Tuesday, November 06, 2018

The changing world (215) Aug 1998

Aug 1st Wedding of Christine wells and Christopher Rinaldi at Laeaham Parish Church then Wraysbury Village hall . I did grace and Hausa blessing.
2nd        Preached on The bread of life. Good music group from Memphis, PCA. Paid granted for his Metro.
5th         Housegroup at Margery's. She has agreed to chemotherapy.
6th         David back from Birmingham to prepare to be best man for Richard in Nottingham.
8th         Took Deb to Shelford. Drove to Harrogate. Geoffrey took us for illegal T-bone steak at The Drovers. The landlord was charged by trading standards. he opted for jury trial hoping for a reverse verdict from a sympathetic jury. But before it was due in court the law was abolished prohibiting meat on the bone.
9th          Took Dorothy to Thirsk Methodist. Awful liberal woman speaking. Visited Neil and Vera. Dorothy wanted to be home by 3pm so we went on to Muker, Hawes, Kettlewell and Nixons at Kanaresborough.
10th           Took Dorothy to Aysgarth, Keld, Wensleydale Cheese centre, Hawse, Low Row.
11th           Picked up deb at Shelford. Miriam upset she is to be made redundant. Rachel happy in new work despite mental health this time. David delivering paint. Very hot.
12th           Packed for Austria, out first European holiday.
13th           Oak Hall coach through Channel tunnel and France through the night.
14th           We are in a wealthy Austrian ski resort. Sunburned by the pool.
15th            To Salzburg, cathedral, shops, Mozart birthplace, funicular railway.
16th            Two services. Day by the pool.
17th             Raadstadt via Zul am Zee lake. Very hot. Opted out of Oak Hall devotions.
18th             To Hauser linley via cable car. Excellent views. My snack which I thought has grated cheese blew my head off with it being horseradish. Breakfasts and lunches are boring here and booze is banned.
19th             Down salt mine. 28 killed by Omagh bomb.
20th             Boat trip on Holstein lake. Bad Ischl but did nor see where WWI declaration was signed. Saw where Bruckner was organist and Lehar wrote.Climbed hill to what I thought was Calvin Kirke only to find it was the RC Calvaria Kirke.
21st            Finding the food insipidly English.
22nd           Coach through Germany and France to Victoria where David met us. Rachel with Joanne in Coventry.
23rd            SC on Ps 57 then evening on NT use of OT. David preached twice at Surbiton Baptist. Rachel back home from Coventry.
24th             Last week at mattock lane.
25th             Deb has passed her course with merit.
26th             Ran into back of a car with my bike and his back light cost me £166.67. Housegroup.
28th             Russel's surgery gave me lunch and bubbly. Granville Harvester to celebrate deb's results.
29th             My last day at mattock Lane. All the others to Great Shelford.
30th             Grandad here with his sister Myra from Canada. Kurt Peistrup to lunch and Melissa part of a team from Birmingham Alabama who took the evening service.

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