Monday, November 19, 2018

The changing world (235) Jun 2000

Jun 1st Belgian chocs and getting prints from slides for Katy's birthday.
2nd      Aaron Saturday, chef from Alabama, cooked surprise meal for Katy. Angie Pitt, Thirsk class of 63, phones]d after 37 years.
3rd       Session with Paul and Andrew Rae. David B has written to say we lack vision. Wants us to buy next door but the Chinese are not selling. When they did they never told us. It went to a property developer, then another who illegally chopped down the century old cedar, and then sold to Notting Hill Housing.
4th        Led for Joe. Five Nikides of PCAs World harvest Mission to lunch. David B led prayer meeting.
5th        Building committee want to discus plans with DB and me.
6th        Board meeting cancelled as Boots never responded to the invitation.
7th        Housegroup here.
9th        Took Rachel to Bulmers, Sunderland, then to Harrogate.
10th       To Richmond for Dorothy, Saltburn, Whitby boat trip, Sunderland to pick up a sunburned bridesmaid. Euro 2000 starts with Belgium 2 Sweden 1.
11th        Grove Road Methodist. Home for evening service. Italy2 Turkey 1, France 3 Denmark 1, Holland 1 Czech 0.
12th        David has 2:1 for dissertation. England 2 Portugal 3.Great match. We were 2-0 up.
13th        Dentist says £150  work to be done. Slovenia 3. Yugoslavia 3, Germany 1 Spain 0.
14th        To Deb's exhibition. She has a distinction.
16th         France beat Czechs and Holland beat Denmark. Margaret finished.
17th         Becky Leaper brief C of E wedding. Reception at a farm. Back home missing Germany 0 England 1 but rejoicing on the street gave to result away.
18th         Led for Stave Smallman boss of WHM on So I send you. Kevin and Theresa Boer, newly weds, to lunch. Bob Heppe on Mash Ghar in evening.
19th         Hottest day of year. Maureen back grumbling. Long discussion with deacons on how to support Chris Bennett.
20th         England 2 Roumania 3
21st         Shammi not sympathetic to Christianity thought Catholic schooling. Visited Kusti Dawof out of hospital. Holland 3 France 2.
22nd        good conversation with Shammi on Islam and Christianity.
23rd        Pastoral call with John Trekiosis after a guilty verdict on his brother's murderer. Marjorie back in hospital.
24th         Session with potential elders, Boddington, Leitch and Rae. Chinese Albert arrived from Germany and I took him to Dr Corcoran's barbecue.
25th         DB did not lead so well for Bill Nikides in the morning. Five bennetts to tea. He spoke well in the evening but will church planting work?
26th        First day of Albert's pharmacy help.His father brought him to Germany a couple of years ago with no german. Before he can enter university he needs fluency in English hence his visit to us. David has a 2:1. IPC AGM. In the chair. Went very well. Got book on WW2 bomber command in North Yorkshire with pictures of the halifax crashed in front of our house.
27th        Visited marjorie in hospital on my way home. She seems perky.
28th         Housegroup at Judy's. Mark Babcock has brain tumour. France beat Portugal.
29th         Germany beat Holland.
30th         Took staff to Tally Ho for Theresa's birthday. I should have been at Lords but sold paddock my ticket. West Indies all out for 54 and we needed 188 to win. 21 wickets fell. David back from canada.

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