Tuesday, November 06, 2018

The changing world (214) Jul 1998

Jul 1st  After work to Katy who hopes to be home from hospital tomorrow. Asked public question at Education Committee concerning when Oldfield will have a new building. David had a day driving a Mercedes delivery van.
2nd       Katy home from hospital.
3rd        Found Katy had decamped downstairs at night due to my snoring so went to bed downstairs at night. Halletts visited Katy. France beat Italy and Brazil beat Denmark.
4th         Session discussed a letter to members about LD's discipline.Beldams visited Katy. David to Farnborough. Holland beat Argies. Big shock Croatia 3 Germany 0.
5th        Katy up all day. David took his grandad back home. Members meeting about LD. Tasted thimblefuls of 22 malts at Babcocks and brought all the bottles home as they are leaving the country. This probably was one reason why the CPS never proceeded against LD. But years later I had two CID at the door with an account of two other teenagers with accusations against LD. He was very scared but nothing came of it. He was scared he would lose his tenancy. Years later he did but that was when he was taken into care for dementia. he died in a council home and no-one was informed. I had expected to be asked to take his funeral service but I was spared that service.
6th         Nicki are brought food. England drew with SA at Old Trafford. Deb visited the twins. David drinking with Richard for he is to be best man. Still sleeping downstairs.
7th         Constables visited. Skiotis brought food. Holland lose to Brazil on penalties.
8th         Pasta from Clowneys.
9th         With boss to visit two homes. Oldfield Annual Parents evening poorly attended. Deb received student of the year award at course awards evening. Chicken meal from Hosiers.
10th       Put weekly quotes on web. Rachel to New Forest with Rob. Lasagne from Constables.
11th       Pizza to celebrate Deb's college success. Croatia beat Holland for World Cup third place.
12th       A few only at my sermon on forgiveness as most were at Less. Rachel home from New Forest. David to friend CJ in Watford. France won world cup beating Brazil. Took Mr O home and took his Metro.
13th       David on his second week of van driving job. Back to sleeping in our bed.
14th       Took Katy to visit Margery.
15th       With Katy and Deb to Brent Cross and bought a vase as wedding present for Christine Wells. Housegroup.
16th        Took Katy to ladies Bible study. Deb looking after the twins.
17th         Last day of Selma on WE. Deb babysat Jonny Constable as his mother is in USA and SC cannot go due to green card problems.
18th         J&M came to visit recovering Katy.
19th         Rob Leveret from Georgia and with World Harvest preached. Carl larson to lunch. I preached on hermeneutics. Halletts brought food.
20th         First time in six months no WE help. Hot but then cooled by rain.
21st         In the town hall gallery to see Labour resist calls for Liz Brookes, chair of SS, to resign.
22nd        Housegroup at Judy's. The Lords reject the bill setting the homosexual age of consent at 16.
23rd         Still cycling to work.
24th         Letter published in Gazette on SS chair not resigning.
25th         David to Scripture Union mission in Birmingham. Rachel to Hertford, us to Braithwaite's.
26th         Led for Paul. Spoke on prophecy and culture in the evening. Rachel back home.
29th         Housegroup.
30th         Katy and Deb to Judy Cradock's cottage with the ladies Bible study group.

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