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The changing world (295) Jul-Sep 2010

Jul 1st Robertson has sacked me as the Record's English correspondent.
4th      PL fine on Isaac and the wells. Sarah Julien, Seaber's, Pam and Leonard to lunch. First is it to Harmondsworth. Preached on depression.
5th      Bought an orange dye to dye a t shirt supporting Netherlands in World Cup.
6th      Citalopram reduced to 10mg. Got my red world cup shirt back with the message added that we only win under an English manger.
7th     Kenneth S took his friend Judy, K and me to dinner.
8th     Visited Ibrahim Tijani, Hausa Muslim at HIRC.
9th     Coming home through Alperton the Yaris clutch wet. RAC called.
10th   To meet Dele and Grace in Redhill. Great IPC barbecue with steak.
11th    Leafleting outside morning service. Unexpected treat of father's day lunch at Persian palace . PL SS 2. Members meeting not quorate for budget. Paul Clowney has bladder cancer.
12th     RAC took Yaris for clutch repair. Long session on budget finance.
13th    Visited Ibrahim HIRC.
14th     Unsatisfactory reply from mayor Boris about the Sunday disruption with the Sky cycle ride.
15th     Toyota will not pay for clutch under warranty as not their mechanic. I had not known it was under warranty.
17th     Visited mosque then to HIRC with K to see Ibrahim. Left him testimonies in Hausa.
18th     Access to TVU impeded by road closures for cycle ride. IC excellent on yeast of pharisees. Hazel Mangaser and Jennifer red to lunch. Martin Fox on Samuel and Saul.
20th      Good early IPC prayer.
25th      Camden IPC now near the tube. Pete Harris excellent Mk 11. HIRC met Nigerian from Delta seeking asylum due to terrorist rebels there.
27th      Edgware Hospital smoking cessation course.
28th      Charing Cross sleep clinic. B&H staying.
31st      Took girls home.
Aug 1st Preached Gen 22 IPC. Idolatry. Dan 3 preached at HIRC with 13 Africans and a Brazilian.
3rd        Heard Quebe sisters excellent Texan music.
5th        Troy Hamilton and family t dinner.
6th        Mrs Damji visited after eight years in Florida. Boss treated me to dinner at Lisa'a.
7th        Canterbury. Walked by Great Stour from Barton ferry.
8th        Ten AIM workers murdered in Afghanistan. Good retired SB preacher at Immanuel on waters of Mara. Home run delayed by Mela in park.
9th        Session in our garden. PL seemed discouraged I do not know why.
10th       PL treated my to some pints. Says I am not approachable but not to change. A mystery?
11th       Anniversary meal at Lisa's.
12th       Babysat E whole R with D to HBC prep at IPC. R is pregnant.
13th       Picked raspberries and blackberries. Braithawites to lunch and walk in Osterley park.
15th       IC excellent on rich fool. Coston and family to lunch. IC good on Is 40. HBC prayer.
16th       Took Craig of OPC Chicago to LTS. Lunch at Fenella's flat. Ladies to Natalia's hen party. Elders prayer at Littles where I babysat.
17th       Few at early prayer. Manny's stag drinks at Drayton Court.
18th       Picked church brambles. Richard Bewes on prayer at IPC.
20th       Amjad and Sarah to lunch. Want to move from Masih Ghar to us. Natalia and Manny's wedding rehearsal. Picked elderberries and barb;es.
21st      IPC wedding with dinner and Igbo dancing.
22nd    IC good on anxiety from Luke. Amjad family, Sarah Penny and Johnny to lunch. HIRC showed Nigeria pictures and preached on Daniel in lions den.
23rd    Deb bust with HBC pep. Phoned Pam in Clementine Churchill Hospital.
24th    Picked washed and froze brambles from church.
26th    K pain from trapped nerve. HBC ends well. Long chat with Pam out od hospital with less of sight from one eye.
27th    Elissa feb out of bed and broke arm in two places again Cocodamol from GP not much pain relief for K.
28th    With Trevor at Lords. Saw 1 wickets fall before rain. Later when we saw the TV replays there was obviously a scam going on with no balls and three players were banned. Elissa home in plaster.HBC ends.
29th    PL good on Jacob and Esau. Preached Canada Water.
30th    Martin Fox, Sarah, Alison Tina to lunch.
31st    K to be referred to spinal clinic.
Sep 1st K at Ealing Hospital all day as they insisted E be kept n overnight . Neal and family from Baku here.
2nd      Session on adjusting the budget. Three Pakistani cricketers charged over betting.
4th       Met Habula Kohon at Victoria and showed him the place, Westminster, British Museum and Library.
5th       PL excellent on Jacob's dream. Preached HIRC. Neal and family back from Dorset.
7th       Neal and family left.
8th       Joel staying.
11th     With K to Tottenham and bought a £3000 Yamaha piano.
12th     PL good on Jacob's ladder. Larson at IPC tea and Elliott emotional telling of the ten who were murdered.
13th     Good elders prayer. K's back still bad.
16th     Pope visits Scotland and the Queen.
17th     Saw Pakistan beat us at Oval ODI.
18th     Saw Warwick beat Somerset in Lords final.
20gth   Carpenter finished bedroom cupboard.
22nd    Housegroup leaders at IPC but K too much pain to go out.
23rd     Katy on child protection course at IPC. Five of us for breakfast and book discussion. To Amjad's fellowship.
24th     IC on Luk 12. Lunch at Meiners. ver 20 at HIRC from 9 countries.
29th     New piano delivered.

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