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The changing world (311) Jul-Sep 2014

Jul 2nd Another solar panel quote of £8000 for 16 panels. Visited C Paddock ealing hospital. Bone melanoma confirmed.
6th        Heards and Allens to lunch. HIRC Jm 3.
13th      Corcorans to lunch.
14th      Solar panels installed. Not a good return on the investment we found and would not repeat it.
20th      Pal Meiners to lunch.
22nd     Made it to early prayer as spirits raised.
26th      Deb to Teignmouth with Littles.
27th      After two weeks of better spirits I have weaned myself from sertraline antidepressant. Japanese family to lunch. Ps 39 HIRC.
28th      Flash floods Ruislip and Hillingdon. Not a drop here.
29th      Visited Chris b Ealing hospital.
31st       Petrol 126.9/L.Pastoral visit to Rossini's.
Aug 1st Sleep clinic gives me new mask. Apnoea down from original 60 an hour to 40.
2nd        Acton Baptist 21/2 hour service to ordain boss of Pioneers. Sunbury Terry Beldam's 77th. saw baby Lalita Van Tilburg.
3rd         Preached Ps 39 IPC. Lunch at Monty's with Kenneth Skilling. Jn 4 at HIRC.
4th         St Barnabas moving WW1 commemoration. Diaries and letters from Ealing men. The first All Quiet on the Western Front. Relay from Westminster Abbey.
5th         GP refers for bariatric surgery. Visited Baddock in hospital. PL, D Barnes and I have urged him to marry.
6th         Conversation for an hour with two JWs.
7th         To  widowed Pat Rafferty near Boston. K had not seen her for 40 years. Eight acre small holding near fen drain.
8th          Boston Guildhall where Pilgrims were imprisoned and the Stump,John Cotton's church. Biggest parish church in UK. Pulpit locked.
9th          Home. Deb doing HBC crafts.
10th        M Fox Ps 111. Lunch Mylett Arms. CR Rut 1.
11th        Kefas Amos and wife to lunch. Onuah's pastoral visit.
12th        Pastoral visit to Mahand's High Wycombe.
13th        Katy's Mac Mini delivered. Visited Baddock in Ealing hospital.
14th        Cafe Rouge with Littles.
15th        MacBook Air arrived.
16th        To Amjad's planning his next conference.
17th        CR 2Cor 2 and Rut 2. COCIN at Acton town hall. Aussie couple arrive to lodge.
18th        JBH to lunch. B professed faith while at camp.
21st        Visited Paddock now home with Veronica.
22nd       To Harrogate for G's 60th at red Lion with very poor service.
23rd        To Ardrossan and ferry to Arran. Pleasant cottage. Blackwaterfoot Hotel best ever seafood platter. With G&S and her mother.
24th         From the nearby beach saw Ailsa Craig, Ayrshire, Antrim and Mull of Kuntyre. Brodick FCC in old people's home with the world's slowest precentor.
25th         Brodick Castle. Independence debate on TV. The FCC minister says the island is nationalist.
26th        Kildonnan. Whiting bay. Walking to Glenashdale Falls dropped and lost the OS map from Ealing library.
27th        Drove round the island and visited the distillery. Sanox. Brodick.
28th        Brodick Folk Museum.
29th        Wet and windy. Burn in spate. Ferries cancelled.
30th        Ferry to Clonaig and up to Macdonalds in Kyle of Lochalsh.
31st        Stuart MacKinnon preached well at IPC in the primary school.
Sep 1st   Elgol. Misty Isle boat tp loch Chorusk. Boggy and slippery and Cuilins in cloud.
2nd         Inverewe Gardens. Treated MacDonalds to Plockton Inn dinner. Mainly signs for pro-independence vote everywhere.
3rd         Elgol Boat to Rhum and Canna. Saw deer, wreck, seals porpoises.
4th         West of Skye. Dunvegan. Porteee. Met Wayne Pearce. Uig. Target on Harris. Cruilig. MacDonald's croft.
5th         Explored Great Bernera. Beach golden. Sea blue. Woodcarver should.
6th         Exploring Stornoway for Free Church invited to Shawbost communion season. Blockhouse museum. Callanish stones.
7th         Shawbost FC English service then communion with 19th century tokens. Excellent lunch. Two offered! Over Martin in Stornoway pm.
8th         Iolaire memorial Holm Point. Eye peninsula.Back and road to Tolstoy and Bridge to Nowhere.
9th         Tarbert. Golden Rad. Beach walk.
10th       Tarbert, Husenish, Scalpay, Ferry. Beautiful views. MacDonalds at Kyle.
11th       131/2 hours to do 610 miles home. Sorry not to have time to photograph perfect loch reflections. Only one slight detour off M6 by mistake.
12th       David and Emilie Tennant left us.
13th       Hauxton. With JBH to Duxford air show at the museum.Four spitfires and hurricanes. Eight WW1 replica fighters. Victor bomber.
14th       Johny Gibson excellent Exo 4. US Navy family yo lunch. COCIN at Acton Town Hall.
15th       U3A history on Olympics.
17th       U3A current affairs on prisons. Lunch with Elliott at Larson's.
18th       Lunch with Littles, Harefield. The Globe, Brentford, quiz for MS charity organised by Elaine Barnes. Pride £3.90. Quiz biased to popular culture. Stayed upper Scottish referendum result.
19th      Woke after 3am with TV saying Scotland says no to independence. happily surprised. Salmond resigns as first minister. Party for Aaron and Eileen Lawlers 40th. St Paul's people as cliquey as ever.
20th      First day helping at the Evangelical Library. Spacious new Biunds Green premises.
21st      CR on Chrisr's death. Kefas good at COCIN Acton. PL stared excellent series on worship.
22nd     Starvin Marvins with Deb and Littles.
23rd      Preached from Phi 1 at ELT.
25th      Re-enactment of last walk of Alice Gross who went missing by the canal in Hanwell four weeks ago.
26th      An Ideal Husband at Questors.
27th      Wells to lunch.
28th       Travel to Drayton School messed up by half marathon. PL on worship. Brazilian Cleger and Limas to Lunch. PL 2Cpr 1. Jn 4 at HIRC.
29th       Bariatric clinic St Mary's. When told you had to lose weight first and avoid all carbonated drinks after I dropped the idea. Larson's to dinner.
30th       Locus GP says my stiff knee is arthritis and sent me for X-ray.

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