Sunday, April 18, 2010


Eight volumes free on STUDIES IN CHRISTIAN-MUSLIM RELATIONS--9 volumes
These are by my good friend John Boer and are a study of Islam and Christianity in Nigeria. Click on the title for the link to volume 8. Free downloads.

Vol. 9 is a Companion CD that contains all the volumes along with 1000s of
additional articles. A rich library on the subject.

Prof. Dr.Yusufu Turaki, Nigeria's leading Protestant theologian wrote about Volume 7:
I sincerely thank you for taking the pains to go through my deep provocative writing. I enjoyed
the most your comments and questions, which make my writings and and ideas come alive. More
importantly, your pointing out the areas of Christian weaknesses only goes to strengthen our cause.

Nasir Baba from Zamfara State in Nigeria wrote:
"The CD, I must say, sir, is a gift of a lifetime.
It's a whole library you are donating to me and humanity."

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