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The changing world (272) Jul-Sep 2004

Jul 4th PL on prayer. Pot luck for Bods. I did 1Sam4 om. Greece 1 Portugal 0 Euro final.
5th       Good elders prayer.
6th       PC critical to me of PL and elders but still with us. They were to move to Edinburgh. I am on sabbatical.
8th       Eric Larson and family to dinner.
9th     Warrington session at Tally Ho.
10th     Great Shelford.
11th     am Bob Dawson. Me pm 1Sam 15.
12th     With PL to City of peace and net three men for inductive Bible study.
13th     Good prayer at IPC.
14th     Great Shelford. Stanstead Cologne Coach to Konigsberg. MVS Victoria. Kolenz. Walked and train tour of old imperial capital 87% destroyed in WW2.
15th     Rudsheim. Flattened 1944. Local beer cheaper than on board. Sigfied's musical cabinet. Mechanical instruments.
16th     Speyer where Protestants first so called. Reformation window in cathedral. Not happy we are seated at a table on our own on board.
17th     Rhine wider. Black Forest. Strasbourg. Naff secular Franco centric commentary on the boat.
18th     Bucer's St Thomas church. Petit France. Manheim.
19th     Boppard. Chair lift to view of four lakes.
20th     Konigsberg. Funicular to Siegfried castle.
21st     Cologne airport. Stanstead. Great Shelford. David has a two year assistant pastor post at St Michael's Chester Square.
22nd    Dimitri to session. May be having Ben a second Cambridge graduate too.
23rd     Canterbury.
24th     Walk in woods near Whitstable.
25th     Preached Identikits Green 1 Jo 4. Home.
26th     Callum and Lorraine Beck from Canada staying.
28th     Simon Hui explained his plans for the church site - the prmts he owns.
Aug1st Led for Paul Meiners then they lunched here. pm Kurt P/ AR and deacons do not like Hui's plans.
3rd        Storm flooded A406 at Park Royal.
4th        City of peace. Small congregational meeting a waste of my time.
8th        PL good Ps7. Preached pm 1Sam 16.
9th        Waste of time with deacons on rebuilding plans. No benefit for a lot of hassle.
11th      Met three from COP in Edgware Road. Lack of reconciliation with BH is serious.
12th      COP commission says Henk B cannot be considered for eldership. Wilmslow to family. Then to Huselands.
13th     Sploke on giving at Grace fellowship. To Leapers. Home via new M6 toll.
16th     Sorry to hear David will not do to St Michael's as he is exhausted and needs a break. Elders prayer. Boscastle flood.
19th     Decorator finished the hall £900.
20th     Fatima, WE has A level grades for pharmacy at Kingston.
21st     Gold medal Athens coulees fours. Oval saw WIndies and we only needed one second innings run to win.
22nd    Harrogate celebrating G's 50th. 19 there. Spoke on Ps2 grove Road. Radcliffe dropped out of marathon. Peed.
23rd    Home. Kelly Holmes 400m gold.
24th     K saw consultant and does not know what surgery to have.
26th      K starts holiday Club 21.
27th     Khan boxing silver. Radcliffe does not complete 10Km.
28th     40+ at Knave for Angela Field's retirement. Kelly Holmes wins 1500m. James from Kenya staying.
30th     J and D and families here.
31st     Elders interviewed Ben Williamson.
Sep 4th Airport to meet R&A from Lubyanka. Got Sky Sports.
5th       PL on Ps 19 and good on covenants.
7th       Boring Falcon School head's party. New stair carpet.
11th      Levy did well marrying Chris Cradock and Frouke Bouma. Packed IPC. She had organised the registration of IPC for the wedding under the new more liberal law. Under the old one we refused to comply with legal requirements to section off the manse and only use it for a minister. So we had been refused registration.
12th       PL on form and to be encouraged on Hag1 and gen1. COP commission want to pull the plug there.
13th       Told COP we could not recommend them as elders.
14th        Elders prayer.
15th        New district nurse turned out to be Godwin, Igall Vom set 23 who I taught.
17th        Brian Huseland staying.
18th        Presbytery approved BH for eldership. Led for Jerram Barrs and 50th anniversary of IPC celebration.
19th       Levy on Hag1 and Gen 3. I presided at table.
23rd       Warned Susan, improve or go.
24th        Good members meeting on redevelopment.
25th        Oval beat Windies with seven balls to spare.
26th        PL on Hag 1. Over 20 there pm.
27th        Session. Aaron difficult over building plans.
30th        Blair to have minor op. His cardiologist is our church member. Says he will only do one more term.


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