Monday, November 05, 2018

Diary w/e 10 Nov 2018

Sun 4 Nov

One of the three happiest days of my life - our first Sunday in the new IPC building. Adult Sunday School in the old chapel, Arthur Keefer on Proverbs. He has a Cambridge doctorate on this and now he is chaplain and divinity teacher at Eton. Paul preached from Mat 11, John the Baptists questions about Jesus. It was emotional for preacher and this hearer. Paul thanked our building committee, five members, two of whom have now moved elsewhere. The building is in the 'far more abundant than you ask or think' category. The chapel was cold so we have some things to sort out and chairs to buy, but fellowship was extra happy and warm.
   My brother and sister in law returned to Harrogate after morning worship. I did tandoori chicken for the Keefers. He is American, she of Nigerian heritage and doing research into cystic fibrosis. They were formerly in Cambridge EPCEW and our other lunch guest, James Fowler is also American and formerly at Durham EPCEW.
   In the evening Paul preached on Balaam, Num 22 and I did my 12th man duty. When the elder due to preside at the table had forgotten so was unprepared, I was ready, willing and honoured to preside.

Mon 5th

First session meeting in the new building's lounge.

Tue 6 Nov

U3A World religions on Conversion Therapy so we discussed homosexuality and transgenderism. Then my usual pastoral visit.

Wed 7 Nov

Eight of us met for U3A Current Affairs on 'Appointments to the judiciary USA and UK'. We contrasted the two - how UK's judiciary appointments are removed from politics. We also contrasted the two supreme courts and how the UK's interprets law and cannot make it. In the US the supreme court makes law when it declares a law constitutional or otherwise. Podiatry then birthday greetings taken to our church member who is 91 today - flowers, spicy pizza and a card. She had a birthday surprise too - a hospital appointment to remove her cataracts on December 20th. Over thirty at our first monthly prayer meeting in the new building.

Thu 8 Nov

U3A weekly meeting addressed by three men from the Royal Navy with the navy's PR presentation as to its worth. Lunch with the Littles at Prezzo, Ruislip.

Fri 9th

Today I dug the unplanted corner of the garden for the fourth time. The first three were with Claybreaker to break up the clay soil. This time I dug in manure preparing to plant our new tree, a very decorative crab apple.

Sat 10th

Today I go to Sutton Coldfield meeting with Christians working to evangelise Muslims of Pakistani origin in UK. Festival of Remembrance. However my plans to watch it as usual have been frustrated by the ladies wanting a film on the box. God save the Queen - and cobblers to Hollywood.

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