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The changing world (287) Jul-Sep 2008

Jul 3rd Holly Larson staying, Elliott's niece and Kim a pharmacist from NC.
5th        Session breakfast here. Ian Clements first time. Mark Allen and May Sohn's unusual wedding. No best man or bridesmaids. her father a top German businessman.
6th        Preached Mt 26. Clements, Wilcox and Silva to lunch. PL good Mk 8 blind man healed. AGM a bit of a struggle due to budget brought in late.
7th        Kim and Holly dined us at Pas Thai as a thank you for staying.
8th        Sara in hospital with cellulitis.
9th        Ian C to dinner and house group.
10th      To Harrogate. Sara home.
11th       Durham for Carl Larson's wedding Anna Wordsworth. Terrible job to get to park near the cathedral which adjoins the university where the wedding took place. Lots there from Kabul. Reception in 13C Great Hall. Fabulous seeing.
12th       Had to leave Durham early due to Miners gala. Picked up Dorothy at Richmond.Hawes. Aysgarth. Thornthwaite chapel barbecue. Bolton Abbey. Grave of FAS. Walk by Wharfe.
13th       RGW preached Hampsthwaite Methodist. Thornthwaite Evangelical reopening. Ron Pollard. Met Metcalfe brothers. Douglas is 91. Preached on encouragement at Grove Road.
14th       Home and packing.
15th       United Airlines to Washington, Dulles. Three hour transit then over five hours to Sacramento.Met by dennis. 26 hour day.
16th       Awakened by noisy squirrels to see dawn over the Sierras. Wedding preparations of suit, drinks and guests arriving.
17th       Heard squirrels, deer and coyote from the early morning deck. Julie increasingly panicky about arrangements and lack of help from bridesmaids. Auburn. Met  Young, OPC pastor from Philadelphia and Flower farm again for reception planning.
18th        Wedding rehearsal. Over thirty on the platform. Choreography by Mrs Young. Met the grooms father who put on Italian dinner for over sixty. Also met the author of Drinking with Luther and Calvin.
19th         Bridesmaids dressing. Bride had hair styled. Dressing and photographs at the Flower fair. Wedding good. I did not eat or drink a lot at the reception and my speech went well. 'I do"beer ran out.
20th         Covenant reformed Church grass valley. Paserville. Borens new house . Enjoyed pool and margarita.
21st         Lunch at Boomtown casino, Nevada. Virginia City. mark Twain museum. Lake Tahoe.
22nd        Took Roes to lunch. Nevada City. Grass valley.
23rd         San Francisco. Pier  39. Sea lions. Golden Gate.
24th          Mexican dinner with Brierleys.
25th         Two hours to Denver. Three hour wait for flight.
26th          H&H here. Elissa walking if holds hand.
27th         Ear infection. Preached Jn 6, bread of life. Took girls to Burroughs.
28th         To Baldock to meet J and give him child seats forgotten yesterday.
30th          IC led not well attended IPC prayer.
Aug 3rd    Preached 1Cor on Supper and presided. Phillips and Blades from Georgia to lunch. IC did well on Ps 32. Vaughan resigns as England captain.
6th            Visit from new boss, Michael Taylor. Led prayer meeting.
7th            Sleep apnoea down from 15 an hour to 5.
8th            Dinner Lisa's.
9th            Oval with Trevor. 11:30 start with SA. rained off after lunch.
10th          Led for PM on God is truth. Emmanuelle to lunch. Preached Ps 34.
11th          Second Olympic gold. 400m women swimming. Russia invading S Osetia, Georgia.
12th          Elissa wakes by herself.
13th          Led IPC prayer.
14th          Ceasefire in Georgia.
16th         Saw Essex beat Kent in one day final lords. To John Silva's barbecue.
17th         PL excellent 1Cor 2:6 and Jac 1:13. Excellent barbecue from Ade on new deck.
20th         IC led prayers. 150 dead madrid air crash.
21st         To Harrogate.
22nd        Headingley with G and saw us beat SA in ODI.
23rd        Lunch with Joe in Wilmslow. Libby's 60th party.
24th        Bulmers at Hinckley. Home.
26th        PL has lost his license for six months.
28th        Rae's barbecue for Johnny M's birthday.
29th        Two killed by hit and run on Bilton Road.
31st         Hristo and Maria to lunch. PL really good pm on send denial.
Sep 1st    Session prayer encouraging.
3rd           Full house for prayer. McCain is to be republican candidate against Obama.
5th           Carlo's leaving party at LST.
6th           Canterbury and to d at museum.
7th           Decent sermon at Simon Langston School from Pemberton. Walk in orchards.
8th           Emmanuelle and mother to dinner.
12th         Joel, Liviu and Christi to dinner.
13th         Moderated presbytery. Stafford Boat Club. Adam and Alison's wedding reception.
14th         Grace fellowship Culcheth. Lunch at Kumars. Home.
19th         J&Co here. Deb passed motorcycle instruction course.
20th         Ruislip lido. Fed 7 for £38 there.
21st         Preached 1Cor 12 for Kingston Koreans. PL GOOD MK 9.
26TH       A week struggling with depression.
27th         Solihull EPCEW presbytery. Drews Sutton coalfield.
28th         Preached gen 1 Solihiull EPCEW. PL Mk 9 good.
29th         David drew staying. Stock markets plummet.
30th         I do not approve of Deb's plans to buy a motorbike.


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