Friday, February 15, 2019

Rutherford Revised - (9)

9. For Marion M'Naught recommending she love a friend.  Anwoth.  Undated.

Mistress, my love to you in Christ. At the request of this messenger whom I love I ask if you can help his wife with your advice, for she is in a most dangerous lie death condition. I had thought her state was changed, and hoped God would have brought her home, and now it looks like she will leave this life with a number of children left behind. If I can ask you to help her it will be a work of mercy. My own wife is still in great pain, night and day. Pray for us for life was never so weary for me. God had filled me with what is bitter, but this I believe holds my head up above the water, 'It is good for a man that he bear the yoke in his youth.'(Lam 3:27) 

   I do remember you. I pray you be humble and believe, and I ask you in Christ Jesus, pray for John Stuart and his wife, and ask your husband to do the same. Remember me heartily to Jean Brown. Ask her to pray for me and my wife: I do remember her. Do not forget the church. Grace, grace on them, and peace to those who pray for the church. She is the ship we sail in to Canaan. If she is wrecked on a rock, we will be thrown overboard to swim to land for death or life. The grace of Jesus be with your husband and children.
   Yours in Christ,   S.R.

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