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The changing world (256) Apr 2002

Apr 1st Drove to Spurs 2 Leeds 1.
2nd       Surveyor measured windows.
3rd        Visited Cath Benton. Mitchells from Belize at housegroup.
4th        Katy and I to Huenden valley, Buckinghamshire. As I climbed the stile on the path on the hill above Chequers a CCTV camera buzzed. Returning to the car armed police questioned me as to what I was doing. Walking a public right of way officer and taking photos of the prime minister's residence. Visited Boer war memorial.
5th         Building repairs finished. Watched parade for Queen mother's funeral. No sailors pulling the bier and no reversed arms as for Churchill.
7th          NP twice. His prayer meeting nit as good as DB's.
9th         Queen mother's funeral. Blair should have given us a public holiday. Took Deb's TV to work to watch it. Few customers. Moving service. Charles looked very sad. Katy said crowds six deep by A4 in Hounslow to see the cars from the service.
10th        Housegroup Judy's Luk 18.
11th        Session on Perrin's contract. I am unhappy to be the dissenter.
12th        Israel conflict with Palestinians worsens.
13th        With Angelino who says we have treated him badly. David Drew with us preparing for London marathon.
14th         Fook David Drew to tube for marathon which he did in 4 hours 40. Spoke on last judgement in evening.
15th         Deacons budget setting.
16th         Housegroup. Unhappy with 1% national insurance rise in budget. This was to keep Labour's promise of no rise in income tax but this is worse. I never received any answer n matter who I asked as to whether it was ring fenced for the NHS. It was not.
18th         Reported a fraudster to NHS fraud line. He was getting scripts for his anti-psychotics sent to Cyprus.
19th         Anglia fitted windows and door.'
20th          Hosiers took me to Chelmsford EPCEW for installation of John Scott. Rather a dull affair.
21st          Preached Rom1:24FF. Pot luck for Kirsty Thorburn leaving.
23rd          Hottest April for fifty years.
24th          Housegroup.
25th          Picked up portrait. Much admired at work. Session with DB on worship and Tony on youth. NP lost his temper with me over session unity. I believe we are resolving this but confess to a pleasant feeling of superiority when someone loses their cool and one keeps calm.
26th          Lunchtime met John Kirkpartick and talked about the session problems. Ex cop Richard Burton from NHS fraud in Newcastle investigating the scripts going outside the country. He had interesting stories of being in the police in a mining area during the strike. Upset by letter from NP to church accusing us of means and individuals, charges I do not accept.
27th           Moving items from manse to store at 52 with help from Jennifer, Tessa, Roger and hosiers. Long talk with NP. Repentance and reconciliation.
28th           NP not inspiring on Rom 2. Last WCF on what is missing from it. Took Lord's supper to Marjorie.

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