Saturday, December 01, 2018

The changing world (261) Sep 2002

Sep 1st Tony led well. Ugandan couple to lunch. I led evening prayer.
2nd       Session. Amazed at Yumiko's parents coming from Japan to see us about her working for IPC. We accepted her. Concern at Paul Levy wanting to rush things and not seeing NP as a respected organiser.
3rd       Housegroup Judy's Lukk 23.
6th       The Oval with Trevor and Chris. Vaughan made 195 and India lost one wicket.
7th        Senior Larsons to breakfast en route to Egypt. Senior Littles to dinner stuck in a house move chain unable to compete. let down by their buyer.
8th        Worship facing the long wall with some enthusiastic, others complaining. Pot luck at 52. evening I preached Judy's 1-3. Encouraged to have 16 there.
9th         Barnett General called to say Mr O in admissions ward with heart problem. Able new Iranian WE. Visited Melanie Neal an old Mattock Lane customer with divorce problems.
11th        Visited Mr O in hospital. Housegroup.
13th        Visited Mr O. Ovidian and Hong Key to dinner.
14th         Presbytery at Midhurst School with Mark Harvey as clerk.
15th         Yumiko and Emmanuelle received into membership. Not happy with new seating lay out. Preached Jud 3 in evening.
16th         Deb working with me.
18th         Housegroup here.
21st          JMB here with Indian take away for Miriam's birthday.
22nd        Barry led well for long winded Mike P. Halletts drove us to Iden Green where I preached at an ordination..
24th         Not happy with DB's proposal of chairs permanently facing the long chapel wall.
25th         Started Christianity Explored at housegroup,
28th         Cooked breakfast at church. Idea of John Trekois. Visited J&M. Edwina Currie reveals affair with John Major.
29th         Much better service with Barry leading for NP on Rom 8:28. Four Roes with us all day. I preached Judy's 5-6.
30th          Sudha's final day so tally Ho lunch. Jeanette T phoned concerned over rowdy church children.

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