Wednesday, November 28, 2018

The changing world (249) Sep 2001

Sep 1st Nairn to Harrogate via Pitlochry and Locherbie. Germany 1 England 5. Amazing.
2nd       Dutch minister good sermon at Grove Road Methodist. Home. Saw A&R's new flat.
3rd        Deacons think a US tram of builders will not work on the kitchen. We had lost one family ostensibly over the state of the kitchen. I did wonder why they did not offer to pay for improvements but later events showed this as merely a presenting excuse for leaving.
4th        Met with NP to plan preaching.
5th        Housegroup not stimulating.
7th        Deb and Rachel to hen weekend.
8th        Session. Planning at YMCA for reception. KMB here.
9th        Joe on Hab 2. Me on the magistrate. Dinner with Littles at Sunderban Indian.
10th       =Reports of over 100 killed in Jos riots.
11th      Came back from lunch to heartwood planes had crashed into the World Trade Centre. Then the Pentagon and a fourth in countryside. Thousands feared dad as the twin towers collapsed. No-one claims responsibility.
12th      A day unlike others. All planes to USA grounded. Death toll not known. Pictures terrible. All sobered by this at housegroup.
13th      Thankful to be alive. Rescue stories horrific.
14tgh     D&E hear.
15th       CPA council at Mayflower centre. Poor planning for AGM.Seabers ruby wedding at Brentham Club. Indulged too much at free bar.
16th       Preached Had 3. Most of the service was prayer following the WTC attack. Lunch at Littles. Wedding planning. Table plans.
17th       Rachel off work for wedding. making favours.
18th       Col and damp. Back to wearing a fleece and central heating on.
19th       Boring Speedwell lunchtime team meeting. Housegroup here.
20th       Session.
21st       Wedding rehearsal. Bridesmaids staying here.
22nd       To YMCA to check tables etc. Stretch limo with wedding party. Very emotional to give a daughter away. Birthday tea at Oldfield. Good reception. My speech went well. Two hour cigar. Fitted in two extra guests, Roger my cousin from New Zealand and the uninvited Leonard day. Danced a lot. Regretted I took no doggy bag.
23rd       NP good on Sep 3 and the WTC crisis. Eleven to lunch including Lucy, Joe, grandad, Dorothy, Geoffrey, Sara , JMB. Took presents to flat, cake to Afghans opposite.
26th       Housegroup Hosiers.
27th       Katy took Deb to West Thames College and paid fees.
28th       To Harrogate after work.
29th       To Richmond for Dorothy. To Leyburn, Hawes, Swaledale. School reunion at Angel, Topcliffe. Great to meet, Keith, Margaret, Rosie, Jimmy, Stan, Joe. Tom. Maddy, Pam, Jane, Hughie, Stephen, Angie, mac, Swig etc.. Most looked the same and personality unchanged.
30th       Grove Road Methodist, a not very spiritual teacher. Home.

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