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The changing world (270) Jan-Mar 2004

Jan 1st Burroughs here. R&A to tea too. JMBH left after five days here.
2nd      Phone from Derick J who says he is dying of pancreatitis.
3rd       PL helpful on Rs1. I did 1Sam 9-11.
8th       To Leapers.
9th       Wilmslow. Us, Rodney, Elizabeth, Jack, Ena, David, Joe, Lucy and Hazel buried grandad's ashes. I prayed. Wake at Enas. Home.
10th     Took communion to Cath Benton
11th     Led for PB on Ps2. Structured and clear. PL Joh 1. Lacked application.
12th     Elders and deacons. Katy has dry macular degeneration not the more dangerous wet kind.
13th     Prayer meeting better attended. Shipman commits suicide.
16th     G&S here.
17th     To Dover and D&E.
18th     Dick Lucas Ps3. PL pm but not thrilled. Attendance improved.
20th     Roofers finish repairs.
21st     Encouraged by Levys at housegroup.
22nd    Katy at new IPC Kids Club 16.
24th     To Nick's, nee Braithwaite, for her parents 60th birthday surprise. A foreign office EU lawyer there to whom I did not speak.
25th      Evening servile number now twenty.
27th      labour majority of 160 down to three over variable tuition fees. We are ruled by unrepresentative Scots.
28th      Katy off work with prolapsed disc. Immobile. pain not relieved by diclofenac. Snow blocked ballads lane. Home 7:45 pm.
29th      Katy a little better with diazepam. Elders prayer encouraging.
31st      Quiz night for Choices at St James. 4th out of 22 tables but first of four from IPC.
Feb 1st Finding PL lacks application. Kirsty to lunch.
2nd       Looks like we need to replace out flat roof.
7th        Bought new 23" TV.
8th        Lad am.
10th      Beer and Bibles at Drayton Court. Pleased Dan there.
11th      Katy in more pain.
12th     K took MB to hospital.
13th     IPC overseas students reception at YMCA. 73s leaving party. Selling to a landlord. He turned out to be an Iraqi on Teeside who tried his best to redevelop.
14th     Wells here for day.
15th      Dopey in sermons. I wondered if it was a spiritual battle but later diagnosis of sleep apnoea. This explains may diary entries where i complain of tiredness and think it may be depression. It might have been but also the sleep problem. It explains the snoring problems too.
17th      Talked wills with Mark Harvey. DB had promised me one in an auction of promises years back but he never produced. It became an example of the need to forgive meaning you should not keep bringing it up in your thoughts.
18th       J&co here.
20th      73 came for supper. He drinks too much.
21st       215 miles to Harrogate via M1. Dorothy's 60th at the George, Richmond. Very posh.
22nd      RGW preached Hamstwaite Methodist. A1 home.
23rd       Session at Levy's. Bill tells of troubles with Henk Bouma.
24th       GP tells me to lose weight. haematology said my white and red counts are up.
27th       Gibson's Passion of the Christ provokes much debate.
Mar 2nd Session to Larson's interviewing them about Afghanistan plans.
5th          Session thinks they have a deacon problem. I do not. Suggested I take a three month sabbatical.
6th          Took Pat McKernan to La Traviata Richmond. Daft plot.
7th          Preached forgiveness at Liss. Pot luck.
9th          Four Muslims released from Camp Gitmo in Cuba had been captured in Afghanistan.
10th        Led prayer meeting for PL who is bothered by City of Peace.
11th        Nearly 200 killed by Madrid bombs.
13th        Presbytery examined Joel Rinn and Nick carrels and appointed commission to sort City of Peace.
14th        Three Chinese and Mark from SA to lunch.
20th        Importance of being Ernest at Richmond.
21st        Awful Great Shelford family service. Mothering Sunday. Hannah dedicated.
25th        The Passion of the Christ. Not as gory as expected. Too much Mary but a good supernatural film. Followed the RC way of concentrating on the physical suffering while we Protestants emphasise the spiritual agony.
31st         Fields to dinner. John with the usual name dropping.

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