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Christian Voters Urged Not to Fall for Nick Clegg and the Liberal Democrats at General Election

Campaigners from across the churches are urging their fellow Christians not
to fall for the lure of the Liberal Democrats by voting for Nick Clegg's party in
a week's time. The Christian Peoples Alliance party has carried the backing
of bishops in previous elections and has 150 parliamentary and local authority
candidates standing around the country. It is warning in a message to Church
leaders and Bishops around Britain (see below) that every vote for the Lib
Dems will take Britain closer to an illiberal Britain, hostile to the faith
communities and the place of a free conscience in Parliament.

In a message to church leaders pointing out the Lib Dem's anti-Christian voting
record, Party Leader, Cllr Alan Craig, says that too many Christians risked
falling for Nick Clegg's soft-sell, on the basis that he is neither Labour nor
Conservative. According to the Christian Democrat leader, behind the religious
mask adopted by some leading Liberal Democrats, is a heart of values hostile
to the Liberal Party's history in non-conformist Christianity:

"The tough questions simply haven't been asked of Nick Clegg's party-stance
on moral issues, so many Christians don't know that the Liberal Democrats have
led the way in opposing traditional church teaching in votes in Parliament. This is
because the media, David Cameron and Gordon Brown are all culpable in their
own approach to many Christian ethical priorities, which is to marginalise them
to the sphere marked 'private'.

"Great Liberal figures as Gladstone and GK Chesterton would fail to recognise
the modern face of Liberalism as a party committed to Christian conscience. The
only hope on the horizon is that PR will deliver a Christian Democratic party on
European lines into Westminster."

The CPA came into existence a decade ago to bring Christian hope and
transformation at local level and to offer a choice of conscience in politics. It is
backed by other Christian Democrats around Europe.

In his message, Cllr Alan Craig, who is Leader of the Opposition on Newham
Borough Council, picks out where Christians should be concerned:

Why the Christian Peoples Alliance has concerns with Nick Clegg and
the Liberal Democrats... policy supporting abortion policy supporting destructive experiments on human embryos
... party policy supporting the cloning of human embryos
... whipped votes in Parliament denying a child the right to know their biological father
...whipped votes in Parliament taking away the right of some parents to take their
children out of sex education classes
...whipped voted in Parliament in favour of amoral sex education lessons for five-year-olds
...whipped votes in Parliament to change school catchment areas and, through this, the
character and ethos of church schools

A former Lib Dem Education Spokesman, Don Foster said "In an ideal world there would
be no more faith schools." Some ideal, some world.

If YOU don't agree with Nick's Party, please use your vote to say so. And please
warn your church members of the facts.

The email summarises analysis on Nick Clegg's voting record in Parliament, produced by the Christian Institute. Although it doesn't cover issues that matter to millions of Christian voters, such as international aid or homelessness, it does underline Nick Clegg's record in Parliament in a "for and against" format:

Religion as protected characteristic in public equality duties: AGAINST
More narrow employment protection for faith group member in Equality Bill:FOR
Religious harassment offence: AGAINST
Criminalising religious hatred. AGAINST Abolishing blasphemy laws: FOR
Medically assisted dying: FOR, but MPs should have a free vote
Abortion: Free votes (Clegg voted against reducing the present limits) Availability of morning-after pill in schools: FOR
Animal-Human embryos: Free vote (Clegg voted for)
Saviour siblings: Free vote (Clegg voted for)
"Need for a father" requirement for IVF children: Free vote (Clegg voted
Tax breaks for married couples and civil partners: AGAINST
School freedom to employ Christian staff: AGAINST
School freedom to seek pupils who share school's ethos: AGAINST
Freedom of faith schools to teach sex education according to religious beliefs: AGAINST
Compulsory national sex education curriculum: FOR
Right to withdraw children from sex education classes: FOR - but should be curtailed "long before [children] are 15"
Labour plans to regulate home education: AGAINST
Present ban on religious bodies holding TV and radio licences: FOR
Civil Partnerships: FOR
Gay marriage: No policy, but Clegg is FOR
Adoption by gay couples: FOR
Sexual orientation regulations: FOR
Incitement to homophobic hatred: FOR, but free vote in Lords
Prison for drugs' possession: AGAINST
Downgrading ecstasy's classification: FOR
Downgrading cannabis' classification: FOR
24 hour drinking: AGAINST
Licensing brothels: FOR
Lowering age at which alcohol can be bought to 16: FOR
Pornography now available to 18-year-olds to be available to 16-year-olds: Conference voted FOR
16-years-olds to be able to visit sex shops: Conference voted FOR
Scrapping super casinos: FOR


For more information: Alan Craig 07939547198
Or call 07873 625396 or email or visit


The Lib Dem manifesto commits the party to stopping Catholic, Anglican and Jewish schools from selecting pupils on grounds of faith, which will effectively spell the abolition of schools that have succeeded in delivering high quality education over generations. Earlier in the campaign, Roman Catholic bishop, the Rt Rev Malcolm McMahon, the Bishop of Nottingham, accused the Lib Dems of seeking to destroy the partnership between the state and the churches in the provision of education.

"Catholics should give it very serious consideration before they vote Liberal Democrat," said Bishop McMahon, the chairman of the Department for Education of the Bishops' Conference of England and Wales. "Our position is that every person should have the right to bring up their children according to their consciences."

The policy is contained in a section of the Lib Dem election manifesto entitled Freeing Schools for Excellence.
"We will ensure that all faith schools develop an inclusive admissions policy and end unfair discrimination on grounds of faith," the policy states.

If implemented 4,470 Church of England, 2,300 Catholic and 85 Jewish schools would lose control of their admissions process.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

CHURCH OF CHRIST IN NIGERIA Press briefing on Jos killings.

26th April 2010

It is with heavy hearts that the Church Of Christ In Nigeria (COCIN) announces the death of two of her staff members, Mr. Nathan Sheleph Dabak, the Deputy Editor and Mr. Sunday Gyang Bwede, a Reporter, both of The Light Bearer Newspaper, COCIN Headquarters, Jos.

Two days ago, on Saturday, 24th April 2010, two reporters with the COCIN Media outfit – The Light Bearer, were mercilessly and brutally killed by the Muslim Mob at Gadan-Bako, Nassarawa Gwong, Jos.

The two journalists – Mr. Nathan Sheleph Dabak (Assistant Editor) and Mr. Sunday Gyang Bwede (Reporter) were carrying out their duties with the information arm of the Church when they fell into the hands of the perpetrators.

While effort is being tailored toward the return of peace in Jos and in-spite of the presence of a Joint Military special Task Force (STF), it is regrettable that we are again confronted with this spate of killings. The news of the deaths of these loved ones came as a rude shock and surprise to us as a Church.

Mr. Nathan Dabak and his colleague Sunday Gyang left the office in the morning of Saturday 24th April 2010 on an appointment to interview the member representing Jos East constituency, Hon. Bulus Kaze, when they fell into the hands of the perpetrators. The Muslims who murdered these men also went away with their gadgets and are boldly responding to calls from their telephones. A friend of Dabaks reported with concern that when he called his number at around 9.30am, there was a strange voice responding. The voice said proudly that “We have killed all of them; you can do your worst!” The Church started its search for these two that Saturday but finally discovered their bodies in the Mortuary of the Jos University Teaching Hospital (JUTH) on Sunday at about 12 noon.

The killing of these two journalists, no doubt, has raised some fundamental security questions that, if it is to be unraveled, the mysteries surrounding it would show that neither the Church nor its members are safe in these predicaments.

While the Church still mourns the death of one of its Pastors and his wife in Boto, Bauchi State, it is sad that it should again be left to face another barbaric, horrendous and brutal murder of these innocent young men, caught in their prime.

Late Rev. and Mrs Ishaya Kada
(COCIN Local Church Council Boto, Bauchi State)

The Church recalls with sadness that although the Bauchi State Government in their press release seeks to accuse COCIN of planning to attack some parts of its state, it only has proved that it has no tolerance for any Christian in Boto. On the 13th of April 2010, Rev. Ishaya Kada and his wife got missing from their residence at the Pastorium of the COCIN Church, Boto. Investigations later revealed that Rev. Ishaya and his wife were seen being dragged out of the pastorium by some Muslim men. Their remains were later discovered burnt beyond recognition.

The late Ishaya had reported their insecurity to the Police in the area when, before now, some unknown people killed their dogs within their premises but no measures were taken to their rescue. Recently, the area has been populated with strangers who claim to be refuges from the Jos Crisis. They are harbored and are being fed by the Bauchi State Government but have made the area unsafe for any Christian since then.

This situation can no longer be tolerated or accepted. In view of this, the Church is calling on the Governments of Bauchi and Plateau States to investigate these matters and also review the security networks in their States.

We call on all members to remain calm; although there are security lapses. They should not panic but trust God with their lives. They should go about their normal businesses in peace, but be vigilant and must employ appropriate measures to defend themselves only where there are no security personnel. The Church also calls on all to watch and pray and to be wise as serpents but harmless as doves. We must cry out to God and allow Him to take vengeance. The leadership will take the matter to appropriated quarters.

COCIN has therefore, declared 2-day mourning period for her murdered veteran staff members from 26th - 27th April, 2010. We commit you to Him who is able to keep you until the day of our Lord Jesus Christ.


Rev. Dr. Pandang Yamsat
COCIN President

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Election News Update 24th April 2010

150 Candidates for Christian Peoples Alliance
in May 6th Elections offer Conscience Choice

Voters going to the polls in local and parliamentary elections on May 6th will
have the largest spread of Christian Democratic candidates standing for office
in political history. Linked to similar parties across Europe, the Christian Peoples
Alliance is running over 130 local authority candidates and 17 parliamentary
candidates. In elections to Europe last year, the CPA ran joint lists with the
Christian Party on a national basis, winning votes from a quarter of a million people.

Party Leader, Cllr Alan Craig, is running for executive Mayor of Newham Council.

But we now need YOUR help please. On May 7th it will be too late.

If you live in London, we have just days to make the difference in winning 9 seats
in Newham. Every day now, evening and at weekends, we need you to come and
deliver leaflets in wards which we either hold, or are a close second to Labour.

Please, please don't leave it to others. The CPA has no staff, no funds and no active
support from any church network and relies now on how you respond to this email.
Even a few hours in Newham will matter. Simply email team leader, Peter Vickers on or phone 07856 054554. The office is 5 minutes walk from
Canning Town station on the Jubilee Line or DLR. Why not make a day of it?

Newham matters because we have seats in one of London's most deprived
communities which relies on Christian service and action. This is about real action for
the poor. Given how good our vote is, volunteer help is needed more than ever. The
public in Canning Town want to put our posters up, but we lack the people to take them
round! Will you do it?

The Christian Peoples Alliance also has active campaigns in Greenwich, Croydon,
Brixton, Milton Keynes, Three Rivers, Liverpool, Bolton, Hyndburn, Dover and East Anglia.

Party spokesperson, Susan May, says the CPA election move springs from the
desire of many christians across England to run for office and offer voters Christian
policies based on values not shared by the secular parties. Speaking in a live
televised debate this week with Labour Treasury minister, Stephen Timms MP and
Conservative front-bencher, David Liddington MP, Susan May said:

"Across Britain, many voters are disillusioned by the drift to secularism of the big
parties. The Christian Peoples Alliance offer them values they can vote for, based on
church social teaching. We are a party of conscience, committed to social justice,
tackling endemic poverty and radical reform of our corrupt political system. Our aim is
not to be self-seeking, but to serve our communities."

Susan May told viewers on Revelation TV that Christian Democratic parties similar to
the CPA were elected to parliaments across Europe and were often found in government.
She also pointed out that in 2009, just 58 per cent of voters backed Labour, the Liberal
Democrats and Conservative voters, with many voters preferring new parties.

Parliamentary candidates are running across England (full details below) and are based on
self-starting Christian community activists seeking to serve their local communities.

Please don't forget to pray for all of them. If you can plan to visit a constituency
near you to help, please email our candidates direct via their addresses on the CPA

For more information: or visit


Navaid Syed
Evangeline Pillai
Daniel Bell
Sid Cordle MBE
David Clark
Revd. Kevin Logan
Revd. Robert Hampson
Anthony May
Malcolm Martin
Stephen Hammond
John Manwell
Suzanne Nti
Revd. John Lennon
Susan May
Matthew Connolly
Stan Gain
Colin Young

Sunday, April 18, 2010


Eight volumes free on STUDIES IN CHRISTIAN-MUSLIM RELATIONS--9 volumes
These are by my good friend John Boer and are a study of Islam and Christianity in Nigeria. Click on the title for the link to volume 8. Free downloads.

Vol. 9 is a Companion CD that contains all the volumes along with 1000s of
additional articles. A rich library on the subject.

Prof. Dr.Yusufu Turaki, Nigeria's leading Protestant theologian wrote about Volume 7:
I sincerely thank you for taking the pains to go through my deep provocative writing. I enjoyed
the most your comments and questions, which make my writings and and ideas come alive. More
importantly, your pointing out the areas of Christian weaknesses only goes to strengthen our cause.

Nasir Baba from Zamfara State in Nigeria wrote:
"The CD, I must say, sir, is a gift of a lifetime.
It's a whole library you are donating to me and humanity."

Friday, April 16, 2010

‘Christian Victims’ of English Judicial System to Challenge Master of the Rolls

Lord Carey, the former Archbishop of Canterbury, and several high-profile Christian ‘victims’ who say that have lost confidence in the independence of the judiciary in England, will urge senior judges to stand down from future Court of Appeal hearings because of "disturbing" and "dangerous" rulings they issued in recent religious discrimination cases.

The former Archbishop and many of those who have been adversely affected as a result of living out their faith in the workplace, do not think a Bristol solicitor and Relationship Counsellor will have any chance of a "fair" ruling in his case if it is conducted in front of the judges who, they argue, have already shown a “lack of understanding of Christian beliefs”.

They are specifically concerned by a ruling of Lord Neuberger, the Master of the Rolls, on behalf of the Court of Appeal, that Lillian Ladele, a registrar who refused to conduct civil partnerships ceremonies – because they were against her Christian beliefs – could no longer work as a registrar.

They claim that the effect of the Court of Appeal’s ruling in December now means that the right to express the Christian faith must take second place to the rights of homosexuals under Labour's equality laws.

Lord Carey, Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali, John Glass, General Superintendant of the Elim Pentecostal Network of which Gary McFarlane is a member plus several other Christian leaders as well as Magistrate Andrew McClintock, Registrar Theresa Davies, Nurse Shirley Chaplin, Teacher Olive Jones, Foster Carers Eunice and Owen Johns, Nurse Caroline Petrie and homeless support officer Duke Amachree will file letters of support to a unique application by lawyers acting for Gary McFarlane, a Christian relationship counsellor, that a panel of five judges and headed by Lord Judge, the Lord Chief Justice, should be established to hear his case.

Mr McFarlane, 48, from Bristol, is appealing against an employment tribunal ruling that supported his sacking for refusing to give psychosexual counselling to homosexual couples.

The hearing is due to be heard by the Court of Appeal, but it has not yet been decided which judges will hear the case. Mr McFarlane's legal team will argue that Lord Neuberger and other judges should "recuse" – withdraw from participation – in future religious discrimination cases because of their alleged prejudices and their alleged "disparaging" remarks as evidenced in the judgment of Lillian Ladele.

The Christian Legal Centre is also running the case of Theresa Davies, a professional colleague of Lillian Ladele who also felt unable to officiate over same sex civil partnerships as a matter of conscience. Rather than accommodating her religious beliefs, Islington council demoted her. The case of Lillian Ladele currently means that the case of Theresa Davies stands no prospect of success. Furthermore, Theresa Davies is forbidden by Islington from speaking to the press about her case.

Andrew McClintock, former family panel Magistrate said:

“My religious beliefs were not considered as important as the rights of homosexual couples. Rather than accommodating me, my employer dismissed my beliefs and I was forced to resign as a magistrate. The Courts upheld this decision and I was not even allowed to have my case heard before the Court of Appeal. I support Mr McFarlane’s appeal and hope that the case is allowed to be heard by the Courts and is given a fair hearing in the Court of Appeal.”

Shirley Chaplin, the Christian nurse at the centre of the Exeter NHS Confirmation Cross Row said: “I have just lost my case in the Employment Tribunal. It was held that I had not been discriminated against, even though I was not allowed to wear my cross whilst other colleagues were allowed to wear their religious symbols. I hope that the judges make it clear that Christians are to be protected from discrimination, just like anybody else.”

Their intervention, backed by Lord Carey, follows a series of cases in which Christians have lost their jobs after seeking to express their faith. Mrs Chaplin, 55, who lives near Exeter and who had worn the cross every day for 38 years, described the decision as a "very poor day" for Christians in the workplace.

The Master of the Rolls is the second most senior judge in England and Wales, after the Lord Chief Justice. The Master of the Rolls, a position which dates back to the 13th century, is the presiding officer of the Civil Division of the Court of Appeal.

Lord Carey will use his statement to challenge the Court of Appeal over the making of a series of "disturbing" judgements and being responsible for some "dangerous" reasoning which could, if taken to extremes, lead to Christians being banned from the workplace. The former Archbishop of Canterbury, from 1991 to 2002, believes that court rulings on the wearing of a cross show a lack of understanding of Christian beliefs – he argues that the cross is often worn as a sign of a Christian’s fidelity to Jesus.

In his ruling in the case of Lillian Ladele, Lord Neuberger said that it was a legitimate aim of Islington council in north London, Miss Ladele's employers, to have a policy "requiring all its employers to act in a way which does not discriminate against others". Lillian Ladele was, therefore, discriminated against because her view was seen as discriminatory

Lord Carey highlights that in a world of conflicting rights, both need to be considered and accommodated. It is therefore not acceptable that the Christian view is considered “discriminatory” by the courts, with Christians likened to “bigots”.

The ruling also stated that “Ms Ladele's objection [to performing civil partnerships] was based on her view of marriage, which was not a core part of her religion.” Lord Carey and others would like to challenge how such a conclusion was drawn and whether it is the place of judges to comment on the Christian faith in this way.

Mr McFarlane will be represented in court on Thursday by Paul Diamond, the leading religious rights barrister, and he is being supported by the Christian Legal Centre, which seeks to promote religious freedom and, particularly, to protect Christians and Christianity.

Senior Muslims also believe that Christians in Britain receive a bad deal. Dr Taj Hargey, the Imam of the Oxford Islamic Congregation, wrote last week: "Christianity is under siege in this country. Britain's national religion has never been so marginalised and derided by the public institutions that should be defending it."


Andrea Minichiello-Williams (director Christian Legal Centre): 0771 259 1164.

© CCFON 16th April 2010


These are posts by Plateau church leaders. I have removed their names for their security.

The Jos Crisis has a long history. Whereas similar crises have taken place in other states like Kano, Kaduna, Bauchi, Borno, the nature, intensity, frequency and level of devastation of the ones in Plateau State and around Jos in particular have been different. These have taken place in 1873 (cf. section 3.4 page 32 of Govt. White Paper of Sept. 2001 dated 09/04/09), 1994, 1999, 2001, 2008 and 2010. It is an open secret that at the core of the crisis is religious bigotry that exhibits nothing but religious fanaticism and intolerance. To deny this is neither truthful nor fair. For example, prior to the 2008 crisis, it was claimed that the crisis was political, but the Muslims began burning Churches, Parsonages and the homes of Christians as well as killing Christians long before the counting of votes was completed. How can anyone who is not biased not see that the political climate was only used as a stepping stone to advance what was a religious and ethnic agenda?

Furthermore, those who imagine that the implementation of the “Jos Master Plan” (JMP) caused the crisis as it necessitated the displacement of a good number of immigrants from outside the state particularly those who call themselves “Jasawa”, will need to honestly review their imagination. This is because firstly, the JMP is a recent event while the crises has persisted for years; secondly, if the JMP had anything to do with it, why did the aggrieved persons not take it up with Government? When people feel that their rights are trampled upon and they follow legal and constitutional ways of confrontation and still are not heard, including going to court, normally, if they decide to pour out their anger to force the arm of government to listen to their plea, they would leash out such anger on government property, not innocent citizens of another faith. There is no justification for calling the Jos Crisis a political squabble and not a senseless religious crisis.

AT THE FEDERAL LEVEL: The President, Umaru Shehu ‘Yar Addu’a, was smuggled into the country from Saudi Arabia in top secrecy, and is completely shielded from the public. Why? We do not know. Even the Vice President has not been able to see him. He has been Acting and seems to be doing well. He recently changed the Cabinet, and has now included one Miss J Tapgum as an Assistant Minister. The Federal Government is said to have sent soldiers from Abuja and Lagos to help keep security in the Plateau, but most of those sent are Muslims, who often connive with Muslims and kill Christians or allow the Muslims passage to go in and kill Christians. This has been executed this way because the General Officer Commanding (GOC) is a Muslim. 

AT THE STATE LEVEL: Governor Jonah David Jang is still struggling to contain the situation. The Jos Market was destroyed many years ago. Last month the Bukuru market was looted and burnt down by the Muslims in order to cripple the economy. The Bukuru market has been shifted into Gyel in front of the Chief’s palace and the Muslims are excluded from it. They have resorted to attacking outskirt villages around Jos and Bukuru. Fulanis have been driven away from various Berom areas around Jos and Barakin Ladi Local Government Area. In some villages north of Jos called Dogon Na-Hawa and other surrounding villages women and children were brutally massacred by Fulanis who came in from Bauchi from where they had run as displaced persons. About 120 people were killed. The men had moved to the hills in the wrong direction from where they were expecting the enemies to come; whereas they came from the opposite direction. Last Sunday they went to Kuru Station where they burnt the homes and vehicles of the Pwajok family though no life was lost. The fear now is there are silent killings on both sides. People get lost if they go to wrong places at night or day and their dead bodies are later discovered.

CHRISTIAN PRAYERS: Plateau State women came together in Jos and Abuja and prayed and made representations to the State and Federal Governments to bring the crisis to an end. On that day, there was miraculously a rainbow around the sun. What was God saying? Whatever it was, it was encouraging. Another big prayer session was organised at COCIN Headquarters about two weeks ago and people came from various denominations to pray. Other prayer meetings are being planned. PLEASE PRAY WITH US.

Last Friday, the Lord gave me Isaiah 41:14 “People of Israel, don’t worry, though others may say, “Israel is only a worm!” I am the holy God of Israel, who saves and protects you.” I claim this for Plateau State. Thank you.


You probably heard the latest attack on two families, brothers, in Kuru near Bukuru. There is a strong suspicion that the military is involved. They wanted to kill the family heads but did not succeed. They burnt the houses. The man is an old Gindiri student, one of those first or second sets of BSS. I know him to be a strong Christian. The Muslims are resorting to planting bombs in strategic places. We are having to plan to buy bomb and metal detectors for our Churches. Fear and anger are still high. Mutual suspicion is still high. In the midst of that the Church through the leadership has decided to unite and seek God's face. There was a prayer of the denominations seeking God's forgiveness for the atrocities we too have caused in the name of defending ourselves. For others it was taking vengeance. I felt God was in our midst that day. The Spirit was saying the same thing:
1. Return to God in true repentance.
2. Trust in his protection not in our guns.
3. Unity of the Churches.
4. De-emphasise tribal affiliations and focus on the Oneness of the Church. Women were commended for coming out in black dress to mourn the innocent killings of the women and children in Dogo Na Hawa.
There was great confession and praise.


Funerals will be held today, 16 April 2010, for the Reverend and Mrs Ishaya Kada of the Church of Christ in Nigerian (COCIN) Boto in Tafawa Balewa, Bauchi State , who were hacked to death and burnt to ashes by Muslim assailants on 12 April. The couple had only recently returned to the area after their church was burnt down in January by Muslim refugees from Jos.

Following the murders, police in Tafawa Balewa interrogated the local Village Head and three others, who disclosed the identities of the perpetrators. As the search for the killers continues, the Governor of Bauchi, Isah Yuguda, has expressed his condolences, and has contributed towards funeral expenses and the repair of the church building. Governor Yuguda also promised to assist the couple’s children with the costs of their education.

Meanwhile, tensions persist in Plateau State after a suspected bomb exploded prematurely on 12 April in a room in the Dadin Kuwa area of Jos, severely injuring three young Muslims, who are currently being interrogated in hospital. In addition, Ishaku Sunday,a youth who vanished on 5 April while grazing cattle with a friend in the Vom area has been found alive, but with severe machete wounds. Ishaku describes being attacked by four Fulani men armed with swords. His friend’s mutilated corpse was discovered the day after their disappearance. Fulani men are also said to be responsible for hacking another man to death on 14 April in Kassa, Barkin Ladi.

The continuing attacks and “silent killings” during curfew hours have caused many to question the army’s willingness or ability to protect them. There is also growing speculation that an attack on Kuru Jenta on 11 March, which targeted two community leaders, may have been carried out by rogue military elements.

Mervyn Thomas, Chief Executive of Christian Solidarity Worldwide, says: “Our prayers are with the Kada’s children on this sad day, and we commend the Bauchi authorities for proactively pursuing those responsible for these appalling murders. CSW also commends Governor Yuguda, for his conciliatory actions which will assist in assuaging fears and fostering reconciliation. However, we remain deeply concerned at the continuing insecurity in Plateau State , and at renewed speculation that rogue military elements may be behind some of the violence there. We call on the Nigerian Federal Government to urgently review and adjust current security arrangements, and to take decisive action against military personnel who are found to be involved in extrajudicial executions or attempted assassinations”.

For further information or to arrange interviews please contact +44 (0)845 456 5464, email or visit

CSW is a human rights organisation which specialises in religious freedom, works on behalf of those persecuted for their Christian beliefs and promotes religious liberty for all.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

WARNING= Gonorreah Lectem

The department of enviromental disease control has issued
a warning about a new virulent strain of this old disease.
The disease is called Gonorreah Lectem
It's pronounced "Gonna re-elect 'em

This disease is contracted through dangerous and high risk
behaviour involving putting your cranium up your rectum.

Their have been outbreaks of this disease three times since
1997 . . . but now most people after having been infected
in the past are starting to realize how destructive this
sickness is. It's sad because it is so easily cured with a
new procedure just coming on the market called

You can take the first dose of the miracle cure in early May
2010 and simply don't engage in such mindless behaviour
ever again; otherwise it will wipe out all life in this country
as we know it. It has already happened in many Cities and
areas of London.

Signs of the effectiveness of the antidote are already
beginning to show in Surrey, Sussex and Kent. Many
places up North and in Wales and Scotland are thought to be
too far gone to be cured.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Tory Marriage Plans "Huge Disappointment say Christian Democrats in Election Launch

Christian Democrat candidates have launched their campaign for the elections
with a package of measures to tackle child poverty, end the couple tax-penalty
and boost support for married families. The Christian 'ticket' polled votes from
250,000 people across Britain in elections last year. The Christian Peoples
Alliance carries support from other Christian Democratic parties across Europe.

Responding to Tory proposals on marriage, Christian Peoples Alliance leader,
Cllr Alan Craig, said that David Cameron had failed to respond to the call of
many Christians with a half-baked proposal that was neither one thing nor the
other. According to the CPA, the Tory measures will barely dent the estimated
£20 billion annual cost of Breakdown Britain.

Cllr Alan Craig, said:

“Like Labour, the Tories definition of a family is ‘a group of people who share a
fridge.’ It isn’t good enough. Neither do their proposals tackle endemic child poverty.

"Cameron's Conservatives are deeply split over whether to tackle one of the key
causes of Breakdown Britain, the collapse of married families. They could have
listened to Iain Duncan Smith, who wanted to see £20.00 a week go into the
pockets of hard-pressed families. Instead, they have fallen foul of the PC-brigade,
by a promise of just £3.00 a week - which will make little difference in tackling the
married couple penalty or in extending choice to women over whether to work.”

Over a hundred parliamentary candidates and a hundred local authority candidates
from the Christian parties are intending to stand in the coming General Election. At
the launch on Saturday, the Christian Peoples Alliance published costed proposals
of £13.4 billion support for children of families of all backgrounds, with specific
targeted measures for traditional married families.

1. Transferable personal allowances (£6,475 for 2010-11) for income tax for married
couples only. This puts £1.5 billion into families, depending on take up. Co-habiting
and civil partnerships will be excluded.
2. Child tax allowances for parents £1,000 per child. Cost £4 billion a year based on
claims for 13.1 million under aged 18 and rate of tax 31%.
3. Child benefit increases. £10 per week per child. Cost £6.8 billion a year based on
claims for 13.1 million under 18.
4. First marriage gratuity of £2,000 per couple for 150,000 such marriages a year at
a cost of £300 million.
5. Child grants of £1,000 per birth in first marriages at a cost of £400 million.
6. Marriage preparation and preventative relationship and parenting education by the
voluntary sector for 800,000 families per year at an annual cost of £200 million.

The Christian Peoples Alliance have been backed in previous election by Roman Catholic
bishops, Anglican bishops, Pentecostal, Free Church, Baptist and Methodist leaders.
The party forms the Official Opposition on Newham Borough Council where it represents
one of the most deprived parts of London. Alan Craig added:

“Inner city Newham knows the consequences of relationship breakdown in homelessness,
mental health issues, cycles of deprivation including crime, educational under-achievement,
joblessness and children begetting children. The Conservatives have tilted in the right
direction, but their proposals will not seriously tackle these problems.”

Using figures in the public domain, the Christian Peoples Alliance will outline how they will
cover the cost of their measures when they publish their election manifesto, Not by Bread

The cost of the proposals have been analysed by research body, PAPRI and the £20 billion
cost of relationship breakdown has come from Cambridge-based independent research
centre, The Relationships Foundation.

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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Former Merchant Seaman offers Dover Voters Calm Amidst Murky Political Waters in Westminster

A Dover church-goer who has spent most of his life at sea with the Merchant Navy is
to stand for Parliament for the the Christian Peoples Alliance party in elections on May
6th. David Clark was formally adopted as the candidate for the Dover & Deal
constituency by the CPA Executive last weekend. He is promising to bring some
Christian calm to the murky and choppy political waters at Westminster.

"Voters in Dover and Deal want to see trust and integrity restored to our Westminster
political system. I am to bring about that change, as well as to campaign for freedom of
religious expression and for the return of decision-making powers to local communities
from central government."

David Clark has lived in the CT17 postcode area of Dover for 20 years. Born and brought
up in Petts Wood, David has lived in Kent for nearly all of his life. He joined the Mercantile
Marine at the age of 16 and has spent most of his working life on various vessels. He has
been a lecturer at the Sea Training School in Gravesend, training new entrants to the
Mercantile Marine. He has also owned his own restaurant and worked with children with

David Clark is campaigning against social inequality and injustice. He said:

"Like the rest of Britain, Dover & Deal is becoming less equal. Hundreds of local residents are
struggling to pay their mortgage, Council Tax and fuel bills. We need a new order of spending
priorities, away from using public money to allow bankers to stay solvent and award themselves
huge bonuses, towards funded apprenticeships for school leavers in industry, ending expensive
PFI schemes in schools and new health services and paying down national debt."

In Kent, David Clark wants to see the construction of new council housing, for all new developments
to include 50 per cent affordable housing and for all homes to be insulated to cut down on fuel bills,
so people can stay warm and CO2 emissions are reduced. He supports Christian Peoples Alliance
commitments to invest in new technologies so that by 2015, an additional 250,000 greenjobs can be
found nationally on top of current government commitments, through home insulation, carbon capture
systems and electric cars.

A former active member in Kent of the Liberal Party - serving as a constituency borough chairman in Gravesend and Executive member in Dover, David joined the Christian Peoples Alliance as he is
convinced that Britain needs Christian Democratic priorities, rather than further liberalisation of the
economy or morality.

Married to Janet for nearly 11 years and with a step-son and two grandsons, David is a member of
Dover Baptist Church.

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Friday, April 09, 2010

Facing the Rising Tide: Anti-Christian Persecution across the World

On Easter Monday the Archbishop of Canterbury appeared on the BBC Radio 4 programme Start the Week and was asked to comment on the troubles currently being experienced by non-Western Christians. In his reply he said, “We lose sight in this country very often of just how vulnerable some of the Christian communities around the world are... Christian minorities that have in Muslim environments been part of the furniture for many, many centuries are suddenly seen, suddenly cast as Western outposts, and that makes them particularly vulnerable.” As examples he mentioned the Christians of Iraq (specifically Mosul) and Nigeria.

In recent weeks Barnabas Fund has reported on the acute sufferings of both these Christian communities. In Mosul at least fifteen Christians have been murdered since Christmas, including eight killed in the space of ten grim February days, and seven bomb attacks on Christian targets left many injured and property damaged. Over 300 Christian families fled in fear from the city. Jos, the capital of Plateau State in Nigeria, has seen three horrific incidents of large-scale anti-Christian violence in January and March, in which hundreds of people have died. Inaccurate international reporting of the first outbreak unfairly cast Christians as the aggressors, and they suffered savage “retaliation” at the hands of armed Muslim mobs.

The Archbishop’s comments are to be warmly welcomed for raising awareness of the painful difficulties faced by Christians in these three countries. But they represent only a small fraction of the places in which Christians suffer grievously for their faith. These include large parts of Africa, almost the whole of the Middle East, most of Asia and even some places in Europe. The body of Christ is stricken and bleeding across a vast area of the globe.

Moreover, the problem of persecution has worsened significantly in the last 20 years, fuelled in many parts of the world by a growing and increasingly militant Islamist movement. In the interests of international security Western governments are keen to present Islam as a moderate and peaceful religion. But this is largely wishful thinking. Injustice, oppression and violence towards non-Muslims are sanctioned, even encouraged, by the Islamic source texts, and these cruelties have dominated Muslim relations with Christians throughout history. Where Islam holds sway politically and culturally, Christian minorities often experience it as both intolerant and aggressive.

So in many Muslim-majority countries, very different in culture and separated by thousands of miles, Christians are even now facing repeated incidents of discrimination, harassment and violence. For example:

In Egypt, Muslim mobs have been targeting Christians in various locations, destroying their property and livelihoods, burning their churches, and forcibly converting Christian women to Islam. Many Christians have been injured, and some killed.

In Iran, a number of church leaders who are active in sharing their faith with Muslims and winning them for Christ have been arrested and imprisoned. Muslims who convert suffer harassment and discrimination, and live in fear of even worse reprisals.

In Pakistan, the “blasphemy law” prescribes the death sentence for “defiling the name of Muhammad” and a life sentence for desecrating the Qur’an. Christians are very vulnerable to false and malicious accusations, and in some places they are being pressured to observe Islamic customs.

In Indonesia, Islamist groups persuade local authorities and Muslim communities to help them force the closure of Christian churches, whether by legal means, intimidation or violence. Hundreds of buildings have been destroyed by angry crowds.
But it is not only in Muslim-majority contexts that Christians are enduring persecution. They may be endangered by any dominant religion or ideology. For instance, Hindu-majority India has witnessed brutal and extensive instances of anti-Christian violence in recent years. Christians in Buddhist-majority Sri Lanka have seen their leaders and buildings attacked, and many barely survive in desperate poverty and need. And in Communist China, churches that refuse to register with the authorities are continually harassed: their buildings are closed and their pastors imprisoned.

Dr Patrick Sookhdeo, International Director of Barnabas Fund, says,

“As the persecution of Christians has increased in recent years, the national and international media have too often ignored or even misrepresented it. But since 1993 Barnabas Fund has sought to make known the trials and needs of our suffering brothers and sisters, and to relieve their distress in whatever ways we can. Will you help us to do this, with your gifts and above all with your prayers?”

Donate Today

If you would like to make a gift to strengthen persecuted Christians in the face of their hardship and grief, please click to donate online using our secure server for 00-000 (General Fund).

If you prefer to telephone, dial: 0800 587 4006 from within the UK or +44 1672 565031 from outside the UK. Please quote project reference 00-000 (General Fund).

If you prefer to send a cheque by post: Click this link for the address of our regional office. Please quote project reference 00-000 (General Fund).

Please Pray

Give thanks for those Christian leaders who are prepared to speak out on behalf of the persecuted Church. Pray that many more Christians in the West will be made aware of the problem and moved to help.

Pray for Christians who are currently suffering for their faith, that the Lord will give them patience and peace in their trials. Pray that they may have the grace to remain faithful to Him and forgive their persecutors.

Pray for the media, that they may report anti-Christian persecution accurately and fairly. Pray that their reporting may help the victims rather than exposing them to the risk of further attacks.

Pray for Western governments, that they will have a clear understanding of the causes of persecution and the will to act against it.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Tribunal finds ‘No Discrimination’ despite ruling Christian nurse cannot wear a cross for religious reasons though a Muslim can wear a hijab for relig

Shirley Chaplin, the Exeter nurse at the centre of the ‘Cross Row’ with her NHS employer, has vowed to “fight on” after an Employment Tribunal found against her claim for discrimination on the grounds of her religion. The Tribunal found that there was no discrimination because all staff were treated equally. No one was permitted to wear a cross around their neck for religious reasons but if someone wanted to wear a hijab for religious reasons they could.

The Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Trust indicated that they would permit exemptions in their uniform policy for religious and cultural symbols that were ‘mandatory’ within the religion. It would seem that, without evidence, the Trust decided that the wearing of the hijab was a mandatory Islamic cultural manifestation despite the fact that its wearing is banned in public by some Islamic states. Meanwhile, the Cross, the single most distinctive manifestation of the Christian faith for 2000 years, pre-eminent across all catholic and protestant denominations and countries, is not given legal protection.

The Tribunal also held that Mrs Chaplin had not been indirectly discriminated against by the application of the uniform policy. In the previous case of Nadia Eweida v British Airways, the Court of Appeal held that the Claimant must prove that more than one person has been affected by the policy. Ms Eweida could not establish a ‘group’ and her case failed. However, in Mrs Chaplin’s case a fellow colleague gave evidence of the desire to wear her Cross. However, the Tribunal has now decided that a group must be more than two people as well—leaving the law in a ludicrous level of uncertainty. The Tribunal also held that the ‘health and safety’ reasons for removing the Cross were justified, despite the complete lack of any evidence to support the Trust’s position.

Mrs Chaplin had been told last year to remove the Cross she had worn around her neck since her confirmation, nearly 40 years ago, and which she had worn every day during her nurse training and career without incident, for ‘health and safety’ reasons.

First, the Trust said the cross and chain could cause her, or others, harm if pulled or caught by a patient. When these reasons were countered by Shirley Chaplin—who was prepared to have a magnetic clasp inserted on her chain so that it could come away easily in any such situation—the Trust then changed its reasons and said the cross and chain might scratch someone. The Trust then suggested that Mrs Chaplin wear a cross on ear studs or “hide” her cross by pinning it inside a pocket of her uniform.

This appears to be another case in which the Courts are reluctant to protect the rights of Christians. Instead of using common sense and proportionate measures to secure peaceful outcomes, as evidenced in their attitudes towards the hijab, there was a continual hardening of the Trust and Tribunal’s position regarding the central importance of the symbol of the cross, recognised as the most important symbol of the Christian’s faith since Christ’s death on a cross 2000 years ago.

Mrs Chaplin said: “I am disappointed, but not at all surprised by the decision of the Tribunal today. It was obvious from the very start that the Trust would use every tactic possible to get itself off the hook. The Trust changed its defence several times and each time we were able to counter it with a sensible argument but this did not prevail. The Trust may have won the legal argument today, but its reputation has been damaged as the moral argument was won before I even entered the Tribunal.

“I have had a huge amount of support from the British public, many of whom view the actions of the Exeter Trust with amazement. It is extraordinary that the Trust can spend what must be tens of thousands of pounds defending their position, when at the same time they are making cut backs which affect patients every day.

“What the Trust doesn’t realise, as it seeks to enforce its uniform policy in the way it has, is that it sends out a very clear message to Christians working in the Trust or considering working for the Trust in the future that they will have to ‘hide’ their faith. The message is clear: Christians whose faith motivates their vocation and care of patients do not appear to be welcome at the Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Trust.

“When employers or Government start to censor the conscience and convictions in this way it is a first step towards the demise of democracy.

“I would like to thank my legal team, Paul Diamond and the Christian Legal Centre for courageously taking this case on and would like to state on record that the decision to press ahead with this case was mine and mine alone. I fight on and I fight to win the right for Christians to live out their faith in Britain today – anything less would be a negation of my Christian duty.”

Andrea Williams, Director of the Christian Legal Centre said: “The decision shows a worrying lack of common sense. No evidence supported the Trust’s ‘health and safety’ position, yet the Tribunal considered removing Mrs Chaplin’s Cross as a proportionate response to a ‘health and safety’ risk that was never established.

“The extent to which the Trust is prepared to stop Mrs Chaplin manifesting her religious beliefs is remarkable. We hope that the Employment Appeal Tribunal will reverse today’s decision and allow Mrs Chaplin to wear her Cross visibly, in the same way that doctors and nurses of other religions can manifest their religious beliefs.”