Sunday, April 11, 2010

Former Merchant Seaman offers Dover Voters Calm Amidst Murky Political Waters in Westminster

A Dover church-goer who has spent most of his life at sea with the Merchant Navy is
to stand for Parliament for the the Christian Peoples Alliance party in elections on May
6th. David Clark was formally adopted as the candidate for the Dover & Deal
constituency by the CPA Executive last weekend. He is promising to bring some
Christian calm to the murky and choppy political waters at Westminster.

"Voters in Dover and Deal want to see trust and integrity restored to our Westminster
political system. I am to bring about that change, as well as to campaign for freedom of
religious expression and for the return of decision-making powers to local communities
from central government."

David Clark has lived in the CT17 postcode area of Dover for 20 years. Born and brought
up in Petts Wood, David has lived in Kent for nearly all of his life. He joined the Mercantile
Marine at the age of 16 and has spent most of his working life on various vessels. He has
been a lecturer at the Sea Training School in Gravesend, training new entrants to the
Mercantile Marine. He has also owned his own restaurant and worked with children with

David Clark is campaigning against social inequality and injustice. He said:

"Like the rest of Britain, Dover & Deal is becoming less equal. Hundreds of local residents are
struggling to pay their mortgage, Council Tax and fuel bills. We need a new order of spending
priorities, away from using public money to allow bankers to stay solvent and award themselves
huge bonuses, towards funded apprenticeships for school leavers in industry, ending expensive
PFI schemes in schools and new health services and paying down national debt."

In Kent, David Clark wants to see the construction of new council housing, for all new developments
to include 50 per cent affordable housing and for all homes to be insulated to cut down on fuel bills,
so people can stay warm and CO2 emissions are reduced. He supports Christian Peoples Alliance
commitments to invest in new technologies so that by 2015, an additional 250,000 greenjobs can be
found nationally on top of current government commitments, through home insulation, carbon capture
systems and electric cars.

A former active member in Kent of the Liberal Party - serving as a constituency borough chairman in Gravesend and Executive member in Dover, David joined the Christian Peoples Alliance as he is
convinced that Britain needs Christian Democratic priorities, rather than further liberalisation of the
economy or morality.

Married to Janet for nearly 11 years and with a step-son and two grandsons, David is a member of
Dover Baptist Church.

For more information: call 07873 625396 Or visit or or email

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