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The changing world (279) Apr to Jun 2006

Apr 1st J%Co came. Two Leapers left.
2nd       Brought Fenelia from Wealdstone to church. Good testimony from DB with his same ethnicity.
3rd        Lunch with new boss mike Rudin. He used to represent the pharmaceutical industry to the government.
5th         Good prayer meeting. K told more surgery will not help her back.
7th         Oklahoma at Questors.
8th         Bought two leather sofas in Northolt.
9th         PL on moth and rust and end of Ruth.
10th       Ealing haematologist says too many red and white cells. Reduce weight, alcohol and change hypotensive.
14th       Good Friday. Led for PL. Chinese student from Luton, Patti, staying. Walked by Thames at Richmond.
15th       With Patti to Oxford. Christchurch produced six PMs but dean John Owen is forgotten. Martyrs memorial. Thame county show.
16th       Paul M on 1Cor 15. Natalia and Shan Shan to lunch. May declined and we did not know it was because of romance with mark. I preached pm.
21st       The Queen's 80th birthday.
22nd      Canterbury.
23rd       Early church then St Lawrence's 50 overs Kent v Somerset. Trescothick 158. Got his autograph. Somerset won by Duckworth Lewis after rain.
26th        Sam Rothman piano recital Gunnersbury.
29th        To Bromley to hear  Elspeth Aeberli speak.
30th        PL excellent on do not judge.George Rinard, a rocket scientist from Maryland and Monica Matthews to lunch. Ben W good on prodigal son.
May 3rd  Frederick Mondin staying.
4th           Local elections. one vote for CPA and two for Tories in our ward.
5th           Ealing has gone Tory for the first time in 16 years. Labour lost because of red Ken's stupid plan for a tram along the Uxbridge road. CPA still have only one seat in Newham. As You Like It at Questors.
6th           Visited MB in hospital weak with pneumonia. Not herself.
7th            PL Mat 7. Ben W on elder brother excellent. Grace is like Marmite. Love it or hate it.
9th            Marjorie Beldam died 4pm.
10th          Crazy for You at Questors.
11th          D&Co staying.
12th          David drove me to Absom church and Bristol records office. No more at Absom but found two more John Weeks. A 17th C Presbyterian and a 18C pelican.
13th          Lords saw Sri Lanka follow on. Panesar did well. J&Co here.
14th          PL on Lord, Lord. Jean, MB's daughter at church making arrangements for funeral. Carlo and Nino cooked my Italian birthday lunch. Pm P Larso's on Kenya.
15th          World Vision researcher interviewed me and three from IPC.
19th          I took marjorie's funeral and at crematorium.
20th          Paradise Lost at Richmond. Nudity well done.
21st          Brought Fenelia to PL's 30th and good last Sermon on the Mount preaching. We did internationals meal. Leeds lose to Watford in Championship play off final. Dimitri on Gideon.
22nd        Picked up Kenneth and ian Skilling from Heathrow. Staying with us.
23rd        Pizza lunch with Mike Rudin.
25th        Leather settees delivered.
27th        Miriam Johnson married at St Paul's. Avoided DJ whose elder daughter now has a Mancunian accent.
28th       PL Ps 16. Dimitri on Gideon. Deacons unhappy that AR is not convinced as to female deacons.
29th       IPC picnic Richmond Park.
Jun 3rd Joint sixtieth party at IPC. 100= there. Carlos, Clara and Paul H cooked steak and chicken wings. Joe led square dancing.
4th         Bob Johnson, Hickson PCA, Luk 14. Dimitri on Gideon.
6th         Hosepipe ban. 40+ buckets on garden.
8th         Session mainly on deacons.
9th         Bouma's housewarming, Northolt.
10th       Took Farrely and Liviu to synod at Kingston. Sneaked out to pub to see Eng 1 Paraguay 0 in World cup.
11th       Ian Hamilton on Gen 3:14-15. Evening on guard outside as last two Sunday evenings cars broken into outside IPC.
12th      90F.
15th      Eng 2 Trinidad 0. Police at house across road.
16th      Cannabis grown in our road. Chinese tenant arrested. No-One suspected it.
17th      Katherine Jenkins at Hampton Court. Missed the fireworks due to bad crowd management.
18th      PL good Ps 17.
19th      IPC AGM. Deacons should bring firm proposals not ideas for discussion.
20th      Oval with CB and TW. Sri lanka had the better day. back for Eng 2 Sweden 2.
21st      Spoke on pharmacist's role at Barnett Voice for mental health.
22nd     Katy's last school concert. Elders and deacons on relationship, boiler and land. Developers have sold next door to noting hill Housing.
23rd      Internationals barbecue at 52 with excellent steak from Carlos and PH.
24th      Great Shelford via new Baldock bypass. BN in hospital with pulmonary embolism.
25th      Led for Ben Ps 18. England 1 Uruguay 1 so in last eight. PL on I will build my church.

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