Friday, November 30, 2018

The changing world (257) May 2002

Mat 1st Housegroup here. Luk 20. Mike Rudd says his problems result from blows in school boxing.
2nd       Stayed up for local election results. Conservatives made miserable gains on low turnout.
3rd        Tories gain one Ealing seat. CPA has a councillor in Newham.
4th         Met with Kumars church planting in Warrington. BN a big help talking about the session. A Woman of no Importance at Richmond Theatre. Wilde a wasted genius who exposed the hypocrisy of Victorian values.
5th        NP on Rom 2. Angelino too talkative at lunch. DB les evening and Mark Lawler showed video from India. French re-elect Chirac and Le Pen loses. D&E here.
6th         D&E to Birmingham wedding.
7th         WE Tharu started. Sudha took us all to lunch at Chic Choc to celebrate a grandson.
8th          Rotten cold. Skipped housegroup. Arsenal do the double.
11th        Katy took down flat curtains. I think it is a perfectly good flat. JMB here and took B to Bunny Park. 119 in national IQ test age 56 but I was 150 when 22.
12th         Perrin's to dinner. Talked with PB about unity.
13th         Staff to tally Ho for lunch. Paul thinks the session is going on more business lines than grace and he may resign. Charlie writes that his wife Angela is now a Christian.
14th         Dined at 52 with mark and Sue. Paul who is now MD there with Alysia and Julien.
15th         Lunchtime Speedwell smoking cessation followed by a pipe. Housegroup Luk 20at ours.
16th         Warm enough for short sleeves and then shorts to session where PC took indefinite leave of absence due to continued disagreements. All sad to lose him. Agreed NP's pay then he decided nt to accept to.
17th           Lords for Sri Lanka. They were 313 for 3 at start and declared at 555 for 5 with 10 overs to go. We then lost tresothic who equalled the England record of four test catches in an innings. With Chis B.
18th          IPC coach with Liss to Cambridge. Ranald took us round the colleges. Saw Sidney Sussex and Cromwell memorial. Jonathan Miriam and Bethany joined and walked around the backs Long call from Gordon Babcock.
19th    Nick  ok  on Romans 3. Masih Ghar in the evening, lots of missionaries. Bob rambles but is appreciated but I do not see that he has progressed to get a membership or eldership.
20th     New work experience student Darren, first Sri Lanka test a draw
22nd     India and Pakistan in dispute it again. Housegroup Jud's 21
23rd      Went to what I hope was my last Pastoral search committee at Aly's. Only had two new elders want to be on the committee. Glad to be finished with that responsibility.Talked to Cath.
24th    Frustrates by Anglia failing to reply on window problems.
25th went with Katie bracelet here for dinner year I'm moving to Bedfordshire
26     Paul Levy on 1John 2. He and Claire to lunch. I think he is a good prospect. In the evening Nick was late so we prayed instead .
27th     Church meeting chaired by Nick who showed his lack of organisation. Surprised by the frankness Paul's letter about  leave of absence from the session. Halletts do not approve of Paul Levy.
28th       Two hour power cut in the afternoon left us working in the dark.
29th    Housegroup.
30th     Katy and Deb to Fairly House reunion.
31st       Deb to Canterbury but stranded by a  broken down coach and rescued by David.

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