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The changing world (258) Jun 2002

Jun 1st To Great Shelford, Ely, Wisbech, Hebden Bridge, York, Harrogate. Dinner at Husthwaite for Katy's birthday treat.
2nd      Pathetic woman leading at Grove Road. No jubilee prayer. Rubbish unconverted preacher in the evening.
3rd       Richmond. Thirsk market. Carpenters Arms. Whitby. Sailing ship, Grand Turk used for Hornbower. Richmond. harrogate and saw Jubilee fireworks spectacular on TV.
4th        Videod jubilee service. Black Sheep brewery Masham. Pately museum. Richmond. Slyer wedding meal of G&S. Dalbys there and Grahams.
5th         Home tired and skipped housegroup.
7th         England 1 Argentina 0. Took communion to Marjorie. Helped Raes move house.
8th         Moderator at presbytery. Accepted Warrington work. Good reports from Isle of Dogs and Romanua.
9th         To Potters bar then canterbury via Blackwater tunnel. St Mary's Brede OK but too much contentless modern songs. Walk round city. Home via Dartford tunnel.
10th        Kurt Piestrup to dinner. PCA missionary plans Iranian work with us.
11th        Saw England 0 Nigeria 0 before work. Deb got merit for the year and we celebrated at Starvin Marvins.Housegroup at Judy's.
12th        Katy at building committee. No decent tenders.
15th        England 3 Denmark 0. Deb booked for a week with Clarks.
16th        Wade Bradsaw good on fear of God.
17th         Two new WE students, Julia and Somayya. Deacons meeting. Agreed to support Hong Key Chung, Korean missionary in Romania.
18th          Hong Key Chung, Korean missionary in Romania. stayed.
21st          Brazil 2 England 1.
22nd         Preparing church history lectures for Romania.
23rd         Richardsons took me to Liss. Good service apart from the grape juice. Umpired cricket match which Ealing won by six runs of a 25 over game.
26th         Charlie arrived form Germany. Housegroup on Luk 22.
27th         O"Leary sacked by Leeds. George apologises for past behaviour.
28th         Charlie to Newcastle.
29th         ODI India Lords. 271 for 6, Trecothik 86. India 272 for 4 with 7 balls to spare.
30th          NP on Rom 5. Brazil 2 Germany 0 world cup final. Liss AGM. Call but excellent talk from Wade.

The changing world (257) May 2002

Mat 1st Housegroup here. Luk 20. Mike Rudd says his problems result from blows in school boxing.
2nd       Stayed up for local election results. Conservatives made miserable gains on low turnout.
3rd        Tories gain one Ealing seat. CPA has a councillor in Newham.
4th         Met with Kumars church planting in Warrington. BN a big help talking about the session. A Woman of no Importance at Richmond Theatre. Wilde a wasted genius who exposed the hypocrisy of Victorian values.
5th        NP on Rom 2. Angelino too talkative at lunch. DB les evening and Mark Lawler showed video from India. French re-elect Chirac and Le Pen loses. D&E here.
6th         D&E to Birmingham wedding.
7th         WE Tharu started. Sudha took us all to lunch at Chic Choc to celebrate a grandson.
8th          Rotten cold. Skipped housegroup. Arsenal do the double.
11th        Katy took down flat curtains. I think it is a perfectly good flat. JMB here and took B to Bunny Park. 119 in national IQ test age 56 but I was 150 when 22.
12th         Perrin's to dinner. Talked with PB about unity.
13th         Staff to tally Ho for lunch. Paul thinks the session is going on more business lines than grace and he may resign. Charlie writes that his wife Angela is now a Christian.
14th         Dined at 52 with mark and Sue. Paul who is now MD there with Alysia and Julien.
15th         Lunchtime Speedwell smoking cessation followed by a pipe. Housegroup Luk 20at ours.
16th         Warm enough for short sleeves and then shorts to session where PC took indefinite leave of absence due to continued disagreements. All sad to lose him. Agreed NP's pay then he decided nt to accept to.
17th           Lords for Sri Lanka. They were 313 for 3 at start and declared at 555 for 5 with 10 overs to go. We then lost tresothic who equalled the England record of four test catches in an innings. With Chis B.
18th          IPC coach with Liss to Cambridge. Ranald took us round the colleges. Saw Sidney Sussex and Cromwell memorial. Jonathan Miriam and Bethany joined and walked around the backs Long call from Gordon Babcock.
19th    Nick  ok  on Romans 3. Masih Ghar in the evening, lots of missionaries. Bob rambles but is appreciated but I do not see that he has progressed to get a membership or eldership.
20th     New work experience student Darren, first Sri Lanka test a draw
22nd     India and Pakistan in dispute it again. Housegroup Jud's 21
23rd      Went to what I hope was my last Pastoral search committee at Aly's. Only had two new elders want to be on the committee. Glad to be finished with that responsibility.Talked to Cath.
24th    Frustrates by Anglia failing to reply on window problems.
25th went with Katie bracelet here for dinner year I'm moving to Bedfordshire
26     Paul Levy on 1John 2. He and Claire to lunch. I think he is a good prospect. In the evening Nick was late so we prayed instead .
27th     Church meeting chaired by Nick who showed his lack of organisation. Surprised by the frankness Paul's letter about  leave of absence from the session. Halletts do not approve of Paul Levy.
28th       Two hour power cut in the afternoon left us working in the dark.
29th    Housegroup.
30th     Katy and Deb to Fairly House reunion.
31st       Deb to Canterbury but stranded by a  broken down coach and rescued by David.

The changing world (256) Apr 2002

Apr 1st Drove to Spurs 2 Leeds 1.
2nd       Surveyor measured windows.
3rd        Visited Cath Benton. Mitchells from Belize at housegroup.
4th        Katy and I to Huenden valley, Buckinghamshire. As I climbed the stile on the path on the hill above Chequers a CCTV camera buzzed. Returning to the car armed police questioned me as to what I was doing. Walking a public right of way officer and taking photos of the prime minister's residence. Visited Boer war memorial.
5th         Building repairs finished. Watched parade for Queen mother's funeral. No sailors pulling the bier and no reversed arms as for Churchill.
7th          NP twice. His prayer meeting nit as good as DB's.
9th         Queen mother's funeral. Blair should have given us a public holiday. Took Deb's TV to work to watch it. Few customers. Moving service. Charles looked very sad. Katy said crowds six deep by A4 in Hounslow to see the cars from the service.
10th        Housegroup Judy's Luk 18.
11th        Session on Perrin's contract. I am unhappy to be the dissenter.
12th        Israel conflict with Palestinians worsens.
13th        With Angelino who says we have treated him badly. David Drew with us preparing for London marathon.
14th         Fook David Drew to tube for marathon which he did in 4 hours 40. Spoke on last judgement in evening.
15th         Deacons budget setting.
16th         Housegroup. Unhappy with 1% national insurance rise in budget. This was to keep Labour's promise of no rise in income tax but this is worse. I never received any answer n matter who I asked as to whether it was ring fenced for the NHS. It was not.
18th         Reported a fraudster to NHS fraud line. He was getting scripts for his anti-psychotics sent to Cyprus.
19th         Anglia fitted windows and door.'
20th          Hosiers took me to Chelmsford EPCEW for installation of John Scott. Rather a dull affair.
21st          Preached Rom1:24FF. Pot luck for Kirsty Thorburn leaving.
23rd          Hottest April for fifty years.
24th          Housegroup.
25th          Picked up portrait. Much admired at work. Session with DB on worship and Tony on youth. NP lost his temper with me over session unity. I believe we are resolving this but confess to a pleasant feeling of superiority when someone loses their cool and one keeps calm.
26th          Lunchtime met John Kirkpartick and talked about the session problems. Ex cop Richard Burton from NHS fraud in Newcastle investigating the scripts going outside the country. He had interesting stories of being in the police in a mining area during the strike. Upset by letter from NP to church accusing us of means and individuals, charges I do not accept.
27th           Moving items from manse to store at 52 with help from Jennifer, Tessa, Roger and hosiers. Long talk with NP. Repentance and reconciliation.
28th           NP not inspiring on Rom 2. Last WCF on what is missing from it. Took Lord's supper to Marjorie.

The changing world (255) Mar 2002

Mar 1st Hristo here for catechism and I did him a letter supporting the visa application of his partner.
2nd       Helped Perrin's move house and astonished how much stuff. Five from Great Shelford with us.
3rd       PC good on Jacob's ladder. Large OM team here. Good evening prayer but I was unhappy about proposed NP's salary.
4th       Asha WE started. Quiet.
6th       Housegroup Luk 16.
7th       Session.
10th     Preached on discipline.
11th     Hands painted on my portrait.
12th     Deposit paid for Anglia double glazing.
13th     Housegroup Joh 16 at Judy's.
14th      After the painting Vi Gotlop told me of her phone calls with C S Lewis over her cousin Joy who was dying.
15th       GP says my bp is good.
16th       Angelino doubts my veracity and says IPC too British.Good elders supper at Boddington.
17th       NP on Rom 1.
18th       Gemma new RC WE. Second portrait finished.
19th       Ruth Conway phoned asking to stay. From Atlanta no baggage had arrived. It was delivered 11:45pm.
20th        Housegroup here, Luk 19. Marjorie down over health prospects.
21st        Gotlop did a quick chalk sketch. Session. Rested my disagreement over NP's salary.
22nd       First pipe for five weeks.
23rd        Builder round to estimate for flashing, fence and conservatory.
24th        Palm Sunday. Barry led for NP. Not very inspiring. NP did church government in evening.
26th        Told NP why I was unhappy with his salary but he thinks he is worth this money for half time work.
27th         Housegroup Judy's Luk 17.
28th         Conway ladies arrived Perivale Station 11pm and I picked them up.
29th         Blessed by DB's Good Friday service. I presided at Table.
JMB here.
30th         Queen Mother died.
31st         Good Easter resurrection morning service and I did WCF resurrection in evening.

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The changing world (254) Feb 2002

Feb 2nd        Long session. NP wanted to sort out a disunity of which I was unaware, PC versus AR and PB.
3rd         Preached Zec 1. Most difficult passage went well and was appreciated. Heard from Jonny Walsh in Wormwood Scrubs. We had not seen him for a while so I had enquires as to his whereabouts. he was not in hospital and eventually when I said I was a minister in the church he attended, the police confirmed he was on remand. I had to write and request permission to visit him. He had been accused of arson. Evening encouraged as DB led prayer meeting.
4th          New WE Emma Exposty declared she was onto do six hours and went off sick.
5th          WE Emma is very dull. Took ladies to tally Ho lunch for Sudha's birthday.
6th          Housegroup Judy's.
7th          Tony observed I was down while he was painting me.
10th         My Zec 12 went well. Took Mr O to IKEA for bookshelves. Hell on earth. Crowds at checkout. Found Angelino poor in the evening.
12th          Paid for my second portrait.
13th          Housegroup at Judy's with loquacious Deidre visiting.
14th          Katy to flat committee.
15th          Exhausted digging up pampas grass. Encouraged by night of prayer organised by Barnes.
16th          Shared with PC what I see as the irrationality of NP concerning mould in the flat. Found DB's attitude over flat not helpful. Brian Boddy here and shared about the horrors of Jos riots.
17th           BN on Zec 13 which was I thought more eisegesis than exegesis. Stuart Ferguson the Presbyterian monk to lunch.  Visited his Acton monastery. Brian Boddy spoke in evening.
18th           To J&M. Bis crawling.Katy still has migraines.
19th            Visited Cath B who is thinner and has failed but happy to be visited. Took Katy to Gotlop to see the portrait. She felt intimidated by the cultivated conversation.
20th            To the Scrubs to visit Jonny. Strict security for visitors. Would be there an hour but he needed the toilet so I had taken a day off for half an hour with him. He complained that only his brother had visited. I said no-one knew he was locked up. He protests his innocence and he was indeed found not guilty.
21st            To St Mary's bay Dover. Cliff walk. Saw France. Overlooked docks. To D&E. GB win curling gold at winter Olympics.
22nd           Hristo round for catechism
24th            Preached last Zec sermon. MC and Anna Matthews visited from India. Enjoyed leading at the Table in the evening.
25th            Thankful Perrin's will rent Drayton Green house.
26th            New work computer installed and all data transferred.
27th            Celebrated Tery's 65th at Judy's housegroup. Unhappy that Angelino phoned to resign his membership as he feels slighted.
28th            Another call with Angelino left me even more unhappy. He is neglected. We are racist.

The changing world (253) Jan 2002

Jan 2nd Frost on the ground in the park at lunchtime.
3rd        Sitting for portrait again. D&E staying.
4th        Faith Conway here en route to Capenwray from Atlanta.
5th        A call from an allegedly mugged Aussie woman to whom I gave money to get herself back to Cardiff. Not the first time I think I was taken for a ride but perhaps the last. I am now a hard man impervious to beggars on the street.
6th         Led for David preaching and took prayer meeting as DB ill.
7th         Members meeting on why we rushed the Ryans over and what we want NP to do. He gave us his vision for the future which katy and I found vague.
8th         Katy visited Marjorie in Northwick Park with pneumonia.
9th         Housegroup Judy's, Luk 12, anxiety.
10th       Session on how we handled the members meeting and the way ahead. Perrin's want to move out of the flat and I am the only one voicing concerns about this. Bill N encouraging Liss report.
11th       To Northwick Park to find Marjorie recovering from pneumonia.
12th       Geoffrey, Sara and dog down. To harry Potter film at cinema. I am now surprised by my diary which says excellent film, teaching good and evil, family, love, loyalty and sacrifice. Does not encourage the occult. I have never read theses books and am told later ones are darker.
13th       I took deacons ordination liturgy to church as NP had not prepared it. JR, JC and TS now deacons. Pot luck. I spoke WCF on sacraments in evening.Good to see Eric, Maine and family in the morning.
14th       Perrin's have mould problems again in the church flat.
15th      Another portrait sitting.
16th       Housegroup here Luk 12.
17th       Portrait again. Sargent is my artist's favourite.
19th       To Braithwaites.
20th        NP good on Dec. Came to lunch as his family in USA.
21st        Sylvia German WE started.
22nd       I am not happy with the church looking rent to house Perrin's.
23rd       Housegroup Luk 12.
24th       Portrait done and to be sent to the Royal Society of Portrait Painters to see if it will be exhibited. Next to start a second painting of me.
25th       After work, to The Knave, Elizabeth's parents place in Dorset, part of a redundant parish church.
26th       Very wet and windy. Waves case over the cliffs at Lulworth Cove and you had to hold onto the railings. Also to Kerridge seeing wind surfer.
27th        Cliff walk Durdle Door. Elders and deacons decided to remunerate NP at half salary. I was most unhappy.
29th         Tony Gotlop started on my second portrait. Deb's new Mac arrived.
30th         Went to Stamford bridge and poor showing, Chelsea 2 Leeds 0. Only good thing was lifts there and back from customer martin hart.
31st          Second session on second portrait.

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The changing world (252) Dec 2001

Dec 1st Session met Ryans and they came to lunch. Took Angelino to choir in Hayes.
2nd       Mark Ryan good on Ps 2 Preach the world. Mark and Sue Larson on Bangladesh in evening.
3rd       Ryans to dinner. Deacons.
5th       Housegroup at Judy's with Ryans,
6th       Fourth sitting for portrait. Did Christmas letter.
7th       HV here on catechism again. Told him session divided over his marriage.
8th       Mark Ryan tells session wants to procede and would come when flat ready. Took Angelino to choir carols in Uxbridge then to halletts.
9th        Ryan excellent on Following Jesus. Kirsty moving to Oxford. Flat might be available. Pot luck for Ryans. He spoke in evening on Prayer of Jabez. Beckham sports personality of the year.
10th       Session. Did some Christmas cards.
11th       Finished cards.
12th       Housegroup.
13th       Fifth portrait sitting.
14th       Bowyer not guilty of charges but Woodgate guilty of affray. Ryans not coming. Does not feel called and not up to leadership and wife unhappy.
15th       To Great Shelford.
16th        Preached Zec 6. NP to stay another 18 months. Met Prof Jones and wife. She is Paul C's sister. They are at Westminster, California. He went to school with John Lennon.
18th         Staff to Tally Ho for Christmas meal. Session. NP desperate to move out of the flat.
20th         Sixth portrait sitting.
21st         Housegroup Christmas meal at church with Hallett, Roger, Anna and Madeline.
22nd        Put up decorations with deb.
23rd         NP on Dec 7 and DB led carol service for him.
24th         Finished work 4:45. Picked up Mr O. Kim from Korea with us. Stuffed turkey.
25th         Baddock to lunch. Four Littles to tea.
26th         DEJMB to lunch. Walked canal loop.
27th         D&E go home.
28th         Portrait sitting again.
29th         JMB here. A&R called on his birthday.
30th         NP good on Dec 8 but preacher Angelino did not make it in the evening due to a road accident.We had a prater meeting.
31st         Portrait sitting. Phoned Larson's.

The changing world (251) Nov 2001

Nov 2nd Katy at hymn practice.
3rd          To David's vey small Canterbury house. To Browns tobacconist, Sandwich. Deal. France visible. back via Dover.
4th           NP better on Dec 3. Prayer meeting.
5th           Deacons and elders. Plans for flat and Ryan's visit.
6th           Phoned to recruit flat renovation committee.
7th           Mike Rudd at housegroup again.
8th           Lunch to Gotlops. She was cousin to Joy Davidson, wife of C S Lewis. She liked men with beards so had Tony her husband paint me. He would have been  portrait painter if his Jewish parents could have afforded to send him to art school. He became a Bond St couturier with painting his real love. He would charge £2000 for a portrait. Would get two for the price of the materials. He amazed by by telling me to sit still and chat while he went straight to painting oil on canvas. No sketching first. Then coffee and chat with his wife.
9th            Too cold for sitting in the park at lunchtime.
10th          To Greatham synod. 21 there. 8 Koreans, ^ USA, 4 uk, 1 Ireland , Canada, Brazil. John Scott there bound for EPCEW Chelmsford.
11th           First time since 1996 that Remembrance Sunday was on Armistice day. Joe good on Zec 4. Deacons ballot. Evening to St Paul's and excellent talk by Jonathan Aitken on his prison experience and conversion.
12th           Katy at worship committee.
13th           Long session. PC contra AR and PB on whether we should encourage HV to marry the woman he has lived with for years. I was undecided between counting it as marriage already or saying it was an unequal yoke. In the end it was resolved by immigration refusing her entry and he was to marry a bride he met at IPC. This is the only time in all my years where the session did not reach consensus. Northern Alliance takes Kabul.
14th           Diwali. Sudha brought home made nibbles. Housegroup finished Lord's prayer from Luke.
15th           Frost. Found Tony Gotlop is of Polish/German Jewish heritage.  Family of tailors.
16th           Deb with family and friends to Max. JMB to tea .
18th           Preached Zec 5. A&R to birthday lunch. Gave Deb stern system.
19th           Chaired IPC AGM. Hallett's deny they upset our youngest pianist by telling her she is too loud.
21st           Housegroupat Hosiers.
23rd          Hristo to dinner and going through shorter catechism. Need modern English version.
24th          Met Dale's adoptive parents at Beldams.
25th          Preached on thanksgiving followed by turkey dinner. Good prayer meeting.
27th          Kenneth Skilling came to the pharmacy as Classic Fm played Nimrod. Amazing coincidence. Good lunch together at Tally Ho and he gave me two of his late father's books, one a gem of recollections of CHS by one of his students published shortly after CHS died and never reprinted.
28th          Housegroup here and Marjorie very happy with her hearing aid.
30th          With Hristo on the catechism then with Steve Constable at The Kent. He is on a short visit and I am honoured to be the only IPC person he has met with.


Reports reaching us today, 25/11/18 says an ethnic leader, Dr. Mwajim Malgwi, his wife, alongside their housemaid were killed in Adamawa State.

Dr. Malgwi, who was the owner of Poly Freedom Clinic in Jimeta, Yola, Adamawa State was said to have been murdered on their way, returning from farm, yesterday, Saturday,  24/11/2018 by people suspected to be fulani militants around Boggare village in Jimeta. 

According to reports, Dr. Malgwi has been a target of Fulani ethnic cleansing violence as he was described to be the champion in the struggle for ethnic nationalities in Adamawa State. 

In another development, residents of Yelwa District in Bauchi State, on Sunday, 18/11/2018 were greeted with an uprising that led to loss of lives and property in five communities. 

According to an eyewitness, the incident occurred when a Christian girl was attacked by some Muslim youths in a Christian majority area. As some Christian youths attempted to save the girl, the Muslim youths went wild. The Muslim youths were then chased out of the community and they ran to their own community.

The Muslim youths later mobilized more  hands from their community and returned to  the Christan community and burnt several  houses, leading to the deaths of 4 persons and many injured. A man was said to have been killed and burnt in his house. 

Report said, both sides suffered loss of lives.

The government of Bauchi State has since imposed dusk to dawn curfew in the five affected communities in Yelwa District on Sunday, 18/11/2018 as more dead bodies are still being discovered. 

The communities affected include Kagadama, Yelwan Sakani, Anguwan Angas, Kusu and Lush. 

Our correspondent gathered that as the state governor, Mohammed Abdullahi Abubakar went visiting the affected communities, he was welcomed with severe protest resistance by women in the Christian communities and had to turn back from the visit.

A resident of one of the affected communities in a telephone interview told our correspondent  that Christians in the affected communities are hopeful that there will be dialogue between them and their brothers in the Muslim communities so they can continue to enjoy the peace they have been enjoying for a long time.

Stefanos Foundation as an organisation will continue to advocate for tolerance and peaceful coexistence among people of diverse cultures and religions.

We are also calling on the Adamawa State Police command to set up necessary machineries to fish out those behind the killing of Dr. Malgwi his wife, alongside their maid and bring them to book.

The changing world (250) Oct 2001

Oct 1st Sue Conway with us. Che was with campus Crusade in Langtang, 1976.
2nd       Session. Concerned NP leaving. AR and C concerned for impending recession post 9/11. I think proposed discipline letter about RH is harsh.
3rd        Encoring housegroup. R&A back from honeymoon.
4th        Grandad in Barnett general with chest pains.
5th        Visited Mr o. Paul L says he may not be available for two years.
6th         Church cleaning. Katy visited her dad. I went to Halletts as Pam is in a wheelchair.
7th         paul L preached on What do you want. met with him in pastoral search committee. K, R&A to visit branded. DB led prayer meeting. Bombing of Afghanistan started.
8th         Elders and deacons.
9th          Katy took her father home from hospital.
10th        Housegroup at Judy's decided to buy Marjorie a hearing aid. Mike Rudd present.
11th        Back on Orlistat.
12th        Interviewed promising Indian part timer. Harvest supper at IPC an evangelistic flop.
14th        Short harvest service. Church decorated well. Randy seemed to have missed the plot in his sermon. I did WCF on marriage. PC surprised AH agreed with my more liberal view on divorce.
15th         Sudha started work.
16th         Session interviews for deacons, JC,TS, JR. Impressive CV from Mark Ryan.
17th         Mark Ryan's sermons are excellent. Housegroup here.
19th         Katy preparing David's birthday cake to go to Canterbury.
20th         CPA AGM Mayflower. Left after coffee as no-one of promise there from ealing. K&D to Canterbury.
21st         Preached Zec 1. Lunch at R&A, their first guests.
22nd        Staff to tally Ho lunch for Maureen's birthday.
23rd         To Leapers.
24th          To Wilmslow. Katy's cousin's husband David too ill to visit. terminal. Visited hardwoods, Holmes Chapel.
25th          Back home.
26th          Deb dyslexia assessment at Westminster University.
27th          Visited JMB.
28th          NP on Dec 2. Jamie Boddington baptised. Roger and Hilary Weeks present. Hristo V to lunch. Angelino on WMC fellowship.
29th          Pastoral search committee wants to invite Mark Ryan to visit.
30th          Session. RH discussed. Phoned mark Ryan.
31st          Housegroup at Judy's . Halloween kids everywhere.

The changing world (249) Sep 2001

Sep 1st Nairn to Harrogate via Pitlochry and Locherbie. Germany 1 England 5. Amazing.
2nd       Dutch minister good sermon at Grove Road Methodist. Home. Saw A&R's new flat.
3rd        Deacons think a US tram of builders will not work on the kitchen. We had lost one family ostensibly over the state of the kitchen. I did wonder why they did not offer to pay for improvements but later events showed this as merely a presenting excuse for leaving.
4th        Met with NP to plan preaching.
5th        Housegroup not stimulating.
7th        Deb and Rachel to hen weekend.
8th        Session. Planning at YMCA for reception. KMB here.
9th        Joe on Hab 2. Me on the magistrate. Dinner with Littles at Sunderban Indian.
10th       =Reports of over 100 killed in Jos riots.
11th      Came back from lunch to heartwood planes had crashed into the World Trade Centre. Then the Pentagon and a fourth in countryside. Thousands feared dad as the twin towers collapsed. No-one claims responsibility.
12th      A day unlike others. All planes to USA grounded. Death toll not known. Pictures terrible. All sobered by this at housegroup.
13th      Thankful to be alive. Rescue stories horrific.
14tgh     D&E hear.
15th       CPA council at Mayflower centre. Poor planning for AGM.Seabers ruby wedding at Brentham Club. Indulged too much at free bar.
16th       Preached Had 3. Most of the service was prayer following the WTC attack. Lunch at Littles. Wedding planning. Table plans.
17th       Rachel off work for wedding. making favours.
18th       Col and damp. Back to wearing a fleece and central heating on.
19th       Boring Speedwell lunchtime team meeting. Housegroup here.
20th       Session.
21st       Wedding rehearsal. Bridesmaids staying here.
22nd       To YMCA to check tables etc. Stretch limo with wedding party. Very emotional to give a daughter away. Birthday tea at Oldfield. Good reception. My speech went well. Two hour cigar. Fitted in two extra guests, Roger my cousin from New Zealand and the uninvited Leonard day. Danced a lot. Regretted I took no doggy bag.
23rd       NP good on Sep 3 and the WTC crisis. Eleven to lunch including Lucy, Joe, grandad, Dorothy, Geoffrey, Sara , JMB. Took presents to flat, cake to Afghans opposite.
26th       Housegroup Hosiers.
27th       Katy took Deb to West Thames College and paid fees.
28th       To Harrogate after work.
29th       To Richmond for Dorothy. To Leyburn, Hawes, Swaledale. School reunion at Angel, Topcliffe. Great to meet, Keith, Margaret, Rosie, Jimmy, Stan, Joe. Tom. Maddy, Pam, Jane, Hughie, Stephen, Angie, mac, Swig etc.. Most looked the same and personality unchanged.
30th       Grove Road Methodist, a not very spiritual teacher. Home.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

The changing world (248) Aug 2001

Aug 2nd Session with new elders.
3rd          At 7am heard in an email from Australia that there had been a real IRA bomb in an Ealing pub late last night. No fatalities. Centre of Ealing blocked off. Jennifer R will join deacons.
4th          Journey to CPA at Mayflower centre interrupted by suspect package on tube. Poor attendance at a poor meeting. No ability evident. With Katy to Kenwood house. Royal Opera gala.Crowd not quiet so home at interval.England lose Ashes for seventh consecutive time.
5th          David B OK on Joh 3. Katy and Deb to Heathrow to meet D&E back from Greece,
6th          Drews left their car here and I took them to the tube en route to Paris.
8th          Drews back with us.
9th          Beefeater to celebrate anniversary.
10th        Deb finishes her fortnight with me.
11th        With Littles to harrow to have suits measured.
12 th       Led for NP and spoke from WMC on swearing in evening.
13th        Pastoral search. Levy our target.
14th        Session largely personal sharing led ny NP. Then RH discussed.
15th        Housegroup here. 52's lodger debts are to be paid.
16th        To Garwick to meet Boers.
17th        To York. Showed Boers minster and walls. They are in a Harrogate hotel. Pint at Carpenters Arms, best value anywhere.
18th         To Nairn.
19th         Parish church. Wet. Brodie castle.
20th         Inverness than Cromarty for the best of tea shops. Hugh Miller museum and old church.
21st         Elgin whisky shop. Johnson's mill. Cashmere production.
22nd        Took rose to Jennifer's centenarian aunt. Ullapool. Lochinver. Stay Polleh. Sullven.
23rd         With Braithaites to Cawdor castle. Gardens better than house.
24th          Braithwaites left. To Loch Ness. Castle Urquart. Glen Africa. John left his credit card behind. 56 miles to relieve it.
25th          Boers left. Nairn beach. Ardseir.
26th          Free Church. Metrical psalms a drag. Findhorn.
27th          Findhorn gorge.
28th          Spey Bay. Baxters Fochabers.
29th          Benromach distillery Forres. Nigg old kirk.
30th          Nairn museum. Inverness. Strathalan. Strathpeffer.
31st          Loch Ness. Brodie country fair.

The changing world (247) Jul 2001

Jul 1st Presided at ordination of Pete Boddington and Andrew are. Leitchs to lunch. Encouraged by letter of appreciation from Hosiers. Good prayer meeting led by JB. Prayed for M who is I believe schizophrenic not demon possessed.
2nd      Mansi Vora, former WE, started for summer. Pastoral visit to Cath Benton them pastoral search and deacons. They complain of lack of communication with the elders. I am to talk to these people about our need for new deacons. Terry Seaber, Jennifer Reid, John Corcoran and Denhams.
3rd       All at the health centre envy the pharmacy's air conditioning.
4th       Mark Lawler on his IJM work in India at IPC.
5th       Start of Ashes. Eng;an 400+ with century last wicket stand.
6th       David Bamber of CPA to dinner. Very anti-EU.
7th       Elders early morning prayer. With David Bamber to countryside day. Faure's Requiem with Pam Hallett's choir in Uxbridge.
8th        David led for NP with modern songs. Not challenging. Nikides to lunch. I was on christian freedom in evening.
9th        Jewish WE student Elton. Wedding invitations sent.
10th      Portillo ahead in Tort leadership ballot.
11th      Housegroup. Can we buy Marjorie a hearing aid.
12th      Dollis Hill excellent Don Giovanni.Rioting in Northern Ireland.
13th      Session with NP on house groups. David's last week at IPC.
15th      David on hearing Christ's voice Joh 10. Pot luck in his honour. Four of us to hear Paul Levy at Gunnersbury Baptist. Now we want to interview him. When we had received his CV we were not impressed. Not educated to degree level. But Dick Lucas said we had to hear him. We did in will be for ever thankful for Dick's counsel.
16th      To Denham to thank her for admin work. Barry too busy for diaconate,
17th       Elton tries my patience with his mouth. Board meeting. Asked for a rise. Elspbeth Aeberi form Morocco staying with us.
18th       I have a pay rise. Elspbeth gave excellent talk at IPC.
19th       Katy to Canterbury to see solicitor with problem over David's house purchase. Jeffrey Archer jailed four years for perjury.
20th       With David and Richard to get suits. Last time all our four are under our roof.
21st        Adam Leaper arrived from Cornwall. Geoffrey and Sara brought Dorothy. St Paul's . Good sermon. No giving away or obey. Excellent caterers. Barn dance.
22nd      Tony Wales rather unstructured sermon. Took Dorothy to Grantham.
23rd       Pastoral visit to John Corcoran. Katy at worship committee.
25th       Housegroup at Judy's on parable of sower.
26th       To Seaber's. Asked Terry to be deacon and i think he will when he retires. John C has agreed.
27th        Walpole park for London Community Gospel Choir. Disappointing. Too loud so we moved to back seats them left at intervals. All loud gospel, not choral.
28th         Twelve OM guests enjoyed my tandoori chicken.
29th         David B led for randy who was expository. David B took prayer meeting.
30th         Deb joined me at work.

The changing world (246) Jun 2001

Jun 1st Stephen Perks had a Kuyper Foundation meeting at IPC.
2nd      At Kuyper conference J P Berthoud spoke on Aquinas saying FAS had it wrong. Aquinas did not see nature as autonomous. Borroughs to lunch. JMB overnight. Told David B I was thinking of pastor role.
3rd       David led for me on Pentecost. Grays and Elizabeth to lunch. David B led prayer meeting. Session agrees AR had lost his temper at 52, Sorted wedding guest list with R&A.
4th        Pastoral search at Alis. Said the two Covenant applicants were not experienced enough. Talked with Cath who is looking better and agreeing her granddaughter is difficult company.
5th        To Rickmansworth to talk to Raes at Nicki's brother's house. They are there while 52 dry rot is treated. Andrew will not now be proceeding to ordination. Have their 52 proposals to share with RH.
6th         Housegroup at Marjorie's. She may be ill again but does not want hospital admission.
7th         General election.
8th         Stayed up until 2am and see Conservatives have made no inroads into Blair's majority. No Sian for a second day. She has to go. Haigh resigns as Conservative leader. Good prayer meeting led by David B.
9th          Session mainly on 52 problems. RH now cooperating but depressed. Offered to work as pastor. Took Katy to concert at Hampton Court followed by fireworks. Great gypsy violinist.
10th        Preached on New Jerusalem from Her 12. Three Fields to lunch and wedding plans. Gave gift for the reception costs. NP excellent on Westminster Confession and law.
11th         IPC AGM went well.
13th         Housegroup at Judy's.Celebrated her Miriam getting a first class honours.
14th         At Hosiers with Raes on the 52 situation and Andrew's ordination.
15th         Few attended Independent Presbyterian Church high school choir at IPC. Excellent performance.
16th         CPA council Canning Town. I am to get 70 others to stand in Ealing council elections and to co-ordinate other boroughs. Katy has made the base of Rachel's wedding cake.
17th          NP excellent on Let brotherly love continue, Heb 13. Braithwaite's to lunch. Paul Prewitt of OMF Oxford on reaching Chinese in evening.Leitches are to return to Belfast. AH and AR issue yet to be resolved.
18th          Decided I was an idiot to agree to find 70 CPA candidates. Talk with Paul C who does not think I should be pastor. Concerned now we only have one new elder in sight as AR will not stand due to situation with AH.
19th          Lunch at John Kirkpatrick's. Met with Pete Boddington and NP. PB will ask AR if there are other reasons he is not proceeding.
20th          Housegroup.Received the printed invitations for Rachel's wedding.
22nd         Measured for suit for David's wedding. AR will now stand for elder. Bill N, NP and PC are positive about it, I not really so.
23rd           Session met with AR and agreed his standing. Encouraged AR to go to AH again and I was with AH two hours before going to Dr Corcoran's in Finchley for Speedwell barbecue.
24th           DB led for Bill on Job 1 which I found disappointing. I did WMC on law in evening.
25th           Laura Hewitt started WE. Twenty at launch of Ealing CPA. One last will stand. AR says he is reconciled to AH now.
26th           To RH. We get on well but reconciliation with Raes will be hard. Half of Rachel's wedding invites done.
27th            Housegroup at Judy's.
28th            Dinner with gammon from Elizabeth at 52.
29th           JMB here. Encouraging them in house purchase.
30th           Session at Joe's. No real focus on the way ahead. Girls out at Elizabeth's hen party.

The changing world (245) May 2001

May 1st Dick Keyes at IPC. He agrees with his wife on women in leadership and it seems Paul C does too.
2nd        Boss agreed to hire a new part time assistant.
5th         Went to Arsenal 2 Leeds 1.
6th          NP good on Heb 10. David B led good prayer meeting.
7th          Katy bought clothes for her and Deb for David's wedding. I went to Victoria and met Aussie Erica and partner Chris. Booked the London Eye.
8th         Shaan started work well. Very quiet. Blair calls general election.
9th         Housegroup on choosing the twelve.
11th       To Nikides in Dulwich on very slow south circular. Great Greek food, well lubricated.
12th        Ticket at the Eye specified a time but no, it was a long queue. So I went in and asked to see their terms and conditions. I explained that when I book a BA flight the time is when it goes not the time I queue. It was the hottest daub the year and I felt let down. I was asked how many we were and ushered on board straight away. It pays to complain. Great experience and view.
13th        Led for David on Heb 10. Angelino to lunch. Evening did the Confession on perseverance and took grandad home.
14th         Ben, Iranian, WE. Took ladies to Tally Ho for my birthday lunch. Late to my GP because of traffic. Session. We will not employ David B. Deacons came for budget.
15th         Tape of sermon received from Covenant student, Jonathan.
16th          Housegroup here.
17th          CPA council want me to stand for MP on behalf of the Pro-life Alliance. But later, finding Steve Pound is pro-life I did not stand. Petrol now 72.pp/l. Trying Xenical to lose weight. Now using Deb's Mac G3.
18th          Pastoral visit to Barnes and they signed by papers to stand in Ealing North.
19th          To Lords with Chris Baddock. Lower Compton stand saw England get over 300 and take four Pakistan wickets.
20th          Lunch with Littles and evening service at Oldfield baptist. Walk in Harrow on the Hill. Saw memorials to lord Shaftesbury and the first fatal car accident.
22nd         With Raes and RH trying to negotiate for her to continue to stay at 52.
23rd          Walked out of boring Speedwell lunch club with a nurse on how to read papers. Housegroup at Judy's with two mad cats. Foot and mouth in Settle.
24th           Did letter to launch CPA locally,
26th           Session. To Harrogate.
27th           To Richmond for Dorothy. St James' Green Thirsk. Lunch at the Angel, Topcliffe. Herriott experience Thirsk. Tea at Bedale. Geoffrey preached at Crakehall Methodist. Dropped Dorothy can visited Thelins nearby.
28th            To Richmond then Thirsk market. Great lunch at carpenters Arms, Felixkirk with best ever black pudding which was boudin noir from France. Helmsly craft fair. Tea with Rayners Pickering. back via Whitby, Yarm and Richmond.
29th             Home via Great Shelford.
30th             Housegroup here. AH not happy with AR's treatment of his daughter and not happy for him to be considered for eldership.
31st             To Gray's at Brede, Sussex. They are happy to be out of Ealing and business debts. Visited Steadmans. He has sold his pharmacy where I met Malcolm Muggeridge while doing a locus. MM invited the family for tea at his cottage.

Monday, November 26, 2018

The changing world (244) Mar-Apr 2001

Mar 1st Theresa say bailiffs demand over £500 council tax. I helped her with a gift. Adrian round and he offered a payment towards the reception. Went to see Jarvis Hotel and another place but decided YMCA was the best place.
2nd         Foot and mouth spreads. Booked wedding reception with YMCA.
3rd         Marjorie brought more social services reports on Robin also called Bernadette. A sad tale of repeated failure to take responsibility and change behaviour. A victim who did not help herself when others helped her.
5th         Couple from Deal to dinner and Wade Bradshaw from L'Abri.
6th         David and Elizabeth back from Egypt.
9th         Prayer night at IPC.
11th       Rats in church will delay Perrin's return with his doctorate. John Corcoran to dinner.
16th       David accepted by UCCF to work from Canterbury. All happy except Elizabeth so he proposed and they are to be wed.
17th       As David's work is to start September they want o be married before then so rachel is not so happy at her brother's wedding preceding her's.
24th       NP led elders day at YMCA. Encouraged in a session telling one another why they were appreciated. David said I was a respected, learned leader and was impressed by the breadth of my knowledge. Planning for the future of IPC especially small groups.
25th       Presbytery went well and I was appointed moderator. Liss dissenters to leave. Kim to moderate their interim session with More Peat clerk and Bill N a member too.
Apr 6th  Bethany dedicated by the other grandad. Big family lunch at Great Shelford Baptist Church.
13th       Good Friday . JMB here. Good sermon by NP.
16th     J helped clear shed. To dump. Bonfire with old garage door protecting the greenhouse. JMB back home. Discussed wedding invitation list with David.
18th      Housegroup here Lil 5.
20th      Foot and mouth said to be under contra but still more cases.
21st      Session preceded by Andrew's plans for 52 which has continued as communal living since larry left. To Upton Park to see Leeds beat West ham. I was behind the goal and visible on match of the day.
22nd     Up early to watch Lennox Lewis lose his world title, Preached her 8. Leon beach, PCA and Wycliffe to lunch.
23rd      Deb accepted for HND course.David B sent a letter of resignation from IPC.
24th      Starvin Marvins to celebrate deb's course.
25th      Housegroup at Judy's
26th      David Barnes emailed to say I should resign and he is suitable to be pastoral assistant.
27th      Took Deb to but iMac laptop. David B withdrew his resignation. To Elizabeth's parents in Wimbledon. He is a JP and former lib democrats parliamentary candidate.
28th       David led for NP on Heb 9. Brazilian Angelino accepted into membership. He proved to be something of a handful. He was to be the only person ever to refuse the gift of a book because I gave him a copy of a Spurgeon book of which I had two. He told me I should not be washing up in the church kitchen but chatting to people pastorally. And he accused me of preaching at him. So for the first time ever I listened to the recording of myself preaching. I had made no application to him. He did a Proclamation Trust house and they had problems too.
29th       Took Theresa to lunch on her last day. DSS advises her to stop work and be better off on benefices. Disgraceful. Pastoral search at Ali Hosier's. We have a candidate from Covenant seminary. Cath Benton looking a lot better this month.

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

The changing world (243) Feb 2001

Feb 2nd Bill N, NP and I examined AR and PB who have not studied the WMC, and WL who has. All approved by session but they have a lot to learn as elders.
3rd        Session. Wells to dinner. Helen is coping well with schizophrenia diagnosis. Strange she is the second missionary daughter we know so diagnosed.
Days with no diary entry indicate depression.
18th      Larsons with us after pot luck lunch.
19th      To Jonathan who took us to Stanstead for the flight to Germany.
20th      Charlie and Angela drove us to the Rhine valley, Lorelei high cliffs above the river narrows. Limburg cathedral. Charlie's driving is mad professor style. We found teenage Albert's driving more comfortable.
21st      To Saarlsbruck Roman fort with statues of Roman emperor and Kaiser Bill. Frontier of the empire as portrayed in the film Gladiator. Charlie took us to his housegroup and they amazed us by conducting it in English too. It could not happen in UK switching to a second language.
22nd      Wellburg castle. Angela talking more. She was asked about Chinese nurse rhymes. She said they were lost in the cultural revolution under Mao. But when Katy hummed Frere Jaque she remembered Chinese words to that tune. Charlies \'s father had been a nationalist imprisoned by the communists. So he grew up in the countryside away from the urban effects of the cultural revolution. His father was not released until after the death of Mao by which time his mother had died. But Charlie was so clever he was able to enter university on a master's course skipping a first degree.
23rd      A friend of Charlie's drove us to the airport in a Mercedes with 600,000+ Km on the clock.
24th      Adrian's parents to dinner and the visitors book says they are looking forward to the union of the two families. So somehow I failed to enter Rachel and Adrian's engagement in my diary. Must have been depressed at the time or were we in Germany?
25th      Sharon Wells with us for two weeks' placement. She is a dietitian who can advise on diet. Liss for meeting with elders and three L'Abri men who are prospective elders.
26th       Start diet at 21 stone. It was not very effective but got me off full fat milk, butter and sugar.
27th       Foot and mouth spreading.
28th       Lunchtime Speedwell journal club. Housegroup, Luk 4. First varifocals, £425. Now in 2018 I pay just over £100.

The changing world (242) Jan 2001

Jan 1st Braithwaites and Adrian to tea.
3rd       Housegroup here.
4th       Heavy rain. Metro stalled twice en route to work including on Brent cross flyover.
5th       Fixed wet Metro distributor. Not happy to receive Liss ballot results. Most want to leave and all the elders. We parted amicably but within a year or so Barry Seagren retired and they called a new man. Within a month the elders said it was a mistake and they split again. IPC was to have good relations with both groups.
6th        Session on Liss.
7th        NP on Feb 1. Not strong on application. D&E to lunch.
8th        To GP. BP down. Due to less coffee and tea?
9th        Straw poll to see if PB, WL and AR are acceptable as elders.
10th      Again pleased to see Alan H at housegroup on Luk 1.
13th      Roes - Dennis, Julie, Abigail and Ester arrived so we are on the bed settee again. Julie is ex Hillcrest from when her rogue of a dad was a diplomat in Cameroon.
14th      Dennis testimony well received at church. Who had heard one from a war hero, junkie and jail bird who is now a pastor? I spoke on effectual call p.m..
16th      Booked a meal for the families but Dennis rang to say they had lost Esther at Kensington station and Julie and Abigail were in the underground office and the police alerted too. I went meet him at Perivale tube but we heard Esther had made her own way beck to our house so the search was called off. Deb has really hit it off with Ester. Both families enjoyed one another's company and this was the first of many mutual visits here and to California.
17th       Roes left. Housegroup on Luk 2.
18th       Farewell lunch for our caretaker at Torrington, Rex.
19th       Session then to Burroughs. Bethany ring to hold up her head. Jonathan doing well as full time father. Burroughs in their new home.
20th       Dick Lucas very good on Ps 1. Spoke to Halletts confirming their membership and asking Pam not to criticise the elders to her ladies Bible study group.
23rd        With Paul C to Greatham meeting Doug Currie, ex Nepal missionary, married to Maggie Macaulay who has produced an excellent paper quoting FAS on how Christians should divide amicably when in disagreement. Met Wade Bradshaw and Andrew.Gave us a plan for a continuing IPC which all of L'Abri supports. Back late happy and encouraged.
24th         Good housegroup at Judy's. AH still with us. Marjorie is are of cancer.
26th         Rachel away at Annan Court with TFG again.
27th         Geoffrey and Sara here. She and Katy visited Imperial War Museum. Geoffrey and I a long walk with the dogs.
28th          Dick Lucas excellent again but sorry he did not lunch with us. And E did. Sent Jonny out of church three times in the morning and in the evening too. called police. I spoke on justification. Bill N brought me a Meerschaum from Turkey.
29th           Pastoral search had mede no progress. We can but pray.
30th           Lunch with Speedwell practise. Mike Beaman, pharmacy man has a scheme for us to dispense after referral by receptionist. It came to nothing.

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

The changing world (241) Dec 2000

Dec 2nd Session; that is Paul and I met with Tandy who is not happy over several matters but we do not believe he should be an elder. He is really a Baptist.
6th          Housegroup enriched by Marty Larson who is here for Jane's wedding.
9th          Did all Christmas cards and posted them. Katy to ballets carols.
10th         David led. Nick preached. I presided at table and spoke on free will pm. Voted for Redgrave who was sports personality of the year.
11th          Rachel promoted. England beat Pakistan in the dark. Miriam induced. Bethany Jane 7ib 11 oz. &:45 pm but Miriam hemorrhaged and needed blood.
12th          Family picked me up from work to Rosie Hospital Cambridge. Baby looks fine and wide awake. Miriam well.
13th          Wine and mince pies at Beldams. People seem in competition for the most garish lights.
15th          Christmas shopping Ealing Broadway. Bethany in special unit due to dehydration and suspected infection.
16th          David led carol service. Bought mince pies predominate and are not a patch on Katy's.
17th          Rachel took us to Grill Bar, Harrow,
18th          School friend John Gleed has big e business in Canada. Bethany home.
19th          Started Like at housegroup, Judy's.
22nd         Very busy last working day before the holiday.
23rd          J,M&B arrived so we are sleeping on bed settee.
24th           Preached morning Mic 5, Get real. Beldams too tea.
25th           I led, David preached. As usual paddock to lunch.
27th           Back to work on quiet roads. Shammi off for Eid.
28th           Snow overnight. Took staff out for lunch but Tally Ho shut with power cut.
29th           Snow still here but David back from Dorset where he had nine.
30th           Bought Leeds shirt.
31st           Slept in DB's sermon. He has rearranged the chairs; not to my liking. Little celebration of the real millennium.

The changing world (240) Nov 2000

Nov 1st Good housegroup here on Job's last speech.
3rd        Petrol difficult again. Aggravated by floods.
4th        Session with Bill Nikides.
5th        Morning service interrupted for me when I remembered the meat had not been put in the oven. Session met on Liss problem. Evening prayer led by DB.
6th        To Acton and dinner with Gulas. Video of 50 years of gospel in Gwoza. Eli's wedding video too.
7th         Pre-baptismal visit to Duckers who are to leave for California. Saw his EMMY awarded for animation of Walking with Dinosaurs.
9th          Pastoral search. Still no candidates.
12th        David on Jacob's dream. Me on covenant.
14th        Controversy over votes for Bush presidency in Florida.
17th        Lunchtime walk all the way to Barnet.
18th        Synod on Liss and baptism.
19th        Baptised Grace Ducker. David preached well on prayer. Liss congregational meeting went better than expected. Good spirit but only a minority will stay with IPC. Stephen Procter asked why the change in policy. Where we sucking up to PCA. I said Barry's views were not credible Presbyterianism.
20th         First winner of Millionaire.
22nd        Housegroup at Judy's.
23rd         Deb has part time child minding job.
25th          Session then to Braithwaite's and heard all about Moldova.
26th          David B led for our David - harvest with thanksgiving lunch. Took gifts for Theresa. Spoke on Christ the mediator,. pm.
27th          Church meeting on calling new elders.
28th          Drove to Westminster for boring CPA council. Too much time on procedure and not enough on ploy.
29th           Good housegroup here on end of Job. Marjorie has lunch cancer.
30th            Katy fed up with the new school regime and would like a new job.

Diary w/e 24 Nov 2018

Sun 18 Nov

Adult SS first time in lounge. Team fro Wildwood PCA Talahasee, FA, with us. Chris Roberts on power. Paul on woes to the cities, Mat 11. Larger congregation that normal. Lunch at The Royal, Harvester with the Littles in honour of Debbie's birthday. Tea at Littles. Evening service Paul on the zeal of Phineas, Num 25.

Mon 19 Nov

Swept up the leaves at the back. Amazingly, at the side where our front door is, I swept from near the door then the wind blew all the rest away.

Tue 20 Nov

Six of us at early prayer. Chris Roberts on John 4 at ELT. Clean bill of health from cardiology nurse.

Wed 21 Nov

U3A history, five of us from four countries and an Iraqi leading on Gertrude Bell, The British in Iraq. IPC half yearly members meeting chaired well by Chris Roberts.Then to Victoria and overnight coach to York.

Thu 22 Nov

Four hours to kill at York Station until my B&B was available in a cold way York. Station coffee etc pricey. Cold and wet walk to B&B. Walk into city. Visited Jorvic centre.

Fri 23 Nov

Over a mile walk through York to our Trinity church where we conducted out quarterly presbytery.Good attendance and encouraging reports.

Sat 24 Nov

Simon Arscott of IPC Ilford addressed presbytery with tho talks ownership. An afternoon with mt cousin Andrew showing him family photos dating back to his fathers birth in 1929. Then an eight hours wait at York station for my coach.

The changing world (239) Oct 2000

Oct 1st Deb to Farnham. To Enfield Chase Farm Hospital as Mr O admitted with bad angina.
2nd      Took staff to tally Ho lunch for Shammi's birthday.
4th        Housegroup at Judy's on Job.
5th       Pastoral search thinks we should call Nick Perrin. Milosevic overthrown in Serbia,
8th       Baptised Ben James Leitch. Preached on providence.
10th     Deb went to counsellor who's no help. Said she should quit.
13th     Katy brought Deb home. The university had no dyslexia provision in place for her at all.
14th     Christian Peoples Alliance AGM Canning Ton. Met Heather Peters, ex Nigeria. Lift back from Elizabeth Curry, Hanwell.
15th     NP reached a.m.
16th     Been down a few days. Nt helped by seeing off coffee.
18th     Housegroup at Judy's.
19th     katy to Mrs Milner's farewell dinner.
20th     7:30am to Potters bar picking up Grandad then J&M at Great Shelford. 7:30 pm at Scotts, Dalry.
21st     We are in Jennifer reid's parents detached house near the Nairn sea front.
22nd    St Ninians church Nairn. Black Isle. Cromarty.
23rd     Drove round Loch Ness. Walk in Inverness. Sw two red squirrels.
24th     Upper Loch Torridon, Kinlochewe, Loch Maree, Gairloch, Loch Ewe, Little Loch Broom, Inverness.
25th     Culloden battlefield. Fort George very impressive. Seaforth Highlanders regimental museum.
26th     Baxters, Burgheah, Findhorn.
27th     Speyside, cooperage, Glenfiddich distillery, Nairn harbour.
28th     From Nairn to B&B beyond Barnard Castle in a gale.
29th     Home via J&M's where we lunched.
30th     Night rain and worst  flooding since 1987.
31st     Floods of Severn and Ouse.

The changing world (238) Sep 2000

Sep 1st Wet. Llanelli shops then Pembury beach.
2nd        Home via Heads of valleys and Cotswolds. Jonathan has a job in a hospital.
3rd         David led for Chris Bennett on A blending on Jesus as Servant and saviour.  Pot luck for Larson's. David has a new friend at 52, Elizabeth.
4th          Pastoral search committee has no applicants so far.
6th          Housegroup on Job at Judy's.
8th          Treated Deb to farewell lunch at Tally Ho.
9th           Nick Perrin at session. Last night of Proms.
10th         NP good on Jesus is Lord for Jairus' daughter. Elizabeth Field and Adrian Little to lunch. Future spouses both on the same day. Kurt on Azerbaijan in evening.
11th         Sadia, Pakistani started WE. We have a petrol shortage. Tanker divers IIRC.
13th         Housegroup on Job.
15th         Last day for WE Sadia. Start of Sydney Olympics.
16th         Had to queue for petrol.
17th         David preached OK in morning but a little long winded.
18th         Phone with Chris Bennett that MP is not efficiently organising the finances.
20th         Housegroup on Job.
21st         Ate our Bella Pasta. Chris Bennett wants to pull out of church plant
22nd        Redgrave fifth consecutive rowing gold.
23rd        Session with very emotional resignation by C Bennett.
24th        David preached well. I did WMC on creation.
28th        Elders and deacons discus the Bennett resignation and agree to give him a gift.
29th        Deb's grant through.

Monday, November 19, 2018

The changing world (237) Aug 2000

Aug 2nd Housegroup Job 2-4.
4th          Queen Mother 100 today.
5th          Session and paul wants us to call the three prospective elders.
6th          Preached mark 1. Barbecue lunch at Judy's. LB showing people a letter from GB clearing him of the past accusation. David B led prayer meeting.
7th          Deb angry her college certificate is mainly merits not distinctions.
8th          Italian restaurant for wedding anniversary.
9th          Special coffee and cake for housegroup.
10th        Starvin Marvins to celebrate Deb's course completion.
12th        Session welcomed Nick Perrin. He is working as research assistant to Tom Wright ar Westminster Abbey. To Farnham to look at a couple of possible lodgings for Deb. Barbecue at Procters. They do not want the church to split but to train new elders. I said they were big enough to be two congregations of Liss Evangelical Church. One would be IPC and the other Baptist/FIEC.
13th        Mike Peat preached. Perrin family to dinner.I spoke on the decrees in the evening.
14th        Andrew Rae round to discus eldership.
15th        Katy and Deb to Farnham but no room chosen.
16th        Housegroup Job 7.
17th        Katy and Deb to Farnham and found a Monday to Friday lodging.
19th        To Llanelli on holiday.
20th        Llanelli Evangelical Church. To Gower and Mumbles.
21st        Llanelli shops than Pembrey Country Park.
22nd       Pendine Museum of Speed where Parry Thomas did 171 mph in Babs in 1924. Tenby and beach.
23rd        Black mountains water mill and garden.
24th        Llanelli Wetlands and Waterfowl trust.
25th        St Davids, a village that is a city in a hole.
26th        Saw Llanelli 12 Newport 11.
27th         Church the Kidwelty Industrial Museum about tin plating. Camarten a dump.
28th         Gower and Ogmore beach.
29th         West Gower beach.
30th          Deb in surf at same beach.
31st          To a Black Mountains castle.

The changing world (236) Jul 2000

Jul 1st Merchant Taylors' school hall.David's graduation. Great address by Baroness Cox on Valiant for Truth. Honorary DD for Graham Kendrick. Lunch at LBS. Dinner at Brilliant, Southall where Prince Charles has dined. Top Indian restaurant.
2nd      My Eph 3 sermon went well. Peats to lunch. David B led evening prayer. Building committee and elders met and decided to improve flat and chapel in stages.
3rd       Pastoral search committee.
5th       Board meeting with Lloyds, Damjis, Boots and two from Carters and Adrian Kostner who was struck off.
6th       Not happy with a pay rise of one week's holiday.
7th       Still angry at the board. Katy at open evening.
8th       At the Oval where we lost to Zimbabwe after Stewart put them in.
9th       Eph 4 sermon went well. Frank Marnell a delightful schizophrenic to lunch. David has been counselling him. Jonny difficult during evening service where friend of Wendy's from New Zealand spoke on his secondary school work in Tanzania where poverty is such that schoolgirls prostitute themselves for food money.
11th     Katy to Lisa's for farewell meal for two colleagues.
12th     Housegroup at ours. Kayo's term ends.
14th      Stayed for an hour of half night of prayer.
15th      Session with our David there. Cut the jungle in the alley and spread weedkiller. Barbecue for deb and friends. Took Katy to see Chicken Run.
14th       David led for bib Heppe a rambling sermon on prayer. Evening I did introduction to the Westminster Confession. Confrontational questions from Alan H. Rachel and new boyfriend took granted home.
15th        Called carol B and heard of the divorce on undisclosed grounds. He did not defend it. The children will take her name. Beth is in residential care and Mark awaits surgery but Carol seemed in good spirits.
19th        Katy on cello at Thatched Cottage Hanwell with Reggie Milner.
20th        Dopey Margaret has passed her exam and is a qualified pharmacist. Took her for a celebratory drink.
21st         Alberts last day.
22nd        Lords triangular final against Zimbabwe. Gough took quick wickets and they made 169 for 6. We got home with 4 wickets to spare. Cold at back of Compton stand with Chris B.
23rd        David preached on worship. I did the WMC on Scripture in the evening. Emmanuelle to lunch. Woods wins at St Andrews by 8 strokes.
24th        Deb an excellent help with Maureen on holiday.
25th        Concorde crashes in Paris.
26th        Housegroup on Job 2 here.
27th        Pastoral search committee. Gordon emailed to say mark's surgery went well.
28th        Barnes to dinner.
29th        Session then short synod to sort things about Chris Bennett. To Great Shelford and saw Burroughs new house, a big step down as he leaves the pastorate for hospice chaplaincy.
30th         David led well for Bill N. Kurt to lunch. he will not pursue diaconal projects after several plans rejected. Katy excelled herself with a pavlova. I did WMC again in evening.
31st         Completed Deb's grant forms.

The changing world (235) Jun 2000

Jun 1st Belgian chocs and getting prints from slides for Katy's birthday.
2nd      Aaron Saturday, chef from Alabama, cooked surprise meal for Katy. Angie Pitt, Thirsk class of 63, phones]d after 37 years.
3rd       Session with Paul and Andrew Rae. David B has written to say we lack vision. Wants us to buy next door but the Chinese are not selling. When they did they never told us. It went to a property developer, then another who illegally chopped down the century old cedar, and then sold to Notting Hill Housing.
4th        Led for Joe. Five Nikides of PCAs World harvest Mission to lunch. David B led prayer meeting.
5th        Building committee want to discus plans with DB and me.
6th        Board meeting cancelled as Boots never responded to the invitation.
7th        Housegroup here.
9th        Took Rachel to Bulmers, Sunderland, then to Harrogate.
10th       To Richmond for Dorothy, Saltburn, Whitby boat trip, Sunderland to pick up a sunburned bridesmaid. Euro 2000 starts with Belgium 2 Sweden 1.
11th        Grove Road Methodist. Home for evening service. Italy2 Turkey 1, France 3 Denmark 1, Holland 1 Czech 0.
12th        David has 2:1 for dissertation. England 2 Portugal 3.Great match. We were 2-0 up.
13th        Dentist says £150  work to be done. Slovenia 3. Yugoslavia 3, Germany 1 Spain 0.
14th        To Deb's exhibition. She has a distinction.
16th         France beat Czechs and Holland beat Denmark. Margaret finished.
17th         Becky Leaper brief C of E wedding. Reception at a farm. Back home missing Germany 0 England 1 but rejoicing on the street gave to result away.
18th         Led for Stave Smallman boss of WHM on So I send you. Kevin and Theresa Boer, newly weds, to lunch. Bob Heppe on Mash Ghar in evening.
19th         Hottest day of year. Maureen back grumbling. Long discussion with deacons on how to support Chris Bennett.
20th         England 2 Roumania 3
21st         Shammi not sympathetic to Christianity thought Catholic schooling. Visited Kusti Dawof out of hospital. Holland 3 France 2.
22nd        good conversation with Shammi on Islam and Christianity.
23rd        Pastoral call with John Trekiosis after a guilty verdict on his brother's murderer. Marjorie back in hospital.
24th         Session with potential elders, Boddington, Leitch and Rae. Chinese Albert arrived from Germany and I took him to Dr Corcoran's barbecue.
25th         DB did not lead so well for Bill Nikides in the morning. Five bennetts to tea. He spoke well in the evening but will church planting work?
26th        First day of Albert's pharmacy help.His father brought him to Germany a couple of years ago with no german. Before he can enter university he needs fluency in English hence his visit to us. David has a 2:1. IPC AGM. In the chair. Went very well. Got book on WW2 bomber command in North Yorkshire with pictures of the halifax crashed in front of our house.
27th        Visited marjorie in hospital on my way home. She seems perky.
28th         Housegroup at Judy's. Mark Babcock has brain tumour. France beat Portugal.
29th         Germany beat Holland.
30th         Took staff to Tally Ho for Theresa's birthday. I should have been at Lords but sold paddock my ticket. West Indies all out for 54 and we needed 188 to win. 21 wickets fell. David back from canada.

The changing world (234) May 2000

May 1st Lunch at Burroughs.
2nd        Shammi Malik, graduate from Pakistan started work. On trial. Seems OK.
3rd         Housegroup at Judy's. Put up poster, Ram Gidoomal for London mayor.
4th         Erin departed for Canada without a goodbye. Stayed up until 2am for mayoral election results but count not completed/
5th         Deb to Norwich interview. Red Ken Livingstone is London mayor.
6th         Session agreed David a £12K salary. With Katy to awful Hayes RC church for Bach Mass.
7th         Led for SC at Boddington boys' baptism.
9th         Elders and deacons building committee. Will redevelop the flat.
10th       Housegroup here Est 1.
11th       Found Strict Baptist John Kilpatrick at lunchtime. Good chat. Our receptionist Marilyn introduced me to her friend Victoria Gowon, former first lady of Nigeria. David applying for a room at 52 Cleveland Road.
12th       Took staff to Tally Ho for birthday lunch then dinner for four at Granville harvester, £50.
13th       To Amersham to see college for Deb. To Starvin Marvins and unofficial presbytery discussing plans for Less and Dulwich
14th        Bose Onamusi visited from Wycliffe. SC baptised Denham children. Visited Acton London Transport museum.
15th        Raul and I chaired members' meeting. Pleasantly surprised by unanimous support for employing David.
16th        Visited Marjorie who is quite perky despite being in Northwick park again.
17th         Very tired at Judy's for housegroup.
18th         Phoned Crowder of Surecar to see if he can get us a Mondeo estate.
19th         After work to Harlow and dinner with Biddlescombes.
20th         Lords with Chris Paddock. Saw England put on over 250 with Hick and Stewart centuries than Gough take four yo get Zimbabwe out for 36.
21st         Rachel TFG Annan Court. SC on Laodicea. Aimed at IPC? But I was complimented. Very good pot luck in honour of Constables who're given leaving presents. I will miss the Shakespearean scholars quotes about the bard.
He led evening prayer.
22nd     Getting grant forms for Deb.
23rd     Lunchtime to buy SC a book moment.
24th     Gave SC Lloyd-Jones book on Westminster Conferences.Heard fro Charlie. He is now i professor and in Germany with his family.
25th      Luch at Kilpatrick's. Charlie on phone.
26th      Margaret irritates. Shammi fine.
27th      Final session with SC. Welly put down. Sad. Tony Young kindly said to pay later just leave him and go home. Subscribed to Sky Sports to see England 1 Brazil 1.I had previously been told not to do it as i would be watching too much football at home. Did barbecue with J&M here.
28th      Preached Is 43-44. Talk with David B aver future plans including the bus;ding.Braithwaites with us.
29th      To Hampton Court and Thames walk with J&M.
30th      50th birthday lunch for Dr Parker. First meeting of pastoral search committee.
31st       Mondeo arrived from Coventry. First of several cars from Surecar.

Saturday, November 17, 2018

The changing world (233) Apr 2000

Apr 1st Taken in by BBC Grandstand purporting to show the Murrayfield pitch dyed the colour of St Andrew's cross.
2nd       Led for SC on Gen 2.
3rd       Heard from Dutch newspaper editor responding to my postings on Chalet Kuyper.
4th       Staff trouble with Donna and Margaret. The boss to sort them.With SC to talk to Lefroys about their girls' baptism. SC is leaving and I am angry.
5th       Instructed to sack Donna. Housegroup shocked to hear SC is leaving.
6th       Gave Donna notice in the morning and she never turned up in the afternoon.
7th       Katy on music course, David B angry over Sis departure.
8th       Session quizzed SC for his reasons to leave. Unhappy wife, the flat, salary, deacons - but not his elders.Katy and Deb at dyslexia course.
9th       SC on marriage. He gave out his resignation letter. I spoke on Kuyper in the evening.
10th     Visited Halletts. Walk by canal.
12th      I am now to have Margaret every morning. She tries my patience for she seems a very poor learner. Session  appoints pastoral search committee and I will do a job description for our David.
13th      Becklers visited with Chis, Marjorie, Judy, Kirsty and Seaber's round to feast with them.
14th      Erin fro Canada to dinner.
15th      Session. SC says I should not lead and Katy not play piano and if David employed he should not report to me. Rosie Barnes wedding, St Pauls W13.
16th      Pot luck for Beckler's who spoke in evening. Katy upset and wants to stop all her music. I too am unhappy but deacons want change.
19th       Deb is back working for me and very quick on the uptake. Housegroup.
21st       Good Friday. SC led and preached. Lacked application. Katy decorating for her dad.
22nd      Katy to exhibition at National gallery. Welly to vet and £100+ bill.
23rd       Lad for David then I preached 1 Cor 15. Miriam thinks she is pregnant.
25th       Interviewed a black JW. Miriam's pregnancy confirmed. Deacons and elders at Kirsty's, St Bernard's. Discussed plans for David.
26th       Erin here. Housegroup - Nehemiah.
27th       With SC to Boddingtons discussing baptism. David and Erin to the Dome and found it rubbish. I never went as the reason for the millennium was never mentioned.
28th        David and Erin to Exeter. Christine to dinner; brightest young lady I have met. Grandad decides to sell and move house.
30th        Led for SC. Lefroy's girls baptisms. Praise! books arrived. I am sad at unnecessary modernisation original hymns.