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The changing world (285) Jan - Mar 2008

Jan 1st Burroughs and Adrian's family here. Disturbances in Kenya after elections. Benazir Bhutto assassinated.
2nd       Prayer at IPC.
3rd       Deb received NPA counter assistant certificate. Kenya still in disarray. Obama and Huckerbee win Iowa caucus.
4th       To Leapers than Macclesfield crematorium where i took Jack's funeral. Leaper's overnight.
5th        Home. Kenyan troubles somewhat settled.
6th        PL good on Eph1 and Jaiirus's daughter. Seyi and Titi Onamusi to lunch.
7th        Anna Wordsworth and Carl Larson to dinner.
9th        Started new house group at Littles and will do Colossians.
10th      D&K at Club 16 and 24/7. Deb helping Littles decorate.
11th      Speedwell's Sam said to get my painful leg checked out but Ealing A&E said nothing there.
13th      Led for Chuck on Phi 3. Meiners to lunch. Hristo OK pm.
15th      Ealing forum meet at Kings Arms, W5.
16th      RA& Amir at housetop which I led.
17th      Pastoral visit from PL who said I should stop leading and he passed on two complaints from females who did not like my hugs. I denied it was flirting and wished complainants would do the Biblical thing and confront me with their complaining. Crash landing Heathrow due to engine failure. no casualties.
18th      Anita's last day. She has been a great help. Thankful for 3/12 up not depressed.
19th      David Graves Canadian archaeologist spoke at 52 on Sodom and stayed with us.
20th      PL on Eph 1 and woman with issue of blood. Presided at table. Mat, Gillian and two Deb friends to lunch.
22nd     Stock markets crash stopped by US federal reserve interest cut.
24th      GP says I am good but prescribes atenolol. Chevening fellows and HOST Italian dinner. £50 from Saros research in Holborn.
25th      French banker loses £4 billion so may have made last weeks bear market himself.
26th      To Braithwaite's, Bromham.
27th      PL good  Eph 1 prayer and Mk 6 at Nazareth. John Corcoran to lunch.
28th      Session. My leading re-installed.
30th      Carlo and two other Italians to housegroup.
Feb 2nd Started to move rockery by cutting down holly tree. Levy across for a game of two halves at Twickenham - England 16-3 at half time lost by seven points.
3rd        More tree cutting. PL good, Eph 2:1 and with two rugby illustrations. We get more when Wales win.
4th         We had difficulty finding a showing of The Kite Runner but went to Staples Corner.
7th         Katy will not go to California but will let me go.
8th         Canterbury archbishop thinks Shari'a can be part of our legal system. Abu Hamza to be extradited to USA.
10th       D&Co to IPC. Darcy Dembek baptised. Amir and Naralia to lunch.
11th      Struggling not to be depressed.
13th      Heppe on hospitality, more passion than presentation.
15th      £150 from TEVA for seminar on how they can help independent pharmacies.
16th      £60 beef from Richardson's to cook for 24 at Valentines party. 29 came. Men serving women. Kurt a great help.
17th      PL a blessing on Eph 3:1 and death of John the Baptist. Met John Harbert, nutty George's nephew down fro derby with his family. George would not open the door.
18th      Dinner for three Charlotte's Place. £90. Excellent but pricey.
19th      To Earl's Court yo meet Roe's neighbour with bilks for me from Boers. Expected dinner together. He did not.
20th      DSZ staying.
21st      Delivery driver sick but i only had to do one delivery.
23rd      Richmond - And then there were none.
24th      PL excellent Eph 3 and Mk 6. Lunch at Daphne's. Session examined Rupert and Matt for membership.
25th      Boring members meeting with architect. I say let me go away for five years and come back whatever we get. It took Over ten years but was worth it in the end.
26th      Battling tiredness and depression.
27th      Better day. My moods are a mystery.
28th       Tiredness struggle again. Session. PL has doubts over an assistant and thinks we could move out of the building before work starts in two years. It took nine.
29th        Prince Harry has to return from Afghanistan.
Mar 1st EPCEW presbytery Cambridge.
2nd       PL Eph 4 unity, not as good as sometimes. Jesus in temple. Some spiritualising.
6th        Dispensed 0.0375ml dose od Oramorph for a terminal premature baby.
8th        Men's prayer breakfast at golf club.
9th        PL Eph 4 well applied. Richard Bewes on The Blood. Good. Rae family to lunch.
10th      Modupe Onamusi visited en route to Edinburgh. Kent Academy gave her an American accent.
11th      Depressed.
12th      Lunch at The Kent with Constable. Leapers staying.
13th      Session decides we can afford Ian Clements.
14th      Twelve of us to Ethiopian restaurant, Shepherds Bush.
15th      Trevor Wells treated me to my first visit to the new Emirates stadium. Arsenal 1 Middlesbrough 1.
16th       PL Eph 5.
17th       Down. Janice Winehouse brought in autographed programmes by Amy at music awards dinner.
20th       South Ealing Mission Iranian new year party.
21st       Good friday. PL Is 50.
22nd     Bought TomTom sat nav.
23rd      Snow did not settled. Led for PL Had Christ is Risen in many languages. PL good pm Col 3. Phillips to lunch.
24th      Down.
26th     D Sax to leave Lies.
28th     Levys who are house moving to dinner.
29th     Too Dover. Norfolk Line to Dunkirk. Rimbord farm hard to find. All family here as our treat.
30th     Bourgoune aquarium. Poor.
31st     Montreux walled town. Everywhere in France shuts on a Monday.

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