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The changing world (213) Jun 1998

Jun 1st Chinese takeaway for Katy's birthday.
2nd      To North Finchley for two hour interview over coffee. Very positive. Expect to be offered the job which is n a health centre. Muslim Tanzanian interviewer.
3rd       Housegroup at ours. Took missionary Marilyn back to Acton.
4th         Session mainly on LD who thinks he has been vindicated. We pray he is repentant.
5th         Took Elliott on the Cromwell trail. First visited the health centre where I hope to work. Cromwell museum Huntingdon then Cromwell's house Ely and the cathedral. In the house there was a sign on a low beam, Mind Your Head. I suggested the addition od -'especially if your name is Charles or Stuary'. Thank you party for Costons and Ravenor wards.
6th         Talked to LD at session. He seemed angry with me, probably because I am not convinced by his account. Is he repentant?
7th          Led service on Pentecost a week after the date! Evening spoke on the canon of Scripture.
8th          WE Bekta from Kosovo, Brentside School.
9th          Offered Torrington Park job as £30K.
10th         The boss offered to match the salary offered from July but he wanted me to do more Saturdays. Rachel home for an interview at West Middlesex hospital. Saw World Cup start on TV at work, Brazil 2 Scotland 1. Housegroup at Margery's.
11th          Job offer increased to £32K and then topped by the boss. In a dilemma as to what to do. David Barnes advised to take the new job which had no weekend work as that is best for a Christian. I am glad I followed his advice.
12th         Told the boss my decision. Rachel unhappy not to get the hospital job, her third unsuccessful application and only one to go.
13th         Rain so barbecue under conservatory roof. Pleased with Nigeria 3 Spain 2.
14th         Tristram and Grandad to lunch.
15th          Wet. England 2 Tunisia 0. Ordered second phone line.
16th          At wok watched Scotland 1 Norway 1.
17th          Housegroup here. Mr O lost £300 cash in a burglary.
18th          Rachel at Mount Vernon interview.
19th          Nigeria 1 Bulgaria 0 seen at work. David to his friend Richard in Nottingham.
20th          Took Rob to Canterbury and picked up Rachel and luggage.
21st           Presided at communion. Auction of pledges for building fund and I paid for a will. Mover church to 6"30 pm for World Cup fixtures like Iran 2 USA 1.
22nd          Muslim girl from Dormers Wells WE is quietly efficient. Oldfield Ofsted report meeting. The inspector did not like my criticism of her grammar.So I missed England 1 Romania 2.
23rd           At church the choir of Memphis Independent Presbyterian Church. All white though. Excellent varied repertoire.
24th            To Deb's college for her exhibition. David says hers is the best on show and her tutor says she is the best in her year.
25th             Assistant Ingrid who fell over goods on the floor at work has returned saying she will not pursue an insurance claim. Conservative group will call on the director of SS to resign after adversity government inspection report.
26th             Gazette calls for SS director and Cllr Brookes, SS chair, to resign. Katy upset Central Middlesex told her operation in two days not the week after. England 2 Columbia 1.
27th             Katy at recorder exams. Evan Horton visiting and David took him to Heathrow. Rachel back from Leapers rejoicing she has the Mount Vernon job.
28th             David led in the morning. I picked up grandad so he could join us for pot luck farewell for Babcocks. I spoke on hermeneutics ain the evening. Rachel and Rob took grandad back.
29th              Katy had hysterectomy at Central Middlesex . I visited and found her cold, hungry and thirsty.
30th              After work took Davis to see Katy who is some better and now allowed water. To Babcock's for England 2 Argentina 2. Great match. Lost on penalties and because Beckham sent off.

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