her departure for Tunisia. We had many years of OM based at IPC. Sometimes there was friction with next door.
29th              Bank holiday. Took Deb to MacDonald's. Rachel made up with her friend Richard.
30th              Rachel at work with me. Happy Indu is in India. Boss same as ever.
31st              Jonathan and Miriam back from Italy.IRA promise ceasefire.

Monday, October 08, 2018

The changing world (174) Jul 1994

Jul 1st Rachel worked for me in the morning. Sikh Rajinder now full time.
2nd      We drove to Exeter to bring David home.
3rd       Morning rota so missed Larry's sermon on deacons. IFES speaker in the evening, Solomon formerly in Madagascar and Ivory Coast.
4th       Rachel worked in the morning for me.
5th       Nigeria lost to Italy.
6th       Elders prayer then governors visit to St Anne's school. Makes one thankful to be sound in body and mind.
7th       I am so fed up with a critical moaning boss that I would go to a better hole if I could find one.
8th       Miriam staying with us as she often does since the engagement.
9th       Rachel worked with me all day. Kim of North Korea died.
10th     Preached on limited atonement. Team visiting form Escondito, CA.
11th     Rachel now regular morning work for me.
12th     Council education briefing meant I missed church congregational meeting.
13th     St Anne's AGM.
14th     Good housegroup with Seabers and Hosiers.
15th     To Thirsk. Hired a van and with Geoffrey loaded Dad's furniture. Visited the grave and new stone.
16th      Geoffrey and I drove to Cambridge, unloaded half the van and the rest in Perivale. Davis has a job at Yates Wine Lodge.
17th       I preached on irresistible grace. Alan Hosier in the evening.Brazil won world cup on penalties.
18th       Council meeting. Pleasant new mayor.
19th       Did Patient Medication Records course while at work.
21st       SACRE and got the humanists thrown off.
22nd      Took Deb for interview at RC children centre. Elders meeting.
23rd        Rachel working with me at Mattock Lane Pharmacy. Deb and Timmy Grey camping in a tent on our back lawn.
24th        Preached on perseverance of the saints.Braithwaites to lunch.
25th        Happy at work with the boss on holiday.
26th        Cllr John Wood's funeral at St Stephens. John had gone to do some work on his narrow boat and died suddenly.
27th        Prayer with Larry and David before work. In the evening Katy and Nigel Gary wrote the monthly prayer list for the church.
28th        First rain for a while as grass is brown. Housegroup.
30th        Planning site visits. Barbecue at Varneys, Northolt.
31st        Led for Larry on spiritual warfare. Took family service in the evening.

The changing world (173) Jun 1994

Jun 1st In Thirsk sorting Dad's bungalow. Stuff to keep, dump or Mind  charity shop. I do not fit into Dad's suits. A pity. Took Myra out to Rievaulx and Kilburn.
2nd       Two loads to dump and one to charity shop. Visited Skipton, talked to Maurice Sanderson. Ate at Red Lion with Geoffrey and Sara. Not a patch on when it was the best place to eat in the locality.
3rd        Cleaned 4 Tranmire Close, Thirsk and left for Leapers Problem on the way and diverted via M62 then went via Derby and Utoxeter. Brief greeting then very delayed on M6 north of M5. Home 8:30.
4th         We are still perplexed as to the way ahead for Deb's schooling.
5th          Enjoyed Larry leading morning worship until I had to do Sunday rota and found the mess left in my absence.To St Bernard's for the 200th anniversary of the birth of the pioneering Dr Connolly. Saw the museum and the padded cell which he introduced instead of physical restraints for the mentally ill. Even a padded roof.
6th          %0th anniversary od D Day. Hoping tutorial centre will soon see Deb.
7thg        Ealing Voluntary Services Council at St John's prevented me attending prayer meeting.
8th          Prayer with Larry before work at mantels. John Skinner to dinner and we counselled concerning his problematic legacy from his family.
9th          Voted UKIP in EU election. Went to Dishley's for her as a JP to witness my election expenses declaration. Advised to have counselling for Deb but there is no local public provision on offer any time soon.
10th         Deb working with me.
11th         Prayer breakfast with jack Miller. First Planning West site visit.  Sorting what from Dad will be wanted by Jonathan and Miriam.
12th        Preached on total depravity, Rom 3. Evening youth service with good praise.
13th        First day of hot summer weather.
14th        First time on governors of St Anne's special school in Hanwell.
15th        Prayer with Larry and David before work at Mansels. Fist Planning West Committee. One's decisions are on officers statutory advice really. Objections to an application have to be according to set laid down reasons like impeding light to an adjoining property.
16th        Encouraged by a surprise visit from Elliott at my work. Rachel now working as exams over. It is busy with hay fever season.
17th        Seminar on asthma at Glaxo. They make inhalers. Session meeting.
18th       Larsons to dinner with Mark and his intended, Sue Wright, a fellow Cambridge undergraduate.
19th       Preached on election. Pot luck in honour of Mark and Sue.  I still face criticism over my persuading my fellow elders not to have a Sunday evening square dance. Larsons spoke in the evening about their past three years in USA so they must have left Ealing in 1991.
20th        To the Weales for co-operative home school, The Rock, reunion in honour of the Larsons.
22nd        Pleased with Nigeria 3 Bulgaria 0 in World Cup.
23rd         Deb has made a good start at the tutorial centre.
24th         Bach Mass at St Barnabas in a thunderstorm after a hot day.
25th         Katy and girls to town for recorder exams. I was gardening. Argentina 2 Nigeria 1 in World Cup. Dad's bungalow sold for £45,750. This enabled us to pay off our mortgage eventually.
26th         Elliott preached morning and Alan Hosier evening.
27th         No assistant Sarah again. Chronic absentee and little cover sent.Deb has mild asthma.
28th         Four elders to Joe's sunny garden for planning day.
29th         Waste of time going to Health Authority audit seminar.
30th         Maradonna sent home from World Cup. Nigeria win their group.

Diary w/e 6 Oct 2018

Sun 30 Sep

Our first stay in David's green room; his studio. Worship at the City Church. 200 or so there. Noisy with not my kind of music before the service. I would describe it as charismatic Calvinistic Radio 2 style with no liturgy. I am a Reformed charismosceptic with liturgical appreciation and Classic fm tastes. So twenty minutes of decent modern songs, not repetitive but contenfull then a tongue, interpretation?, testimonies, solo song before the sermon is not for me. Before the sermon no confession of sin, Scripture reading nor prayer for the world and mission. No-one came to greet me in the greeting time.Good sermon of 45 minutes on being filled with the Spirit. Top marks for that but the whole style is too loud and experience centred for me to ever return. Everyone to their own taste. Not my cup of tea but is you are blessed by it , be blessed. Back home by 7pm, M25 and M3.

Mon 1 Oct

Car serviced and new tyres. Eye test for new glasses, this time with a tinted lens where my vision is poor.

Tue 2 Oct

To the Halifax sorting out their incompetence. Recent dealings with banks convince me they are not run in the interests of their customers but only their shareholders. One of the lower forms of commercial life. Good U3A on Euthanasia which I led. Pleased to have a new nonagenarian male join us. Females overwhelmingly predominate U3A. Is it because women are more sociable? Also encouraged by an octogenarian lady who appears to be truly Christian. She was familiar with Lloyd-Jones. General agreement on our topic.

Wed 3 Oct

Five came to U3A current affairs on antisemitism. Very good discussion. I had to be devil's advocate for the Zionist cause as we had no Jewish participant to put the case against that advocated by our Muslim member.

Thu 4 Oct

U3A on 10,000 years of Brentford History. Mainly archaeology. No mention of the civil war. Disappointing.

Fri 5 Oct

Shopping with Katy in two supermarkets. Pleased to have Rachel and the children round for the grandchildren's weekly piano lessons.

Sat 6 Oct

To Hauxston in the rain to celebrate in advance of Hannah's 15th birthday with Chinese takeaway dinner.

pirit filled people who are convinced that the Church is the hope of the world. We exist to ‘Invite everyone to encounter Jesus.’

Saturday, October 06, 2018

The changing world (172) May 1994

May 1st David Barnes on Heb 13. I presided at the Lord's Table. John Skinner to lunch. A young man who has come to faith after a difficult family background.
2nd         Delivering final election leaflets.
3rd          Delivering leaflets before work and then church prayer after pharmacy.
4th          Finished election deliveries and had elders prayer before day's work at Mansells. We expect the owner to have secured the contract to operate the local post office from inside the pharmacy premises.
5th          Telling all day 8am to 7pm at several polling stations. Then to the count in the town hall. No results before midnight but Conservatives have lost the council.  though I am OK I reckon.
6th           Home 4am. I won but council went from 29-31 to 20-48-3, a devastating labour win. Five leading colleagues out. Took Deb to see Kensington Park School. Conservative group elect Ian Green as leader. I am social services lead.
7th           To Harvester to celebrate my win though Katy wishes I had lost.
8th           Preached Heb 12 benediction. In the evening Rachel helped lead the youth service.
9th           Back to clearing the locus mess at work. I likened it to going down the beach after the donkeys. The borough will not fund deb going to private day school.
10th         I am on education and planning(west) committees.
11th       Myra rang to say Dad in heart failure. Geoffrey agrees we should let nature take its course.
12th        Phoned hospital and confirmed our views on dad. made arrangements to go to Thirsk. House group meal at Shahee tandoori Southall.
13th        Hospital sister says dad is worse ao after work drove to Thirsk with the family. David came back from Exeter. Three and a half hours and to the hospital at midnight. Geoffrey and Sara there. I stayed. Breathing laboured with opiates. He cannot talk but we reckon he knows we are here.
14th         Went to Dad's bungalow 10am for a couple of hours sleep then back to his bedside. On diamorphine. Little sign of consciousness except he said 'rachel, don't go'. These were the last words I heard him speak. Left after 10pm.
15th         Walked to hospital. There until lunch. Not conscious. Scotts and Hills visited after lunch. After tea with Myra said my farewell and drove home by 11:30pm.
16th          11am heard Dad had died. Stopped work briefly and cried. Phoned Geoffrey and arranging Friday funeral. Wrote my tribute for the service - to be printed as I would be too emotional to speak.
17th          Last Relate committee as I am no longer to be council rep. happy for I disagree with its non-directive counselling and it no longer being marriage guidance but relate however you y=think best. If it were up to me it would get no council grant as not fit for purpose.
1pth           Three speeches at the special council meeting, my first in opposition. Applauded for my third speech.
20th            Drove to church. packed church. Cousin Ron Julier there. Malcolm Peters preached, his first time in a Methodist church since he left them. Uncle Neil did not approve. Sour grapes!.
21st             Sorting out the bungalow with Geoffrey. Took Myra and Dorothy for Indian meal.
22nd            Roy Newell encouraging at St James Green then Jim Smith at Catton. Drove home after tea.
23rd             Deb does not want to try Kensington Park School again.
25th             Elders prayer before work.
26th             Mayor making. Hindu, Sharma, will have no chaplain saying his religion is private.
27th             Elders meeting. Larry, David Barnes and me.
29th             Mike Peat preached in the morning and val Inchley from Nepal spoke in the evening.
30th             Supper at Babcocks.
31st              Drove to Leapers in Staffordshire when scenic route to Thirsk. Sorted kitchen with Geoffrey.

Friday, October 05, 2018

The changing world (171) Apr 1994

Apr 1st David Barnes took the Good Friday service, dramatic readings and fairly long.
3rd        Easter day. Sat with two Chinese visitor but they left before paul Clowneys resurrection sermon.
4th        Burroughs here with Martha.
5th        Back to work and very busy post holiday.
6th        Took Deb bowling in Wembley.
8th         Killings in Rwanda. Deb to see educational psychologist.
9th         Rachel back from High Wycombe school study week. Jonathan and Miriam at Spring Harvest.
10th       Paul Clowney on Heb 13. Katy's dad here as usual for roast lunch. Took Rachel to evening youth service.
11th       Found out the list of candidates standing for election. Labour reckon they will win 39-32. Our side are optimistic though. I am not.
12th       Jack Miller at the prayer meeting. He concentrated on the need for repentance. I wanted to hear about the glory of God.
13th        Got canvassing forms and started on Middleton Avenue. Very encouraging.
14th        Once again no assistant Sarah. A repeated problem. Deb will not return to Twyford.
15th        Sarah still not at work. Met the Euro MP candidate at the opening of a Southall restaurant.
16th        Deemed it better to keep the peace at home rather than go canvassing in the cold.
17th        Ed Clowney preached.
18th        Took milk to Hosiers for Rachel's baby. Elders went on until 11:30pm.
19th         Posive response canvassing Greenford Road which encouraged me.
20th         Prayer with Larry before work. After work canvassing Greenford Road, east side.
21st         Getting a buzz canvassing Greenford Road. Housegroup and ward meeting.
22nd        Deb came and helped at work in the afternoon. Finished Greenford Road canvassing. meeting with Dr Clowney on marriage and headship.
23rd         St George's day Conservative lunch. Make Stenchard from Iowa staying with us.
24th         Four customers in rota hour. David back to Exeter. Evenings we have had videos on marriage etc. This one on intimacy not conducive to discussion.
25th         Back to dog walking. Deb working with me in the afternoon. My council colleagues are optimistic.
26th         Deb visited Harvington school and did not like it. Council meeting.Said farewell to five council colleagues who are retiring this time.
27th         Early prayer with Larry and David Barnes. Frustrated by the inefficiency of pharmacist Maureen's performance when I am off work. She managed the shop before me but is not adept with the new computer. Canvassed Costons Lane.
28th         Work busy because of coming bank holiday. One abusive Irish voter on Costons Avenue. Housegroup at Seabers.
29th          Deb went ice skating. cable TV installed.
30th          Canvassing Costons Lane with Hilary Mullins whose husband later died quite suddenly of a brain tumour.

The changing world (170) Mar 1994

Mar 1st  Deb refused school.
2nd        Katy spoke to Deb's teacher but she would not stay. Have a chronic moaner as my boss.
3rd        Deb managed only one lesson. Getting quote for new boiler.
4th        Though katy took her in to school only one lesson and not talking about it. Accepted £1800 quote for boiler.
5th         Hillingdon Choral at St John's Passion.
6th         Preached Heb 11. Wrote to Dad who is on his feet with difficulty but in better spirits.
7th         Deb at school. BBC TV filmed me on drug costs. I had a customer who was in their news department. This was on the main news exposing how pharmacists did not send paid prescriptions for pricing if the levy collected was worth more than the reimbursement from the pricing bureau. RPSGB denied it happened but all professions are conspiracies against the public interest.
8th         Council tax setting meeting. Labour abstained. Drink with the mayor afterwards as usual.
9th         Worked my weekly day at Uxbridge Road shop with miserable chief assistant who I have named, Queen Bee. RPSGB branch meeting on migraine. Advised by Denis Bland, hospital chief pharmacist on prison service job application. IRA mortared Heathrow.
10th        Katy upset as Deb refused school. More IRA mortars at Heathrow. Interview at Holloway prison. Not optimistic about getting the job. Every time I was interviewed for a public sector job it was always women interviewing and I never was offered a job. Coincidence?
11th        Deb off school. I was too tired to drive to Thirsk as planned.
12th        To Thirsk. Lunch not too good at The Angel, Topcliffe. Tea with Myra. Visited dad twice. Drink with Geoffrey. dad in better spirits but difficulty in standing.
13th        St James' Green Methodist. Visited dad twice. Drove to Perivale.
14th        Deb OK in a new class.
15th        Sears (Lab) refused to back vote of thanks for Barbara Yerolemou retiring as Social Services chairman.
16th         Struggle to get deb into school. Holloway job not offered.
17th         Deb refuses school. New RE syllabus approved by the special conference set up to produce it. Colin Hart of the Christian Institute had me put forward amendments which were ejected.
18th         Getting used to new Mediphase computer labelling system. Elders until 10:40pm. Katy would like Deb to go to boarding school but I do not see her agreeing.
19th         Jonathan brought a TV to me at work to see England beat Wales. Katy and Deb to Exeter to bring David home.
20th          Larry flew to USA for his father having surgery. Rota hour for two scripts only. Warm enough to sit in garden after lunch for the first time this year.
21st           Deb to the teaching support centre.
22nd          School refused again by Deb. Teachers agree we should not force her. She is to see a psychologist, the school will see about more resources and look at other provision.
23rd           We are told deb needs a small school and she cannot articulate her problems. New central heating working.
25th            Treated to a meal at a Pakistani restaurant in Southall by Muslims lobbying over the Town Hall sale.
26th             Kiss me late at Greenford Hall.
27th             Led Palm Sunday service. Singing drowned by Mark Larson on trumpet.Pot luck lunch for Eileen Marshall. Barbara Busse, Terri heckler's mother very good in the evening on work in India and Iran.
29th           Getting nomination papers signed for the local election in May.
30th           Becklers, her mother and adopted sister to dinner.
31st           Maundy Meal at IPC, bread and soup with readings, the latter stumblingly slow from John Corcoran.