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The changing world (217) Oct 1998

Oct 1 Went to see Shamim Damji and her pharmacy, Samson's, at lunchtime as requested for weekly report but she was on a course.
2nd     Liz phoned in sick so a busy day with my right hand lady, dispenser Maureen. Liz was to prove such a pain I was very happy when she found another job. First day too cold to sit in the park for a lunchtime pipe.
3rd      Session. Took Deb and Katy to Saving Private Ryan. Over rated. Over American. Over gory. Sound poor but I loved the Psalm quoting sniper.
4th      Led in morning but David B said I was like a man whose team had lost 0-1 at home yesterday . Leeds had!
A few days with no diary entries prove David had correctly spotted my depression. Eventually it led to me being stopped leading services. This was the undiagnosed chronic bipolar IMO.
10th     To Potters Bar celebrating Leaper's silver wedding.
11th      DB led with a long confession of sin. SC seemed out of sorts.
17th      Worship leaders meeting better than expected and quite encouraging. Watched Devil's Advocate which has become a favourite film, one I have watched it several times which is a rarity. it has hidden depths and wood quotes too.
18th      Gave David birthday present of £30 which was towards a stereo which he promptly bought.
19th      Gave Maureen chocolates for her birthday. Housegroup at Judy's, Eph 3.
22nd     Becklers visit with Noah and an expensive bottle of Jack Daniels.
23rd      I am down and lacking in fellowship with the Lord. I think it is in part the strain of the new busy job. I changed work because free from councillor responsibilities I could work farther away rom Ealing as I no longer needed o be a at 7pm town hall meetings.
24th       With Katy to see Margery in hospital. She looked dehydrated.
25th        Did tandoori for pot luck in honour of Becklers who spoke in evening about his Pasadena based PCUSA mission work with unreached peoples. J&M here to hear them. Daily devotions are hard. I was yet to be definitely disciplined with daily devotions. Once again the undiagnosed bipolar contributed I am sure.
26th        Half term so road to work quieter. Liz back but still not really fit it seems and she did not react well to a disciplinary warning. Sabine from Samsons helped in morning.Visited Margery at Northwick park where parking is difficult and the long corridor to the wards totally depressing.
27th        Feeling better with devotions. Sometimes I would sing myself into work. Not because I felt good but because I wanted to praise as a duty until I felt better. The boss says the warning I was told to give liz was for continual health absences. First time failed to get a parking space at work.
28th        To Speedwell practice lunchtime meeting with a rep providing lunch and showing an embarrassing video on erectile disfunction. Good to meet three lady doctors. Sabine prefers me to Samson's shop. Ep4 housegroup at marbles.
30th         Heard from Joe that Linette has broken her wrist so he cannot come to preach. I prepared on Ps 96 his chosen passage. Rachel out for Rob's birthday and deb bowling with IPC youth.
31st         Katy with IPC women to Greatham to hear Susan Macaulay.

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