Saturday, November 17, 2018

The changing world (233) Apr 2000

Apr 1st Taken in by BBC Grandstand purporting to show the Murrayfield pitch dyed the colour of St Andrew's cross.
2nd       Led for SC on Gen 2.
3rd       Heard from Dutch newspaper editor responding to my postings on Chalet Kuyper.
4th       Staff trouble with Donna and Margaret. The boss to sort them.With SC to talk to Lefroys about their girls' baptism. SC is leaving and I am angry.
5th       Instructed to sack Donna. Housegroup shocked to hear SC is leaving.
6th       Gave Donna notice in the morning and she never turned up in the afternoon.
7th       Katy on music course, David B angry over Sis departure.
8th       Session quizzed SC for his reasons to leave. Unhappy wife, the flat, salary, deacons - but not his elders.Katy and Deb at dyslexia course.
9th       SC on marriage. He gave out his resignation letter. I spoke on Kuyper in the evening.
10th     Visited Halletts. Walk by canal.
12th      I am now to have Margaret every morning. She tries my patience for she seems a very poor learner. Session  appoints pastoral search committee and I will do a job description for our David.
13th      Becklers visited with Chis, Marjorie, Judy, Kirsty and Seaber's round to feast with them.
14th      Erin fro Canada to dinner.
15th      Session. SC says I should not lead and Katy not play piano and if David employed he should not report to me. Rosie Barnes wedding, St Pauls W13.
16th      Pot luck for Beckler's who spoke in evening. Katy upset and wants to stop all her music. I too am unhappy but deacons want change.
19th       Deb is back working for me and very quick on the uptake. Housegroup.
21st       Good Friday. SC led and preached. Lacked application. Katy decorating for her dad.
22nd      Katy to exhibition at National gallery. Welly to vet and £100+ bill.
23rd       Lad for David then I preached 1 Cor 15. Miriam thinks she is pregnant.
25th       Interviewed a black JW. Miriam's pregnancy confirmed. Deacons and elders at Kirsty's, St Bernard's. Discussed plans for David.
26th       Erin here. Housegroup - Nehemiah.
27th       With SC to Boddingtons discussing baptism. David and Erin to the Dome and found it rubbish. I never went as the reason for the millennium was never mentioned.
28th        David and Erin to Exeter. Christine to dinner; brightest young lady I have met. Grandad decides to sell and move house.
30th        Led for SC. Lefroy's girls baptisms. Praise! books arrived. I am sad at unnecessary modernisation original hymns.

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