Friday, November 30, 2018

The changing world (255) Mar 2002

Mar 1st Hristo here for catechism and I did him a letter supporting the visa application of his partner.
2nd       Helped Perrin's move house and astonished how much stuff. Five from Great Shelford with us.
3rd       PC good on Jacob's ladder. Large OM team here. Good evening prayer but I was unhappy about proposed NP's salary.
4th       Asha WE started. Quiet.
6th       Housegroup Luk 16.
7th       Session.
10th     Preached on discipline.
11th     Hands painted on my portrait.
12th     Deposit paid for Anglia double glazing.
13th     Housegroup Joh 16 at Judy's.
14th      After the painting Vi Gotlop told me of her phone calls with C S Lewis over her cousin Joy who was dying.
15th       GP says my bp is good.
16th       Angelino doubts my veracity and says IPC too British.Good elders supper at Boddington.
17th       NP on Rom 1.
18th       Gemma new RC WE. Second portrait finished.
19th       Ruth Conway phoned asking to stay. From Atlanta no baggage had arrived. It was delivered 11:45pm.
20th        Housegroup here, Luk 19. Marjorie down over health prospects.
21st        Gotlop did a quick chalk sketch. Session. Rested my disagreement over NP's salary.
22nd       First pipe for five weeks.
23rd        Builder round to estimate for flashing, fence and conservatory.
24th        Palm Sunday. Barry led for NP. Not very inspiring. NP did church government in evening.
26th        Told NP why I was unhappy with his salary but he thinks he is worth this money for half time work.
27th         Housegroup Judy's Luk 17.
28th         Conway ladies arrived Perivale Station 11pm and I picked them up.
29th         Blessed by DB's Good Friday service. I presided at Table.
JMB here.
30th         Queen Mother died.
31st         Good Easter resurrection morning service and I did WCF resurrection in evening.

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