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The changing world (291) Jul-Sep 2009

Jul 1st 30C so thankful for a/c at work.
4th      New T5 for BA to Geneva. Everything too expensive.
5th      Walked up the hill to the cathedral. Excellent Sinclair Ferguson. Reformation Wall obscured by a stage. Archbishop of Uganda. Excellent Brian Chapel. Tour of cathedral.
6th       Douglas Kelly on Calvin and catholicity. Gamble on recent JC studies. D Hart poor on Calvinism in 19th C USA. Did not get on with J With, Calvin as lawyer. Ryken good sermon. Lilliback. Godfrey excellent.
7th       Poor on history, better on arts, good on assurance, women and heavy. Museum of Reformation excellent on a day in the life of Calvin. Up tower. Down to archaeology. Sermons by Lawson, Campbell and Duncan.
8th      Papers from young scholars. Uganda archbishop on revival. Great from Geoff Thomas.
9th      Good preaching, Donally, Jones and Thomas. Food cheaper out of old city.
10th    Boat to Lausanne. Crossed lake. back by addle steamer. Montreux. Vieux. Rude Swiss asked me and black American to be quieter. Should have offered him a swim.
11th    Failed to find Calvin's beer to bring home. Spirits raised first time in months.
12th    Gavanescus to lunch.
13th    Suspended by Amazon as seller. I dispute negative feedback but they are judge, jury and executioner.
16th    Kenneth Shilling took me to Tally Ho lunch.
18th    Lords. Flintoff's last Lords test. England doing well. To Amjad's and good curry.
19th    Preached on credit crunch at Identikits Green. At lunch met former UKIP adviser in Brussels.
20th    First Ashes win at Lords in 75 years.
22nd   Charing Cross sleep apnoea clinic. Hammersmith cardiology reduced medicines. Siloam Village housegroup meal.
23rd     K&D to Giselle's baby shower.
25th     Hampshire beat Sussex in Lord's one day final. Harry Patch the last Tommy dies at 108.
28th     CPPE on diabetes at a Hendon hotel.
29th     GP refused me antidepressant.
31st       Jan and Theo Roe to dinner.
Aug 1st Down.
2nd       Late to Strict Baptist at Aylesbury as confused it with Amersham. Preached anxiety then depression. Enjoyed day with Tim Bulmer and family.
5th        Up and down.
6th        Ditto.
7th        K&D at hen party for Clare and Gillian.
8th        About fifty to R&A's for ruby wedding party. Good Waitrose food. Seven present who were there forty years ago.
9th        IC on 1Pt. Took G&S to Siloam Village for lunch and got parking tickets on two cars in Dickens Yard. It used to be free on Sundays.Preached n anxiety. Prayer meeting for HB club.
14th      Red Lion Amir and Matt's stag drinks.
15th      BMI to Belfast. Anis car hire. To Lieches. Tall ships in Belfast docks.
16th      Knock Presbyterian. Strangford Lough and coast. Saw tall ships sailing out.
17th      Ballycast;e. Rope bridge to island. Bushmills distillery. Kilmavena. Coast drive. Experienced my first pub brawl.
18th      Donegal ancestry centre helpful but the RCs did not keep parish records like the Anglicans. Tried to find Lock but gave up when the unmade track deteriorated. Killbeg. The place is full of unoccupied properties built with cheap EU loans.
19th      Again sought Lock by Letterkenny. Inchower peninsula. Inch island. Buncranie. Famine museum very good.
20th      Donegal coast. Rosacram. Horn head. Anxiety.
21st      Giants Causeway. From where the channel is narrowest saw from Ailsa Craig to paps of Jura, one of the four best views I have ever seen. Belfast.
22nd     Broughshane 2nd Presbyterian. Bid wedding. Crowd outside. Clare twenty minutes late. Buffet in church hall. Stormont Hotel reception. Hot day. I was the only one at the bar. NI Presbyterians do not imbibe in public so distinguishing Protestants from RCs. Speeches before dinner. I was not in the mood to speak feeling down.
23rd      To Jones church. Excellent Presbyterian service. Lunch at Jones with Shiela Burns. Belfast City Airport. England retain Ashes.
24th      Deb back from wedding in Scotland.
25th      Heard of Liviu rift with Ed hartman so Skype with Joel.
26th      Mark Dishley to dinner. D&Co here. Met Levy's parents at prayer meeting. HBC going well.
27th      Session.
28th      D&Co left but B&H still here.
29th      HBC end picnic. FMFbarbecur Amlad's.
30th      PL Ps 45, Martin Fox Ps 36 both good. J&M to lunch.
Sep 2nd Active on Facebook.
3rd        Church planting committee. Romania a mess. Need to be tough.
4th        Presbytery at Masih Ghar.
5th        Mark Lawler's farewell barbecue. Most there were from St Pauls and kept to their cliques.
6th        Levy exceptional on Gen 14. Chris Roberts excellent Ps 38. A brilliant first sermon.  Farewell pizza for him at 52.
9th        Baby sara Lima at house group.
10th      Session.
12th      ODI Lords against Australia. J&Co here.
13th      Joe Greider excellent on the prodigal. They and Phillips to lunch. Noah Levy baptised.
14th      Larson's treated us to an Afghan meal in West Ealing and a cigar at 52. Eric commanding a battalion.
19th      LST for MBB meeting. Met Patrick chaplain from Harmondsworth Detention Centre.
20th      PL good on Melchisedek and Mk 13 but he has not read Kik. Sarah B and Marianne to lunch.
24th     Tulsi is one of the best ever w/e students. Despite my assessment of her capabilities she went on to qualify as a pharmacist. PCT seminar of release of phase two of electronic scripts. Chuck saks Amir very opposed to meetings for mutual understanding with Muslims.
25th      Tulsi wanted to work regular. I can legally employ her three days a week for two hours a day term time.
26th       Canterbury. Visited David on duty at Westgate museum. Saw Victorian prison and view over the city.
27th       Vineyard like a noisy disco. Home.
28th        Session. PM in USA six months. Nicki Rae to be employed for CAP.
29th        Northwick park golf club RPSGP on responsible pharmacist. waste of time.
30th        Received a new riga from a Muslim facebook lady.

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