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The changing world (251) Nov 2001

Nov 2nd Katy at hymn practice.
3rd          To David's vey small Canterbury house. To Browns tobacconist, Sandwich. Deal. France visible. back via Dover.
4th           NP better on Dec 3. Prayer meeting.
5th           Deacons and elders. Plans for flat and Ryan's visit.
6th           Phoned to recruit flat renovation committee.
7th           Mike Rudd at housegroup again.
8th           Lunch to Gotlops. She was cousin to Joy Davidson, wife of C S Lewis. She liked men with beards so had Tony her husband paint me. He would have been  portrait painter if his Jewish parents could have afforded to send him to art school. He became a Bond St couturier with painting his real love. He would charge £2000 for a portrait. Would get two for the price of the materials. He amazed by by telling me to sit still and chat while he went straight to painting oil on canvas. No sketching first. Then coffee and chat with his wife.
9th            Too cold for sitting in the park at lunchtime.
10th          To Greatham synod. 21 there. 8 Koreans, ^ USA, 4 uk, 1 Ireland , Canada, Brazil. John Scott there bound for EPCEW Chelmsford.
11th           First time since 1996 that Remembrance Sunday was on Armistice day. Joe good on Zec 4. Deacons ballot. Evening to St Paul's and excellent talk by Jonathan Aitken on his prison experience and conversion.
12th           Katy at worship committee.
13th           Long session. PC contra AR and PB on whether we should encourage HV to marry the woman he has lived with for years. I was undecided between counting it as marriage already or saying it was an unequal yoke. In the end it was resolved by immigration refusing her entry and he was to marry a bride he met at IPC. This is the only time in all my years where the session did not reach consensus. Northern Alliance takes Kabul.
14th           Diwali. Sudha brought home made nibbles. Housegroup finished Lord's prayer from Luke.
15th           Frost. Found Tony Gotlop is of Polish/German Jewish heritage.  Family of tailors.
16th           Deb with family and friends to Max. JMB to tea .
18th           Preached Zec 5. A&R to birthday lunch. Gave Deb stern system.
19th           Chaired IPC AGM. Hallett's deny they upset our youngest pianist by telling her she is too loud.
21st           Housegroupat Hosiers.
23rd          Hristo to dinner and going through shorter catechism. Need modern English version.
24th          Met Dale's adoptive parents at Beldams.
25th          Preached on thanksgiving followed by turkey dinner. Good prayer meeting.
27th          Kenneth Skilling came to the pharmacy as Classic Fm played Nimrod. Amazing coincidence. Good lunch together at Tally Ho and he gave me two of his late father's books, one a gem of recollections of CHS by one of his students published shortly after CHS died and never reprinted.
28th          Housegroup here and Marjorie very happy with her hearing aid.
30th          With Hristo on the catechism then with Steve Constable at The Kent. He is on a short visit and I am honoured to be the only IPC person he has met with.

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