Tuesday, November 27, 2018

The changing world (248) Aug 2001

Aug 2nd Session with new elders.
3rd          At 7am heard in an email from Australia that there had been a real IRA bomb in an Ealing pub late last night. No fatalities. Centre of Ealing blocked off. Jennifer R will join deacons.
4th          Journey to CPA at Mayflower centre interrupted by suspect package on tube. Poor attendance at a poor meeting. No ability evident. With Katy to Kenwood house. Royal Opera gala.Crowd not quiet so home at interval.England lose Ashes for seventh consecutive time.
5th          David B OK on Joh 3. Katy and Deb to Heathrow to meet D&E back from Greece,
6th          Drews left their car here and I took them to the tube en route to Paris.
8th          Drews back with us.
9th          Beefeater to celebrate anniversary.
10th        Deb finishes her fortnight with me.
11th        With Littles to harrow to have suits measured.
12 th       Led for NP and spoke from WMC on swearing in evening.
13th        Pastoral search. Levy our target.
14th        Session largely personal sharing led ny NP. Then RH discussed.
15th        Housegroup here. 52's lodger debts are to be paid.
16th        To Garwick to meet Boers.
17th        To York. Showed Boers minster and walls. They are in a Harrogate hotel. Pint at Carpenters Arms, best value anywhere.
18th         To Nairn.
19th         Parish church. Wet. Brodie castle.
20th         Inverness than Cromarty for the best of tea shops. Hugh Miller museum and old church.
21st         Elgin whisky shop. Johnson's mill. Cashmere production.
22nd        Took rose to Jennifer's centenarian aunt. Ullapool. Lochinver. Stay Polleh. Sullven.
23rd         With Braithaites to Cawdor castle. Gardens better than house.
24th          Braithwaites left. To Loch Ness. Castle Urquart. Glen Africa. John left his credit card behind. 56 miles to relieve it.
25th          Boers left. Nairn beach. Ardseir.
26th          Free Church. Metrical psalms a drag. Findhorn.
27th          Findhorn gorge.
28th          Spey Bay. Baxters Fochabers.
29th          Benromach distillery Forres. Nigg old kirk.
30th          Nairn museum. Inverness. Strathalan. Strathpeffer.
31st          Loch Ness. Brodie country fair.

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