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The changing world (262) Oct 2002

Oct 1st Session with DB on worship and the chairs went well and cleared the air.
4th        Katy at worship group.
5th        Deb struggling with tonsillitis. Richmond Theatre, The Winslow Boy with Eward Fox and Simon Ward.
6th        DB led harvest well. NP on Rom 8:28. NP did evening prayer with our preparation. Lunch at Ugandans.
7th        Deb still struggles with tonsillitis.
8th       GP finds bp up 170/100.
9th       Met a Kenyan reading his Bible n the park. Chris paddock to our housegroup for the first time.
10th     Session met with Paul Levy. He is serious and I said he would have to soft pedal his views on worship to be called which he accepted.
11th     Third day meeting Peter from Kenya in park.
12th     Sermon preparation and front garden.
13rh     Paul Levy preached pretty well. I still find the new seating very hard. I do not like being aware of more people in my line of vision. Pam talked about Madeline. Little seniors to lunch. Preached Gideon, Jud 6, in evening.
14th      Only Shammi and I at work but coped well.
15th      Visited Madeline. She had a friend there and had been drinking so I experienced her anger. But she says the voices are fewer and I prayed for her.
16th       Mr O collapsed in bathroom. Katy went and brought him home. Housegroup at Judy's.
17th     One enquiry for part time work.
18th       Grandad still with us. Arthritis causing concern. Stuck in the bath lunchtime. Tea with Littles in Ruislip.
19th       With the new seating found no communion table in place. This new seating is more like kiddy church to me.
20th        To Tally Ho for Maureen's birthday. Mr O still with us. He is depressed and depressing Katy on half term.
22nd Grandad immobile and very down. Could not get through to his surgery.
23rd    Drove grandad to Potters Bar to Dr who put him on prednisolone which produced improvement. Drove to Harrogate.
24th   To Durham with Dorothy. Visited the Cathedral.
25th    Drove home in wet.
26th     David's birthday party at Fields with four generations present.
27th     Roy Kunar are good en bitterness with Tony leading. Preached in the evening on Genesis 7 and 8. DB has financial problems with work.
29th    Encouraged the session is united opposing those who say the flat decision is wrong and we will seek confirmation from the congregation.
30th   Chris Baddock to dinner before housegroup here.
31st   Katy to Potters Bar as her father is not well. Nobody knocked after I got home. We hate Halloween .

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