Wednesday, January 30, 2019

The changing world (310) Apr-Jun 2014

Apr 1st Leg no better. PL visited.
3rd        R insisted I go to GP again who prescribed flucoxacillin and referred me to rapid response team.
4th        Nurse visited and hospital doctor prescribed IV antibiotic.
5th        Littles away on cruise.
6th        No church again. Nurses giving IV.
7th        PL visited again. Improving.
8th        End of IV course.
9th        Canterbury.
10th      Home.
11th      Ciprofloxacin prescribed.
14th      Keyes spoke at IPC Dick fine on tolerance. Mardi prolix as Edith S.
15th      Dinner at Yong's Gerrards Cross.
18th      Good Friday and back to IPC.
19th      J&co here.
20th      Littles to dinner telling of their cruise.
26th      Braithwaite's here.
May 1st Lunch with Littles, Toby carver.
4th         M Fox, Sarah B and Andrew Kennedy to lunch.
7th         David Drew here for whistle blowers conference. Gave me his new book of autobiography.
21st       Chaired IPC AGM.
25th       Seabers and Ashtaroos to lunch.
Jun 1st  HIRC John. First time for a while.
5th        Lunch with Littles bella Italia.
6th        Donald MacLeod spoke before Synod.
7th        Presbytery.
8th        Adam Wilson UCCF preached. Lunched with us. IPC sponsoring him to Westminster seminary. Also Naralie Grainger and Larissa Volossevich dined too.
15th      Sotirovs to lunch. He is accepted by LCM to work in East London.
29th      Dick Lucas at 88 very clear at IPC. HIRC Jn 3.
30th      Persuaded to order eight solar panels for £12,000.

Diary w/e 2 Feb 2019

Sun 27th

Chris Roberts adult Sunday School on Christian freedom as taught by Calvin. Chris then preached on Ps 104 a wonderful God seen in his wonderful world. Harmondsworth Immigration Removal Centre. Preached Ps 75 - present thanksgiving, past salvation, future judgement.

Tue 29th

Chris good again at ELT on Ps 17, the Lord out inheritance. Over a 45 minute wait for an E10 home, a record for a 15 minute service.

Wed 30th

Five of us at house group on Tit 2:1-10.

Th 31st

Very frosty again. Took Hazel's photo again for her Myanmar visa.

Fri Feb 1

About an inch of snow overnight. Visa received for Hazel to go to Myanmar.

Sat 2nd

Booked Hazel's ticket to Myanmar. Gunnersbury Baptist quiz night. Our Greenford table won in the best of quizzes for it has not too much popular culture. But the Bible round was too easy.

Monday, January 28, 2019

The changing world (309) Jan-Mar 2014

Jan 1st Roes here. Deb back from Wales. J&co went home.
2nd      Took Roes to Highclere. Castle closed. Windsor.
3rd        Took Roes to British Library and Museum.
4th        Took Roes to Westminster Abbey, St Margarets, National Portrait gallery.
5th        PL on Christ's person. Lary Stenens Proverbs. HIRC Jn 19.
6th        Took Roes to Bampton where Downton is filmed. They treated us to dinner at The Duke of Kent.
7th        Roes left.
8th       Our visitors have raised my mood.
9th       Central Middlesex says K's IBS has no cause other than stress.
10th     IPC meal, prayer, communion.
12th     PL good on humanity of Christ. Lunch visitors from USA, Afghanistan, caribbean, Ghana , Germany and Canada. PL excellent on fear of the Lord.
14th     Visited Pam Hallett, Bedford, then to Braithwaite's.
15th     David Jackman gave IPC survey of Ephesians.
16th     With Littles, cafe Rouge.
17th     Prostate examined. Finasteride prescribed. Radiator went band. No heating nor hot water.
18th     Advised to cut bacon caffeine and feeling the lack of coffee.
19th     PL good on marriage then in parenting.
20th     Corgi engineer sat=ys need new valve, three radiators and power flush. U3A history of Ottoman empire.
21st      Spoke on Eph 1 at ELT.
24th      Taking a meal to Wilcox in Hanwell K fell on stairs and smashed the dish. I had to go taking our dinner as replacement.
25th      Lefroy girls did charity tea IPC followed by UCH professor on issues of life and death.
26th      PL not so good on marriage but fine on Providence 2. HIRC well attended.
28th      Three radiators fitted and power flush. £750.
31st       Wettest January for over a century.
Feb 2nd PL Lk 15. Robert Cromie and Daniel Sweeney to lunch. PL good on Pro 3. HIRC Jn 21.
4th          U3A on Roman religion. Session told of Stuart Cashman who wants to leave Duke Street baptist, Richmond.
5th          U3A on EU.
6th          U3A on Shari'a.
7th          A morning sorting out hacked email and facebook.
9th          IC back to us on Dan 3. Liz, Wyema, Clare , Ellie and Noah to lunch.
10th        Winter Olympics, Sochi. Thames floods, Berkshire and Surrey.
13th        Bella Italia lunch with Littles.
16th        Stuart Cashman. Pm Chris R good on Ps 19.
17th        U3A history on the Middle east between the world wars.
19th        Deepening depression.
20th        Email hacked again. Afternoon to sort.
23rd        Did adult SS on the law, Heidelberg day 2. PL excellent on injustice steward. Pm good and bad sex from Pr 5-7. Very brave. Young to lunch and pastoral chat. HIRC Jn 21.
24th        35 men to hear Ian Hamilton on eldership.
Mar 1     Hauxton. Miriam has received gifts for 25 years in her job.
2nd        PL good Lk 16. Good Pr 8. HIRC restated at Jn 1.
3rd         At HIRC prayer herd it is to merge with Colnbrrok next door in a new contract.
4th         U3A Egyptian religion.
5th         I did U3A current affairs on Nigeria.
7th         Presbytery where we seem to have moved to a two office view of eldership. mark and Diug staying.
8th         Presbytery examined and passed Timothy Mulla.
9th         PL good Lk 16, Pr 9.
10th       Mattock lane clinic removal of right big toenail.
12th       Sara's cancer pronounced dead.
13th       Lunch with Littles Cafe Rouge. Malaysian airliner lost over pacific.
14th       PL Lk 17 then Pr 11 words. Lunch at Phillips with Robert C and Barbara H.
15th       U3A history on post war Middle east.
20th       Session meeting with SC. We will offer him associate minister post.
21st       Heard Johnson's have twins.
22nd      Ramada Hotel Ruislip for Little's golden wedding.
23rd       PL on Amos. Tatiana and Emmanuel to lunch and pastoral chat. PL Pr wealth and poverty.
24th       Loss of Malaysian plane covered. No debris.
30th       No church due to bad leg.
31st       Coamoxiclav prescribed.

The changing world (308) Oct -Dec 2013

Oct 1 Session planning pastoral visitation.
2nd    U3A current affairs here for first time. On Syria.
5th     To Leaper's ruby wedding party.
6th     Home. PL excellent Rev 15-16.
10th   Katy Central Middlesex CT bowel scan. Lunch with Littles Cafe Rouge.
12th   To Beverley for IC's induction. PL preached. Best church tea ever.To Harrogate.
13th    Richmond taking Dorothy to lunch Catterick. G preached on Water at Jennyfields.
14th    Home. Discharged by psychiatrist. IPC special prayer for planning permission.
15th    U3A on secularism
19th    Hauxton. Anglesey Abbey Nation Trust.
20th    PL Luke then excellent Rev 18.
21st    U3A history. gave paper on 0-570 AD in the Middle East.
26th    Portsmouth. Isle of Wight ferry. Ryde with Littles.
27th    St James Ryde an evangelical Anglican peculiar.
28th    Shipwreck museum.
29th    To Needles Rocket sire and batteries.
30th     Pier with old underground train. Vineyard.
31st     Shanklin.
Nov 1st Victoria battery.
2nd        Home.
3rd         Gary Williams am. Pm Dan Borvan excellent. HIRC Jn 16.
6th         GP confirms cellulite. Cafe Rouge with Littles.
8th         Curry night ar IPC for the Indian charity CSSI.
9th         In Ade's new Mercedes to Amjad's High Wycombe conference.
12th       U3A on USA religion.
14th       With Littles dining Greek in Har=tch End.
15th       I am paying for the fence 69 is erecting. J%co here.
17th       CR good on Ex 1 and 5.
18th       U3A on expansion of Islam.
19th       Endoscopy. Prescribed metformin.
20th       Chaired half AGM in one hour.
21st        U3A on Ben Franklin.
24th        Lunch house group housewarming for Van Tilburg's Sunbury. PL good Rev 20. HIRC Jn 16.
28th        New front door fitted.
30th        D&co here.
Dec 1st   Speaker from Release for church tea. PL concludes his excellent Revelation series. HIRC Jn 17.
3rd          Chuck good on American religion at U3A.
4th          U3A on reform of the house of Lords.
5th          Mandela dies. Ade interviewed ay Curries.
8th          CR good on the folly of the cross. PL good on Hag 2:7.
9th          IPC men's party with M Fox bringing beer from Belgium.
12th        Dinner at Larson's, Martin cooking.
13th        Did Christmas letter.
14th        Hauxton.
15th        PL Heb 2. Carol service. HIRC Jn 18.
16th        U3A history of crusades.
17th        Finished cards and emails. ELT carols with K on cello. Took K to play piano for Shaftesbury House carols.
18th        Church plans approved by planning committee.
20th        To Terry Beldam to give him and Dale presents.
21st         Petrol 126.9/L.
22nd       Toe ladies from U3A to carol service.
25th        Canterbury on clear roads. Andrew, Kirsty plus Italian friend and son to dinner.
27th       Deb to Devon.
28th       J%co here.
29th       Preached IPC on prayer.
31st       To Heathrow to meet Roes.

The changing world (307) Jul-Sep 2013

Jul 2nd U3A World religions on Tyndale. Session allocating tasks when IC leaves.
4th        Lunch Ruislip Beefeater with Littles and friends.
7th        Murry first British man to be Wimbledon willer in 77 years. HIRC Jn 12.
8th        Psychiatrist says Iam improved.
12th      Diabetic retinopathy Greenford.
13th      Excellent IPC barbecue/
14th      PL good rev 12.
15th      Picking gooseberries.
16th      IPC Mostyn Roberts from Welwyn on Schaeffer.
20th      J&co here.
21st       PL good on anxiety and IC on birth of Samson.
24th      Price George Albert Louis born.
27th      K&D on craft for HBC.
29th      IC twice on Samson. Roberts and Robert Cromie to lunch. Jn 13 HIRC.
Aug 1st Hughenden house, gardens and talk on Disraeli.
2nd       Charing Cross hospital sleep clinic.
3rd        Harrogate. Sara pale and drawn and sleeping a lot. A piny £1.80 at G's local.
4th         Andrew and Carol's 25th near York hotel.
5th         Home. Deb with Littles in Teignmouth.
6th         I preached Eph 2 at ELT.
8th         Lunch with Littles cafe Rouge Ruislip. Sara mat have lymphatic cancer.
9th         Fields visited for lunch.
10th       Deb back from Devon.
11th       Two good sermons. M Fox Rom 6, J Young 2Pet 3.
13th       Preached Eph 2 again ELT.
16th       Tired of recurrent bad pharmacy dreams.
18th       Preached Good Shepherd then IC great on Samson and Delilah.
21st       Elissa stayed overnight.
23rd      Picked nearly 4lb brambles.
24th      Barbecue for Clements farewell.
25th       IC's last sermon here. Andrew Leon Phi3 HIRC Kn 14.
26th       J&ci here. Girls staying for BC.
27th       HBC started well. IC's last ELT Mic 4.
31st        HBC picnic. H&B home. Our table won Oldfield Baptist quiz night.
Sep 1st  Presentation to Levy's for ten years service. Jn 14 HIRC.
3rd         I led U3A on history of church government and denominations.
5th         Lunch with Littles at The Pheasant Stoke Poges.
6th         IPC Craig Troxlal Keeping the heart
7th         More  Troxall. Lacks application. I did seminar on Tyndale.
8th          Trexall twice.
11th        Last time with psychologist Tessa.
12th        U3A good on Brunel. Agreed to host Current Affairs while the convenor is in hospital. Did not know I was to permanently host it as convenor too.
13th         PL drove to presbytery in York. Matthew Roberts now moderator.
15th         Geof Thomas twice. very good.
16th         History U3A Hanwell on Cranmer.
22nd        PL twice. Excellent on Rev 13. HIRC true vine.
25th         John Corcoran decorating front of house.
26th         Emigration to USA in 19th century.
27th         D&co here.
28th         Family walk Burnham Beeches.
29th         Took K to church and left her as Ealing Half Marathon closed the roads. HIRC Jn 15.
30th         Central Middlesex gastro consultant thinks K has IBS.

Saturday, January 26, 2019

Diary w/e 26 Jan 2019

Sun 20 Jan

Chris Roberts new adult Sunday school series on Christian liberty. Levy on Lots of the Sabbath. Afterwards I anointed with oil and prayed for a visiting lady who has cancer but her own church would not anoint. IPC elders do. I was very tired in the evening and stayed home.

Mon 21

Well attended men's evening at IPC. Pizza them Dave Thomas of Christchurch Romford on masculinity.

Tue 22

Ealing lunchtime talks Chris Roberts on Jn 6 - eating and drinking is believing on Christ as the food for eternal life. A slight covering of snow froze.

Wed 23

Housegroup with seven of us at the Wilcox on Tit 1:10ff.

Th 24

10/11 elders at early morning prayer braving the frost. Thankful our 11th member, Chuck, is now out of hospital.

The changing world (306) Apr-Jun 2013

Apr 3rd Looks like morning services will move to Drayton Manor School.
5th         Deb to Route 66 weekend in Kent.
7th         I did adult SS on church discipline. PL Lk1. Van Tilburgs to lunch. Borvans too. IC on Tit 1. HIRC Jos 21.
8th         Dorset. Lulworth Cove cold. Lady Thatcher died.
9th         Deb discovered burglary at Levy's.
10th       Kimmeridge. Home.
11th       Accepted ADT burglar alarm.
13th      Braithwaites. Bunyan museum.
14th      PL transfiguration in Lk. PM Is 55.
15th      Bombs at Boston marathon.
17th      By 9am the crowd outside St Pauls was three deep. Very friendly. No protesters. Packed by the time of the procession. Only saw the Queen getting out of her car having come by a different route. Man police. Gun carriage bore the coffin.
18th       U3A Mozart. Bella Italia with Littles.
19th       K at English course Reading.
20th       Keith Patterson memorial service Dean Hall.
21st       IC on Titus. Visitors from Beverley Congregational where we think he will be called. PL good Is 55.
23rd      CR ELT 1Jn 2. 69 agrees on fence replacement.
24th      New psychologist, Tessa.
25th       U3A on Southall margarine factory. Library lecture on Drayton Green said nothing new.
26th      Session hoping building plans will be approved under delegated powers.
28th      First morning at Drayton school. Much better facilities. Alison and Devon to lunch.
29th      ADT alarm installed.
30th       CR ELT 1Jn 2.
May 1st U3A current affairs NHS reorganisation. Boring.
2nd        U3A on wine buying.
4th         UKIP did well in local elections.
5th         Did adult SS last judgement. PL Lk 9. Paul Meiners and Roberts to lunch. PL Lk 9. Jn 8 HIRC.
9th         U3A parliamentary broadcasting. Dull.
11th       IPC on nature of God as trinity.
12th       PL excellent Rev 1-3.
13th       Session and deacons on budget. Healthy.
14th       IC is called to Beverley.
16th       U3A Scopes monkey trial.
17th       Lunch with Kenneth Skilling at The Fox.
18th       Farewell barbecue for Wells at IPC.
19th       IC twice on Tit 2.
26th       PL good on Good Samaritan. Excellent on Rev 4-5. HIRC Jn 9.
27th       To the Shard. Magnificent view and no time limit.
30th       D&co here to stay. With family to Hendon RAF museum.
Jun 1st  To Hauxton with S&Z.
2nd        PL Mary and Martha then Rev 6. God Shepherd at HIRC.
3rd         Canterbury family returned.
4th         Lords pass homosexual 'marriage' law.
5th         U3A current affairs on benefits.
6th         Lunch with Littles Ruislip Beefeater. Peter Humphrys staying.
7th         Synod at IPC but no kimchi with Korean dinner.
8th         Presbytery.
9th         Rodney and Chris left after the latter's night cycle ride. PL Lk 10 lord's prayer. Great on Rev 7, palmy army.
10th       To Amjad with two pauls and Bib H to discus future plans.
11th        U3A world religions women in Islam.
15th        Little's barbecue and saw Queen's trooping of the colour fly past.
16th        PL casting out demons Lk 10. Rossini's to lunch. PL PM Rev 8.
21st        Charing Cross sleep clinic. Leaking machine means I am dopey in the day.
23rd       IC Tit 3 twice. HIRC Jn 10.
24th       HIRC prayer at West Drayton.
30th       PL Lk 11. Meiners to lunch. PL good Re 10-11. Jn 11 HIRC.

Friday, January 25, 2019

The changing world (305) Jan-Mar 2013

Jan 1st Deb back from Cornwall surfing weekend.
2nd      DSZ came by train.
3rd      To Gunnersbury Museum. Mask Dishley to dinner.
4th      Psychologist suggest i join University of the Third Age. New TV.
5th      D&Co left.
6th       PL Jacob blesses sons.PM assurance. Jn 3 HIRC.
7th      Start of week of prayer with well attended first meeting.
8th      ELT PL 1 Tim 1. He then led children's prayer ar IPC.
11th    Met John Sullivan at Cherwell Valley Services and caught up family news.
12th      To first showing of Les Miserables. Excellent. Potluck, prayer, communion to end week of prayer.
13th    Chris Cradock ordained. Braithwaite's to lunch.
17th    Joined U3A with Donkey Sanctuary talk. Ruislip Beefeater with Littles.
18th    Snow.
20th    At IPC chapel due to snow closing UWL car park. PL's 98th and last sermon on Genesis. More snow. PL assurance excellent pm.
21st    Session. We are going from NIV to ESB.
27th   C Ash Ps 5. PL losing assurance. HIRC Jn 4.
31st   U3A on blue plaques in Ealing.
Feb 2nd IPC Sam Alldyce excellent on homosexuality.
3rd         PL angels witness to Christ. PM Eph 1 and assurance. HIRC Jn 5.
4th         Hammersmith hospital ECHO.
5th         First U3A world religions on history of RCC. Convenor Tony Cnstable is an apostate RC. He proved to have one tune for his fiddle, church schools indoctrinate children.
6th         Joined Worls religions current affairs - on China.
7th         Ealing haematology discharged me. U3A on heyday of British cinema.
10th       William Taylor of St Helens excellent on Gen 3.
11th       Hammersmith dermatology froze wart on face. J,Bh here.
12th       IC good on Jn 15 ELT.
13th       Decond William's lecture IPC on Bible MSS rather boring.
14th       U3A on chemical cosmos. Left half was as boring reductionism.
17th       PL sower. Tea in honour of Pam Hallet leaving. I gave tribute. PM PL very good Lk 16.
20th       Hammersmith cardiology discharged me for two years.
21st       Lunch with Littles cafe Rouge with Jill and Deb.
23rd      Westminster Library for archives. Found no St James Overends but did get some in Rhode Island.
24th      PL on Jesus stilling storm. IC excellent on david among Philistines. HIRC Jn 6.
25th      Psychiatrist and Harmondsworth prayer meeting.
26th      IC Jn 15 ELT.
28th      U3a Caravaggio.
Mar 1st Elissa here for piano lesson.
2nd       IPC G Williams good on Luther.
3rd       IC twice. PM good on witch of Endor. HIRC Jn 7.
4th       Knee X-ray central Middlesex.
5th       U3A on does organised religion do good.
6th       Neal from Baku staying.
7th       Presbytery. Truman on importance of confessions.
8th      Presbytery Truman on Luther and Warfield.
9th      Wells here all day.
10th    K surmised with Mothers day gift of a Kindle. Truman on Levite's concubine I thought inappropriate. PL excellent Is 29.
11th    K to Benslow cello.
14th    U3A madness in 10th century. K back from Benslow.
15th    Canterbury. D is an excellent cook. Jalfezi chicken.
17th    PL on Legion. IC's last on 1Sam. Chis Leaper visited.
18th    Last visit to psychologist Grania. Too much introspection.
20th    Sorry to hear Wells leaving in June.
21st    Northolt ophthalmology says no glaucoma. Galatians survey for Kingsdown Methodist group.
22nd   Two molars extracted in Hounslow.
24th     PL not inspiring on issue of blood but very good on miracles at the cross. HIRC.
25th      Braintree crematorium for Warwick Leaper's humanistic funeral. Cold in and out.
28th      Lunch with Littles at Beefeater.
29th      Good Friday. PL good on gospel. Deb had five to lunch. J&Co here.
31st      PL twice on resurrection.

The changing world (304) Oct-Dec 2012

Oct 1st G&S staying.
2nd      Lunch at Greyhound, Chalfont St Peters. Chiltern brewer shop. Amersham.
3rd      Walked round walpole Park. Well attended prayer meeting.
4th      G&S left.
6th      Hauxton with Burroughs. American cemetery over 3000 WW2 graves.
7th      IC 1Sam. Ruth Van Tilburg, Andrew Leon and M Fox to lunch. PL good on Rom 14. Had 3 HIRC.
9th      CR Ps 22 ELT.
10th    Greenford diabetic clinic on diet. I subsequently took no notice.
12th    Julian Lloyd-Webber one of his last cello recitals before retiring.
13th    Treated by Kenneth S to Royal Albert hall Festival of Welsh Male Voice Choirs.
14th    Preached Rom 12 at Camden IPC. PL good Rom 15.
16th    CR ELT Ps 23.
17th    Podiatry at Greenford diabetic clinic.
20th    J&Co here and D&Co and Littles for his 40th with mark Dishley too for curries.
21st    IC twice. D&co left after lunch.
22nd  HIRC prayer at Baptist church. The road junction coming home is a nightmare in the dark.
23rd   CP Ps 23 ELT.
24th   Last Right Start for diabetes at Greenford.
26th   Funeral of Raymond Skilling St Columba's Church of Scotland. Trimble, Mellor, Viscountess Chobham and Diana's stepmother Countess Spencer there. Reception at Sloane Club.
27th   Kenneth S to dinner.
28th   To Ashford. Lunch with David Legg and family. Interviewed on depression at Congregational Church.
Nov 1st Dinner at ACE Cafe.
3rd        With Ade to Amjad's Pakistai evangelism conference High Wycombe. K&I to Pete Williams at IPC on Is the Bible reliable. Very good if rather academic.
4th         HIRC transfiguration.
7th         Obama reelected.
17th       Deb had a crowd round for her birthday with Persian Palace food.
18th       D Gibson Phil 2. CR Ps 23.
19th       Charing Cross Hospital for ultrasound imaging of leg that has caused pain and been treated with coamoxiclav.
21st        Half AFGM with PL back from USA fundraising.
22nd       To 52 for farewell party with those who have stayed there. Found I first went there 21 Jul 69 the moon landing day.
25th        Led adult SS on WCF marriage. PL Gen 48 and i was awake for the morning sermon for the first time in months. HIRC Jn 1.
27th        IC Has 3 ELT.
30th        Presbytery. Dinner at Mangal. Joe Martin staying with us.
Dec 1st   Presbytery with S Arscott on re-baptism and Paul Wells, union with Christ. CR 30th birthday party with pre-ordered Indian takeaways.
2nd         James Torrens good on Jn 1 Patterson family to lunch with baby Karl. Levy Ps 126. Lamb of god at HIRC.
3rd         Did Christmas letter and emailed it.
7th         Canterbury.
8th         My Christmas treat from David, tour of Shepherd Neame Brewey, Faversham. Home.
9th         Dopey in PL Is wo. IC on Nabal and Abigail.
10th      Christmas cards done.
11th      CP ELT three kinds of laughter.
12th      K playing piano for Oldfield carols then cello for Shaftesbury.
13th      Lunch with Littles hatch End Fish restaurant.
14th      To see Elissa as Mary in Oldfield school nativity.
15th       Hauxton for Bethany's 12th.
16th       PL Matthew's genealogy. PM carols and on Merry Christmas. Wiggins sports personality of the year.
17th       Grania Shafer new young psychologist. IPC mens party.
18th       Took K to play ELT carols. £35 Christmas cake from Waitrose as K had not made one this year.
19th       Dopey at IPC then carols and Mt 2 at HIRC.
24th       J&co here. Sara in hospital with cellulitis.
25th       After IPC did most of the presents before excellent turkey.
26th       Deb did her good broccoli and turkey bake at Littles.
27th       J&co left.
28th        With Littles and Deb to Canterbury. Highlight was Ethan on electric guitar.
31st        Did not stay u. Trimmed beard.

Thursday, January 24, 2019

The changing world (303) Jul-Sep 2012

Jul 1st Mehnaz back to Leicester with Farsi Bible. Dick Lucas pm. HIRC Eph 1.
3rd      Wedding suit fitting.
6th      Elissa's Oldfield International Fayre.
7th     J&co here.
8th     Preached twice at London City Presbyterian and astonished not to be offered lunch.
14th   K at hen party for Emmanuelle.
15th   IC good twice on 1 sam.
17th   CR ELT Is 41.
19th   Harrow Prezza lunch with Littles.
21st   To Lowick farmhouse with Deb and D&co.
22ns   Woolwer Evangelical. Painted school at Ford. Found great grandparents graves.
23rd    Crabster. Dunstanburg castle. Went to see cousins, Halls.
24th    Cragside mansion.
25th    Seahouses. Warne Islands. Seals, puffins, arctic terns very noisy.
26th    Berwick records office. Dickensian.
27th    Holy Island. Olympic opening ceremony.
28th    Home to hotter London.
29th    IC 1Sam particularly good on Saul and Jonathan. HIRC Eph 2.
Aug 2nd K&D to Olympic hockey.
4th          To Braithwaites and a walk by river in Bedford.
5th          M Fox am, P Mienrs pm. Eph 2 HIRC.
6th          Dismantling shelves in Blue room. Diabetic retinal screening Greenford.
7th          M Durham ELT.
9h           Bella Italia for anniversary meal.
10th        Luke Jenner took Halifax wedding rehearsal for Emmanuelle and Simon. Dinner ar his mother's. Bradford Hilton hotel.
11th        I played father of the bride giving Emmanuelle away and speech at reception. Many there from IPC.
12th        Home. End of Olympics. Preached on faithfulness.
13th        Down. K&D painting blue room.
15th        IC has the money to buy the Coach House.
17th        Deb to Wales joining Littles on holiday. Bought book shelves where I hate, IKEA.
18th       With K assembled two shelf units.
19th        PM preached Ps 77.
20th        Completed shelving.
22nd       J brought and left the girls.
24th        Took girls to excellent renovated Brentford Musical Museum. Deb back from Wales.
25th        J&M picked up girls.
26th        IC twice. Lloyd, Paul H and Kramens to lunch. IC excellent pm on 1 Sam 20 David and Jonathan. Ps 77 at HIRC.
27gh       Down. Deb at IPC for HBC preparations.
28th        HBC started. ELT Haggai.
29th        Visited mahands.
31st        Day night ODI beating South Africa at Oval.
Sep 1st   End of HBC champ challenge. Picnic.
2nd         Adult SS trinity. PL Ten 1 and Rom 11. Ps 119 at HIRC.
3rd          Heathrow to Dusseldorf. Anthea mistook her timing and was late collecting us.
4th          Anthea took us to see where my grandfather was in the army of occupation, 1918-19. All but one place cognisable from the postcards he sent home. But Duren had been destroyed by RAF bombing in WW2.
5th         Anthea took us to a pretty medieval town.
7th         Anthea took us to picnic by a town on the Rhine then we took her to dinner as Graeme was away.
8th         Yet another quaint town, I cooked tandoori dinner.
9th         Dusseldorf Anglican church.Picnic by Rhine. Flight to Heathrow.
10th       Session concerning Amjad and Chris Cradock.
11th       IC at ELT.
12th       Presbytery at Drayton Hotel. Ian Hamilton excelled on spiritual gifts. Ranald on pietism.
13th       Larsons to dinner.
14th       Good chat to new neighbour, Hindu at 69.
15th       Dele phoned. He had sent us an invitation letter for visiting Nigeria back in July but it had gone surface mail.  The first of two planned return visits to be frustrated.
16th       PL Gen 42. Mullahs from Ilford to lunch. He is MBB, she Brazilian. PL Rom 12.
18th       Early IPC prayer. ELT.
19th       New at housegroup Ruth from India and Witse from Holland.
20th       Bella Italia lunch with Littles.
22nd      J&Co here for him to go with us to Paul Clowney's memorial service.
23rd       Dis adult SS on trinity. PL pm Rom 13. I did Had 1 HIRC.
24th       Down. Session. AR talks a lot.
27th       Dis Mk 1-2 at Kingsdown Methodist.
28th       CSSI curry night at IPC.
30th       PL Joseph. PM good on Rom 13. Had 2 at HIRC.

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

The changing world (302) Apr-Jun 2012

Apr 1st Spoke on Psalm Sunday at Hirc.
4th        Kathleen Gula spoke at IPC prayer meeting.
5th        Gulas left.
6th        Richard Bewes preached for Good Friday. Then PL announced death of Paul Clowney. I wept.
7th        Tina Lawler's wedding to Jonathan Yorall at St Paul's.
8th         Easter day. PL twice. pm on Ps 16.
9th         Hauxton.
10th       Finding tiredness depressing.
13th       Larsons took us for Thai dinner. Deb to cardiff for a wedding.
15th       Did adult SS on providence. Youngs to lunch.
16th        Session and deacons budget meeting.
18th       Counting the days to the end of boring employment.
19th      With K to art exhibition Pitshanger Manor.
22nd     Rom 6 a blessing. Preached HIRC David and Bathsheba.
24th      Mark Ladpo stranded at Heathrow so stayed with us.
27th      Speedwell surgery treated me to lunch, a decanter and a malt.
28th      IPC church cleaning.
29th      Frasers from WEC to lunch. He is a deer stalker. PL good Rm 6 pm. HIRC on Ps 31.
30th     Last day at work. No thank you card or gift from my mean employers.
May1st ELT C Roberts. PL took me to lunch at North Star.
2nd      Took Mondeo to Icthus Motor Mission and gave it away.
3rd       Kingsdown Methodist led on Gal 5 for hazel. Election for mayor and assembly. Voted Boris J, CPA and Tory.
4th       Clare A round wanting reconciliation. Patoral visit Pam H. Larsons to dinner.
5th       Boris is mayor. Red Ken retires from politics. Rachel drove us to Canterbury for the day.
6th       IC time on 1Sam. Did forgiveness at HIRC.
8th       ELT. A lot of viewers to buy 69.
6th       IPC AGM.
7th       Not so depressed now at home but no energy or drive.
12th     Took J&co and R&Co to pub lunch in Bushy then A treated me to Chiltern Brewery tho.
13th     Lilia and William to lunch.
15th     Early prayer. ELT Charlie Sheen week of talks.
16th     ELT.
17th     Session prayer. ELT.
18th     Last ELT of week.
20th      PLexcellent pm on Rom7. Seaber's to lunch.
22nd      ELT PL Lk 1.
25th      I have transferred GPs to the local one and was impressed by the nurse Shain. I may qualify for a gastric clip.
26th      To Onamusi grandson's naming ceremony. Shocked to hear John Majiyagbe is a Muslim.
27th      Teddy and Shan Shan to lunch. Dick Lucas Act 9 pm. Act 2 at HIRC.
29th       CR Lk 9 ELT.
31st       Littles treated us to Cafe Rouge lunch. Session interviewed Amjad.
Jun 2nd To Sunbury for Terry Beldam's 75th.
3rd        Watched Diamond Jubilee river pageant on TV. Ps 103 at HIRC.
4th         Went to Horsenden Hill jubilee beacon, a pathetic affair.
5th         Jubilee party at the end of our road went well.
6th         Joanna and Nate names their son after me. Bob Dawson at IPC pm.
9th       Wilcox party picnic Osterley.
10th     PL starts on Joseph. Onuhas to lunch. Florida choir excellent before PL good on Rom 8.
12th     Measures for wedding suit. IC ELT.
14th     Habib pleasant Egyptian psychiatrist. Kyle elders staying.
15th     Presbytery and synod.
17th     PL good Joseph and Rom 8. Good house group barbecue at Littles.
19th      Sunburned at Oval ODI. England win.
21st      Charing Cross sleep clinic. Harrogate.
22nd    Headingly ODI rained off. Visited Haogate pump room museum.
23rd     Home.
24th     PL good Gen 38. HIRC Eph 1.
25th     Harmonsworth parish church for HIRC prayer.
26th    IC at ELT.
28th     Nurse says I have type 2 diabetes but I have no symptoms. Session considering Chris Craddock for elder.
29th     Iranian Mehnaz staying vis MOST. Geneticist nominally Muslim.
30th     Took our visitor to see South Bank and City. Church barbecue. Uxchoir Hayes did Last Night of the Proms.

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

The changing world (301) Jan-Mar 2012

Jan 1st IC good on Hannah's prayers. Deb back from Cornwall.
2nd       Burroughs here. J&Co depart.
4th        K&R to Joe's funeral.
7th        Down. Braithwaites across. Hordenden hill. Poppy their dog ate my stilton after tea.
8th        Sermons by D Jackman and IC. 13 new members received from 10 countries.
10th      Work a struggle.
12th      Down.
14th      Emptying loft of 28 years accumulations. Wilcox housewarming Hanwell.
15th      PL Lk 3 not inspiring. Wilcox, Alanna and Abi to lunch.PL ditto Rom 3:1-8.
16th      Seriously considering retirement.
19th      Down. Loft now insulated. Met with architects with new IPC plans.
21st      J&Co here. K took B&H to Nutcracker, Richmond. J&M to Les Miserables.162 killed in Kano bombings.
22nd      Down. Steadfast love at HIRC.
24th       Heathrow. SAS Stockholm. Tallin.
25th       Museum of Occupation. Orthodox Cathedral. Town hall square. Snow and ice everywhere.
26th       Tram to Tsar's palace. City museum.
27th        Judy J with. Old town, two cathedrals, walls. Down.
28th        William and Lilia wedding in very impressive church. Bilingual service. Buffet. Evening hotel dinner.
29th        Home via Stockholm. London felt warm.
30th        Down and considering retirement.
31st        Handed in notice. Staff not happy nor K.
Feb 1st   No response from my employers.
2nd         The Bard Ruislip very posh dinner with Littles for their 70th birthdays.
4th          Amlad's leaders meeting. Many workers but only three converts none of whom have stayed. 2" snow.
5th          PL encouraging on Christ the king has come. Sotirovs, Pam and John C to lunch. Pam is failing. Mk 8 at HIRC.
6th          Sujad took me to dinner and tried to persuade me not to retire.
7th          First reading of so called marriage equality bill - Cameron's shame.
9th          Ealing hospital says blood counts OK. ECHO at Hammersmith. Da Silva will sign me off for a month but I declined.
10th        Snow.
12th        Jonny Gibson on Ps 8. Lunch at Meiners with Jones. PM preached IPC Mk 8.
13th        Miguel in Ealing hospital with encephalitis. Emmanuelle and Simon engaged.
16th        Depressed. Visited Miguel n hospital.
18th        Visited Miguel again.
19th         Good from Chuck on lepers cleaned. Frosts to lunch. IC pm.
21st         Session with a serious case of financial irresponsibility.
22nd        Nearly a two hour wait at Hammersmith cardiology.
23rd         Visited Miguel at home now.
26th          Encouraged to see Paul Larson family at IPC in the morning, straight off plane from Kenya. Edit, Goes and Penny to lunch. Hope preached at HIRC.
29th          Down. IC very good introduction to Esther for house groups.
Mar 1st     Da Silva prescribed quetiapine.
2nd           Mark H and Doug staying for presbytery.
3rd            Presbytery encouraging especially new men from Scotland including Stuart McKinnon of Elgol wise daily run boat trips to the Collins.
4th            James Torrens Ps 126. Did hope again at HIRC.
6th            Encouraging early session prayer.
7th            Fasting bloods Ealing. HIRC for security photos. Eleanor Grace Levy born.
10th          Chris and Emma's wedding Haven Green. Party at the Drayton.
11th          No-one turned up to teach adult SS so I did WCF on good works. IC twice, I Sam. One Iranian baptised.
12th          Katy to Benslow cello course.
13th          Down.
14th          John and Catherine Young are a great addition to our housegroup.
15th          K back from Benslow.
16th          Started quetiapine as antidepressant.
18th          Ethan baptised and all the family there.
20th          Very tired. Quetiapine side effect?
21st           K&D to IPC members meeting on building. I slept.
23rd          With K to Groucho Club, Soho, to meet Kenneth's family celebrating his daughter's marriage. Met Trstram Blamires again after 38 years.
25th           HIRC for morning service but a second speaker turned up. IC good 1Sam 8.
27th           Down.
30th           Rodney voting and Gulas.
31st           Devon to lunch then Uxchoir Stainer's Crucifixion.

Monday, January 21, 2019

The changing world (300) Oct-Dec 2011

Oct 1st Hottest October day on record.
2nf       IC very clear on 1Pt 1:12f. Clements to lunch. Rom 8 HIRC.
4th       CPPE Ealing town hall on arthritis a waste of time.
5th       Chis Roberts engaged to Emma Vane. Hilton High, Aberdeen to leave Church oh Scotland for IPC over homosexuality.
8th       Visited Wells in Staines.
9th        Marcis from Latvia to lunch.
10th      Larsons to dinner. They are to sell 52.
11th      Dinner at denims with Nothnagels, Lesley, Hosiers and paddock.
13th      Lunch at IPC with Roy Bartlett who endured the Ealing blitz as a boy. Session with AR questioning building plans and IC and PL the use of the common cup
14th      Bipolar meds make me feel dopey but do nothing else. The valproic acid levels down the good times but does nothing for depression.
15th      Marcis music student lodging. Hauxton for Hannah's 8th birthday.
16th      EPCEW Chelmsford preached sealing of the spirit and on providence.
18th      To Bala holiday chalet with deb too. Bala. Dogellau. Considering purchase of chalet.
19th      Portmerion and the coast.
20th      Lake Vyronwy and home.
23rd     Dopey in PL on Lk 2. Kenneth Skilling to lunch. PL Rom 2. Preached remembrance HIRC.
24yh     Eccleshall. Adam and family to dinner.
25th     To Pickering and dinner with Rayners.
26th      We are staying as family not B&B guests. To Knaresborough meeting G&S.
27th       Askrigg for time share presentation. Took Dorothy to lunch and Lightwater valley.
28th       Robin Hoods bay. Flamborough Head.
29th       Home.
30th       St Marys Paddington to hear North Korean refugee. PL Rom 2. Remembrance again HIRC.
Nov 1st Three Pakistani cricketers guilty of corruption.
3rd        Church safe delivered so we can keep marriage registers.
4th        Failed Greek economy dominates news.
5th         Second Right Way conference High Wycombe. I shred a platform the Bishop Nazir Ali.
6th        C Idle excellent Ps 74. Chris b and M Fox to lunch. Robin Weeks very good on blood of covenant. HIRC on forgetting.
11th      Tired and blaming valproic acid. Called two minutes silence at work.
13th      Preached remembering and forgetting at Chelmsford.
17th      Kingsdown Methodist on Gal 6 for five ladies.
19th      J&Co here. Deb had six friends round for Persian palace take away.
20th      Robin Weeks pm.
21st      Did Christmas letter.
23rd     IPC half AGM on building plans.
26th      Canterbury.
27th      Emmanuel Church. Home.
29th      Dinner with Bill N at Urban Karahi. Cousin Ron Julien died aged 66.
Dec 1st Did Christmas cards.
3rd        Presbytery at Greatham.
4th        Emmanuelle and Simon to lunch. On treble at HIRC.
5th        Seem to ne getting down.
8th        Emailed Christmas letters.
9th        Leapers staying.
10th      Deb and I to Wembley. Saracens v Ospreys. great seats.
11th      Not impressed by J's new church Melbourne Baptist.A pulpit uded by CHS but not them. J eventually was to leave after six years as they would not allow non-immersed to be voting members.
13th      Tooth extraction so with anticoagulants there is bleeding.
14th      Struggle with depression.
15th      Messiah at Royal Albert Hall.
17th      Down. KD and Chris did decorations for church.
18th      Down. Ee Wei to lunch. carol service. Ten in orchestra Elissa sang well.
19th      Santa suit on at work.
22nd     Psychiatrist says i am better than last year. IPC mans party.
23rd      Customer Mr Ruge died age 99. A refugee from Hitler whose ancestor was a refugee like Marx and Engels in 19th century.
24th       Canterbury.
25th       Vineyard such as I never want to go again. Andrew with us for lunch.
26th       Home.
27th       Games at Littles.
29th       J&co here. KRE to Cinderella at Richmond.
31st       Down. The visitors are hard work. Perivale woods with Littles.

Saturday, January 19, 2019

The changing world (299) Jul-Sep 2011

Jul 2nd Church barbecue.
3rd       PL excellent on Zech. Wells to lunch. Dick Lucas good on John the Baptist.
5th       Session. Amir needs to reconcile with Chuck. Shocked to hear a previous weekend at home speaker, MD, has left his wife and church.
6th       Down.
7th       Natalia loses baby in childbirth Walked to Urban Karahi for Ian C's stag curry.
8th       Lunch at customer Stephenson's and given a 2000 year old lamp.
9th       Picked gooseberries. News of World closed.
10th     PL good on John the Baptist and excellent on God of all comfort. Johnsons arrived from Sacramento. Session concerning Amir.
11th     Took visitors to Bath. Roman baths. Royal Crescent.
12th     Took visitors to Warwick castle.K, D and Noah too.
13th      All morning hearing Amir's side of his problems. With visitors to Westminster.
14th      Johnsons left. Air thinks he has been despised and not consulted. Will not work with MTW but only IPC.
15th      To Ludlow. Lunch at Witley with amazing baroque church. Good cottage near Oswestry.
16th       Oswestry iron age hill fort. Crick. Telford's aqueduct. Crick Castle. Highest falls in wales.
17th       Off citalopram. Western Ryn congregational. Digby James. Lunch with them. Marriage says I need lithium for bipolar. Llangollen Evangelicl church.
18th       Home. Third freezing of wart. Session united on need to discipline Amir.
19th       Encouroging elders prayer. GP will refer me to psychiatrist over bipolar.
20th      researching Overends at National Archive Kew. Visited Kew Gardens.
21st      After seven months seem out of depression. Repeat of yesterday at Kew archives and gardens.
22nd     Hatfield House. Great history and paintings.
23r        Saw India bowled out at Lords .
24th       IC good on Lev 16. He, Alison and William to lunch. Ps 40 at HIRC. Sad to hear AA unrepentant and not communicating.
25th       K&D at HBC preparations.
26th       Much better at work now. Funeral o Amy Winehouse. Sent card to her mother. Concern for CA in hospital for birth.
27th       Back to some enjoyment at work.
28th       Kew records again but nothing more discovered. Found that Fiona Newton who introduced us is now a rural dean.
29th       Exceptionally good at work.
30th       K&D to IPC to put up D's mural for HBC.
31st       Ps 42 at Camden IPC. Walked the canal to east Acton. Ps 40 at HIRC.
Aug 2nd Asked by HIRC chaplain to help a Pakistani Presbyterian detainee appealing for asylum.
3rd        Witness at immigration tribunal. No presumption of innocence there only of lying to get asylum.
4th         Rigoletto at Richmond. Excellent lust, revenge, murder, folly.
5th         Nor surprised to hear our Pakistani's appeal failed. Judge said he had evaded his pursuers for a year so could go back and still be safe. Incredible.
7th         IC on Naaman. A Congolses and Californian to lunch. Took Jordan to HIRC. Too lively for him. Riots in Tottenham.
8th        Riots spreading all over London and police not coping.
9th        London's worst night of fires since the Blitz. People staying home. Shops shut on my way home including Sainsburys. Sunderban restaurant with Littles. They would have shut if we had not booked. People are frightened but Cameron will not call in the army.
10th      Riots move to Manchester. Here it was lawlessness and looting not protest.
11th      Visited Shabaz at HIRC and heard of his illegal entry to UK. Jalil Arian born.
12th      K away to IC's wedding.
13th      Prayer vigil at Ealing Green after the riots. One man killed in Ealing.
14th      PL on annunciation. Lunch at Mahands. PL excellent 1Jn 2. Pater for HBC.
15th      DSZ arrive by train for HBC.
17th      Rioters being given stiff sentences.
18th      To Worcester buying goods from retiring Cross family.Elizabeth came and Kirsty to dinner.
19th       Dr De Souza diagnoses cyclothymia. This was in Greenford where I also visited George from 69. K to wedding rehearsal Jennifer Cortney.
20th       Test at Oval. Bell 235. Came home in rain 3pm.
21st        PL excellent on magnificat. Three Courneys saying prior to wedding.
22nd      Tripoli falls to rebels. K takes food to Arians.
23rd       Only Gerry Tan turned up to ealing Forum meet at Red Lion.
24th       Walked the canal to Hammersmith cardiology. All OK.
25th       AA breaks off all links with IPC.
26th       Deb to IPC's Swansea by the Sea. Boko Haram bombs UN Abuja office.
27th       St Mary's Hanwell Jennifer Courtney wed. Tom C great sermon. Brentham Club reception on a table with Robertsons of Dundee.
28th       Spoke on sealing of the spirit at IPC.JMBH here. Girls staying. R Bewes pm.
29th       Black Park with Littles. Session sacked and disciplined AA. Sad.
Sep 1st   ECG Ealing hospital. J took B&H home. Session. IC back from Cyprus honeymoon.
3rd          Amjad's barbecue. Richmond for Five Days in may with W Clarke - one of his last roles. Made one proud to be English but angry with stupid anti-smoking laws so WSC had ho proper cigar.
4th          Carl Truman good at IPC. Hristo, Yordan and Elana to lunch. PL starts Romans. Emergency members meeting on AA. HIRC on providence.
7th          Picking up Joel from tube after IPC prayer found from =t door chained. Thief came over back fence and in kitchen window. Deb lost laptop and camera. K a watch and me my grandfathers silver pocket watch. Police helpful.
8th          Contacting insurers of window and contents. Place taking details of losses.
9gh        Rugby World Cup starts in NZ. Took Joel to presbytery then we went o Stan Reddington's funeral.
10th       Toured Cash Converters etc but no pocket watch. Last night of proms.
11th        David Gibson excellent on Naaman. Victor v and dentist Nick to lunch. PL wrath of god.
13th        £500 dining table delivered.
14th        Housegroups together on 1Th at IPC.
15th        Simon Callow brilliant Richmond one man show on Dickens.
16th        Security people put alarms on house.
17th        Swindon GWR museum. Mike and Kathy Butts silver wedding at Hilton hotel. Free bar but I was driving.
18th        IC on 2Pt 1.
23rd        Gary Williams OK on knowing God at start of IPC weekend at home.
24th        G Williams excellent on love of god. Led seminar on depression. KICC Walthamstow for Love Joh event. IPC evening social.
25th        GW on Philemon. HIRC on depression.
29th        Ealing hospital ECG. Met Aussie Erica at Victoria. On way back slept past Alperton.
30th        CSSI curry night at IPC. Sorry to hear Roes are not coming as Esther is not well.

Diary w/e 19 Jan 2019

Sun 13 Jan

Cancelled my Harmondsworth preaching and never even ventured to church. Chest infection has not eased. Weak. No taste or appetite.

Mon 14 Jan

Food has a little more taste but I still feel weak and full of cold so I missed the elders meeting.

Tue 15 Jan

Some better but stayed in and finished the mammoth biography of the Brontes.

Wed 16 Jan

U3A history here with members from England, Germany and Iraq discussing Spain, reconquest, exploration and inquisition. Northwick Park urology consultants offers more botox. Only five of us at Wilcox housegroup on Tit 1:5-8.

Th 17 Jan

Our monthly lunch with the Littles senior.Cafe Rouge Ruislip is a frequent venue. I do not think I shall reorder rare steak.

Fri 18 Jan

Antibiotic finished. Not 100% but a lot better.

Sat 19 Jan

Visited out good friends for 49 years, the Braithwaites near Bedford.

Friday, January 18, 2019

The changing world (298) Apr-Jul 2011

Apr 1st Still no pleasure in work but not so anxious.
2nd       J&Co here.
3rd        PL not so brilliant Gen 33 and Heb 10.
7th        Down. Session on budget.
10th       PL Gen 33 Dinah. Abi and Sarah to lunch. Pm PL new and living way.
11th       Good budget meeting session with deacons.
16th       Took Deb to buy bike in Chiswick. D&co here.
17th       PL good on Jacob's return to Bethel and her 11.
18th       Elders and deacons on budget.
19th       Early IPC prayer. First up day since October.
22nd      Good Friday. R Bewes on Jn 12. To Canterbury and back.
24th       PL on resurrection. Peter and Allison Shute to lunch. Perivale Weed with Littles. Bluebells past their best. 1Cor  15 at HIRC. Free from anxiety and depression.
25th       Hauxton.
27th       Housegroups together on Ps 119 introduction.
29th       Public holiday for William and Kate's wedding. Beautiful day.
30th       Kenyan Philomena round.
May 1st Down. PL Mat 28. Great lunch at Susan Barnes. PL Heb 12.
2nd        Bin Laden killed in Pakistan.
3rd         Down.
5th         Voted in alternative voting referendum. Wanted no change and got it.
5th          Dinner at Aryans.
6th          Church cleaning.
7th          Down. PL Mat 28 and good on Heb 12.
9th          Kenneth Skilling and Judy took me to lunch Tally Ho.
11th        IPC AGM Adrian chairing.
12th        Millett Arms for birthday meal.
13th         Paul M and David Jones to dinner.
14th        J&Co here. To Isabella Plantation Richmond Park. Flowers past their best.
15th        Great housegroup barbecue at Littles. PL Heb 13 encouraging.
19th        First time four day week. CBT with Spanish woman.
22nd       Aussie Mulder family and a Singaporean to lunch. Ps 30 at HIRC.
25th        Hard struggle.
27th        Funeral of Roger Sith.
29th        To Braithwaite's. Spoke at Yarlswood IRC. Over 100 women there.
30th        Levy got me ticket to Championship play off at Wembley, my first visit there. Swansea 4 Reading 2.
31st        Very down. Session. PL says we can buy the Coach House. He wants two presbytery.
Jun 1st   Down with more pharmacy contract demands.
2nd         Lunch at The Fox with KDREE. CBT.
3rd         Synod. Simon Arscott and Doug Curry staying here.
4th          Presbytery.
5th          PL Mal 1. Joel to lunch. Ian C excellent on Lev 8-10.
11th        To Gunnersbury with David Robertson debating Sanderson on secularisation.
12th        PL on Mal, IC Lev.
14th        Down.
16th        Lunch with Larson's. Excellent Yes Prime Minister, Richmond.
17th        Do not want the introspective thought analysis CBT requires.
18th        Chelmsford EPCEW hog roast.
19th        PL Mal, pm repentant thief. Pam, Yordan S and a Brazilian woman to lunch.
21st        My assistants cousin has stabbed his wife to death.
22nd      The family are devastated. The killer was depressed and does not know why he did it.
23rd       Session. Air fallen out with Chuck again.
26th       Preached London City Presbyterian on idols than HIRC on providence.
28th       Greece in economic crisis.

Thursday, January 17, 2019

The changing world (297) Jan-Mar 2011

Jan 1st Lunch with Burroughs and heard of his centenary visit to Kabwir.
2nd      Anxious. packed little Shelford parish church.Good service. No welcome after. Home. Did HIRC on new covenant, creation etc.
3rd       Down.
4th       VAT up to 20%.
6th       Down.
8th       David Lefroy treated me to Arsenal 1 Leeds 1.
9th       PL on justification then Heb 3/4.Lefroys to lunch.
10th     Down. Routleys from Argentina to dinner.
12th     Anxious. Encouraging house group with new member Vallin Wells.
13th     Anxious
14th     Down
15th     To Braithwaitres.
16th      PL justification. M Fox Ps 1. Levy bans my tambourine.
18th      Down.
19th      GP prescribes citalopram 40mg. Jonathan Wells led housegroup.
20th      Down.
22nd     Vonikovs have taken loan of our old piano.
23rd      PL justification. Did Job 1-2 at HIRC.
26th      Down.
29th      Uzchoir Handel opens.
30th      PL justification. IC good on Habituate 2.
Feb 4th Daphne observing the pharmacy for nurse prescriber training.
5th        Worked at home on information governance - the unnecessary stuff which puts me right off modern pharmacy.
6th        Very down.
7th        Ealing haematology says I am OK.
9th        Down.
12th      Matt and Gillian to dinner.
13th      PL a blessing on justification. Seaber's and Pam to lunch. PL Heb 4.
15th      Earely IPC prayer. Down.
17th      Down and lacking all energy and enthusiasm.
18th      Deb to Canterbury.
19th      Elissa a delight singing the alphabet.
20th      PL a blessing on faith the instrument of justification. First year anniversary of Farsi service with a baptism. PL Heb 5.
21st      Down.
22nd     Talked to boss who does not want me to retire. Went to The Kings Speech in Acton. Brilliant and uplifting. Cheered me up.
24th      Tulsi has passed country assistant's course.
27th      PL justification because of grace. Did Jn 14 HIRC.
28th      Ealing dermatology third freezing of wart. Very painful. GP offers CBT.
Mar 1st I want to retire. Staff do not.
2nd       Found JS went to school with the Stewart woman found guilty of murdering her husband and lover's wife in NI. Will L is reporting on the trial.
3rd        Very down.
4th        Leo and Tom from Belgium staying.
5th        Presbytery. Val Inchley to dinner.
6th        PL not edifying on RCC view of justification. Better pm on Heb 7.
10th      Down.
11th      Big Japan earthquake and tsunami.
12th      R into Ealing with a bleed but no labour.
13th      R home. PL Rom 3 and Heb 8.
14th      Tsunami devastation horrendous.
15th       Wanting to retire ASAP.
17th       K&D to R's baby shower.
18th       Iranian new year CELEBRATIONS DEAN HALL.
19TH     Bosses took me to dinner and were supportive.
20th        R to hospital. E with us. PL last on justification then Heb 9.
21st        7:35am Ethan Thomas Little. 9il 6oz. Thankful but depressed. Visited hospital.
23rd        Down. J Wells is very encouraging at housegroup.
24th        Good session on budget. No fly zone over troubled Libya.
25th        Work a struggle with no delight.
26th        Looking at open market options on annuities.
27th        PL Jacob wresting. Ps 119;1-16 HIRC.
29th        Another struggling down day.
30th        Stock taking. Finished online information governance. Enjoyed housegroup at Wells, Hillingdon.
31st        Tool Kingsdown Methodist Bible study on prophecy.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

The changing world (296) Oct-Dec 2010

Oct 1st D&co here.
2nd      Ruislip Lido with our visitors and Littles.
3rd      Elissa wants a sister. Paul Vounikov baptised.
4th      Wart frozen with pain at Ealing Hospital.
6th       Carpenter non understairs cupboards. Heard Paul Clowney clear of cancer - bit it must have returned.
8th       Osteria del Portico farewell meal for Jennifer Reid.
9th       Hauxton for Hannah's 7th.
10th     Camden. Pete H OK. At lunch met MTW team. Walk in Regents Park. Only one local plus church workers in evening which does not bode well.
11th     Session and deacons on budget.
12th     Town Hall CPPE focus on dementia. Not a lot learned.
13th     20 out of 33 Chilean miners rescued. Funeral of Ali, Iranian taxi driver from 65.
14th     All miners rescued.
15th     Practice at IPC for Sarah C's wedding.
16th     Sarah and Rory's wedding was really a blessing. Party in evening with Tessa and Shan Shan too.
17th     IC preaching. Levy in Portugal. Rebecca Pfenning and Liz Harris to lunch.
18th     Found Chuck is really Alvin.
19th     Only IC and I at early prayer.
20th     Hammersmith cardiology wants me to have 24 hour monitor again.
21st     David and Marcia Jones staying.
23rd   Shopped Westway centre with K.
24th   PL good on Jacob and Laban. To Leapers.
25th   National Arboretum. Impressed by Shot at Dawn.
26th    Excellent talk on Stafford history at mayor parlour. Saw ancient charter and maces.
27th    At Richmond took Dorothy to Weatherspoons lunch. Harrogate
28th    Skipton. Truman statue. Grassthwaite.
29th    Skipton grave. Grahams. Stockton. Simon and Ruth with L"Abri links.
30th    Settle. Kendal. New Inn Yard up 52 steps to a small flat with no wifi. Supper at Cartmels. Shish with Ian Bainbridge. George from 69 now in a home. I had tried to see if he could be taken into care before but was told only if he was a danger to himself tor others. Social services visited and took him into care after a fall. We were to find he had cut his family out of his will so they were to stop visiting. He was leavings money to charity. I doubt if there was any for with the house sold all the money would have gone on his care. It was over six years before he died. I did visit on a couple of occasions but did not do to his funeral. A sad man with a personality disorder.
Nov 1st Howtown. Stainton. Keswick. Ambleside.
2nd        Have rain. Museum of lakeland Life.
3rd         garaged over sands. Barrow. Coniston Water. Rain.
4th         Shap. Rain all day.
5th         Tarn Hows. Cockermouth. Still signs of last year's flood.Creator Moor.
6th         Home on a glorious day.
7th         PL good Jacob and Laban. Took K for MRI Clementine Churchill Hospital. Did Ps 22 at HIRC
8th         Session prayer heard from Adrian of plan to buy out Simon.
9th         Bush defends water boarding. Deb to Wyema's 60th.
10th       Half AGM well attended.
13th       Charing Cross Road tobacconist did three new pipe mouthpieces. CSSI meeting South ealing with Aloe Vera snake oil selling.
14th        PL on Jacob leaving Laban andHeb1.
15th        Down.
16th        Early prayer. William and Kate Middleton engaged.
17th        Down.
18th        Took K,D, R to Persian Palace.
19th        Deb cooked for us all at Littles with J&co hear too.
20th         Party for J&D but no other guests.
21st         IC on Phil, PL Deb 1.
23rd        Resumed citalopram. Nikides staying.
25th        Session.
27gth      Down.
28th        D Jones encouraging. Did Ps 62 at HIRC.
29th        Nikides leave. Down.
30th        Did Christmas letter.
Dec 1st   Good IPC prayer. Down.
2nd         1' snow.
3rd          Down.
4th          Started Christmas cards. Uxchoir carols.
5th         Down. Anxious. PL on Jacob and So Great salvation.
6th         Crysotherapy at Ealing not so painful this time.
7th         Down spite an Ashes win.
8th         Down.
9th         Ditto.
10th       Nikides treated us to Urban Karahi.
11th       J&Co and D&co to Littles for Bethany's 11th birthday. Irrational neighbour thinks they own the road.
12th       EPCEW Chelmsford preached Ac 20 at elder installation than idolatry.
13th       K Shaftesbury carols. Session. Concern over relationship with Amir.
14th       Early prayer at IPC. Down.
15th       Stopped in Lee Rd (or so I thought) to buy fish and chip supper and returned to find no car. Reported it stolen.
16th       Down. No ne2s of car.
17th       Very down. IPC mens party great as before.
18th       4" snow. Sang outside Sainsbury's but Dean hal carols cancelled.
19th       Locked out of TVU. Back to our chapel. Poor attendance at evening carols due to snow. Anxious.
20th       Going to work in frost found I had left the Yaris in Empire Road, not Lee, five days ago. No tickets on it as the snow saved me from wardens. Felt a real idiot but relieved.
22nd       Down. Still travel chaos.
23rd       Down. Anxious.
24th       J&co arrived.
25th       PL on Christ, real, royal , rescuer. Down. Snow on ground.
26th       J&Co at Littles. Deb cooked. HIRC.
27th       J&co back home.
29th       England retain Ashes. D&co arrive.
30th       Littles round for Sunderban Indian take away in honour of Ade's birthday. Deb in Cornwall.
31st       To Hauxton. Petrol from 121.9 to 129.9/L.


Saturday, January 12, 2019

The changing world (295) Jul-Sep 2010

Jul 1st Robertson has sacked me as the Record's English correspondent.
4th      PL fine on Isaac and the wells. Sarah Julien, Seaber's, Pam and Leonard to lunch. First is it to Harmondsworth. Preached on depression.
5th      Bought an orange dye to dye a t shirt supporting Netherlands in World Cup.
6th      Citalopram reduced to 10mg. Got my red world cup shirt back with the message added that we only win under an English manger.
7th     Kenneth S took his friend Judy, K and me to dinner.
8th     Visited Ibrahim Tijani, Hausa Muslim at HIRC.
9th     Coming home through Alperton the Yaris clutch wet. RAC called.
10th   To meet Dele and Grace in Redhill. Great IPC barbecue with steak.
11th    Leafleting outside morning service. Unexpected treat of father's day lunch at Persian palace . PL SS 2. Members meeting not quorate for budget. Paul Clowney has bladder cancer.
12th     RAC took Yaris for clutch repair. Long session on budget finance.
13th    Visited Ibrahim HIRC.
14th     Unsatisfactory reply from mayor Boris about the Sunday disruption with the Sky cycle ride.
15th     Toyota will not pay for clutch under warranty as not their mechanic. I had not known it was under warranty.
17th     Visited mosque then to HIRC with K to see Ibrahim. Left him testimonies in Hausa.
18th     Access to TVU impeded by road closures for cycle ride. IC excellent on yeast of pharisees. Hazel Mangaser and Jennifer red to lunch. Martin Fox on Samuel and Saul.
20th      Good early IPC prayer.
25th      Camden IPC now near the tube. Pete Harris excellent Mk 11. HIRC met Nigerian from Delta seeking asylum due to terrorist rebels there.
27th      Edgware Hospital smoking cessation course.
28th      Charing Cross sleep clinic. B&H staying.
31st      Took girls home.
Aug 1st Preached Gen 22 IPC. Idolatry. Dan 3 preached at HIRC with 13 Africans and a Brazilian.
3rd        Heard Quebe sisters excellent Texan music.
5th        Troy Hamilton and family t dinner.
6th        Mrs Damji visited after eight years in Florida. Boss treated me to dinner at Lisa'a.
7th        Canterbury. Walked by Great Stour from Barton ferry.
8th        Ten AIM workers murdered in Afghanistan. Good retired SB preacher at Immanuel on waters of Mara. Home run delayed by Mela in park.
9th        Session in our garden. PL seemed discouraged I do not know why.
10th       PL treated my to some pints. Says I am not approachable but not to change. A mystery?
11th       Anniversary meal at Lisa's.
12th       Babysat E whole R with D to HBC prep at IPC. R is pregnant.
13th       Picked raspberries and blackberries. Braithawites to lunch and walk in Osterley park.
15th       IC excellent on rich fool. Coston and family to lunch. IC good on Is 40. HBC prayer.
16th       Took Craig of OPC Chicago to LTS. Lunch at Fenella's flat. Ladies to Natalia's hen party. Elders prayer at Littles where I babysat.
17th       Few at early prayer. Manny's stag drinks at Drayton Court.
18th       Picked church brambles. Richard Bewes on prayer at IPC.
20th       Amjad and Sarah to lunch. Want to move from Masih Ghar to us. Natalia and Manny's wedding rehearsal. Picked elderberries and barb;es.
21st      IPC wedding with dinner and Igbo dancing.
22nd    IC good on anxiety from Luke. Amjad family, Sarah Penny and Johnny to lunch. HIRC showed Nigeria pictures and preached on Daniel in lions den.
23rd    Deb bust with HBC pep. Phoned Pam in Clementine Churchill Hospital.
24th    Picked washed and froze brambles from church.
26th    K pain from trapped nerve. HBC ends well. Long chat with Pam out od hospital with less of sight from one eye.
27th    Elissa feb out of bed and broke arm in two places again Cocodamol from GP not much pain relief for K.
28th    With Trevor at Lords. Saw 1 wickets fall before rain. Later when we saw the TV replays there was obviously a scam going on with no balls and three players were banned. Elissa home in plaster.HBC ends.
29th    PL good on Jacob and Esau. Preached Canada Water.
30th    Martin Fox, Sarah, Alison Tina to lunch.
31st    K to be referred to spinal clinic.
Sep 1st K at Ealing Hospital all day as they insisted E be kept n overnight . Neal and family from Baku here.
2nd      Session on adjusting the budget. Three Pakistani cricketers charged over betting.
4th       Met Habula Kohon at Victoria and showed him the place, Westminster, British Museum and Library.
5th       PL excellent on Jacob's dream. Preached HIRC. Neal and family back from Dorset.
7th       Neal and family left.
8th       Joel staying.
11th     With K to Tottenham and bought a £3000 Yamaha piano.
12th     PL good on Jacob's ladder. Larson at IPC tea and Elliott emotional telling of the ten who were murdered.
13th     Good elders prayer. K's back still bad.
16th     Pope visits Scotland and the Queen.
17th     Saw Pakistan beat us at Oval ODI.
18th     Saw Warwick beat Somerset in Lords final.
20gth   Carpenter finished bedroom cupboard.
22nd    Housegroup leaders at IPC but K too much pain to go out.
23rd     Katy on child protection course at IPC. Five of us for breakfast and book discussion. To Amjad's fellowship.
24th     IC on Luk 12. Lunch at Meiners. ver 20 at HIRC from 9 countries.
29th     New piano delivered.

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Diary w/e 12 Jan 2019

Sun 6 Jan

Adult Sunday School Chris Cradock on Synod of Dordt. Two excellent sermons by Paul on fasting and then Num 26-27. One Iranian convert baptised. Major influence in her conversion was the life of a fellow Iranian who is a Christian and showed a different character. We are on hospitality rota. No new visitors came but we had two English, one Chinese and one South African to lunch. Memorable for Katy forgetting to serve any carbohydrate with the chicken casserole.

Mon 7th

Start of IPC week of prayer with over thirty at evening prayer.

Tue 8th

Led U3A World Religions on usury and banking. Amazing the prominence of Jews. I was surprised to hear the Jews in my group recon I have a better knowledge of their scriptures than they do and a RC member saying they are not taught the Old Testament.

Wed 9th

Full complement of ten of us at housegroup prayer last night.

Thu 10th

My worsening cold and cough led t some breathlessness in the night so Katy said I should see the GP who thinks I may have a chest infection and prescribed antibiotics. I felt weak and skipped the church prayer lunch.

Fri 11th

IPC day of prayer and fasting. Water only until our 7pm meeting. I felt better than yesterday so did not take the illness excuse. About fifty of us breaking the fast then ending our church day of prayer and fasting at the Lord's table.

Sat 12th

Quiet day at Evangelical Library. Returned home with no appetite or taste for food. Watched Dark Son the documentary on how Harold Jones who killed two girls in Abertillery in 1921 probably was involved in killing six prostitutes in our area of London in the early 1960s. The second girl in Abertillery was my fathers fourth cousin. We were at the rededication of her grave this year which event was on the documentary. The Jack the Stripper murders are the worst unsolved serial killings in the UK.

Wednesday, January 09, 2019

The changing world (294) Apr-Jun 2010

Apr 1st GP prescribed citalopram for my depression. No joke. Surrounded by drugs at work I had always resisted medication.
2nd        Good Friday. PL good on redemption. Kenneth Skilling to lunch. Elissa with us overnight as R&A were at a wedding.
3rd         Cardiff wedding of Andrew Phelps and Jess Track. PL preached. Visited Balfours. Evening wedding reception.
4th          Anxious. David Cross preached EPCEW Emmanuel Cardiff. Lunch at Naylors.
5th          Down.
6th          Anxious about planned trip to Baku.
9th          Bill Goodman boss of MTW staying. he treated us to Siloam Village dinner.
10th        Good meeting with Bill Goodman, Jun Lemass and Ken Matlock, all of MTW. MacBook screen replaced.
11th        PL on healing of blind man. Susanna and Paul Coleman to lunch. Dick Lucas excellent on 1Cor 15.
12th         Fed up with blanket news coverage of coming general election.
13th        Confirmed Aeroflot tickets to Baku.
14th        Thrilled to see Dale on video winning third prize in Essex public speaking competition - all about Marjorie.
15th        Volcanic ash from Iceland closes all UK airports.
16th        Our flights to Baku cancelled. Rebooked in four days time.
17th        Chartwell -best National Trust property. Gives one a patriotic thrill. White Hart, Bletchingly.
18th        St Nicholas, Sevenoaks. Knole Park magnificent 15th C house.
19th        RHS Wisley.Tropical and alpine glasshouses the highlights.
20th        Early prayer IPC and lunchtime talk at town hall - Ic on Jn 5.
21st        To Leapers.
22nd       Shugnorough hall home of earls of Litchfield.
23rd        Sudbury hall. Museum of childhood poor. Third day of depression.
24th        Home. Did Record article on co-belligerents.
25th        PL birth of Isaac. Ee wei and Jenifer Courtney to lunch. Rebecca Cradock baptised. PL on Christ as Lord - excellent. Petrol 120.9/L and rising.
26th        Board meeting.
28th        Brown recoded calling a woman a bigotafter he left her company.
May 1st  Polls show Torys ahead but no working majority.
2nd         Down. PL Abraham sacrificing Isaac. Raju good talk, rambling sermon.
3rd          JMBH here also RAE for tea.
5th          Citalopram kicking in.
6th          Voted. Exit polls show hung parliament.
7th           Bed 3am. Polls were right. Looks like a Conservative Liberal deal. I am disgusted.
8th           DSZ arrived. Osterley Park. Leeds promoted.
9th          PL death Sarah and Trinity.
10th        Visited Michael Owen who has cancer Northwick Park. Brown to reign Labour leadership.
11th        Cameron as prime minister with Clegg deputy.
12th        Cardiologist says need to lower BP.
13th        Kenneth Skilling took me to Tally Ho lunch.
14th        K with R at Ealing Hospital as E has another fracture.
15th        With PL, Tom Courtney and David cross at IPC sorting out the mess Chris Bear has caused at Canada Water. At Richmond for Honeysuckle Weeks in Witness for the Prosecution.
16th        PL good on Isaac Bonnie Lawrence and Sfeffen Muller S Carolina to lunch. David Gibson pm.
17th        Katy on Benslow cello course. Looks like Camden Town not financially viable.
18th        New parliament with coalition front bench.
20th        Surprise visit of Mardi going from Kabul to Canada.
21sg        Church planting committee with Ed Hartman and Ken Matlock. We are to withdraw minutes about Ed which frankly I think are true. Joel staying.
22nd        Visited Michael Owen.
23rd        PL on Jacob and Isaac. Yohan B, Sarah B and Limas to lunch. John Ross good on great commission.
24th        Down.
25th        Went to visit Michael O but he had been admitted to hospital.
27th        Session. PL wants enthusiasm over building.
28th        English class barbecue.
29th        Lords with Trevor against Bangladesh. Left 1:30 due to rain.
30th        Down. IC 2Jn. Pm introduction to Song od Songs.
31st        Down.
Jun 1st   Elders prayer encouraging. JBHRAE here for Sunderban take way for K's birthday.
2nd        Good IPC prayer. Taxi driver shoots 12 dead in Cumbria. Had seemed a normal bloke.
4th         Presbytery prayer then Kingston synod. Great food. Tom Nachtergale staying with us.
5th         Presbytery here. PL took over as moderator. Elders to Amit to pray for healing of Bell's palsy.
6th         IC on 3Jn. Macintyres, Clare Arian's parents to lunch. PL on SS1
10th       Session prayer
11th       Maite Larsin to lunch from Bahrain. Start of SA world cup.
12th       Barbecue at Littles with bunting and fly past of RAF. The Knave, Dorset. England 1 USA 1. Pathetic.
13th       Corfe Castle Congregational and Torbay Gospelaires who we heard later at The Blue Pool. Pm back to IC's father's church.
14th       Wareha. Kempton Lacey gardens. Wareham minster with chained library. Katy lost camera.
15th       Wareham. Brownsea Island. Expensive ferry. Red squirrels. Bloody Sunday report from saville Commission.
16th        Tolpuddle Nartyrs museum. Told curator their caption was wrong. Their leader looked to heaven not in despair. Cider museum. Found you need apple juice only to produce cider. Lyme Regis baptist church to find the parade to commemorate the lifting of the longest civil war siege.Became a parliamentary pikeman for the day. Kept quiet about having a C of E priestess on parade. Totally non-historic.
17th      Studland Bay. Knooll beach to Shell beach and up to Old harry Rocks. Nudist beach mainly populated by homosexuals.
18th      Durdle Door. Lulworth Cove. Fieldstone Manor.
19th      Home. Picked red currants and gooseberries.
20th      Levy excellent on Is. BA to Dusseldorf. Met by Anthea Weale in big Mercedes. Huge apartment.
21st      Went looking unsuccessfully for Elizabeth Nauman in hospital.
22nd     Marburg. Found Elizabeth strong in faith in hospital.
23rd      England 1 Slovenia 0. Our restaurant of choice for supper closed for the football. Enjoyed being with a Ghanian as the only one on his side in Germany 1 Ghana 0.
24th      Edersee and dam busters museum.
25th      World Heritage Mine Museum.
26th      Home. Picked strawberries.
27th      M Fox Ps 2. Germany 4 England 1. Robbed of a goal by a blind referee. PL good SS 1.
28th      Harmondsworth Baptist meeting four volunteers and assistant chaplain for prayer.
29th      INR good.
30th      £220 for new glasses.



Saturday, January 05, 2019

Diary w/e 5 Jan 2019

Sun 30 Dec

Laurens Du Plessis was good on the ascension's purpose. Fourteen for lunch at the Littles. Pizza to celebrate my son in law's birthday. I preached to about twenty detainees at Harmondsworth, encouraging the with sex new things for a new year.

Mon 31 Dec

Katy started the morning helping the Ealing Night Shelter at IPC. At home and not even bothering to stay up and see the new year in.

Tue Jan 1

Quiet at home and glad I did not see Khan's pro-EU propaganda fireworks last night.

Wed Jan 2

Only a couple of members joined me for U3A current affairs on Brexit - the state of play. Opinions have not changed from the way we voted over two years ago. We agreed on our ignorance as to the future. Around twenty at church prayer.

Th 3 Jan

Dinner at Cafe Rouge Ruislip as I had a half price deal.

Sat 5 Jan

Seven of us for cafe breakfast and six on a cold Greenford bookstall.

The changing world (293) Jan-Mar 2010

Jan 1st Lunch with Burroughs. Staying in Hauxton.
2nd      Met Jane's parents from Ipswich. Home.
3rd       PL on Lot and on Peter's denial. Amazing Man U 0 Leeds 1. First win for us there since 1981 and their first third round defeat by a lower league in fifty years.
4th       Deb now wants a car.
5th       Battle with depression.
6th       Snow all day.
7th       Coldest night for years.
8th       All UK has snow.
9th       Pakistani TVC restaurant with Amjad.
10th     After TVU service to Redhill and naming ceremony for Albert OOTT Onamusi in C of E hall.
14th     RPSGB inspector visited. No problem.
15th     Snow gone after eleven days. BBC Sunday radio programme recorded me on beards.
16th     Visited Amjad in High Wycombe.
17th     IC on Rut 1. Christina Goh, John Cordle and Alison Kelly to lunch.
21st     Down. DSZ here for Elizabeth's grandfather's funeral. 400+ killed in Jos.
24th    IC Rut 2. Mk 15.Ali and Isaac Hosier to lunch.
26th    Down.
27th    First article published in Free Church Record.
30th    To Amjad's MBB fellowship.
31st     Down. IC twice on Ruth. Voinikovs and Bulgarian Valentin to lunch.
Feb 2nd Down
6th         To Braithwaite's.
7th         PL on contentment and Christ mocked.
8th         Haematology said white count down. Met with three Church of Scotland men thinking of secession. They did but only one joined IPC.
12th      Treated to Indian buffet by hazel Mangaser.
14th       PL on generosity. Tina Lawler to lunch.
15th       A new Yaris delivered - pre-owned.
17th       Down.
18th       J&Co brought electric oven. Skype with Bill who is leaving MTW.
19th       Conference call towhead of MTW and Enterprise in Europe.
21st       John Dugan died. C Roberts on new birth. Visited Pam Hallett in pain from spondylitis. Levy good on darkness at noon.
23rd      Skype with Romania. IPC chapel has been grade II listed.
24th      Down.
27th      Canterbury.
28th      Emmanuel church good.
Mar 1st Working on information governance , the ultimate in wasting time instead of working.
5th        Harrogate.
6th        Took Dorothy to Ravensworth.
7th        IPC York ordination. Home.
8th        More killings near Jos.
9th        John Dugan's funeral. Saw his army officer's commission fro George VI.
12th      Presbytery ate at Persian Palace. Nico Farrelly staying with us.
13th      Presbytery at Culcheth. Persian new tear party at South Eaing Mission.
14th      PL widow's mite and last one on Mark.
16th      Down. Met 97 year old Michael Davis in park.
18th      Session. Canada Water has parted from us. We will buy out Simon Hui to build.
20th      Lunch at Gotlops and given my second portrait.
21st      PL Ps 126. Frosts, Carlos and Reda fares to lunch. Barry Shuter ordination at Masih Ghar with Greg Livingstone preaching.
24th     Waste of time PCT meeting Edgware over new smart cards.
26th      Excellent curry evening South Ealing Mission and learned of CSSI charity in India.
27th      Hauxton. EPCEW presbytery.
28th      PL on propitiation and Good Samaritan.
31st      Anxiety.