Wednesday, August 08, 2018

When is marriage not marriage?

Last week we had a very interesting court judgement. A Muslim woman was granted a decree nisi that her Islamic ceremony marriage was declared null and void in law. Her husband may appeal. They were married in a Shari'a ceremony in England. This is not legal. It counts for nothing in law. But the judge ruled it was not a sham pretend marriage. It was for real - but not recognised as legal in England. His ruling means the woman is entitled to a legal settlement as if she were being divorced from a legal marriage.

Is it seems the law of England does not recognise a marriage which I believe is marriage in God's sight. I believe that marriage is a covenant not a religious sacrament. This is Reformation teaching. For marriage there must be a willing consent by a man and a woman and a public, not secret, ceremony. Promises are made for fidelity . The union is sexually consummated. That is marriage. It is not a necessarily Christian thing. Islamic or other marriage is real marriage according to this understanding. Missionaries were wrong to call polygamous African marriage no marriage.

 But having now a judge say you can have a marriage but the law says it is not legally valid. It is though marriage not fornication.

But we also have in England what the law says is legal marriage but is not marriage. I refer to the falsely called same sex marriage. In God's eye's that is merely homosexual fornication no matter what parliament has decreed. It is man's law not God's and I denounce it. I do not want to even use the terms SSM or marriage equality. Apples are not oranges. Squares are not circles. Black is not white.

This is not hatred of homosexuals nor to stir up hatred. I speak the truth.

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