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The changing world (275) Apr-Jun 2005

Apr 1st First day of 8:30 opening. New pharmacy contract means more work for managers with users audits and customer satisfaction surveys annually. D& family here.
2nd       Kurt Piestrup's engagement party. John Paul II died.
3rd        Richard Bewes excellent on Rev 5. I preached on joy.
5th        Chiropody says I should have ingrown toenail removed.
6th        PL round to pray.
7th        Evening Edgware Hospital PCT on new contract. I was in a small ethnic minority.
8th        Pope buried. Sick of wall to wall media coverage.
9th        Watched Charles & Camilla wedding and blessing.
10th      PL on joy, prayer and thanksgiving them Jn 7 pm.
11th      Elders anointed and prayed for LB again.
14th      Farewell meal for Kurt at restaurant.
16th      Nigel Havers in Rebecca at Richmond.
17th      P{L good on 1Th 5. Jn 8. I did communion liturgy.
18th      papal enclave started.
21st       Session attendance fueled with Paul Meiners now. K to Canterbury by coach to be nanny during house move.
22nd     K back.
24th      Elijah by Uxchoir at awful Hayes RC shrine.
25th      St Botolph's without Aldgate preaching on joy for free Church f Scotland. Pm Dimitri IPC.
26th      Dullest election campaign ever.
28th      Hillingdon to hear Gulas. Gwoza has anti-government Muslim militants. Start of Boko Haram?
29th      Party leaders spoke well on TV but refuse head to head debate.
May 1st A took us to Ipswich. R got us lost with wrong address in sat nav so only just in time for A's niece, Alice, at supposedly evangelical C of E. At Shelford H has lower leg in plaster.
2nd        Day trip to Canterbury to see the new house.
5th         General election.
6th         Up to 2am to see Labour getting the 66 majority predicted by exit polls. Good my friend Stewart Jackson won Peterborough.
7th         Brian Boddy arrived.
8th         Paul Meiners fine on Hosea. Led for Brian on his 34 years in Nigeria. VE day 60th anniversary muted celebrations here.
9th         Noelle cooked for us at 52. C Hall of Cornhill on hermeneutics at IPC.
14th       Elders prayer.
15th       Led for PM on marriage. Lunch at Meiners. Ben W pm.
16th       Again dinner from Noelle at 52 then Christopher Ash on Bible study.
17th       Deacons and elders. Encouraged by the giving.
20th        Elders on scrapping junior church.
21st        Adrian took me to excellent Christian Chiltern brewery shop. Richmond for Winters tale with all male cast.
22nd       PL on best form Ps 135 and Jn 10.
25th        Amazing Europen Cup final win by Liverpool 3-0 down to AC Milan in Istanbul. Won on penalties.
28th        Lords. Bangladesh started 90 for 5. All out 11:45. Second biggest win ever. Got Vaughn's autograph.
29th        PL Ps 129 and Jn 10. Lunch at Daphne's.
30th        Met IPC walk at Chalfont St Peters. French reject Constitution.EU
Jun 4th   Terry Beldam's birthday barbecue. Dale there with parents.
5th          PL Ps 139. To Canterbury. lunch with Fields and Kirsty. Back home.
6th          Session. David Tomae, WHM there. Are the changes to Sunday School and deacons necessary.
7th          Moved Natalia to 52.
8th          Deb connected broadband. RPSGB inspector paid amicable visit. To Luton airport and picked up Christonel and Nina to stay.
9th          Paul C came and advised me to get a wireless router.
11th        Synod in Kingston.
12th        Newborn Lawler baby dies and David Porter too. PL on Ps 139. Visited Great Shelford.
13th        Michael Jackson not guilty. Good AGM.
14th        Lord's for MCC v Lara's 11. He bowled all 10 of his men with MCC 327 for 7. Visited Dan H in Charing Cross. he will lose a foot.
16th        With K to paradise Fields and two Cats the narrow boat of A's uncle.
18th         A got router going. Fancy dress barbecue at IPC with Carlos's steak.
19th         Robin Sydserff of Proc trust good on Ps 1. Pl Jn 12.
20th         Flash floods Helmsley, Thirsk and Hawnby.
22nd        Memorial service for one day old Jessica lawler. Packed. Good words from PL and a Minnesota pastor on Jn 11. CB suspended from his social work.
24th         YMCA make Poverty History quiz. Our team with Barnes and Hereward won.
25th         MB in hospital.
26th         PL good on Jn 12. MB looks ill in hospital.P Meiners interviewed by congregation.
28th         K told slipped disc but no op until Oct or Nov. Ealing Forum meet at The Kent. Met Gerry Tan. My site is now hosted in Australia.

The changing world (274) Jan - Mar 2005

Jan 1st To Canterbury.
2nd       Next to no sermon at St Mary Bredin. Saw new semi D&E are buying. R&A to excellent fish curry lunch. Canterbury is a culinary delight.
3rd        Home.
4th        Teresa restarted work.
5th        Mohammed Haji from Kabul, a vet on WE.
7th        Despite 45,000 complaints BBC will not cancel Gerry Springer The Owers.
8th        Emerging from Horsenden Lane Katy in Yaris hit by a car going east and jumping the lights. Sun in his eyes? Visited Wells.
9th        PL excellent 1Th 1. Took communion to MB who is in decent spirits. Dick Lucas on Mk 1.
10th      Insurance promise car while Yaris repaired. PL excellent at well attended meeting on how to lead a Bible study.
11th      Corsa delivered. Yaris take. Took Deb to her new housegroup at levy.
13th      Silly row over Prince harry in Nazi fancy dress.
16th      PL on 1Th 1:9-10. To Braithwaite's. met Stephen's Caribbean fiancee.
18th      Howard H in hospital and sons called as may be near the end.
19th       HH died. Had been at church Sunday. Deb's first driving lesson.
21st       Frontier centre near Northampton. CPA conference. Leader Alan Craig spoke.
22nd     More came to a ramshackle uninspiring conference.
23rd      Few at nutty, charismatic, lefty conference. But I agree with the principle of a Christian party. But they were to do downhill later . Divided you fall. Dimitri good on Jn 5.
27th      Larsons and Carl to dinner.
28th      IPC for Burns Night. Excellent haggis.
29th      Too Burroughs.
30th       Preached on grace. PL on Jn 5.
Feb 1st  About 30+ family and 20 friends at Howard H's grave near Heathrow. Around 150 at Gunnersbury baptist including Sit Fred and Lady fatherhood. Pam, Martin and I spoke. Encouraging prayer meeting.
3rd         Stock take.
5th          PL here to see Wales beat England at Cardiff.
6th          PL am on 1Th 2 and a full house better on Jn 6 am.
10th       Charles and Camilla engaged.
11th       G down by train.
12th       G&I to RAF museum Hendon.Natalia lodging.
13th       PL good on 1Th 2 and then Jesus walking on water. G back home. Bethany broke left arm falling from J's back and is in Addenbrokes.
14th       GP nags again on weight and pipe.
15th       Few at expensive pony Avenue wine bar for Beer and Bibles. Good chat with Chuck of MTW.
16th       Natalia cooked lasagne.
17th       J&Co to visit us.
18th       Alan Colquoun and Judy to dinner. 13 years since the lawyer lodged with her.
20th       Preached on adultery in Liss. Ryan has turned them down as he did us. Back to IPC but not PL, a LCM Cornhill man not so able as PL.
25th       Phillips to dinner.
27th       Led for PL on 1Th 4. PL Joh 6 a bit repetitious.
Mar 1st  Well attended church prayer.
3rd         Liviu also Edwin Beattie staying.
5th         Deb with R&A to Twickenham North v South Tsunami match.
6th         Joel Rinn lacked structure. I led at table. Elliott good and controversial on Your Kingdom come.
8th         Ealing hospital haematology.
9th         Dan H drunk fell three flours in Melbourne and survived.
11th       Extended parliamentary session over terrorism bill.
13th       PL 1Th 5. French, Taiwanese and two Koreans to lunch cooked by Deb. Pm Jn 6.
16th       Teresa being pursued by bailiffs for old council tax debt now she is working again.
19th        PL round to see Wales beat Ireland and their first grand slam since the seventies.
20th        PL good on 1Th  5. Dimitri on Jn 7.
24th        R took K to Annie's funeral in Wilmslow.
25th        Good Friday led for bill who lunched here.
26th        J&Co here.
27th        PL disturbed by phones and late comers this Thomas sermon. Ben Williamson on Rom 1.
28th        Burroughs here. Visited Bunny park.
31st         Deb back from Spring harvest.

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The changing world (273) Oct to Dec 2004

Oct 1st IPC internationals evening but no-one came.
2nd       Blithe Spirit at Richmond.
3rd        PL good on Hag1 and Abrahamic covenant.' Session and deacons on new building proposals.
6th        Good members meeting on proposed rebuilding.
7th        Elders prayer.
9th        Great Shelford.
10th      Simon Wakeling from Oak Hill good on David and Goliath. He has left C of E. Came to lunch.
13th      Good church prayer meeting.
16th      Heathrow BA Baltimore. Gordon took us to Kenneth in Alexandria.
17th      Alexandria PCA. Missionary from Japan. Lunch with Skilling family. To Washington's Mount Vernon home.
18th      Kenneth dropped us at the Lincoln Memorial. Vietnam Wall.Coach tour via White House and Union Station. Arlington cemetery.
19th      White House visitor centre. Smithsonian Air and Space Museum. Saturn rocket large and space capsule small.
20th       Picked u hire car. 240 miles to Paul and Aleysia in Washington, RA. Dave Kifer to dinner.
21st        600 milled to Soutborough. PA.NJ.NY.CN.MA.
22nd       To Scott and Jennifer. Bears and moose around their house not seen.
23rd        Walk by lake.
24th        IPC votes unanimously for building redevelopment. Madison Baptist. Rather liberal.  420 miles to NJ through New York city. Mount Laurel.
25th       To Allan Winger Philadelphia Biblical University. Liberty bell, Independence hall. Carol Mather visited us back at the motel.
26th       Mark Babcock 6'8'due to pituitary problems. Went to one class at Westminster Seminary. Dined with Mawsons.
27th       150 miles to DC. Gordon Babcock took us to Chesapeake bay. Met Rita.
28th        Visited Gordon's mother in Cumberland and friends fostering on a farm.
29th        Annapolis.
30th        Elliot City. Railway museum. Baltimore airport.
31st        Met by R&A.
Nov 2nd Church prayer poorly attended.
3rd         Happiest day of politics for ten years as Kerry conceded and bush id president.
5th         NE England rejects a regional assembly.
6th         Going Straight at Richmond.
7th         I took snails to pot luck. Visited Howard Ha in hospital for colostomy. PL had 26 from 10 countries for NT covenant.
11th       Did the two minutes slim]nce at work.
12th       JMBH here.
14th      PL on elders then children of covenant.
15th      Encouraging session.
17th      Elizabeth Nikides died age 21.
19th      Madeline tells me to stop visiting. She wants to follow the AA programme.
20th      Took Paul C to see Lady in the Van. Susan Hampshire in brilliant Bennett at Richmond.
21st       PL good on elders. 110 miles to Canterbury. Church and Sahara's baptism. New C of E liturgy is not reformed. Noisy music. Drove home.
22nd     PL led half annual members meeting pretty well.
23rd      Visited MB who has discharged herself from hospital. Great memorial service for Elizabeth Nikides Andrew Jones great on Rev 7. Did Christmas letter.
26th      Teresa says she will work for me again. Susan has to go. Farrelly to dinner and Tim Mares MTW.
27th      To Culcheth. Found PL stranded at Keele with petrol in a diesel hire van. Joint presbytery with EPCEW after a 15 year gap. Stayed at Kunars after my final session for their church.
28th       Preached at Brian H's ordination. Joel R, MH and I decided we should drop MP as theologian of IPC. Back to home via leapers. S Constable great n Joseph in prison.
29th       CPA planning meeting. Invited because i had a letter in the New Statesman.
30th       Drink with S Constable at The Kent.
Dec 2nd E and Sahara here. Blanket in headline because of an affair.
5th          PL on duty of elders. Malaysian student Sue staying. Preached 1Sam 19.
6th         Cards done up to R.
7th         Hairdresser dyed my hair for Father Christmas. Prayer meeting with phone link to Larsons in Afghanistan.
Cards done to T.
8th         PL round on pastoral visit.
9th         Only PL to session.
11th       To JMBH for Bethany's fourth birthday. More talkative but limited sounds.
12th        Pl on members responsibility to elders. Two Russian Estonians (Natalia) and Ben to lunch. PL very good at carol service.
13th        Roofers at work.
14th        Central Middlesex consultant wants to refer K to Charing cross surgeon.
15th        Blunkett reigns as home secretary over an affair.
18th        Roofers finished.
19th        PL excellent Luk 2. I did 1sam 19.
24th        J%Co here.
25th        PL good at 10am. Lunch at Littles senior.
26th        Led for PL. 11,00+ dead from tidal waves in Sumatran earthquake.
27th        We looked after H while R&A took JMB on Eye.
28th        J&Co left. To Nikides Gants hill for dinner.
31st        Meiners round for evening with three daughters and son in law.

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The changing world (272) Jul-Sep 2004

Jul 4th PL on prayer. Pot luck for Bods. I did 1Sam4 om. Greece 1 Portugal 0 Euro final.
5th       Good elders prayer.
6th       PC critical to me of PL and elders but still with us. They were to move to Edinburgh. I am on sabbatical.
8th       Eric Larson and family to dinner.
9th     Warrington session at Tally Ho.
10th     Great Shelford.
11th     am Bob Dawson. Me pm 1Sam 15.
12th     With PL to City of peace and net three men for inductive Bible study.
13th     Good prayer at IPC.
14th     Great Shelford. Stanstead Cologne Coach to Konigsberg. MVS Victoria. Kolenz. Walked and train tour of old imperial capital 87% destroyed in WW2.
15th     Rudsheim. Flattened 1944. Local beer cheaper than on board. Sigfied's musical cabinet. Mechanical instruments.
16th     Speyer where Protestants first so called. Reformation window in cathedral. Not happy we are seated at a table on our own on board.
17th     Rhine wider. Black Forest. Strasbourg. Naff secular Franco centric commentary on the boat.
18th     Bucer's St Thomas church. Petit France. Manheim.
19th     Boppard. Chair lift to view of four lakes.
20th     Konigsberg. Funicular to Siegfried castle.
21st     Cologne airport. Stanstead. Great Shelford. David has a two year assistant pastor post at St Michael's Chester Square.
22nd    Dimitri to session. May be having Ben a second Cambridge graduate too.
23rd     Canterbury.
24th     Walk in woods near Whitstable.
25th     Preached Identikits Green 1 Jo 4. Home.
26th     Callum and Lorraine Beck from Canada staying.
28th     Simon Hui explained his plans for the church site - the prmts he owns.
Aug1st Led for Paul Meiners then they lunched here. pm Kurt P/ AR and deacons do not like Hui's plans.
3rd        Storm flooded A406 at Park Royal.
4th        City of peace. Small congregational meeting a waste of my time.
8th        PL good Ps7. Preached pm 1Sam 16.
9th        Waste of time with deacons on rebuilding plans. No benefit for a lot of hassle.
11th      Met three from COP in Edgware Road. Lack of reconciliation with BH is serious.
12th      COP commission says Henk B cannot be considered for eldership. Wilmslow to family. Then to Huselands.
13th     Sploke on giving at Grace fellowship. To Leapers. Home via new M6 toll.
16th     Sorry to hear David will not do to St Michael's as he is exhausted and needs a break. Elders prayer. Boscastle flood.
19th     Decorator finished the hall £900.
20th     Fatima, WE has A level grades for pharmacy at Kingston.
21st     Gold medal Athens coulees fours. Oval saw WIndies and we only needed one second innings run to win.
22nd    Harrogate celebrating G's 50th. 19 there. Spoke on Ps2 grove Road. Radcliffe dropped out of marathon. Peed.
23rd    Home. Kelly Holmes 400m gold.
24th     K saw consultant and does not know what surgery to have.
26th      K starts holiday Club 21.
27th     Khan boxing silver. Radcliffe does not complete 10Km.
28th     40+ at Knave for Angela Field's retirement. Kelly Holmes wins 1500m. James from Kenya staying.
30th     J and D and families here.
31st     Elders interviewed Ben Williamson.
Sep 4th Airport to meet R&A from Lubyanka. Got Sky Sports.
5th       PL on Ps 19 and good on covenants.
7th       Boring Falcon School head's party. New stair carpet.
11th      Levy did well marrying Chris Cradock and Frouke Bouma. Packed IPC. She had organised the registration of IPC for the wedding under the new more liberal law. Under the old one we refused to comply with legal requirements to section off the manse and only use it for a minister. So we had been refused registration.
12th       PL on form and to be encouraged on Hag1 and gen1. COP commission want to pull the plug there.
13th       Told COP we could not recommend them as elders.
14th        Elders prayer.
15th        New district nurse turned out to be Godwin, Igall Vom set 23 who I taught.
17th        Brian Huseland staying.
18th        Presbytery approved BH for eldership. Led for Jerram Barrs and 50th anniversary of IPC celebration.
19th       Levy on Hag1 and Gen 3. I presided at table.
23rd       Warned Susan, improve or go.
24th        Good members meeting on redevelopment.
25th        Oval beat Windies with seven balls to spare.
26th        PL on Hag 1. Over 20 there pm.
27th        Session. Aaron difficult over building plans.
30th        Blair to have minor op. His cardiologist is our church member. Says he will only do one more term.


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Diary w/e 15 Dec 2018

Sun 9 Dec

Chris Roberts on God's eternity then incarnation from Gal3. Japanese lady baptised after conversion through our English classes.I preached advent from Mat 24 at Harmondsworth. Abut 20 there with three new Nigerians.

Mon 10

Our best friends Elliott and Marti Larson to dinner with us.

Tue 11

Surgery at Central Middlesex. My urolift surgery was not too uncomfortable and I am recovering at home with some minimal continuing discomfort.

Wed 12

Post-operative discomfort. Dysuria. Urge incontinence. Haematuria. U3A history on ancient Iraq. Mesopotamia cradle of the first recorded civilisation - Sumerian.

Th 13

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The changing world (271) Apr-Jun 2004

Apr 2nd To Swanwick. Former Missionaries Fellowship supper and This is your Life. Lots of old friends.
3rd         Dopey in not very inspiring meetings.
4th          Left Swanwick after lunch. Mixed feelings. Action Partners is in the past for me.
5th          Brian Huseland to dinner.
9th          Led Good Friday service for Bill who lunched with us. J&co here for tea.
11th        Preached Easter Day evening.
12th        Family taken to expensive Syon Park butterfly house. J&co left.
17th        Surprise successful Ruby wedding party for Littles. His sister and husband here overnight.
18th        Preached 1sam 12.
19th        We are to have a referendum on EU constitution.
20th        Hristo to dinner.
23rd        IPC commission met. Me, PL, Bob H. Need Nikides to reconcile.
24th        2oo miles to Culcheth. Met with Roy and mark who came with me to Oxford. he is a hopeless navigator. Lots of old friends including Roes at Joe's 70th.
25th        PL on the writing on the wall. Eric and Chis from Oz to lunch.Larsons on Afghanistan. Bulgarian pastor staying a week.
26th        Our visitor was a driver then police before seminary.
29th        Session. PL full of plans for more workers. I am reluctant to back his faith. Where is the giving?
30th        Commission met with BN. Very emotional over hurt with City of Peace. Planned the way ahead.
May 1st To Braithwaites. Only for Cowper garden and museum. Newtons church. tea with Europhile lawyer who negotiated the constitution and is against it. Old pals at Larson's Afghan evening.
2nd        Led for PL who was good on Daniel in lions' den. Larson's to lunch. With Deb to saracens v Sale. Very good game with our hero Jason Robinson. Led for Elliott, Thy kingdom come. Met with City of Peace who will come under care.
3rd         IPC barbecue. Chat with Elliott.
4th         K's Central Middleex appointment cancelled due to a death.
7th          To Hayes for CPA committee but only one attendee. A charismatic nutter and experienced Hounslow independent councillor.
8th          Spoke at Kingston ordination of three elders and two pastors. Over 200 congregation. With Hosiers to Gunnersbury and Iain Murray on Wesley and Whitfield.
Leeds relegated.
9th          PL good on Dan 7. Kurt P to lunch. Walked to the ugly Alperton Hindu temple.
10th        With PL and MH to Affinity in Reading. Formerly BEC. Met general secretary Jonathan Stephens.
11th         Talked to 94 year old Mr Olley who walks regularly in the park. My other nonagenarian customer, Karl Ruge, was to die at 99. A refugee from Nazi Germany his ancestor had been an exile with Marx and Engels.
12th         Cousin Arthur proves to be the black sheep the family leaving his wife for a married woman who hails from Greenford. I wrote a very forthright letter to him.
15th         To the house of millionaire Harts next to Wenger's in Totteridge with Deb. In his BMW to chelsea 1 Leeds 0. Like an exhibition. No passion. Autograph from Johny Vaughan.
16th          PaulWilliamson, master at Eton, Ps 5. Taught maths to harry and rugby to William. PL Joh 4. I presided at table.
20th          Session much more encouraging these days.
22nd         Mound stand Lords. Cold. England lead over NZ. Two Scawen Blunts buried there. parents of the bishop<
23rd          Enjoyed PL who skipped Dan 8.
27th          Asked board for 6%.
28th          4.5% rise.
29th          MB needs a cylinder of oxygen daily.
30th          PL good on Dan 10 and Joh 4. Eric Larson and family present. He is in Middle eastern intelligence. Formerly in special forces.
31st           J&co here. Saw Wembley arch being raised.
Jun 1st Canterbury. Bay Window Inn, Littlebarn. Elizabeth apprehensive about planned inducing. Vietnamese restaurant £80 for four. Tasty bout pricey.
2nd           Waked round Patrixbourne. Two Scawen Blunts buried there. Parents of the bishop? Higham House. lovely gardens. Chitty Chitty Band bang was there and Ian Fleming who gave Bond the number of the coach he travelled in from London. Elizabeth in hospital to be induced.
3rd           Sandwich nature reserve.  Norman St Mary's church on Saxon site. Bought wine at vineyard of a chemist who Pfizer develop Viagra locally. Elizabeth on inducing drip.
4th            8lb 13oz Sahara Kate by C section. Visited them. To Faversham and nature reserve.
5th            Sandfire Ho reclaimed with Chunnel waste. Hospital. baby fine. Mother in pain.
6th            Commissioning Larsons for Afghanistan then pot luck. Big D Day commemoration.
7th            AGM. Elizabeth home.
8th            I have visited her regularly but finding Madeline unresponsive.
10th          Half day drive to Canterbury and back leaving K there. London end EU elections. Voted CPA. Too tired to stay up for results.
11th          Visited MB who is worried about TB. Labour and CPA did badly in elections. Red Ken back in.
12th          Synod at Greatham with Romania, France, Italy, Belgium, Korea, England. Handed moderator role to Bill N.
13th          PL on Ps 6. Lost to France in Euro.
14th         Big boost for UKIP in EU election.
15th         k to Central Middlesex for an epidural with no effect.
16th         Elders prayer. PL says I should not fall asleep in meetings (sleep apnoea undiagnosed) To anoint and pray for LB's healing.
17th         Fever. Antibiotic. Locus for afternoon.
18th         Again locus for half the day due to bad left foot.
19th         Big IPC pig roast farewell to Boddingrons.
20th         Les am and introduced OM tam. Visited MB and talked of funeral plans. Preached 1Sam 13.
21st          England 4 Croatia 2. Became part of my memorable numbers.
22nd        Last elders with PB.
24th        Eng 2 Portugal @ and out on penalties.
26th        My first Eurostar to Paris for ordinations of Joel and Nick.
27th        Jerram Barrs Ps 10. Internationals lunch at IPC cooked by Katy. Preached Rut 1 at City of Peace.
28thb      K Northwick Park xray of wrist then Italian restaurant with Littles senior.

The changing world (270) Jan-Mar 2004

Jan 1st Burroughs here. R&A to tea too. JMBH left after five days here.
2nd      Phone from Derick J who says he is dying of pancreatitis.
3rd       PL helpful on Rs1. I did 1Sam 9-11.
8th       To Leapers.
9th       Wilmslow. Us, Rodney, Elizabeth, Jack, Ena, David, Joe, Lucy and Hazel buried grandad's ashes. I prayed. Wake at Enas. Home.
10th     Took communion to Cath Benton
11th     Led for PB on Ps2. Structured and clear. PL Joh 1. Lacked application.
12th     Elders and deacons. Katy has dry macular degeneration not the more dangerous wet kind.
13th     Prayer meeting better attended. Shipman commits suicide.
16th     G&S here.
17th     To Dover and D&E.
18th     Dick Lucas Ps3. PL pm but not thrilled. Attendance improved.
20th     Roofers finish repairs.
21st     Encouraged by Levys at housegroup.
22nd    Katy at new IPC Kids Club 16.
24th     To Nick's, nee Braithwaite, for her parents 60th birthday surprise. A foreign office EU lawyer there to whom I did not speak.
25th      Evening servile number now twenty.
27th      labour majority of 160 down to three over variable tuition fees. We are ruled by unrepresentative Scots.
28th      Katy off work with prolapsed disc. Immobile. pain not relieved by diclofenac. Snow blocked ballads lane. Home 7:45 pm.
29th      Katy a little better with diazepam. Elders prayer encouraging.
31st      Quiz night for Choices at St James. 4th out of 22 tables but first of four from IPC.
Feb 1st Finding PL lacks application. Kirsty to lunch.
2nd       Looks like we need to replace out flat roof.
7th        Bought new 23" TV.
8th        Lad am.
10th      Beer and Bibles at Drayton Court. Pleased Dan there.
11th      Katy in more pain.
12th     K took MB to hospital.
13th     IPC overseas students reception at YMCA. 73s leaving party. Selling to a landlord. He turned out to be an Iraqi on Teeside who tried his best to redevelop.
14th     Wells here for day.
15th      Dopey in sermons. I wondered if it was a spiritual battle but later diagnosis of sleep apnoea. This explains may diary entries where i complain of tiredness and think it may be depression. It might have been but also the sleep problem. It explains the snoring problems too.
17th      Talked wills with Mark Harvey. DB had promised me one in an auction of promises years back but he never produced. It became an example of the need to forgive meaning you should not keep bringing it up in your thoughts.
18th       J&co here.
20th      73 came for supper. He drinks too much.
21st       215 miles to Harrogate via M1. Dorothy's 60th at the George, Richmond. Very posh.
22nd      RGW preached Hamstwaite Methodist. A1 home.
23rd       Session at Levy's. Bill tells of troubles with Henk Bouma.
24th       GP tells me to lose weight. haematology said my white and red counts are up.
27th       Gibson's Passion of the Christ provokes much debate.
Mar 2nd Session to Larson's interviewing them about Afghanistan plans.
5th          Session thinks they have a deacon problem. I do not. Suggested I take a three month sabbatical.
6th          Took Pat McKernan to La Traviata Richmond. Daft plot.
7th          Preached forgiveness at Liss. Pot luck.
9th          Four Muslims released from Camp Gitmo in Cuba had been captured in Afghanistan.
10th        Led prayer meeting for PL who is bothered by City of Peace.
11th        Nearly 200 killed by Madrid bombs.
13th        Presbytery examined Joel Rinn and Nick carrels and appointed commission to sort City of Peace.
14th        Three Chinese and Mark from SA to lunch.
20th        Importance of being Ernest at Richmond.
21st        Awful Great Shelford family service. Mothering Sunday. Hannah dedicated.
25th        The Passion of the Christ. Not as gory as expected. Too much Mary but a good supernatural film. Followed the RC way of concentrating on the physical suffering while we Protestants emphasise the spiritual agony.
31st         Fields to dinner. John with the usual name dropping.

The changing world (269) Oct-Dec 2003

Oct 1st Katy to look after LB whose anxiety is worse.
4th       Arms and the man, Richmond.
5th       PL on Phi 1 and 1Cor 6. 20+ pm which is an encouraging improvement.
6th       Katy five hours with LB.
7th       PL led first Tuesday IPC prayer meeting. Well attended.
8th       Usual morning call to LB. Session says church ladies cannot provide constant supervision. Pete B says applying to Exeter school as St Paul's is getting to be too much.
9th       LB to be admitted hospital. Paul Cook at hayes disappointing on John Wesley.Yaris rolled out of the f=drive and across the road.
10th     LB not admitted. Say it would make her worse. Start of Rugby world cup down under.
11th     To Harrogate. Walk in Knaresborough. About forty at reunion at the Angel. Not so lively as last time but found old school magazines with my forgotten poems. At 11:44 Hannah Kathryn born. 9ib 2oz.
12th      Grove chapel then Weatherspoons Richmond with Dorothy.To Rosie Maternity but they had left. At Burroughs with deb.
13th      Deb plating football with PL Greenford High.
15th      Visited MB who is depressed and sees no hope of physical improvement.
18th       Eng 25 SA 6. Wilkinson kicking well. Handel's Ariadne at Richmond. Mezzo soprano lead in place of castrato and counter tenor villain in place of contralto.
19th       AR not at home leading for Willy Philip. Evening Pl was excellent on homosexuality.
24th       D%E hear. She is expecting and same day as her sister. D applying to be St Mary's pastoral director.
25th        JMBH here. Sick of Diwali bangs.
26th        PL good on Phi 2. Singleness 1Cor 7 pm.
28th        Vote of confidence called on Ian Duncan-Smith.
29th        IDS loses vote. Howard Tory leader.
31st         No trick and treaters.
Nov 1st Dinner at Nikides Isle of Dogs.
2nd        Led for PL who is not so good thematically on the gospel.
4th         Paul Clark fairly good on the cross.
9th         PL excellent Phi 2. Steve Boren with two friends to lunch. He was to marry Abigail Los and did not treat her well. Lots of overseas people at evening tea and talk.
11th       PL led church prayer.
13th       K took LB to Walpole house clinic.
15th       Helped clean church. Katy diagnosed with bilateral macular degeneration.
16th       PB led PL who was not hs best on Phi2. Eng 24 France 7. all due to Wilkinson. So we are in the final. Few overseas students at evening pot luck.
17th       Good elders prayer. LB does not want to leave the house alone.
18th       Jonathan Fletcher on repentance. LB looked awful.
20th       Did visa letter for MTW family. Bombs at British Embassy Ankara. Bush in London.
21st        Drove to leapers.
22nd       England 20 Aug 17 in extra time. Won by JW drop goal last kick. Culcheth inaugural service at sports centre. Waldecker preached. Back to leapers.
23rd       St Marks, Great Wyrley. Paul Oakley the vicar.
24th        Banked £72,000 from grandad's probate.
25th        Speedwell lunch at Chinese as farewell to Katy Cheung, leaving medic, a Christian. Not many out for Jonathan Madely in evening.
27th        Members meeting did not go so well. PL says we do not do much. AR presented DB's views on change in local procedures. I spoke on membership. Contributions for the manse are encouraging.
28th        Haven Green wedding reception for Luke Lawler with video of his Kentucky Baptist wedding with DIY vows. Made me thankful for Cranmer and the BCP. Good to meet Iranian and Iraqi converts from Randy's Arabic church.
29th        Handel anthems, Uxchoir, Uxbridge and tea at ballets.
30th        Preached Her 12, Mount Zion for first in advent. Eric from Cameroon to lunch. A RC studying french at TVU. Not many internationals to evening meal.
Dec 2nd PL on gospel poorly attended. PL visited ML whose wife has left him.
3rd         Started Christmas letter.
4th         Session largely on house groups and ML whose family seem to want to protect him since his wife left. He has not come to church since his return from India.
6th         To a seventh floor city office joint presbytery with Koreans but only their moderator came. Environment and attendance discouraging but some encouraging reports especially NLMG Southall.
7th         Preached on the hidden key. Ls agree to our counselling the unhappy couple.NLMG encouraging/ People there from Hindu Sikh and Muslim backgrounds. PL at IPC pm.
8th         Deacons good but tension between AL and PL.
9th         Blood teat Ealing hospital. Started on cards. PL led prayer. His parents there.
12th       Cards done F to ).
13th        JMDB here.Finished cards.
14th        Angry with PL changing my carol service programme.I led. He preached well. Saddam captured. Wilkinson sports personality of the year.
17th         Huntley two life sentences for Soham murders. Huosegroup social at church.
21st         PL OK on wise men. PB unimaginative carols. Visited MB who is recovering from pneumonia. Preached 1 Sam pm.
24th         Hallf day at work.Ping Yan friendly Chinese HOST student hits it off with deb.D&E here.
25th         PL very good on Jesus hidden. Baddock to lunch. late tea with Littles senior and jill.
26th         A,R,Deb,D,E and visitor to the Eye. Iranian earthquake. 20,000+ dead?
27th         D,E visitor left. JMBH arrived.
28th         PL am. Lunch at R&As. I preached 1Sam 8.
30th         Iran quake toll may be 50,000+.
31st         Half day only in pharmacy.

The changing world (268) Aug-Sep 2003

Aug 1st Breakfast of biscuits with gravy at Indian reservation, Whispering Springs. Near Mount Hood. Crossed Columbia River. On forest road round Mt St Helens. 344 miles to Scapoose on the side not devastated. $120 dinner for four overlooking Portland.
2nd        365 miles to Vancouver. Fly home via Calgary. best ever holiday. 3655 miles in 10 days driving.
3rd         Slept a little. Only saw Liverpool, N Wales, Bristol Channel, Isle of Wight, Brighton, Met by R&A.
6th         London's hottest day 96F.
9th         96 again and paddling pool in garden for Bethany.
10th       Chuck Phillips, PCA Mobile Al good on prayer. I presided at Table. Hottest day ever 100F. Pete B did Ruth in evening in chapel to be cooler.
11th        The a/c never got the pharmacy below 82F. Police at the Afghans No 70.
12th        Just after midnight Afghan woman ran screaming down the road. Dialled 999. Police questioned them. Session. BCO, pastoral problems, PL's radical plans for worship.
14th         Dinner at Mama Calabar, Hendon. Erik businessman next table paid our bill. Severe power outage in E Canada and NE USA.
15th         Phoning LB daily to encourage her through depression.
16th         Travellers Guild in receivership. We lost over £2000.
17th         Led for Joe. Evening preached Ruth 2-4.
18th         Offer accepted on Rosary Court, Potters bar.
19th         After much delay Briggs has papered ceiling.
20th         Katy brought LB here. We want to encourage her to be active in her depression.
22nd        After work Warrington session with Bill, Roy and mark. I paid for a meal and beer and no-one paid me back.
23rd         To White hart Lane where we lost 2-1.
24th          Preached Ex 32. Holiday Bible Club, SCUBA had the chapel look like it was under the sea.
25th         To Bradwell marina and on Rosie, Leapers boat, up River Blackwater.  Out under sail, back under power. Not impressed by the experience.
26th          LB much improved on new medication.
28th           Nigerian Amos took me to lunch. he is RC priest of deceased ECWA evangelist father and now Muslim mother in Tangale Wake. PL concerned about what is going on in SCUBA.
29th          Kelly enquiry hears from Blair. Campbell resigns as his press secretary.
31st          SCUBA ends. Levy excellent on rich young fool. I preached 1Sam 1-2 pm.
Sep 1st     Difficult pastoral visit to DB. He will not lead the ordination service as he is unhappy with he elders over worship still.
4th           Visited Amos at Society for African Missions.
5th           PL frustrated by DB opposition to worship changes so I phoned encouragement.
6th           To Oval with Trevor, Roy and Brian Huseland. Brian is a PCA missionary. I tell Americans they can get alongside Englishmen by taking interest in football. But to be a super missionary you should learn about cricket. Saw England go 167/2 to 503/7.Double century Tescothick with Thorpe in biggest ever stand in England against SA.
7th           Ordination of Paul Levy. Full house. I lad for Dick Lusa preaching.Pot luck. PL led prayer meeting. Denham leaving us for St Pauls.
12th           Brian Huseland staying. Deb to Legoland with Skiotis family.
13th           Presbytery. Not happy to have Mark H in the chair and him the only Liss elder resent. Not happy to be rushing into BEC. Tensions at City of Peace.
14th           Full house for PL starting Phi 1. Good.Forgot communion elements. Pot luck for Skiotis back after five years. Visited pam H in private hospital. Willy Philip excellent in evening on worship.
16th           Off work with fever. Antibiotic prescribed.
17th           A&E Ealing Hospital. Cellulits. Visited Halletts.
18th           Temperature down. Leg red and sore.
19th            Iranian neighbour's mother died. Big funeral and feast.
20th            PL took me to oak Hill free church consultation on ministerial training. Waste of time.
21st            Hristo took me to Kingston IPC 25th anniversary. Met S Korean ambassador. Preached 1Sam 2-3 in evening.
22nd            Ealing hospital A&E again. Decided against admission.
25th             Back to work. End of inquiry into kelly's suicide. Leg bandaged up.
27th             Drove to near Leicester for EPCEW presbytery. Good reception but sad no indication of desire for better links with IPC.
28gth           Led for PL on Phi 1 again. Speech for Denham's leaving. John Wilson walk from St Pauls. Christian Heritage. Preached 1Sam 4-6.

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The changing world (267) Jul 2003

July 1st Session. PL will be radical.
3rd        Pastoral phone call with AC found him as arrogant and unrepentant as ever. Made me angry and upset.
4th        Baptised May Martha Larson. Mark Harvey preached. Auction of promises.
12th      A&R took us to Gatwick. Thomas Cook to Calgary then Vancouver. Eleven and a half hours. Saw England at Liverpool, Greenland, frozen Canada, Rockies. Met by Boers and to their on ninth floor West End, Vancouver.
13th       First Baptist. Feminised. Not very biblical.Walk by English bay with liquorice ice cream.Z lot of polite beggars during our night walk.
14th       Pitt Rivers and Boer family. Lake is second largest tidal freshwater lake in the world.
15th       RV Stanley Park, Lions gate Bridge,Howe Sound. Camp near Squamish. Watched climbers on huge cliff. MOD suicide as result of Iran weapons leaks.
16th        Whistler. Lunch in RV at the dump but saw no scavenging bears.
17th         Ferry to Victoria, Vancouver Island. Very clean. Statue of James Cook. Beer too cold and extra sales taxes.
18th         Sky Train to King George St station and Katy's Uncle Harry. Saw a boy with Rom6:23 tattoo on the train. To Aunt Myra at Langley. Abbotsford.
19th         Cycle to Stanley park but had to walk after wheel buckled with my bulk. Grenville Island.
20th         First CRC greeted in Dutch. Chevy Cavalier hire car. No interior light to map read. Visited Cynthia nee Boer in Seattle. 546Km to Scapoose. Hard to navigate Portland in dark. Welcomed at Newtons.
21th         From Newton's veranda you can see the whole mountain range south of Mt St Helens. They were not there when it blew but would have had a grandstand view. Took coastal 101 but cloud from the Pacific spoilt the news. 300 miles to North Bend Or. $40 motel.
22nd        300 miles going south. Avenue of Giants very impressive. Elk signed but not seen. Mythical IMO. 22 miles of doubt bends to Fort Bragg. Saddam's sons killed.
23rd         Stopped at Schultz of Peanuts fame home town. Wine country. Golden Gate foggy. Picked up Bed at San Francisco airport. Total 342 miles to Roe's, Grass valley. Cattle country before Sacramento. Driving here fast and poorer. Saw Dennis's medals including two silver stars, equivalent of our MM.
24th         206 miles round Lake Tahoe. 6000' altitude, 166' deep, cool and blue. Donner pass in Sirra Nevada where stranded settlers resorted to cannibalism when stranded after a blizzard. 410 all you can eat lunch at Caesar's casino. Dennis calls it spoiling the Egyptians. Happy Valley ski lift to over 9000' which is above the grass line. Many chipmunks.
25th          Grass Vally. To two Nevada City wineries. Saw wild turkeys. Crossed world's third highest bridge.
26th          453 miles to LA. The richest agricultural valley in the world. All irrigated. Citrus trees. Lorry loads of tomatoes. Larry Beckler drove us round Pasadena.
27th          Hollywood 1st Presbyterian. Several blocks of parking. Good traditional service. Eating lunch outside at Beckler's. To Hui's. Lost my camera on the beach. Elizabeth Nauman there. Simon treated us to very cheap Chinese restaurant. bob Hope died.
28th          MGM studios. Full of Hispanics. Half hour wait for rides. Tour of studios. D eb's choice proved enjoyable.
29th           Bought my first digital camera. I was to lose it in Dubai. Manhattan beach. Swim in Pacific.
30th           328 miles to SF airport to drop Deb. Golden Gate. San Raphael. Napa Vally. H5 to Willow.       Rice country. Black bear diner. Swimming pool to cool off proved tepid when the air has been 100f+.
31st           435 miles to Bend,Or. Tom Tom motel with artificial flowers everywhere. Country Kitchen, Redding, pig out breakfast for $6.99. Lunch near Crater lake. is there beer water anywhere? 5000' up and 1600' deep all snow melt in a volcano crater 100x as big as St Helens. Awesome. Expensive steak dinner preceded by prairie oysters.

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The changing world (266) Apr-Jun 2003

Apr 5th To a cottage in Instow Devon with JMB.
6th         Parish church 1662 communion enjoyable despite having female celebrant. To the other side of the estuary on a toll road.
7th         Bideford, Clovelly, Atlantic Village, Appledore.
8th         Bideford and walk by Torridge.
9th         Morwenstow. hawker's hut, church, Duckpool, Bure. Bagdad has fallen and saddam's statue toppled.
10th       Ilfracombe. Hair raising drive round edge of cliffs to lee Abbey. Walked from Lynton to Lynmouth seeing the flood memorial exhibition. Exmoor.
11th       Torrington and 1646 exhibition walk about the fall of the town to Fairfax. South Moulton honey farm.
13th        Preached for Palm Sunday. D&E arrived and announced her pregnancy.
17th        Session discussed handover NP to PL. He should be a breath of fresh air.
19th        Paid £2600 for paving and front wall.
20th        Preached Easter day evening.
26th        With G&S to Bourton on the water, an expensive tourist trap.
27th         Evening preaching Jud 17-18.
May 1st   Fiddler on the Roof at Questors. Conservative gains in local elections.
3rd          To The Knave, Stone, Dorset. To village evacuated for the army in 1943.
4th           C of E common worship which s dumbed down 1662. Worth Maltravers. St Anselm's head. Wareham.
5th           Weymouth. Parkland. Home.
6th           Joint elders and deacons. Interviewed Larsons about Afghanistan. Budget.
7th           Not happy NP leaving sooner than expected so I will have extra work.
11th         St Mary's Bredin. Not my cup charismatic tea. Home.
15th         Katy told chronic arthritis in her neck is the cause of the headaches.
16th         Kabiru Mohammed from Nigeria came via HOST. Conversation hard.
18th         Preached last three chapters of Judges pm.
20th         Last session chaired by NP. Not organised as usual. PL present.
22nd        Police block off tally Ho due to bomb scare at Chief rabbi's office.
23rd         Huis from LA to dinner.
24th         To Lords with Kunars. Zimbabwe went form 41 for 1 to all out for 144. Follow on and all out giving England an innings and 100 run victory.
25th          To Wilmslow. Took Luck to see Joe in stoke unit Macclesfield Hospital. To Bowes Moor Hotel. Not impressed.
26th           Barnard Castle steam fair. Otter sanctuary. Tan Hill.
27th           Richmond. Dorothy's new flat. With G&S to Thwaite, Ambleside, Grasmere, Ullswater. Halletts are at our hotel now.
28th           Beamish open air museum. Crowded. Ride on Locomotion replica. Back via Weardale and Teesdale.
29th            Richmond. Took Dorothy Redcar, Brunswick bay,Whitby, Ravenscar Pickering.
30th            Teesdale, Cow Green reservoir, Caudron Spout,Alson, Hadrian's Wall.
31st             Middleton, High Force, Teesdale reservoirs, Balderhead, Brough.
Jun 1st        Home via a friend of Katy's Hustwaite. David will go for FIEC ministry as he fell out with the Anglican bishop who refused to sign the IVF basis of faith. So David did not allow him to speak at a CU.
2nd             IPC AGM. Farewell to emotional NP. I thanked him on behalf of the church but am not sorry he is going.
8th              Not encouraged by lack of response to first sermon on encouragement. After DB led evening prayer went home with him to pray for Lesley who is acutely depressed.
9th              Brown says no to the Euro at present.
12th            Katy to huge Jonny Walsh RC funeral. Where were they all when he was in prison?
14th            To Isle of Dogs for synod. Saddened by only two Koreans there. They have lost three congregations. Agenda BCO, seminary, City of Peace. Val Denham 40th at IPC.
15th            Response to second encouragement sermon more encouraging.
18th             Deb's college exhibition. She will get a distinction.
21st             To Hampton Court for Grand Turk river boat reception for helen Wells wedding. Good buffet. Free bar. Home to next door's SA brie.
22nd            Third encouragement sermon. PCA Chatanooga team there. To Liss AGM. Is the St Peter's scheme foolhardy?
28th             Sunburned at the Oval. Kallis century in SA 255 for 6. Then England record 200 opening partnership by Solanki and Trescothick. Kunars, Chris and Trevor there.
29th             Fourth sermon on encouragement. Troubled by LB's continued depression.

The changing world (265) Jan-Mar 2003

I have had some criticism of blogging my diaries. In the opinion of my critics some things should not have been written. I have responded accordingly. But they have no idea how much I have left out.
    But I can take advice and in response to it will now not blog a month at a time but for perhaps a quarterly period. My maternal grandfather left one volume, a diary from his conversion in 1912 to the year he was dying, 1952. It must have precede daily diaries. Ne recorded how many miles he walked to cycled to preach and how many sermons a year. A sabbatarian he used no public transport on Sundays.

Jan 1st Agreed we would not go to the crematorium after grandad's funeral. We were to be overruled by the demanding Methodist minister. He wanted a fee too which is not usual for free church members. He also wanted my tribute in writing. I refused.
4th       Taken in my a presentation by the Travellers Guild. We got a few deals from them for cheap holidays then they went bust and we lost money. Crooks.
10th      Cyril Overend's funereal. Methodist  chain smoker, Paul Beard officiated and had nothing spiritual to contribute.
21st       Session discussing Paul Levy. Derek Johnson appeared at the kitchen window. I went out to him and refused him entry. No-one else on the session knew who he was - our only excommunicated member.
24th       Golders Green crematorium for the atheist funeral of Jew, Vi Gotlop, first cousin of C S Lewis's wife. Totally secular but beautiful tribute by her husband, artist Tony. He was to marry a Scottish Christian. He died 14 years later.
25th       To Cafe Forever, Cubit Town, Isle of Dogs. Work on BCO with Mark, Bob, Bill, Roy and Henk. Treated to lunch with Jed Lemas of MTW and five PCA men and two wives at the Trafalgar discussing plans for co-operation.
30th      Korean Hong Key in Bucharest is accused by Romanians of autocracy and financial problems.
Feb 1st Seven die when shuttle Challenger lost on re-entry.
6th        Learned WE student Abdul from Somalia saw his mother shot dead on a bus when he was age 2.
8th        £6000 will be paid for a Y reg Yaris from Currie Motors.
9th       Preached on Lords Supper at Iden Green congregational.
11th      Found at session I am not alone in my dislike of DB's worship tends. AR is with me too.
12th      Paul Levy to dinner.
13th      Sad hearing of a split in our Romanian churches. Miriam pregnant.
16th      Preached Luk 14:11 at Liss.. Lunch with Raines. Paul Levy excellent at Ealing in evening.
18th      Blair looks set for was with Iraq.
20th      Grandad's flat on the market for £174,000. Rachel offered job at Ealing hospital.
Mar 1st Representing IPC at EPCEW Cambridge presbytery.
2nd       Preached on Lord's Supper. DB led evening prayer meeting.
3rd        Builders removed chimney breasts downstairs and back bedroom but delayed finding pipes in chimney. Katy coping well with the mess.
4th         Chimneys out. Plastering started. Elders agree to call Paul Levy. I wrote letter to members.
5th         Encouriging housegroup with AH's prayers for PL.
6th         Start of TV documentary on Thatcher. John Tiplady, a customer of mine was on it. He was on the local conservative committee which selected he as candidate for MP in Finchley.
8th         Plumber sorting gas pipes upstairs.
10th       Section 28 of the education act brought in by Thatcher repealed by Blair with Tory support. A victory for the homosexuals.
12th        Katy pitied up Liviu from Timosoara at Heathrow and left him at Beldams.
15th        Took Liviu to Westminster Abbey. The dean, Wesley Carr, welcomed our presbytery to the Jerusalem Chamber. Showed Liviu the abbey, all free for us on the day. So I chaired the first Presbyterian meeting in the room where the Westminster Standards were drawn up.
16th         Pot luck in honour of the Maculays. Ranald preached on judgment.
17th         Robin Cook resigns from cabinet as war with Iraq moves closer.
20th         Attack on Iraq begins.
21st          Coronor's inquest concludes verdict of misadventure on CTO. Heart diseased. Very very happy to hear we have enough ballots in to call PL. Air attack starts on Iraq.
22nd         Spoke for Rodney at Stafford Cruising Club dinner.
23rd          Back home and Elliott evening preacher.
24th          Alan Waldeker and wife and McKees to dinner. He is WHM and plans to church plant in London. Also Longs who have worked in Nairobi.
29th          Vision night at IPC encouraging people to give for the manse.

A humanist funeral

Yesterday we attended the funeral of my wife's cousin's wife. A packed crematorium in Basingstoke. Standing room only. A long ceremony. Over an hour with moving tributes and overt emotion. She was a lady I did not know but I learned she was a loving, faithful mother and wife who formed close and lasting friendships with several female friends. The tributes were impressive and moving.
   But we were led by a woman who identified herself as a funeral celebrant. Why could not a humanist come clean. This was a humanist funeral with no reference to God except when a RC friend quoted the 23rd Psalm. The deceased had no religious commitment but we were told she was deeply spatial and believed in angels. Yes, man cannot live as a consistent materialist/humanust.
   This was my second humanist family funeral. The first was IIRC on a cold winter's day and I found the ceremony had all the warmth of an empty grate. I have found these funerals an unwitting testimony to Christian truth or at least to the comfort it brings.
   At a humanistic or atheist ceremony all one an do is look back with gratitude for past good memories. But who to thank?
   'Were there no God, we would be in this glorious world with grateful hearts: and no one to thank. '-- Christina Rossetti.
   Good to have good memories but where is the comfort there when there is no future hope. A traditional RC funeral has some hope but no certainty for assurance of salvation is foreign to Roman Catholicism.
   But the Book of Common Prayer gives burial 'in sure and certain hope of the resurrection of the dead'. This is sure gospel hope. Christ is risen. All who die in Him will share in his resurrection. Bliss is in store. We shall be reunited.
   I love Christian funerals.My instructions are on record for mine. 'Thine be the glory, risen conquering Son. Endless is the victory, tour o'er death hast won'. That will be sung at my graveside.

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The changing world (264) Dec 2002

Dec 1st Barry led with no Advent hymns. I presided at the table.
2nd       Excellent Cherelle WE started, Katy and deb to harry Potter 2 and I did Christmas letter.
3rd        Angry Madeline declined Bibke study.
4th        Chris B to dinner. He is very emotionally involved with his disabled clients. Housegroup here.
5th        Denist and I need two more fillings.
7th        JMB here. Indian for J's birthday. Oldfield Baptist excellent repertoire from Jonathan Viersa.
8th        Joe Martin to lunch. Preached Jepthah in evening. Paula Ratcliffe sports personality of year. Pathetic of BBC to give george best lifetime award.
9th        Did cards B to R.
10th      Better time with Madeline so did Bible study.
11th      Treated to dinner out by damjis.
12th      Late to work as Henlys Corner blocked.
13th      Grandad admitted to Barnett General again. Finished cards.
14th      Cooked horse casserole for lunch. Gift from a customer. Visited Grandad in hospital. Lesley Barnes 50th birthday party at IPC.
15th      NP in morning. Grays to lunch. DB led carol service and Wade Bradshaw preached. Frank Marnell interrupted. he has no social graces.
18th      Housegroup turkey dinner at IPC with Madeline and Jonny. Grandad home from hospital.
19th      Grandad collapsed. Seven hour wait for a doctor in A&E.
20th      Visited Mr O in hospital
21st       Mr O had two cardiac arrests. We went and said no resuscitation. Not conscious. Rodney and Elizabeth came down.
22nd     Kary, Rachel and Elizabeth to hospital. Grandad has had a stroke. in and out of consciousness. Preached on Samson.
23rd     Rachel to hospital then wary, me, D&E. In and out of consciousness so not able to communicate.
24th     Half day only for the pharmacy. JMR&A went to join Katy visiting Grandad. D&E staying with the Littles.
25th     Katy declined church as she did not want to talk about her father. She only missed three kiddy talks from NP. Eleven to lunch then hospital visiting.
26th     K&M to hospital early. Mr O very unsettled. All to Littles including Littles senior. Home 10:30 to answer phone message saying granted died at 10:1r. Jonathan drove us to the hospital. A peaceful end and an answer to prayer.
27th     Back to work. There is to be an inquest because he died after a fall. NP came for pastoral visit.
28th     Katy to Potters bar to find the will and evidence of date of birth. No funeral order of service found.
29th     Preached from Samson again in evening.
30th     Had an Indian for Adrian's birthday and he took everyone except me to the latest Bond film.
31st     Closed half day. JMB here.

Monday, December 03, 2018

The changing world (263) Nov 2002

Nov 1st Susan Short started work well. DB tells me he will leave his firm next month.
2nd        Afternoon performance of Macbeth at Richmond Theatre. Great start with light suddenly out and thunder and lightning for the witches. Sean Ban and Samantha Bond who was the better on though Bean is a good sword fighter. Modern setting. Witches young and seductive. Boys Brigade gan show for 5th Ealing's diamond jubilee.
3rd       DB lad for NP Rom 9. To lunch a Japanese, Anglo-Japanese and burmese females.. DB led evening prayer.
5th        Madeline agreed to study Mark with me.
6th        Housegroup.
8th        Prayer at Denhams.
9th        First visit to Braithwaite's new house, Bromham, Bedford. Walk to parish church in a park.
10th      DB led for NP. Apart from two traditional hymns it was like Pentecostal. Helped by going with Hosiers to Gunnersbury Baptist, Benton and a GP on depression.
11th      Went to Ealing hospital OPD skin clinic only to find I should have been at the Hammersmith. Encouraged by elders and deacons unity. Optician says Katy has macular degeneration.
12th       Mark 1-2 with Madeline.
13th       Housegroup.
16th       Visited Marjorie.
17th        John T walked out of Nick's sermon on election slamming to door. Says they want to leave IPC. He does not want to give Calvinism a hearing.
18th         Hammersnith hospital. Solar keratosis treated with liquid nitrogen. Church meeting approves £^5,000 for manse renovation.
19th        Madeline Mar 2-3.
20th        Housegroup Judy's.
22nd       Grandad admitted to Barnett hospital with angina.
23rd        Synod in Oxford Exeter College. Apponted moderator. Started work on BCO. D&E here for Deb's birthday meal at harvester.
24th         Tonk led for DB. Visited grandad n hospital. Preached on Abimelech.
26th         Grandad back home. Madeline on parables. Hard going.
27th         Housegroup.
28th         With Steve Constable at The Kent.
29th         Mike Harvey stayed overnight.
30th         With MH to Appleby Magna hotel and EPCEW presbytery. With Katy to Uxbridge to hear Bach from Pam Halletts choir then to their home afterwards.

Films watched in Dec 2018

1. London has fallen

Totally unrealistic fantasy about a terrorist attack on world leaders gathered in London. Rubbis yes gripping.

2, Dad's Army: The Movie Arthur Lowe (Actor), John Le Mesurier (Actor), Norman Cohen (Director) 

Very funny indeed. It grew on me after it progressed and I got over thinking of the original TV cast.

Diary w/e 8 Dec 2018

Sun 2 Dec

Laurens managed a Sunday School class on epistemology without using that word until near the end of his lecture. Chris Roberts on Mal 4, Paul Levy on Num 13. We had an Indian family to lunch. My Christmas jumper, Katy's present to me last year, was much admired.

Mon 3 Dec

Rodney and Elizabeth here to stat two nights. Session long agenda but quickly done.

Tues 4

To Basingstoke for our second humanistic funeral. I am going to blog on this. The ideal pastoral visit over to very good pints. A two way exchange. Our pastor shepherds me and now I do the same for him. A very helpful and enjoyable evening.

Wed 5

U3A Current Affairs here on hate crimes. Only four of us but we agreed the courts have to business judging thoughts and motivations. About thirty members at the prayer meeting.Heard of ordination in Manilla, plans for Bulgaria and work in High Wycombe.

Thu 6

Excellent lunch with senior Littles at Miller and Carter, Ruislip. Slow because busy but worth the wait.

Fri 7

Most enjoyable IPC men's party with meat, beer and games.

Sat 8

To Hauxton to celebrate eldest granddaughter Bethany's 18th.

Saturday, December 01, 2018

My letter to Evangelicals Now in response to criticism of Reformation Worship

With reference to John Samuel's critique of Gibson and Earngey, (December 2018),I read no unreformed high church teaching in their excellent historical compilation of Reformed liturgies. No-one has suggested that regular repetition of set liturgy is capable of producing spiritual life. This letter seems to be but a modern manifestation of the traditional Free Church reaction against the folly of historic enforced conformity to the Book of Common Prayer.
   I was raised on the sparse diet of the traditional nonconformist hymn prayer sandwich. Set forms, written prayers were regarded as less spiritual than the extempore. Now, having become familiar with a richer Reformed liturgical tradition I experience no regular repetitive recitation of the same forms but a rich variety Sunday after Sunday. Gibson and Earngey are not returning us to pre-Reformation liturgical forms but to a rich historic heritage previously neglected. I have used their book for personal devotions too and have been fascinated to see how persecuted saints prayed for their rulers and fellow sufferers.

The changing world (262) Oct 2002

Oct 1st Session with DB on worship and the chairs went well and cleared the air.
4th        Katy at worship group.
5th        Deb struggling with tonsillitis. Richmond Theatre, The Winslow Boy with Eward Fox and Simon Ward.
6th        DB led harvest well. NP on Rom 8:28. NP did evening prayer with our preparation. Lunch at Ugandans.
7th        Deb still struggles with tonsillitis.
8th       GP finds bp up 170/100.
9th       Met a Kenyan reading his Bible n the park. Chris paddock to our housegroup for the first time.
10th     Session met with Paul Levy. He is serious and I said he would have to soft pedal his views on worship to be called which he accepted.
11th     Third day meeting Peter from Kenya in park.
12th     Sermon preparation and front garden.
13rh     Paul Levy preached pretty well. I still find the new seating very hard. I do not like being aware of more people in my line of vision. Pam talked about Madeline. Little seniors to lunch. Preached Gideon, Jud 6, in evening.
14th      Only Shammi and I at work but coped well.
15th      Visited Madeline. She had a friend there and had been drinking so I experienced her anger. But she says the voices are fewer and I prayed for her.
16th       Mr O collapsed in bathroom. Katy went and brought him home. Housegroup at Judy's.
17th     One enquiry for part time work.
18th       Grandad still with us. Arthritis causing concern. Stuck in the bath lunchtime. Tea with Littles in Ruislip.
19th       With the new seating found no communion table in place. This new seating is more like kiddy church to me.
20th        To Tally Ho for Maureen's birthday. Mr O still with us. He is depressed and depressing Katy on half term.
22nd Grandad immobile and very down. Could not get through to his surgery.
23rd    Drove grandad to Potters Bar to Dr who put him on prednisolone which produced improvement. Drove to Harrogate.
24th   To Durham with Dorothy. Visited the Cathedral.
25th    Drove home in wet.
26th     David's birthday party at Fields with four generations present.
27th     Roy Kunar are good en bitterness with Tony leading. Preached in the evening on Genesis 7 and 8. DB has financial problems with work.
29th    Encouraged the session is united opposing those who say the flat decision is wrong and we will seek confirmation from the congregation.
30th   Chris Baddock to dinner before housegroup here.
31st   Katy to Potters Bar as her father is not well. Nobody knocked after I got home. We hate Halloween .

Books read in December 2018

1. A Concise Calvinistic Catechism - John M Brentall.

This book is really a misnomer. A catechism is questions with answers to be learned. This is an attempted delineation of Calvinism but the five points given are not the standard one. Reprobation is there in place of total depravity. This is merely a collection of quotations, some from Scripture, some from quotable divines.

2. Jesus in Islam - Ernest Hahn

Helpful for Christians and Muslims. The Koranic references to Isa are examined to show what Muslims believe and their misconceptions concerning Jesus/Isa. Hadith are examined too. There is a surprising testimony of truth but mixed with error.

3. Islam and Christianity: 90 questions and answers by Abd-ul-Masih (Author)

Written by a Cameroonian Christian questions 1 to 78 concern Islam so Christians may have understanding of it. Questions 80 to 92 answer Muslims questions about Christianity.

4. Reformation Worship: Liturgies from the Past for the Present by Jonathan Gibson  (Editor, Contributor), Mark Earngey (Editor)

This has to be one of my top books of this year. I reviewed Gibson's previous book with five stars. Once again he has struck gold. I was raised in evangelical Methodism, part of a free church tradition that despised set liturgy. I believe this to be a mistaken three centuries old reaction to the Anglican legal imposition of Cranmer's prayer book in 1662. Free churches in England threw out all written liturgy. In a different reactionary spirit, that os their understanding of the regulative principle, so too the Free Church of Scotland and other conservative denominations north of the border.This has resulted in liturgical impoverishment. Here one is reminded of the rich historic liturgical resources from Reformed churches. The preface and introductory chapters are most informative. I treasure the observation that in contemporary worship too many follow the bad example of Rehoboam and pay too much attention to the young. Here is an education, a treasury of devotion and resource for contemporary liturgy. I have read it cover to cover and used it in daily devotion. Of great historic yet contemporary relevance is how the exiled Protestants in the Tudor period prayed for their rulers and for persecuted saints.

5. The Silk Roads: A New History of the World by Peter Frankopan  (Author)

Refreshing to have a history that is not Eurocentric. This is really an economic history of the world from ancient times to the modern era. Very informative. I was surprised to learn of the extent of Middle eastern and beyond Christianity prior to the scourge of Islam and how t first Islamic conquest was not by the sword. However on p. 265 I found two serious errors. There are no Calvinistic priests. That may be a mere terminological mistake. But to say "The Puritans who settled in New England did so in protest against the changes that had accompanied Europe's rise and against the affluence that followed." is seriously mistaken. They fled the imposed Anglican conformity of Stuart England in search of liberty of religion. Nevertheless many insights into the driving forces in modern history.

6. The Evangelicals and the Roman Catholics - C Webber

A lecture to the Nigerian Evangelical Fellowship in Ilorin, 1968 Explained where and how the Roman Catholic Church has and has not changed. An apostate church teaching serous errors, especially the mass as a sacrifice, is explained. There will be true Christians among the RCs but evangelicals should beware the errors. The contemporary strategies for the advancement of Roman Catholicism in Nigeria are described and Evangelicals called to mission.

7. An Approach to Roman Catholics by Lilian A. Walsh (Author)

An irenic approach from a former Roman catholic. Published in 1961 it may be a little dated in places but it remains helpful telling you what not to do as well as how to bring the gospel to RCs. It makes one seemingly strange unsubstantiated claim that the gospel was preached in Britain in AD 35.

8. The New Silk Roads: The Present and Future of the World by Peter Frankopan  (Author)

The author has it seems moved from historian to political analyst and futurologist. For him the future is Chinese. USA is in disarray largely due to Trump. Iran and Saudi are big players thanks to oil and the money it earns. The EU is not it seems so significant but beware Russia. Not the gripping informative read of his previous work.


The author and his church went from NIV to ESV. So did I and our church. A helpful distinction between literal and dynamic but that is not the reason to change. The author's were more technical than ours. We did not like the inclusive language changes in the current NIV.

10. Who are the Christadelphians? - Fred Pearce

The one think that all sub-Christian cuts have in common is faulty christology. Jesus for them is not the God man preexisting and entreated. So it proves here. Christadelphians according to this author who is one have a created Son of God, no Trinity and no original sin. They are also conscientious objectors. These are the departures from trinitarian orthodoxy delineated here. 

11. The Christian Approach To The Jew. by H L Ellison

Published first on 1958 it is therefore dated on developments in the state of Israel but otherwise is a most helpful work. The author  and his brother, Christian (a missionary in China), changed their last names from Zeckhausen to Ellison in 1925 to better assimilate into British society.Following in his father's footsteps, Ellison was an Anglican missionary to the Jews in Europe in the late 1920s and '30s. So he was well qualified to write instructing Christians in the subject. The family were coverts from Judaism. Despite a somewhat strange introductory statement saying the barrier between Christians and Jews is less a matter of religion and more of history there is a lot to learn here on the history of the Jews. I was expecting more on Christian witness to Jews but this is important contextualisation fo Christians to understand the varieties of Jews also.

12. Herbert W Armstrong & w/w Church by Walter Martin (Author)

Mine is titled Herbert W Armstrong and the Radio Church of God, 1968. Herbert W. Armstrong (July 31, 1892 – January 16, 1986) founded the Radio Church of God which was incorporated October 21, 1933 and was renamed Worldwide Church of God on June 1, 1968, as well as starting Ambassador College (later Ambassador University) October 8, 1947.  Armstrong preached what he claimed was the comprehensive combination of doctrines in the entire Bible, in the light of the New Covenant scriptures, which he maintained came directly from the Bible.These theological doctrines and teachings have been referred to as Armstrongism by non-adherents. His teachings included the interpretation of biblical prophecy in light of British Israelism, and required observance of parts of the Mosaic Law including seventh-day Sabbath, dietary prohibitions, and the covenant law "Holy Days".In the years after Armstrong's death in 1986, Worldwide Church of God leaders came to the conclusion that many of his doctrines were not biblical.These doctrines were subsequently rejected and the church is now in full agreement with the statement of faith of the National Association of Evangelicals. In light of these doctrinal changes, in April 2009, the denomination changed its name to Grace Communion International (GCI) to better reflect its New Testament, grace-centered teaching. I know of no other cult which came back to biblical orthodoxy. So this booklet is more of historic interest to those who remember Armstrong's broadcasts pn I suspect Radio Luxembourg when there were no commercial stations in UK.