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The changing world (293) Jan-Mar 2010

Jan 1st Lunch with Burroughs. Staying in Hauxton.
2nd      Met Jane's parents from Ipswich. Home.
3rd       PL on Lot and on Peter's denial. Amazing Man U 0 Leeds 1. First win for us there since 1981 and their first third round defeat by a lower league in fifty years.
4th       Deb now wants a car.
5th       Battle with depression.
6th       Snow all day.
7th       Coldest night for years.
8th       All UK has snow.
9th       Pakistani TVC restaurant with Amjad.
10th     After TVU service to Redhill and naming ceremony for Albert OOTT Onamusi in C of E hall.
14th     RPSGB inspector visited. No problem.
15th     Snow gone after eleven days. BBC Sunday radio programme recorded me on beards.
16th     Visited Amjad in High Wycombe.
17th     IC on Rut 1. Christina Goh, John Cordle and Alison Kelly to lunch.
21st     Down. DSZ here for Elizabeth's grandfather's funeral. 400+ killed in Jos.
24th    IC Rut 2. Mk 15.Ali and Isaac Hosier to lunch.
26th    Down.
27th    First article published in Free Church Record.
30th    To Amjad's MBB fellowship.
31st     Down. IC twice on Ruth. Voinikovs and Bulgarian Valentin to lunch.
Feb 2nd Down
6th         To Braithwaite's.
7th         PL on contentment and Christ mocked.
8th         Haematology said white count down. Met with three Church of Scotland men thinking of secession. They did but only one joined IPC.
12th      Treated to Indian buffet by hazel Mangaser.
14th       PL on generosity. Tina Lawler to lunch.
15th       A new Yaris delivered - pre-owned.
17th       Down.
18th       J&Co brought electric oven. Skype with Bill who is leaving MTW.
19th       Conference call towhead of MTW and Enterprise in Europe.
21st       John Dugan died. C Roberts on new birth. Visited Pam Hallett in pain from spondylitis. Levy good on darkness at noon.
23rd      Skype with Romania. IPC chapel has been grade II listed.
24th      Down.
27th      Canterbury.
28th      Emmanuel church good.
Mar 1st Working on information governance , the ultimate in wasting time instead of working.
5th        Harrogate.
6th        Took Dorothy to Ravensworth.
7th        IPC York ordination. Home.
8th        More killings near Jos.
9th        John Dugan's funeral. Saw his army officer's commission fro George VI.
12th      Presbytery ate at Persian Palace. Nico Farrelly staying with us.
13th      Presbytery at Culcheth. Persian new tear party at South Eaing Mission.
14th      PL widow's mite and last one on Mark.
16th      Down. Met 97 year old Michael Davis in park.
18th      Session. Canada Water has parted from us. We will buy out Simon Hui to build.
20th      Lunch at Gotlops and given my second portrait.
21st      PL Ps 126. Frosts, Carlos and Reda fares to lunch. Barry Shuter ordination at Masih Ghar with Greg Livingstone preaching.
24th     Waste of time PCT meeting Edgware over new smart cards.
26th      Excellent curry evening South Ealing Mission and learned of CSSI charity in India.
27th      Hauxton. EPCEW presbytery.
28th      PL on propitiation and Good Samaritan.
31st      Anxiety.

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