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The changing world (292) Oct-Dec 2009

Oct 2nd PL asked me if Martin Downes should come to speak as his daughter has swine flu. Did not find him challenging on gal 1.
3rd        MD on 2Tim 3 and Act 20. Led seminar on prayer.
4th        MD on Lam 2 and Jesus arrest from John. Lunch at IPC from Waitrose.
9th        Rahul George from SA and India to dinner.
10th      Lunch with Amjad in Southall Pakistani restaurant.
11th      Led for IC on Ps 51. To Hannah's 6th birthday with bike for her.
12th      Adrian Fricker and Gangadin Hannoe from Surinam explained meetings for Muslim understanding at IPC. John Scott died.
16th      Joe Chottai says all employees have to prove their right to be here. Shammi indignant. Marina has no passport.
17th      Gatwick to Verona. Joel met us. Two hour Skype with Romania. Dinner Italian style one dish at a time.
18th     Us and the family had communion together.
19th     Mantua and a lunch of donkey meat.
20th     Lake Garda. Verona tour by Joel.
21st      Bergama Milan to Rome to Belgrade and Fields. Angels showed us nearby orthodox cathedral.
22nd     Danube. Fortress in central Belgrade.
23rd      Four hours Soviet era train to Timosoara.
24th      Walked to centre. Took Liviu and Sika to lunch. He cannot get on with Ed H.
25th       Preached at IPC which has nine members.
26th       Went to see the revolution plaque but the flat is being renovated. Revolution museum.
27th        Five hours on train to Belgrade.
28th        Bohemian quarter and museum.
29th        Field's Volvo SUV 490 miles and nine hours to Melk, Austria. Only had to have passports checked going into EU at Hungary.
30th         400 miles to Bad Homburg, Germany. In hotel but evening with an East German banker family.
31st          600 miles. Cologne, Aachen, Holland, Belgium, France, Chunnel, Epsom.
Nov 1st PL good on Abrahamic covenant and Judas.
6th            Amjad and family to dinner.
7th            David and Marcia Jones to dinner. May work here.
8th            Canden Town for ordination of Tim Dalton. Met Alistair Stevens ex LIFCU. PL excellent on Lrord's supper from Mark.
11th          Met Patrick Wright and asked to be a rising preacher.
14th         CPA AGM Ealing. Took Deb to England 16 Argentina 9 at Twickenham. Arians housewarming.
15th          PL on circumcision better than pm Gethsemane. Vonikovs to lunch.
18th          Shown round Harmonsworth detention centre.
19th          Floods in Cumbria.
21st          Train to Birmingham and Warrington session with Roy and Mark harvey.
22nd         PL Ten 18 and Mk 14. Leonard, Seaber's and Pam to lunch. Heard Pam's account of her blitz in Exeter age 16.
24th          Aaron and John C doing gutters. Iraq war enquiry starts.
25th          Packed over 300 hardback books and delivered to London Theological Seminary. Never received any thank you letter from seminary or students. Never again!
28th          Petrol108.9/L.
29th          EPCEW Chelmsford preached on advent and on Mat 24.
Dec 2nd   Good prayer with a new student, Rachel.
4th            Made a mistake over the time of my Eurostar ticket and had a rush by taxi and boarded just before it left the station. Good start with presbytery committees.
5th            Presbytery to write to MTW, Ed and Bill over Romania and set up commission into Warrington finances. Home. Uxchoir carols. Yohan dislocated knee getting out of our car and Katy took hm to A&E.
6th            PL Gen 18 and on Jesus trial. Sarah and Rachel to lunch.
7th            Working on Christmas letter.
10th          Chuck told session of plans for Farsi work. Rang Peter Cllr concerning Brian Boddy's funeral.
11th          Bill and Chuck to dinner.
12th         Amjad's Christmas party.
13th         PL on Mary. Hauxton. Giggs sports personality of the year.
14th         Dick Keyes staying.
15th         DK at IPC on how to read a Bible story.
16th         Wearing Santa suit at work. Cards done to L.
17th         Snow.
18th         2" snow on my 6am departure for Marton cum Grafton. Delayed by jack knifed lorry on A1 and blizzard off it. Followed a snow plough up the hill into the village where the priestess failed to tell us the journey to the crematorium was cancelled and she would not give me opportunity to speak. I gave tribute at the wake. Disgusted no-one there from Pioneers but Carlings made it across  the Pennines.  Back for IPC mens party with mussels, meat and beer.
19th         Finished cards. South ealing Mission carols with PL good on 'born of a woman'.
20th         PL two carol services.
21st         Snow. Eurostar disrupted.
23rd         Thawing but travel still disrupted.
24th         D&Co here.
25th         Littles to lunch.
26th         J&Co here at Lilles. Deb's excellent turkey broccoli bake.
27th         D&Co left. M Fox on Ps 8. PL on Simeon and Anna.
28th         Dis second piece on history of Presbyterianism in England for Free Church Record.
29th         Deb to Cornwall with church.
31st         Half day at work then to Hauxton.

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