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The changing world (265) Jan-Mar 2003

I have had some criticism of blogging my diaries. In the opinion of my critics some things should not have been written. I have responded accordingly. But they have no idea how much I have left out.
    But I can take advice and in response to it will now not blog a month at a time but for perhaps a quarterly period. My maternal grandfather left one volume, a diary from his conversion in 1912 to the year he was dying, 1952. It must have precede daily diaries. Ne recorded how many miles he walked to cycled to preach and how many sermons a year. A sabbatarian he used no public transport on Sundays.

Jan 1st Agreed we would not go to the crematorium after grandad's funeral. We were to be overruled by the demanding Methodist minister. He wanted a fee too which is not usual for free church members. He also wanted my tribute in writing. I refused.
4th       Taken in my a presentation by the Travellers Guild. We got a few deals from them for cheap holidays then they went bust and we lost money. Crooks.
10th      Cyril Overend's funereal. Methodist  chain smoker, Paul Beard officiated and had nothing spiritual to contribute.
21st       Session discussing Paul Levy. Derek Johnson appeared at the kitchen window. I went out to him and refused him entry. No-one else on the session knew who he was - our only excommunicated member.
24th       Golders Green crematorium for the atheist funeral of Jew, Vi Gotlop, first cousin of C S Lewis's wife. Totally secular but beautiful tribute by her husband, artist Tony. He was to marry a Scottish Christian. He died 14 years later.
25th       To Cafe Forever, Cubit Town, Isle of Dogs. Work on BCO with Mark, Bob, Bill, Roy and Henk. Treated to lunch with Jed Lemas of MTW and five PCA men and two wives at the Trafalgar discussing plans for co-operation.
30th      Korean Hong Key in Bucharest is accused by Romanians of autocracy and financial problems.
Feb 1st Seven die when shuttle Challenger lost on re-entry.
6th        Learned WE student Abdul from Somalia saw his mother shot dead on a bus when he was age 2.
8th        £6000 will be paid for a Y reg Yaris from Currie Motors.
9th       Preached on Lords Supper at Iden Green congregational.
11th      Found at session I am not alone in my dislike of DB's worship tends. AR is with me too.
12th      Paul Levy to dinner.
13th      Sad hearing of a split in our Romanian churches. Miriam pregnant.
16th      Preached Luk 14:11 at Liss.. Lunch with Raines. Paul Levy excellent at Ealing in evening.
18th      Blair looks set for was with Iraq.
20th      Grandad's flat on the market for £174,000. Rachel offered job at Ealing hospital.
Mar 1st Representing IPC at EPCEW Cambridge presbytery.
2nd       Preached on Lord's Supper. DB led evening prayer meeting.
3rd        Builders removed chimney breasts downstairs and back bedroom but delayed finding pipes in chimney. Katy coping well with the mess.
4th         Chimneys out. Plastering started. Elders agree to call Paul Levy. I wrote letter to members.
5th         Encouriging housegroup with AH's prayers for PL.
6th         Start of TV documentary on Thatcher. John Tiplady, a customer of mine was on it. He was on the local conservative committee which selected he as candidate for MP in Finchley.
8th         Plumber sorting gas pipes upstairs.
10th       Section 28 of the education act brought in by Thatcher repealed by Blair with Tory support. A victory for the homosexuals.
12th        Katy pitied up Liviu from Timosoara at Heathrow and left him at Beldams.
15th        Took Liviu to Westminster Abbey. The dean, Wesley Carr, welcomed our presbytery to the Jerusalem Chamber. Showed Liviu the abbey, all free for us on the day. So I chaired the first Presbyterian meeting in the room where the Westminster Standards were drawn up.
16th         Pot luck in honour of the Maculays. Ranald preached on judgment.
17th         Robin Cook resigns from cabinet as war with Iraq moves closer.
20th         Attack on Iraq begins.
21st          Coronor's inquest concludes verdict of misadventure on CTO. Heart diseased. Very very happy to hear we have enough ballots in to call PL. Air attack starts on Iraq.
22nd         Spoke for Rodney at Stafford Cruising Club dinner.
23rd          Back home and Elliott evening preacher.
24th          Alan Waldeker and wife and McKees to dinner. He is WHM and plans to church plant in London. Also Longs who have worked in Nairobi.
29th          Vision night at IPC encouraging people to give for the manse.

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