Thursday, August 30, 2018


Seventy-five years ago this month, a Band of Roughnecks went abroad on a top secret mission into Robin Hood's stomping grounds to punch oil wells to help fuel England's war machines.
  It's a story that should make any oilman or woman proud.
  The year was 1943 and England was mired in World War II. U-boats attacked supply vessels, choking off badly needed supplies to the island nation. But oil was the commodity they needed the most as they warred with Germany.
  A book "The Secret of Sherwood Forest: Oil Production in England During World War II" written by Guy Woodward and Grace Steele Woodward was published in 1973, and tells the obscure story of the American oil men who went to England to bore wells in a top secret mission in March 1943.
  England had but one oil field, in Sherwood Forest of all places. Its meagre output of 300 barrels a day was literally a drop in the bucket of their requirement of 150,000 barrels a day to fuel their war machines.
  Then a top secret plan was devised: to send some Americans and their expertise to assist in developing the field. Oklahoma based Noble Drilling Company, along with Fain-Porter signed a one year contract to drill 100 wells for England, merely for costs and expenses.
  42 drillers and roughnecks from Texas and Oklahoma, most in their teens and early twenties volunteered for the mission to go abroad. The hands embarked for England in March 1943 aboard the HMS Queen Elizabeth. Four National 50 drilling rigs were loaded onto ships but only three of them made landfall; the Nazi U-boats sank one of the rigs en route to the UK.
  The Brits' jaws dropped as the Yanks began punching the wells in a week, compared to five to eight weeks for their British counterparts. They worked 12 hour tours, 7 days a week and within a year, the Americans had drilled 106 wells and England oil production shot up from 300 barrels a day to over 300,000
  The contract fulfilled, the American oil men departed England in late March 1944. But only 41 hands were on board the return voyage. Herman Douthit, a Texan derrick-hand was killed during the operation. He was laid to rest with full military honours, and remains the only civilian to be buried at The American Military Cemetery in Cambridge.
  "The Oil Patch Warrior," a seven foot bronze statue of a roughneck holding a four foot pipe wrench stands near Nottingham England to honor the American oil men's assistance and sacrifice in the war. A replica was placed in Ardmore Oklahoma in 2001
  It is by no means a stretch to state that without the American mission, we might all be speaking German today.
  Special thanks to the American Oil and Gas Historical Society. - and to my sister in law who sent me this.

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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

The changing world (155) Feb 1990

Feb 2nd Car to work instead of cycle. Letter published in Gazette on playing fields?
3rd         Delivered 353 In Touch leaflets to Costons ward addresses. God lunch at the Wells. Walk to a very full Thames swollen by heavy rain.
4th         Larry led for Joe who was excellent on tithing. Elliot in evening on physical discipline of children.
5th          Meeting at Glaxos over plans to close off Berkley Avenue as they develop the site.
6th          Prayer meeting. Pastoral concerns over courtship and church discipline.
7th          Work at church on liturgy and pastoral concerns. Dinner at excellent Lantern, Greek restaurant on the common.
8th          Maya the assistant's husbanded phoned to say she is sick. I was sceptical and on my own until Rachel joined me after school.
9th          Again no assistant until Rachel late afternoon. Eclipse of the moon.
10th        Photos taken of me at Conservative office in W13 for election publicity.
11th        Led for Elliot.
12th        Took Deb to fairly House and she is accepted as a pupil. To Conservative group at town hall.
13th        Nigerian Sylvia restarted work. Gal 1 at Barnes house group.
14th        Work at church. The council will hear Denise Bell's complaint about the RE syllabus.
16th        ENCA AGM
17th        Enjoyed England beating Wales. Builder says we do not have space for loft conversion. Good Handel and Elgar by Ealing Symphony Orchestra at St Peter's.
18th         Elliot on Mark 1 morning. Stephen Perks the theonomists to lunch. I spoke on the Confession in the evening.
19th         Sylvia off work sick. John Majiyagbe staying.
20th         Sylvia back. Gal 2 at house group.
21st         Great food at Kingston presbytery. Problems over baptist elders at Greatham.
22nd        Life meeting at MacLeods discussed leafleting.
23rd         On holiday. Chopped down a tree and bought a new shrub. Looked at garden sheds to buy.. First barbecue of the year.
24th        Took David to school for a trip to Exmoor. Dab at judo grading. John back to boarding school.
25th        Led for Elliot in the morning. Visited Rabbi Jacobs at the Orthodox Synagogue and borrowed book on medical ethics.. Paul Harland spoke in the evening on Bangladesh.
26th        Time on the phone with Denise Bell and Colin Hart of Christian Institute. Conservative Group at town hall.
27th         Katy did Shrove Tuesday pancakes. Too tires after work to go to full Council meeting so missed the demonstration against the poll tax.
28th         George at 69 helped me repair out dividing fence. Planning and preparation for preaching on mark and on the ethics of medical transplants.

Monday, August 27, 2018

The changing world (154) Jan 1990

Jan 1st Geoffrey and Sarah returned north.
2nd      To Newport. Aunty Myra treated us to lunch at Toby carver. House on market two months without an offer. Enquired at the Presbyterian Havelock Road church on great grandfather Robert Weeks membership there. He and his wife were founder members, formerly Anglican. He was to leave for the Brethren with his sons, she back to the Anglicans with her daughter.
3rd        Work at church then lunch with lady.Planning next six months preaching with him and Randy Lawler. Pot luck at Larsons for home school open evening.
4th          Back to pharmacy sorting Christmas stock.
5th          Happy at work. Chat with the security guard who says he was a mercenary in Rhodesia. I did not believe all his tale about murder and pornography. David has flu.
6th           Did CV with Larry to apply for Safeway area manager. Cooked dinner while Katy at Sunday School party.
7th            David led for Larry. I started on Nicene Creed and presided at the table. Elliott spoke in the evening.
8th            Assistant Maya off sick. Rachel worked for me after school. Editor of Ealing gazette asks for a sample column.(Never used it) Debbie at Judo. Katy and Rachel back to school. But David off with flu.
9th             My boss promises a new assistant. He does not impress me. Not a strong enough character to take on the supermarket managers. Chinese Embassy buffet for New Year. Only IPC elders and their Mercedes mechanic there from the indigenous community. last year the mayor, Uncle Tom Cobley and all were there. After Tienanmen Square locals have boycotted them. House group decided to study Galatians.
10th           'Advance' day at Joes near Oxford. Lynette does the best 'full English'. Discussed evangelism and mission. Planned the preaching. Address pastoral concerns.
11th           Back to work. Afterwards to Southall with Wendy Barber and Denise Bell to pray for RE teaching. Met an immature teacher who did not know what to do in RE.
12th          Mentioned in Gazette over the campaign to save Cayton Road playing fields in Costons Ward. Harry Greenway MP campaigned for a bill to stop schools selling off playing fields.
13th          Delivered letters to Coston Conservatives.
14th          Paul Gardner preached morning, Larry Beckler evening.
16th          Led house group at Barnes on Galatians.
17th          I have an assistant who does not understand enough English and sent unsuitable agency recruits for interview. Katy out at home school planning.
18th          To Fairley House School in Queensgate, special school for dyslexia. Impressed so took form for Debbie's entry application. Mick Harvey, builder to quote on changing our garage to a reception room and making our bedroom into two.
19th           Stocktaking. David on school CU weekend in Cambridgeshire.
20th           Stocktaking finished. Rachel back to EJMS violin lessons. Katy at %@ for meeting with prospective home school parents.
21st            David Barnes led for Elliot on prayer. Only Katy went in the evening. David back from CU weekend away.
22nd           Assistant Maya frustrates me with her incompetence.
23rd            Gal 1 again at Barnes but mainly prayer.
24th            Good day with Larry on  only begotten in Nicene Creed and sermon prep on giving.
25th            Coping off flat front roof in a storm. Over 40 killed in it. Worst since the hurricane.
26th            Rebuked my careless assistant.
27th            Jonathan passed test drive and interview for minibus driver job. David working at Gateway.
28th            Preached on the grace of giving. Richard Jones of ISCS in the evening on ministry to oversee student. Later Friendship International.
29th            Jonathan to wait three weeks for medical reports on bus driving.
30th            Alperton High governors.
31st            Delivering leaflets to Costons ward houses.

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Diary w/e 25 Aug 2018

Sun 19 Aug

Chris Roberts On Mal 2. John Silva presided well at the Lord's table, the second time he has presided. We now have eleven elders on the rota to do at least 25 communions a year. Seven cups shared in the morning, four in the evening when numbers are fewer. I cooked roast pork for lunch when we had a  Dutch member visiting. The family are leaving Greenford for Manchester due to the high rental costs here. Housing costs are of huge concern to our congregation. It is why we live two miles away from our building. In the evening we had an excellent sermon on Col 3 from Laurens who is an Oak Hill student from South Africa training under the care of our presbytery. he is one of a number of very able men in train to work with IPC.

Mon 20 Aug

Dug some more of the new garden border. Had to skim and finish the biography of Enoch Powell as the library asks for its return for another borrower. IMO one of the three greatest Conservatives of my lifetime. The other two became prime ministers. One of them, like Enoch, left the Conservative party too, but he returned. Enoch never rose to the top for he was too principled to get to the top. No compromise was his characteristic, principles not politics drove him.

Tue 21 Aug

I enjoyed preaching at Ealing Lunchtime Talks on How to Live a Victorious Life part 1 - Know the Word of God, Know you are in Christ. Then pastoral visit and very pleased to meet a worker from Dementia Concern who visits weekly.

We 22 Aug

There is a certain satisfaction in the completion of a tax return, especially when one had done it for someone else. Sixteen of us at prayer meeting. Fewer this week as fifteen were away at Swansea by the Sea with 25 youngsters.

Thu 23 Aug

Very enjoyable lunch with the senior Littles at Prezzo, Ruisip - the best Italian food we have had in England.

Fri 24 Aug

Enjoyed the 2009 TV Wuthering Heights which I have reviewed. Long phone call with the solicitor preparing the immigration appeal for one of our Iranian church members who is seeking political asylum.

Sat 25 Aug

Enjoyed a great international barbecue for MBBs and missionaries to Muslims. We took an Iranian from IPC and enjoyed Psalms from Pakistani musicians and the gospel sermon from a Turk.

Friday, August 17, 2018

Spiritual evil - Islam.

We have a fifth column in our country, an enemy within, not Muslims but an Islamic project which will not integrate but would destroy and take over our society. Most Muslims may not be part of it but they themselves often cannot spot its advocates. The populace has been brainwashed by secular multiculturalism which treats all religions as equal- equally irrelevant in the public sphere and legislation. All religions are in the realm of the personal only. Islam is a religion of peace. This is all unreal nonsense. It ignores what is truth, what is error. It ignores an objective, spiritual unseen realm of of which such Islam is an evil manifestation. Not the Islam which would integrate and respect the rule of our law - our law not Shari'a. Enoch Powell wrongly foresaw rivers of blood due to lack of immigration control. The British have done better than that. But I predict increasing tension unless the political leaders wake up to the likely effects of allowing wholesale Muslim immigration. Why do we take Syrian Muslim refugees and no Christian ones from that conflict? Islam is the threat because it is spiritual evil. NB I did not say Muslims are evil.

Films seen in August 2018

1. A Beautiful Planet  - iMax cinema

i2016 American documentary film that explores Earth by showing IMAX footage that was recorded over the course of fifteen months by astronauts aboard the International Space Station.The filmmakers who created the movie and the astronauts who filmed it and starred in it intended to help viewers experience the awe and wonder that come from looking down on our planet from space. It does that but in a totally secular and godless way. 
   The message is about human co-operation and achievement, the beauty of creation is incidental. One does get a feeling for the weightless environment in the space station. 
   The photography is stunning. It opens with showing the minuteness of the earth in comparison with the whole universe. Then you see the wonder of our planet from space. I see the glory of God n creation and wonder what is man that though art mindful of him. Nothing like that in the commentary. 
   They consider if there might be an environment with the necessary conditions for life on other planets in the universe. No contemplating that this is God's seen creation and he has an unseen on of the spiritual unseen realm. Whether there is life on another planet is irrelevant compared with the significance of a spiritual creation. 
   I would judge this film to be a suppression of the truth, a failure to see the glory of God in creation (Rom 1).  
  It is American. The shots of earth therefore are Americanocentric. I wanted more of UK. Scotland was omitted. Daytime panoramas were hard to understand. Night ones were better and showed the difference between communism and freedom. South Korea is full of light - North Korea is in darkness. 
   The film has the usual anthropogenic climate change project fear. I do not believe it.The ice caps are melting? It has happened before. Climate change is most likely cyclical.
   But a great experience in iMax.

2. Wuthering Heights Tom Hardy (Actor), Charlotte Riley (Actor), Coky Giedroyc (Director) 

Excellent acting in this most gripping of stories. t is years since I read the book and I had forgotten most of the story. I found the opening confusing as it kept flashing back and forth in time. Once we got back to the chronological start it was spellbinding. Hoe did Bronte dream up this plot and these characters? Heathcliff is truly the cuckoo in the nest as Hindley said. Cruelly treated by Hindley his life is one of revenge. Yet he remains tormented so the ending which differs from the book does seem appropriate. I did though miss the famous closing words. 
   One thing that intrigued me was the flawed characters of most of the people. Nelly and Lindley are the exceptions to the rule and Heathcliffe's son. One is surprised at the happy ending after so much torment and misery.Bronte was the daughter of an evangelical liar yet she portrays much of the contemporary Christianity as harsh and hypocritical. I think her other sisters were more explicitly Christian in their writing. But here we have the classic portrayal of a revengeful, tormented man and two women beguiled by romantic love, hearts ruling their heads and leading both to misery.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

The killings in Nigeria's Middle belt.

First of all there was Boko Haram. An islamist sallafist group bringing jihad to his Borno of Christians and western education etc. Their speciality has been to use young women as suicide bombers. They have murdered many people, Muslim and Christian. They even tried to kill the second most important Muslim in the country, the Emir of Kano. As with all these modern jihadists, anyone not of their particular brand of Islam is a target.
 Next the Fulani herdsmen. Before 1900 when Britain colonised their lands they were free to migrate and enslave people in the north. In 1900 perhaps 25% of the northern population were enslaved. Those not submitting to the Hausa-Fulani by conversion had to flee to the hills like the Jos Plateau or around Gwoza. Large tracts of the north remain depopulated. but with Pax Brittanica the slave raiding and slave markets were stopped. The slaves were not officially liberated for over another two decades. Fulani herders were free to seasonally migrate. Muslim emirs ruled under the British. Indirect rule prohibited Christian missions from their lands but enabled the peaceful spread of Islam by trade and other means to areas where previously the intruding Muslims would have been killed. British rule was the biggest help Islam ever had. Herdsmen peacefully migrated for a whole century. Why the did peaceful migration turn into a herdsmen - farmer conflict between Muslims and Christians. Contra to the folly told at Westminster it is not climate change. It is not shortage of grazing land. It is simply jihad.
   It has been said that there are unidentified political sponsors being Boko Haram. It seems obvious that some people are now arming the Fulani to wage jihad in the Middle Belt. No-one speaks about jihad.
   Why is the media in Nigeria silent on these killings? Is it Muslim owned or controlled by southerners who as yet are not threatened by these killings?
  Why is the army and the police so pathetically ineffective in maintaining the security of Middle Belt states? The prime duty of government is the rule of equitable law to protect the peace of the land. Shari'a has been introduced. It is not equitable for women and non-Muslims. The peace is not being maintained.
   People will want to arm themselves to protect themselves. State not national police would be a help in Middle Belt states.
   2019 sees elections. Will there be peace when Nigerian elections have usually been disputed? I fear for the future. There has been one civil war. Another may be brewing unless the world faces up to JIHAD. Islam is no religion of peace. It must rule the kuffars. When will the southerners wake up? When will the world wake up to JIHAD?
   I recently marched with Middle Belt people in London. I was the only Englishman joining their protest outside the Nigerian High Commission. Similar protests followed in USA, Canada and South Africa. Nothing has been done in the way of government response. The media have been silent. How much more blood will now be shed?
   Pray for Nigeria. God alone is out strength. Vain is the help of man - government or media.

Boris and Enoch

I have been reading Heffer's biography of Enoch Powell and am struck by the parallels between the reactions to Powell's 'Rivers of blood" speech and Boris on face veils. The similarities in reaction but also the similarities and differences between the two men.
   Powell was of English and Welsh parentage. He was a most patriotic and outspoken Englishman. Boris Johnson has described himself as a "one-man melting pot" – with a combination of Muslims, Jews, and Christians as great-grandparents.
   Enoch the son of primary teachers, was a grammar school pupil, a double first and Cambridge in classics and a professor of Greek in Australia at 25. He resigned his chair to enlist as a private in the army at the start of WWII being one of only two men to rise through the ranks to become a brigadier during the war. Demobbed he entered politics. 
   Boris won a scholarship to Eton and took an upper second in classics at Oxford. He became a journalist before entering politics. Enoch rose to be minister of health under Macmillan, resigned when Home was appointed prime minister and then shadow Defence minister when Heath led the opposition to labour. Enoch was always known as a man of the right, strongly critical of his own party's compromises with socialism. He was Thatcherite before Thatcher. He wanted nationalised industries returned to the private sector and lower taxation, less of the state and more freedom for private enterprise. On social issues he was surprisingly liberal like decriminalisation homosexual acts and the abolition of capital punishment. He was a faithful husband with two children. Boris is twice married, not known for fidelity and the father of five children. Enoch went from atheist to strong Anglican. Boris's Anglicanism seems no more than nominal.
   Enoch was generally seen as the most intellects on parliamentarians in his time. Others saw him as austere - a view not shared by his children. Boris is judged a clever man who likes to play the buffoon. He resigned as foreign secretary. At first not clearly for Brexit he now seems strongly against the EU. Powell opposed entry into the then Common Market.
   Powell's famous speech was made because he saw that uncontrolled new Commonwealth immigration was leading to a change in the make up of the country. Areas that had been English were losing their white population. Most immigrants would not be assimilated. The majority population had been taken unawares and did not want more immigration. He favoured a ban on further immigration and voluntary repatriation. He was accused of racism even by Heath. Enoch believed in the equality of all before the law. He opposed the introduction of large immigrant communities whether black or white. He was shunned by the leadership of his own party but had widespread popular support from across the political spectrum. Ordinary people agreed with what he had said. But the establishment, most political leaders and the media were all against him. Students in particular demonstrated and acted to stop him speaking in public. University authorise were more concerned for public order and their property than for the liberty of free speech. Powell was seen as a trouble maker by his own party. he had spoken outside his own brief of defence. He was seen as a challenger for Heath's leadership though he expressed no intention of standing as leader. he made no plot against heath. he was hugely popular but hated and maligned by his opponents. He was a very principled man who on economic and other issues wanted the Conservatives to move to the right.
   Boris on the other hand seems to me to have only one principle, the advancement of Boris. he is known as strongly for Brexit but on what other issues is he to the right?he is seen as islamophobic, anti-Muslim but on what grounds. he would not bad full views. he mocks them but apart from sallafist Muslims who wants full face veils? Most Muslims do not. Other politicians and prominent media people have condemned the without being pilloried as Boris has. Perhaps Boris is bidding for party leadership . Who knows. But he is not anti-Muslim. He would give them liberty. There are calls for his censure by his own party. There were calls for Enoch to be prosecuted under race relations law but the attorney general refused. Boris has popular support though not on the scale of Enoch. Both men have said what is the popular opinion on a controversial topic and been condemned by establishment and media. 
  But Boris is small fry compared with Enoch. Enoch's weakness was his people skills. He was the Doc Martin of his day. He preferred principle to party conformity. He was popular with the masses, reviled by the elite. Boris has a lot of popular support for his words on the full veil but will never achieve any ambition of party leadership. Enoch was a political giant. Boris is a pygmy by comparison. Personally I would love to see Boris out of politics and back starring on Have I Got News for You. That is his real element. Both men had  party leaders who were not real conservatives. Heath came to an ignominious end. I have no great hopes for May. Heath took on the miners and lost. He was a man of the centre. May is no better. Both  made catastrophic misjudgments of the electorate.

Monday, August 13, 2018

Diary w/e 18 Aug 2018

Sun 12  Aug

Baptism of out latest church member whose heritage is British/Pakistani/American and Paul Levy was excellent on the significance of baptism. Chris Roberts excellent on Mal 1 - God's love is 'heavy' - it involves election. Enjoyed a long conversation with our evening preacher and his wife. He trained at Covenant seminary and teaches at Eton. Her heritage is Nigerian.  We are truly International Presbyterians. Our elders, Jonathan, came from Cambridge with out granddaughters who will be staying this week. Preached on the effects of sin at Harmondsworth Immigration Removal Centre. Separation, shame and shifting blame but Christ will crush Satan - Gen 3:15. New men there from Ghana, Nigeria, Colombia and Portugal. My third Gen 3 sermon. One more due in two weeks. We had two great drummers and I enjoyed banging my tambourine which I am not allowed to do in the sobriety of Presbyterian church order!

Mon 13 Aug

With Katy and granddaughter Bethany to the garden centre mainly to buy some more shrubs for the garden.

Tue 14 Aug

Dave Hills concluded his Ealing Lunchtime Talk series on Ruth. He was been excellent. My usual weekly pastoral visit and arranging practical care and help for a 91 year old. Nine of the family to an excellent Taco dinner by Katy.

Wed 15 Aug

Treated family to special exhibits at the excellent science museum. The children enjoyed the Red Arrows flight simulator and we are found the Imax cinema, A Beautiful Planet, captivating. It was as if you experienced the weightlessness of the space station and saw the earth in detail. One saw the wonder of creation. Joined by Debbie looking after Phoebe who also loved the exhibits. Dinner at Rachel's - we nine again and then a good weekly prayer meeting with numbers up to 25 as many return from holiday. 8 out of 11 elders present but sorry to hear Chuck is not well and may need surgery.

Thur 16 Aug

Bus and tube to Westminster pier then a boat to the Thames barrier which I had not seen before, not the Millennium dome nor the cable car across the Thames. It rained all the way and at Greenwich where we visited the Maritime Museum. I found Greenwich very poorly signed to the museum and the place noisy. Back to Westminster by boat. My camera seemed to run out of power on the way back and now it will not charge up or download so frustrated at no pictures to share. The iPhone ran out of charge too so no pics at all.

Fri 17 Aug

To Marham fields with Hannah and Ethan, my second and sixth grandchildren, to test my drone. Flew a little but need a recharge of battery I think. Met the local police on his bicycle and had a good chat. Debbie downloaded my photos from the card in the defunct camera. Good Indian takeaway from down the road.

Sat 18 Aug

Visits from Burroughs of Hauxton, Cambridge. A walk in Marnham Fields after lunch then son David and grandson Zach arrived to stay overnight en route to Wales to climb Snowdon. I climbed it three times in four days by different routes in my youth.

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Diary w/e 11 Aug 2018

Sun 5 Aug

Drove to Liss and preached at St Peters IPC. After lunch I drove home then preached again on the same text Gen 3, at IPC Ealing. Katy played piano in Ealing for three services.

Mon 6 Aug

Helped hate water Rachel's garden and do the grocery shopping. 32C for the second day running - or sweating. African weather.

Tues 7 Aug

Lunchtime talks - an excellent one on Ruth 4 from Dave Hills. 26 present, half not from IPC. Fewer than usual in the summer holiday season. 

Wed 8 Aug

The podiatrist, a Philippino man said my feet are in very good condition. By contrast I had a hobbling evening with pain in my right knee - arthritis? Weather cooler and therefore more pleasant.
Nineteen at our weekly prayer meeting tonight for many are away on holiday. Next week a full house of 40 go on our young peoples' trip , Swansea by the Sea.

Thu 9 Aug

Moorfields at Ealing Hospital gave me more laser treatment to stop any new blood vessels in my left eye causing more trouble. Celebrating our 49th wedding anniversary with dinner out.

Fri 10 Aug

A great day at Lords with my old friend Trevor Wells. Missed Anderson's first India wicket with third ball as late to the ground due to travel problems but despite a lot of rain saw India all out for 107 by the 7:30 end of play. Anderson 5 for 20. A seam bowlers' day. Debbie back from California bearing gifts.

Sat 11 Aug

Katy and I went to Ham, beyond Richmond, to the home of a church member who did us our first South African barbecue. We had a walk to the Thames at Teddington lock.

Wednesday, August 08, 2018

'Pure Islam is pure evil.'

'Pure Islam is pure evil.' So writes a repeated pastor friend.

I have two problems with this, the theological and the semantic.

Islam like Christianity and Judaism has varied manifestations. Most Muslims in the West are no threat to civil peace. They may think they follow a religion of peace. But tell that to a Sallafi.

'The Salafi movement or Salafist movement or Salafism is a revivalist movement within Sunni Islam that developed in Egypt in the late 19th century as a response to European imperialism. However, some sources cite additional roots in the 18th-century Wahhabi movement. It advocated a return to the traditions of the salaf, who are the first three generations of scholars after the Prophet Muhammad.
The Salafist doctrine is centered around the concept of looking back to a prior historical period in an effort to understand how the contemporary world should be ordered.  They reject religious innovation or bid'ah, and support the implementation of sharia (Islamic law). The movement is often divided into three categories: the largest group are the purists (or quietists), who avoid politics; the second largest group are the activists, who get involved in politics; the third group are the jihadists, who form a minority.'
It is with these jihadists that one is concerned. They disqualify any concept of religion of peace being applied to Islam.
'The majority of the Salafis in the Gulf states reside in Qatar, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. Salafis are the "dominant minority" in Saudi Arabia.There are 4 million Saudi Salafis since 22.9% of Saudis are Salafis (concentrated in Najd).Salafi literalist creed has also gained some acceptance in Turkey.'
Who knows what proportion are jihadists?
'At times, Salafism has been deemed a hybrid of Wahhabism and other post-1960s movements. Salafism has become associated with literalist, strict approaches to Islam – and, particularly in the West, with the Salafi Jihadis who espouse violent jihad against those they deem to be enemies of Islam as a legitimate expression of Islam.'
Their enemies are not merely non-muslims but Muslims who are not with their Salafi thought.
So what is Islam? A coat with many colours.
As to "pure", my problem is pure can mean unadulterated  - 100% - and it can also mean wholesome.

  • 'not mixed or adulterated with any other substance or material.
    "cars can run on pure alcohol" ·
    synonyms: unmixed · unalloyed · unadulterated · unblended · 
  • wholesome and untainted by immorality, especially that of a sexual nature.
  • "our fondness for each other is pure and innocent"
    synonyms: virtuous · moral · ethical · good · righteous · angelic'

    Islam is a mixed bag, a broad church. It is mixed. Salafi jihadism is never wholesome but it is not the whole of Islam. It is the dangerous minority. Saudi money spreads it all. Saudi is in permanent conflict with Iran. Sunni and Shi'a. Anyone for a religion of peace?
  • Newport

    Driving to Abergavenny I was surprised to see a road sign indicating we were entering Monmouthshire. - and something Welsh too. Funny I though. Is it not Gwent Wales now? Research was called for.

    My confusion stemmed from the fact that I was born in Newport, Monmouthshire , England in 1946. In 1970 my first born's with certificate states that his father's place of birth was indeed,  Newport, Monmouthshire , England . But his siblings born from 1972 onwards certificates say their father was born in Newport , Gwent, Wales. 

    Now asked where one was born one cannot merely say Newport. There are many Newports and it seems three historic ways to designate where I was born. It is now 'none of the above'. It is according to the local council's website, Newport , South Wales. This is clearer than the start of the Wikipedia entry for Newport.

    'Newport most commonly refers to:
    • Newport, Wales, United Kingdom
    • Newport, Rhode Island, United States'

     'The Local Government Act 1972 removed ambiguity about the legal status of the area by including the administrative county of Monmouthshire and the county borough of Newport into all acts pertaining to Wales, and in 1974 the borough was incorporated into the new local government county of Gwent. Gwent itself was abolished in 1996.'

    I had blamed a Yorkshireman for this confusion, Harold Wilson  but he was a British Labour politician who served as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1964 to 1970 and from 1974 to 1976.

    The real culprit is that traitor Heath. The Local Government Act 1972 was 'one of the most significant Acts of Parliament to be passed by the Heath Government of 1970–74 and is surpassed only by the European Communities Act 1972 which took the United Kingdom into the European Communities. '

    Then post - Heath Gwent disappeared and became Monmouthshire for local government - but not Newport. It left Gwent but not Wales. 'The current unitary authority of Monmouthshire was created on 1 April 1996 as a successor to the district of Monmouth along with the Llanelly community from Blaenau Gwent, both of which were districts of Gwent.' Newport had gone from Monmouthshire England to Gwent, Wales. Gwent became Monmouthshire again but not Newport. It is not governed by Monmouthshire. 'Newport City Council is the governing body for the city of Newport, '

    Clear as mud is it not? 

    Thus started with observing a road sign. I do wish in Wales they would make up their minds. If they must have bilingual signs   -please STANDARDISE. At present some have English first then Welsh. Others are Welsh first then English. I know they want Welsh there and why; but be consistent. Welsh on top I would even concede as being better than present confusion. 

    Finally I conclude with Wellington. 'Being born in a stable does not make one a horse.' -- The Duke of Wellington, when referred to as Irish . One's self identification matters. My father, born in Newport 1918, always supported Wales for rugby. he took me to Yorkshire as a babe in arms in 1947. I support England, Leeds United and Yorkshire for cricket.

    When is marriage not marriage?

    Last week we had a very interesting court judgement. A Muslim woman was granted a decree nisi that her Islamic ceremony marriage was declared null and void in law. Her husband may appeal. They were married in a Shari'a ceremony in England. This is not legal. It counts for nothing in law. But the judge ruled it was not a sham pretend marriage. It was for real - but not recognised as legal in England. His ruling means the woman is entitled to a legal settlement as if she were being divorced from a legal marriage.

    Is it seems the law of England does not recognise a marriage which I believe is marriage in God's sight. I believe that marriage is a covenant not a religious sacrament. This is Reformation teaching. For marriage there must be a willing consent by a man and a woman and a public, not secret, ceremony. Promises are made for fidelity . The union is sexually consummated. That is marriage. It is not a necessarily Christian thing. Islamic or other marriage is real marriage according to this understanding. Missionaries were wrong to call polygamous African marriage no marriage.

     But having now a judge say you can have a marriage but the law says it is not legally valid. It is though marriage not fornication.

    But we also have in England what the law says is legal marriage but is not marriage. I refer to the falsely called same sex marriage. In God's eye's that is merely homosexual fornication no matter what parliament has decreed. It is man's law not God's and I denounce it. I do not want to even use the terms SSM or marriage equality. Apples are not oranges. Squares are not circles. Black is not white.

    This is not hatred of homosexuals nor to stir up hatred. I speak the truth.

    Tuesday, August 07, 2018


    Lessons from Hungary

    Katalin Nov├ák, Hungarian Minister of State for the Family, Youth and International Affairs spoke earlier this year about her nation’s policies to support married families and the raising of children.
    Hungary encourages couples to marry through shared family tax allowances and benefits as well as holiday camps for children, reduced mortgage bills for married couples with three or more children and student debt relief for university educated women who marry and start families.
    The results have been remarkable. Since 2010, Hungary can boast:
    • An increase in the number of live births;
    • A rise in the national fertility rate;
    • A fall in the number of abortions each year by almost a third;
    • A rapid rise in the number of marriages;
    • A fall in the number of divorces;
    • More women in employment.
    The full text of the Minister’s speech is available here.
    For decades now it seems that our political classes worry only about managing the decline of the traditional family unit.
    However these results from Hungary show that it is possible for the state to support the family, not subvert it. How refreshing it would be were any mainstream British party to pay serious attention to the example of Hungary and countries like it.
    Yours sincerely,
    Thomas Pascoe
    Thomas Pascoe
    Campaign Director
    Coalition for Marriage (C4M)

    Monday, August 06, 2018

    Diary w/e 4 Aug 2018

    Sun 29 Jul
    This was an unusual day. I rarely get asked to-reach except at the Immigration Removal Centre but as well as being there at Harmondsworth in the evening I also had an invitation to preach at the Spirit and Life Family Bible Church in Copley close which is within a mile of our own church building. This is their denomination which I would call black Pentecostal. I shall blog a separate article giving details of my experience.
    I then heard from Katy who had been pianist at our own morning service saying that we had a lunch invitation from two church members who are brother and sister. Also invited were Dave and Ardienne Hills who are with us in their summer vacation from Westminster Seminary , Philadelphia. It was a feast of food, friendship and fellowship. From there Katy drove us, me and the Hills, back for our evening service. I did not stay for Gethin'Jones' final sermon for us before he leaves as a missionary to Paris. I was at my evening duty. Around twenty detainees. New men from the usual countries, Nigeria and Ghana, but also one from Ivory Coast. It was my second sermon on Genesis 3 but I still have enough prepared for at least one more sermon on the Fall.I returned home tired but refreshed.

    Mon 30 Jul
    One pastoral visit including a look at the progress on our new church building. Producing part of the family tree to show the line to the murdered Florence Little in 1921. She was my father's fourth cousin.

    Tues 31 Jul

    To the City for U3A summer school. Two excellent lectures on the French Revolution and Modern Politics from a history lecturer. The one on Oliver Cromwell from an amateur I think. Frankly and without conceit, I could have done better. I certainly understand his puritanism better than the lecturer. Busy on Ancestry for the family tree.

    Wed 1 Aug

    Accompanied Katy watering Rachel's garden as they are in Cornwall. 17 at weekly prayer including six elders and two deacons.

    Thu 2 Aug

    Histology of polyps removed at recent colonoscopy was satisfactory so no further testing for a year.

    Fri 3 Aug

    In Mardy,Abergavenny having driven through the Cotswolds, round Gloucester, along the Severn to our friends' farm and then through the Forest of Dean to our B&B here. Never seen this forest before. This would have been what the country was like before agriculture and urbanisation.

    Sat 4 Aug

    From Abergavenny to Abertillery where we first visited the cemetery to find the location of the restored grave of my father's fourth cousin, Florence Little, murdered by a double killer in 1921. We went to see the house where she was born and the street where she was killed by 15 year old neighbour, Harold Jones after he had been welcomed home as a local hero, found not guilty of a previous murder. At the Metropole Theatre we met author Neil Milkins who led the memorial service marking the restoration of the graves. We then returned to the cemetery for the unveiling of the two restored memorials. We met family of both murdered girls and many local people. It was wonderful to experience the sense of community in a South Wales valley. Professor David Wilson, professor of criminology at Birmingham University commended the Abertillery people for not hiding this tragedy but remembering their history and going on with no denial or forgetting. I was very pleased that Neil Milkins spoke about resurrection and led in prayer. Afterwards there was a reception in the local community hall and I was able to talk with Little relatives. In 1921 none of my family knew that they were related to a murdered girl. Her mother's maiden name was Weeks but that was never publicised  and you have to go back four generations to find the family link.

    Beard management

    I was sent this but have yet to critique it or use the products promoted.

    How to grow a beard faster
    1. Optimize your Lifestyle
    Sleeping more:
    Studies have shown that men who sleep for 8 hours, have nearly two times the testosterone of the guys who sleep for only 4 hours per night.
    Lower stress:
    The stress hormone,cortisol directly lowers testosterone and DHT levels and causes weakened hair growth all around the body, including the facial hair area.
    Avoid alcohol:
    Although few drinks here and there won’t do no significant harm, binge drinking does. Studies have shown that exceeding 4 drinks is a sure way to bring down T and DHT, which obviously slows down your beard growth.
    Do Exercise:
    Exercising is great way to improve circulation and help those crucial beard growth nutrients and hormones get into the follicles, but resistance training in particular also skyrockets testosterone, which is awesome for beard.
    Avoid Antiandrogenic Medication:
    Many common drugs have a nasty side effect of lowering crucial beard growing hormones, these include statins, SSRI’s, beta-blockers, opiate painkillers, antifungals.
    Avoid Man-made Chemicals in Cosmetics:
    Especially BPA, parabens, and phthlates. They are alproven antiandrogens and can lower testosterone and DHT, inhibiting beard growth. Especially avoid using moisturizers with these on facial hair area!
    2. Diet
    Beard growth is primarily regulated by the production of the male hormones testosteroneand DHT, our diets can actually boost facial hair growth when we ingest foods that promote the synthesis of these two androgens and make it easier for our bodies to utilize them. So try these foods that may help grow your beard:
    Brazilian Nuts
    Brazil nuts contains selenium which is an important nutrient to beard growth,It may help encourage hair growth, they should be consumed in small amounts to prevent harmful health effects from excess intake. Adding 2 nuts a day to your dietary intake to fulfill your daily value of selenium.
    Eggs are an excellent source of both protein and other essential micronutrients that are necessary for facial hair growth. It also
    contains a rich source of biotin, B vitamins, and folate.which is a vitamin that is necessary for healthy hair.
    You can eat more eggs in your diet as a way to get healthier hair, The better you nourish your body, the better your hair will look.

    There are pills on the market that are distilled versions of egg yolk proteins. You can try these supplements to get access to the rich nutrition inside of egg yolks without eating egg.
    Red meat isn’t a fad, it’s one of the highest sources of natural saturated fats. , which is the most essential fatty-acid for the production of testosterone and DHT which promotes beard growth Adding beef to your diet can give your body the fats it needs for healthier hair growth.
    This fish is loaded with the strong hair supporters like Vitamin D and protein, but it also contains omega-3 fatty acids that promote hair growth by keeping your scalp healthy.
    Oyster have protein and zinc, a necessary nutrient for hair growth. They also contain significant levels of omega 3 fatty acids, another nutrient that facial hair craves, oysters are super foods to help you grow a thicker beard.
    Sweet Potatoes
    Potato contains vitamin B, vitamin C, zinc, niacin, and iron, which nourish hair follicles and promote hair growth, they are also loaded with beta carotene, the precursor for vitamin A that not only promotes a healthy scalp but promotes hair growth.
    Yellow Peppers:
    Yellow bell peppers have nearly five and a half times more vitamin C than oranges (341 milligrams, as opposed to 63). This is good news for your locks since vitamin C is an antioxidant that strengthens the hair shaft and hair follicles, as well as prevents breakage.
    Sunflower Seeds:
    Just a few little seeds can supply you with an abundance of vitamin E, which will enhance blood flow to the scalp and promote faster hair growth.
    Raisins prevents hair fall as it is rich in Vitamin C. The anti-inflammatory properties help prevent scalp irritation, dandruff and flakiness from your hair.
    It also contains a trace mineral that has been found to boost the synthesis of testosterone and DHT which promotes hair and beard health and provides shine to your hair and beard.
    Orange juice is the catalyst behind your new beard diet,it is high in vitamin C. Which is one of the essential micro-nutrients you need to keep DHT active.
    Drink More Water:
    Not only your body but also your beard needs enough water to grow faster and fuller. Although that sounds obvious, most men neglect it and don’t hydrate themselves properly.
    Water, along with minerals, vitamins, and foods rich in proteins, is essential for your beard to grow faster. Opposite of that, insufficient water will cause your beard to grow slower.
    Stop Smoking:
    Studies have shown that smoking affects the beard just as aging. Only a few cigarettes a day unable proper blood circulation to the hair’s root, so cells don’t get enough blood needed for healthy growth, and the result is a beard that grows slower or not at all.
    3. Moisturize and condition your beard:
    Keeping your skin and beard clean and moisturized will not only make your beard look fuller over time, but it will also grow faster. The beard care products may help.
    Beard Shampoo:
    Don’t use hair shampoos to wash your beard, the chemicals in them will be stripping your beard of its natural oils.Not only that but they can also dry out the skin underneath your beard hair. Beard shampoo won't solely cure the dreaded beard dandruff, it will go far in nurturing the skin underneath your facial hair while your moisturiser or oil gets to work on those follicles.
    Be sure to dig deep when massaging shampoo into your beard, extending beneath and down to your skin.
    I’d suggest starting by applying beard wash 2-3 times a week.
    This should be enough to keep your beard feeling soft and smelling nice without overdoing it and risking irritation from over-application. If your skin is naturally oily or your beard is longer than most, then you may wish to increase your usage to 3-4 times a week.
    Beard oil:
    Beard oil is made with natural ingredients which will ensure that your beard is not dry or irritated, it is a great beard conditioner, it contains unrefined jojoba and pure argan oil help create the conditions for healthy growth, which means less breakage so your beard will appear thicker and longer faster.
    Beard oil is best applied to your face first thing in the morning as part of your getting ready to go out regime. Usually just after you wash your face and towel dry is a good time to apply the oil, just put few drops onto your hand and then rub into your beard. Comb and brush your beard after applying.
    Beard Balm:
    Beard balm is similar to beard oil, it still offers the benefits of beard Oil, but with hold. It contains the nourishing oils of beard oil( shea butter, cocoa butter and beeswax) which allows you to retain the perks of the beard oil, but to also tame, shape, and hold the beard in place. Aside from the benefits of the oils in the Balm, Shea and Cocoa butter offer extraordinary moisturizing properties that penetrate the hair shaft, offering increased hair strength, damage repair, and is even claimed to promote hair growth.
    It’s best to apply the balm or oil when your skin is slightly moist so the best time may be just after a shower or washing your face. It’s also key to comb or brush your beard after applying.
    Beard Conditioner:
    Conditioner contains natural ingredients like sunflower seed oil, jojoba seed oil, hemp seed oil and aloe vera. These ingredients soften
    your beard while keeping the skin underneath irritation free. Forget the dreaded beard itch. With a light hold, it works wonders and is even great for sensitive skin types.
    If your beard happens to suffer from dandruff, then the conditioner is a fantastic product which is known to help prevent that condition. It should be used each time you shampoo your beard, then apply the conditioner leave the conditioner in for as long as the product advises then rinse your beard thoroughly.

    Beard Grooming Devices:
    Shaving Brush: A common material used to make beard brushes is animal hair, such as boar hair or horse hair. This tool is going to be invaluable to those of you who are used to frequent shaving and exfoliation. The shaving brush will definitely help ease the transition.
    It provides a mechanical cleaning effect and reduce frizz and tangles and redistribute oils throughout your hair evenly. be sure to pair
    it with a gentle beard or face wash to avoid over-drying.

    Combs: Beard combs, on the other hand, are commonly made of a smooth, natural, hard material, such as pearwood or sandalwood. These woods are durable and have anti-static properties.
    Beard Combs are thinner than Beard Brushes, which means they are more easily transported. If you are limited for space, and want to ensure your grooming device is able to fit in your pocket or bag, go with a beard comb.
    Scissors: Using scissors to snip unwanted cheek hairs is a much safer option than using a razor to establish your cheek line. The probability of accidentally going too far down is greatly reduced when using scissors than if using any type of razor.