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The changing world (290) Apr-Jun 2009

Apr 2nd K's last 24/7.
3rd         Down. Hammersmith NMR and ECHO. Silly CPO stopped me on Le Rd walking home with a beer on a hot day. Did I look like a yob?
5th         First morning at TVU. OK but adult Sunday School in a corridor with adverts for unsavoury societies. pm presided at table. PL on 1Cor 16.Kenneth Skilling to tea.
6th        Joint session and deacons on budget.
9th        Idiot George at 69 wanted car moved from his front as it would block the ambulance if he had a heart attack. It was years before he was taken away due to dementia.
10th       PL Good Friday communion with hot cross buns after.
12th       {L 1Cor 15.
13th       Finished listing of over 1500+ books.
18th       To Great Shelford. Shown new house in Hauxton.
19th       Down. 102 at TVU. IC on Jn 4. Carlo to lunch. We told him he would find Inverness cold in more than one way. Sadly he was to leave us for things charismatic. PL on render to caesar.
20th       Down.
23rd       English Heritage want to visit. They were to list the chapel. Being down I did not press for immediate demolition which I should have. Why should a quango tell a church they are not free to do as they wish with their own property?
24th       To Barnes to discuss arrangements for his mother's funeral.
25th        Canterbury. Petrol 96.9p/L and rising.
26th        Vineyard friendly but informal to the point of irreverence.
27th         Down.
29th         Took Gwen Barnes funeral Mortlake Crematorium. Several councillors surprised that an atheist Jew had a Christian funeral. David gave excellent testimony at the town hall wake.
30th         Down.
May 2nd  Swine flu still main news topic.
3rd           IC Jn4. Beldam to lunch. Idiot George wanted car moved. Dick Lucas good 1Tim 4.
4th           Excellent dinner at A's parents in Ruislip.
5th           Down.
7th           ditto
8th           Noah Levy born. Third day of Lord's WI test. Rain until noon start. Pan in left hand. Did not realise it was amiodarone which warns against exposure to sunlight.
9th           To Moorside Lodge Glossop.
10th         Small friendly strict baptist. Lyme park our first use of National Trust membership.
11th         Glossop heritage centre. Found Overends had a sweet shop. Derwent Valley reservoirs where dambusters flew.
12th         Calne Abbey. K's lost contact lens found in stable door cobweb. House full of stuffed birds. Keddleston hall relics of Curzons in India.
13th         Walked round Glossop and found Overends in trade directories.
14th          Little Morton hall. Tatton Park.
15th          Glossop cemetery to no avail. Hardwick hall.
16th          Richmond. Took Dorothy to Reeth for lunch. Harrogate.
17th          G preached at Wesley Chapel, Harrogate. Home.
18th          Haematology OK. Session.
19th          Down.
23rd          Larsons and girls to dinner.
24th          PL Gen 12 and greatest commandment. Susan Barnes, John Silva and friend to lunch.
28th          Down.
30th          Petrol 97.9p/L
31st          Penny, Ethel, Ee Wei to lunch
Jun 1st      Pizza Express £60 for 3 of us.
2nd            Start of ELT at town hall. Elissa fell downstairs and broke arm in two places.
3rd            Prayer PL on importunate widow.
4th            Grappa from Italy and pepper vodka from Ukraine. EU elections.
5th             Tom N treated Neal and i to breakfast at local cafe. Synod poorly attended by Koreans who provided great food. Edward Ayub from Bangladesh spoke.
6th             Daniel, Doug, Tom, Paul M, Joel, Craig Sheppard, Liviu and one other to dinner after presbytery. Angry Liviu had not arranged transport to Luton tomorrow.
7th             Levy good twice.
8th             K on TEFL course at Kingston.
13th           To Braithwaites.
14th            PL OK on Abraham in Egypt. David Field on work.
15th            IPC AGM too long and boring.
16th           Treated to Thai dinner by Chottai brothers who seemed OK.
19th           Dinner at Ian C's.
20th           Kempston, Stephen Braithwaite surprise Ruby wedding party for his parents.
21st           Neither PL on Gen 13 nor D Field on work inspiring.
22nd          Elders prayer encouraging. Bercow elected speaker. Ugh.
23rd           Sent money for J's house purchase. Limas join housegroup.
25th           Down.
26th           Wacko Jacko died and swamped the news.
27th           Canterbury.
28th           Vineyard slow to start, loud, inefficient modern music, long sermon.

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