Thursday, December 06, 2018

The changing world (267) Jul 2003

July 1st Session. PL will be radical.
3rd        Pastoral phone call with AC found him as arrogant and unrepentant as ever. Made me angry and upset.
4th        Baptised May Martha Larson. Mark Harvey preached. Auction of promises.
12th      A&R took us to Gatwick. Thomas Cook to Calgary then Vancouver. Eleven and a half hours. Saw England at Liverpool, Greenland, frozen Canada, Rockies. Met by Boers and to their on ninth floor West End, Vancouver.
13th       First Baptist. Feminised. Not very biblical.Walk by English bay with liquorice ice cream.Z lot of polite beggars during our night walk.
14th       Pitt Rivers and Boer family. Lake is second largest tidal freshwater lake in the world.
15th       RV Stanley Park, Lions gate Bridge,Howe Sound. Camp near Squamish. Watched climbers on huge cliff. MOD suicide as result of Iran weapons leaks.
16th        Whistler. Lunch in RV at the dump but saw no scavenging bears.
17th         Ferry to Victoria, Vancouver Island. Very clean. Statue of James Cook. Beer too cold and extra sales taxes.
18th         Sky Train to King George St station and Katy's Uncle Harry. Saw a boy with Rom6:23 tattoo on the train. To Aunt Myra at Langley. Abbotsford.
19th         Cycle to Stanley park but had to walk after wheel buckled with my bulk. Grenville Island.
20th         First CRC greeted in Dutch. Chevy Cavalier hire car. No interior light to map read. Visited Cynthia nee Boer in Seattle. 546Km to Scapoose. Hard to navigate Portland in dark. Welcomed at Newtons.
21th         From Newton's veranda you can see the whole mountain range south of Mt St Helens. They were not there when it blew but would have had a grandstand view. Took coastal 101 but cloud from the Pacific spoilt the news. 300 miles to North Bend Or. $40 motel.
22nd        300 miles going south. Avenue of Giants very impressive. Elk signed but not seen. Mythical IMO. 22 miles of doubt bends to Fort Bragg. Saddam's sons killed.
23rd         Stopped at Schultz of Peanuts fame home town. Wine country. Golden Gate foggy. Picked up Bed at San Francisco airport. Total 342 miles to Roe's, Grass valley. Cattle country before Sacramento. Driving here fast and poorer. Saw Dennis's medals including two silver stars, equivalent of our MM.
24th         206 miles round Lake Tahoe. 6000' altitude, 166' deep, cool and blue. Donner pass in Sirra Nevada where stranded settlers resorted to cannibalism when stranded after a blizzard. 410 all you can eat lunch at Caesar's casino. Dennis calls it spoiling the Egyptians. Happy Valley ski lift to over 9000' which is above the grass line. Many chipmunks.
25th          Grass Vally. To two Nevada City wineries. Saw wild turkeys. Crossed world's third highest bridge.
26th          453 miles to LA. The richest agricultural valley in the world. All irrigated. Citrus trees. Lorry loads of tomatoes. Larry Beckler drove us round Pasadena.
27th          Hollywood 1st Presbyterian. Several blocks of parking. Good traditional service. Eating lunch outside at Beckler's. To Hui's. Lost my camera on the beach. Elizabeth Nauman there. Simon treated us to very cheap Chinese restaurant. bob Hope died.
28th          MGM studios. Full of Hispanics. Half hour wait for rides. Tour of studios. D eb's choice proved enjoyable.
29th           Bought my first digital camera. I was to lose it in Dubai. Manhattan beach. Swim in Pacific.
30th           328 miles to SF airport to drop Deb. Golden Gate. San Raphael. Napa Vally. H5 to Willow.       Rice country. Black bear diner. Swimming pool to cool off proved tepid when the air has been 100f+.
31st           435 miles to Bend,Or. Tom Tom motel with artificial flowers everywhere. Country Kitchen, Redding, pig out breakfast for $6.99. Lunch near Crater lake. is there beer water anywhere? 5000' up and 1600' deep all snow melt in a volcano crater 100x as big as St Helens. Awesome. Expensive steak dinner preceded by prairie oysters.

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