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The changing world (286) Apr-Jun 2008

Apr 1st With KJD to Manancourt, Somme to find Driver Worth's 4.11.18 grave. Beautiful cemeteries. Most of the men younger than my sons. Thiepval the big memorial. Lochnager crater from the huge min's explosion heard in England. Peronne. Museum. 200 miles.
2nd       Another 200 miles but on my own to Noyon, Calvin's birth place. Museum needs bilingual signage.
3rd        La Cupole V weapon launch site now a museum to holocaust and resistance too.
4th        Agincourt. The battlefield has nothing to see but the small museum celebrates the devastating power of the English archers' longbows.
5th        To Nikides in Belgium beyond Brussels.
6th        Evangelical Baptist church. Nikides granddaughter dedicated.
7th        Tyne Cot, Ypres. 12,000+ graves mostly named. Largest Commonwealth War Graves cemetery.
8th        Waterloo museum good, rest poor. Battlefield rise very bumpy. Climbed the Dutch pyramid. Disgusted that the shop is all about the loser Napoleon. Treated our hosts to a E110 meal for four.
9th        Train to Brussels musical instrument museum.
10th       Ghent. Adoration of the Mystic lamb was worth the fee to view. Bill want s me back as IPC moderator.
11th        Home via Dunkirk.
12th        Good birthday for Elissa. Marius C cries at me.
13th        PL excellent on Christian's armour. Lunch at Levy's. Not so relevant on Corban. Members meet to discus Ian Clements as assistant.
15th        Katy starts to look after Elissa.
16th        Barnet PCT methotrexate audit meeting. Rubbish veggie food.
20th        Levy great on Ps w2 and Mk 7. Lunch at Cradock's.
w1st        Up phase. Amir and Chuck to session.
23rd        Introduction to Is at housegroup.
25th        Petrol £107.9/L.
26th        To Ongar for pub lunch with Chelmsford EPCEW. £5000 cheque from Jack's intestate estate. Would have been £9000 if only split among full first cousins.
27th        Baptised Elissa Ruth Little. The other grandad prayed. Good lunch at IPC but the stored tier of seven year old wedding cake was inedible tasting of plastic.
29th        Bp high at Ealing Hospital. Dick Keyes good at IPC on horror of crucifixion.
May 1st Session. Stayed up for local election results but only one in before I went to bed.
3rd         Boris is mayor. CPA fewer votes than SNP. Visited Kensington Palace.
4th          PL good intro to 1Cor. Packed for Brazilian lunch. PL v good on healing deaf mute. Presided at table. Went with Amir, two Afghans and an Iranian to Mahdi Restaurant, Chiswick.
7th          Visited the Iranian Fellowship at Christchurch North Finchley. Told most there were converts from Islam. Over 100 there but no real testimonies of conversion only prolonged prayers for healing.
9th          Session gave me three months sabbatical.
10th        Working breakfast with the session discussing plans when LCM closes their South Ealing Mission. J&Co here, R&A too for Carlo to cook cold Italian supper.
11th        Led for PL and did children talk. PL on 1Cor 1:1-9 excellent. Paul M on God's justice. Amir and Abdul Shamshi to supper.
14th        Death toll over 13,000 in China earthquake.
17th        With Trevor to Lords but only saw eight overs due to rain. Uxchoir excellent St John's passion.
18th         PL not so hot on 1Cor 1 party spirit. Marianne MacLeod, Baddock and Terry Beldam to lunch.
19th         Good report from Ealing haematology. Encouraging elders prayer.
23rd         Us and four others from IPC Ryanair Stanstead to Riga. Hristo took us to medieval cellar in old town for drinks together.
24th         Hristo wed Maria in a Pentecostal warehouse. Russian and English service. PL preached. Evening reception emotional and verbose.
25th          Lutheran cathedral in old town. Evangelical English service. Park and lake with raes and Corcorans. Italian dinner with Lefroys and Clowneys.
26th          Train to Jurmala, Soviet seaside resort. Lido good value food.
27th          Walked round Old Riga. Exhibition of Soviet realism art. Shocking how they had good representational art portraying lies while the West had abstract art portraying meaninglessness. Museum of the Occupation. Chilling to see suffering and holocaust. Lido fo another cheap heal and a litre of beer.
28th         Museum of Occupation. Old town walk. St John's. St Peter's with great view from the tower. Organ recital in cathedral.
29th         Museums of pharmacy , porcelain and musical instruments. War museum.
30th         Ryanair to Stanstead. Never again. Had to move seats and had my beer confiscated.  Petrol now £1.149 L.
Jun 1st     I preached Ps 28.
2nd          K very upset hit by lorry on the gyratory.
4th           Good IPC prayer. Ee Wei from malaysia is very encouragingly spiritual.
6th          Synod at Kingston. Liviu and Neil staying here.
7th          I am now presbytery moderator again. Resolved to visit churches. Euro football started.
8th          PL on 1or 1 and Mk 8. Ki Cheol and family, Ee Wei, Paul M and Natalia to lunch.
10th        With deb to Rae's for barbecue welcoming Hristo and maria back. K towed home by RAC from music.
12th        Metropolitan Tabernacle has the strangest bookshop selection with no Lloyd-Jones but does have paedobaptists. Tea at The Square. Only there once since i graduated in 67. Shown new extension. Most of my class seem to have been academics. No friends there.
13th        Iver Martin of Stornoway free Church Jn 17:1-5 good and contemporary at start of second IPC weekend at home. Ireland vote no on Maastricht treaty.
14th         IM good but not as structured as PL.
15th         IM on sower then David and Nabal. Heard about his three days at Balmoral preaching for the Queen at Crathie.
16th         With IPC crowd to Lords 20:20. Middlesex beat Surrey.
17th          Great early morning prayer at IPC.
19th         Dipensed fluoxetine to a 12 year old instead of loratadine but Dr Parker reassured th father and no further complaint. Carters, the major share holder has been sold to Chotai family.They proved to be my worst employers caring only about money and having a bossy accountant as a director. Afghans did excellent barbecue at 52. Good session prayer.
21st         Canterbury saw David at city museum.
22nd        D not happy with my critical comments on St Mary charismatic Anglicanism.
25th         NZ ODI at Oval with Trevor. They won needing two off the last ball and got them with an overthrow. Mark and Sue good at IPC prayer on Afghanistan.
27th         J7Co came as we had Mark larson family to dinner.
28th         222 miles the The Fleece, This for noon reunion drink. School tour by Margaret Joseph who taught there from 1948.She taught me RE.
29th         Twice at Harrogate Methodists. Pastor from Jennyfields good pm. Scamp on last legs.
30th          Hold up on M1 near Mansfield meant I was half an hour late for ealing hospital haematology appointment and they refused to see me.

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