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The changing world (276) Jul-Sep 2005

Jul 1st Clare Levy says Bethany severely speech impaired.
2nd     Lords ODI final. Tied with Aussies.
3rd      PL not so hot on Ps 11 and Jn 12. Ballots out for PM as elder,
4th      McHendry Langley on Kuyper. Background of French revolution. Burke. Prinsterer, ARP, Kuyper a genius.
5th       M&S Larson gave presentation while on leave from Kabul.
6th       2012 Olympics awarded to London. I am angry at the prospect of extra tax on Londoners only.
7th       While on tea break at Kuyper course on common grace central London bombs, three on tube, one on a bus, killed 37 with 700+ injured.
8th        Mckendry Langley to dinner.
9th        Braithwaites to lunch. Visited new Wembley under construction.
10th      Led for Ben on Nahum. Dimitri Sep 1. Both good. Paul, Mark and Eric Larson there. DES with us.
11th      K told September operation.
12th      Oval. Aussie win ODI. They bowled too well and won by 9 wickets.
15th      The four bombers were all British Muslims.
16th       Jerram bars on common grace, law, baptism. Well attended. Amir Khan wins first professional fight in one minute. PM is an elder.
17th        Ben good Nah 2. Dimitri Zep 2. Carlo, Clara, Carlos to dinner.
18th        Elders prayer and discussed children in services again.
21st        Four bombs fail to detonate in town.
22nd       Brazilian shot on tube by police.
24th        To Field's new show house in Epsom. Canterbury. saw D in Ottakas bookshop. Berkshire Choir choral concert in cathedral. Elizabeth pregnant.
25th         Tenterden for Kent and East Sussex steam train to Boidiam.
26th          Dover castle. Barnsale vineyard.
27th         Day trip to Calais. 84 mussels for a lunch starter
28th         To Eric Larson's RAF Branpton. He is in strategic planning.
29th         Harrogate.
30th         Dorothy to Masham's Yorkshire day. Lightwater vally.
31st         G preached Killinghall. Valley Gardens. Grove Road in evening. Harlow car.
Aug 1st   Took D to Hartlepool marina. HMS Trincomalee, Nelson's last frigate.
2nd          Skiton Bridgew graves, Carpenters Arms Felixkirk, Scarborough, Rayners Pickering, Uncle Newell and saw his 41043 scrapbooks to be deposited in the local museum, Topcliffe graves,
3rd           Skipton. Waldekers in Leigh. Leapers.
4th            Ironbridge, Museum, furnace, Quaker burial ground.
5th            Burton. Brewery museum. Adam's.
6th            Wilmslow. Joe some better and walking.
7th            Sullivans. Third meet in 36 years. Home.
9th            Larsons and their three girls to dinner.
11th          Interviewed for Pharmacy executive committee position but not expecting to get it as the other interviewee is a proprietor.
12th          J&co here.
13th          Whistles here.
14th          PM good on God's wisdom. Mark Allen and Caroline then to lunch. I preached Jn 13.
19th          J&Co here.
20th          Family taken to Legoland.
21st          PL fine on Mt 11. I did Jn 14.
22nd         Holiday Bible Club, great escapes started.
24th          K to Charing cross hospital.
25th          K had op. Looked well.
26th          K home.
27th          To Fields at The Nave. Poole bay. DES joined us.
28th          Swanage Baptist. Twineham abandoned village.
29th          Home.
Sep 1st     New Orleans floods.
3rd           Luton for Stephen and Lorraine Braithwaite's wedding. Baptist church. RC hall for reception.
4th          PL introduction to sermon on Mount excellent. Carl Truman on the dying thief.
10th        Aussies at the Oval. Extremely humid.
11th        PL good on beatitudes. Pm Jn 15.
12th        Draw at Oval and we win the Ashes. Elders and deacons. I do not want to bid for the Brethren hall and do not trust our developers.
14th        Deb passed her test.
18th        PL good on poor in spirit. Doctor fro Ethiopia to lunch. With PL to liberal synagogue for installation of rabbi. Sam Larson of reformed seminary on Jabez's prayer.
19th        David Jackman on Exodus.
24th        Presbytery in lass. Good news of Turkish work in Belgium. Oldfield baptist curry night with Indian evangelist.
25th        Pl on blessed mourning over sin. Saw MB in hospital. PL on Jn 16 good.
26th        Liviu and Jim Ramsey to dinner. K back to school though I think she should not.

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