Wednesday, January 30, 2019

The changing world (310) Apr-Jun 2014

Apr 1st Leg no better. PL visited.
3rd        R insisted I go to GP again who prescribed flucoxacillin and referred me to rapid response team.
4th        Nurse visited and hospital doctor prescribed IV antibiotic.
5th        Littles away on cruise.
6th        No church again. Nurses giving IV.
7th        PL visited again. Improving.
8th        End of IV course.
9th        Canterbury.
10th      Home.
11th      Ciprofloxacin prescribed.
14th      Keyes spoke at IPC Dick fine on tolerance. Mardi prolix as Edith S.
15th      Dinner at Yong's Gerrards Cross.
18th      Good Friday and back to IPC.
19th      J&co here.
20th      Littles to dinner telling of their cruise.
26th      Braithwaite's here.
May 1st Lunch with Littles, Toby carver.
4th         M Fox, Sarah B and Andrew Kennedy to lunch.
7th         David Drew here for whistle blowers conference. Gave me his new book of autobiography.
21st       Chaired IPC AGM.
25th       Seabers and Ashtaroos to lunch.
Jun 1st  HIRC John. First time for a while.
5th        Lunch with Littles bella Italia.
6th        Donald MacLeod spoke before Synod.
7th        Presbytery.
8th        Adam Wilson UCCF preached. Lunched with us. IPC sponsoring him to Westminster seminary. Also Naralie Grainger and Larissa Volossevich dined too.
15th      Sotirovs to lunch. He is accepted by LCM to work in East London.
29th      Dick Lucas at 88 very clear at IPC. HIRC Jn 3.
30th      Persuaded to order eight solar panels for £12,000.

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