Thursday, January 10, 2019

Diary w/e 12 Jan 2019

Sun 6 Jan

Adult Sunday School Chris Cradock on Synod of Dordt. Two excellent sermons by Paul on fasting and then Num 26-27. One Iranian convert baptised. Major influence in her conversion was the life of a fellow Iranian who is a Christian and showed a different character. We are on hospitality rota. No new visitors came but we had two English, one Chinese and one South African to lunch. Memorable for Katy forgetting to serve any carbohydrate with the chicken casserole.

Mon 7th

Start of IPC week of prayer with over thirty at evening prayer.

Tue 8th

Led U3A World Religions on usury and banking. Amazing the prominence of Jews. I was surprised to hear the Jews in my group recon I have a better knowledge of their scriptures than they do and a RC member saying they are not taught the Old Testament.

Wed 9th

Full complement of ten of us at housegroup prayer last night.

Thu 10th

My worsening cold and cough led t some breathlessness in the night so Katy said I should see the GP who thinks I may have a chest infection and prescribed antibiotics. I felt weak and skipped the church prayer lunch.

Fri 11th

IPC day of prayer and fasting. Water only until our 7pm meeting. I felt better than yesterday so did not take the illness excuse. About fifty of us breaking the fast then ending our church day of prayer and fasting at the Lord's table.

Sat 12th

Quiet day at Evangelical Library. Returned home with no appetite or taste for food. Watched Dark Son the documentary on how Harold Jones who killed two girls in Abertillery in 1921 probably was involved in killing six prostitutes in our area of London in the early 1960s. The second girl in Abertillery was my fathers fourth cousin. We were at the rededication of her grave this year which event was on the documentary. The Jack the Stripper murders are the worst unsolved serial killings in the UK.

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