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Rutherford revised (41)

41. To Marion M'Naught             From Edinburgh Undated

Well-beloved  sister, - my love in Christ remembered. I hear good news concerning our church, but I am afraid our King will not be resisted, and therefore, let us not to be secure and careless. I wonder if this church does not come through our Lord's fan, since there is so much chaff in it are all; but I persuade myself, the Son of God's wheat will not be blown away. Let us put on God's armour, and be strong in the Lord. If the devil and the church's enemies punch a hole in that armour, let our Lord see to it;- let us put it on, and stand. We have Jesus on our side, and those who would not take a blow behind him, are not worthy of such a Captain. We are in sight of his flag; his banner over us is love; look up to that white banner, and stand, I beg you, in the Lord of victory.
   My brother writes to me about your depression, and of temptations that's sorely press you. I am content it is so, for you bear the mark of the Lord Jesus. So it was with the Lords apostle when he was to come to Macedonia (2Cor 7:5):  his body had no rest; he was troubled on every side, and did not know which way to turn; outside were fightings, and inside fears. In the great work of our redemption, your lovely, beautiful and glorious Friend and well-beloved Jesus, was brought to tears and strong cries,; so that his face was a wet with tears and blood, arising from a holy fear and the weight of the curse. Take a drink from the Son of God's cup, and love it more because he drank from it before you. There is no poison in it. Many times I wonder that a child of God should as  have a sad heart, considering what their Lord is preparing for them.
   Is your mind troubled about that business now happening in Edinburgh?  I trust in my Lord, that in the end he will give you your heart's desire; even though it doesn't go well, the Lord will feed your soul, and all the hungry souls in that town. So I ask you in the Lord, to pray for a submissive will, and pray as our Lord Jesus tells you. 'Your will be done on earth, as it is in heaven'. And though your faith, be troubled by temptations, do you think there is one tree in our Lord's garden that is not often shaken by wind from all the four corners? Surely there is none. Rebuke your soul as the Lord's prophet does, 'Why are you cast down, O my soul,and why are you in turmoil within me?. (Ps 42;11). That was the word of a man going over hill and mountain; but God held on to him. Swim through your temptations and troubles to come to that lovely, amiable person, Jesus, to whom your soul is dear. In your temptations run to the promises: they are our Lord's branches hanging on the water, so that our LORD's silly, half- drowned children may take hold them; if you let them go, you will fall to the ground. Are you troubled with the situation in God's church? Our Lord will always have her between sinking and swimming. You will have her going through a thousand doubts, and through hell, like a lame woman, limping and wanting someone to lean on (Mic 4:6-7), that God may be your crutch. That broken ship will come to the land, because Jesus is the pilot. Faint not; you will see the salvation of God, - or say, God never spoke His word through me; and I would rather never have been born, were it so with me. My Lord has sealed me. I dare not deny that I have been down since I left you, fearing that I be deserted because of my unthankfulness. But the Lord will be kind to me, whether I will or not. I rest that much in His rich grace, that He will not change. As you love me, pray for me in particular
   After consulting with Carletoun, I have written to Mr David Dixon concerning Mr Hugh M'Kail, and asked him to write his mind to Carletoun, and Carletoun to Edinburgh, they may particularly remember Mr Hugh to the Lord; and by God is a wonderful providence I happened upon a convenient  and trustworthy bearer.
  No more. I recommend you to the Lord's grace, and your husband and children.  The Lord Jesus be with your spirit.
   Yours in the Lord,   S.R.
P.S.- Mistress, - I had not time did give my advice to your daughter and Grizel; so you will give her my message. Assure her now, that because of her tender age, she is a clean sheet,  ready for writing good or bad; and it is a sweet and glorious thing for her to give herself up to Christ, so he may write upon her His Father's name, and His own new name. Make sure she be the acquainted with the book of God; for in there are the promises that our Lord writes upon his own, and does them in them and for them. I am persuaded, when I think she is in the company of such parents, and  has opportunity to learn Christ, the Christ is wooing her soul; and I pray to God that she may not refuse such husband. And therefore I tell her, and ask her by the mercies of God, by their wounds and blood of him who died for her, by the word of truth which she hears and can read, by the coming of the Son of God can judge the world, that she would complete your joy, and learn Christ, and walk in Christ. In many years time she will know this is the truth of God; and I promise myself, having seen the beginning, she will give herself to Him that gave Himself for her. Let her begin praying; for if she remembers her Creator in the days of her youth, he will be kind to her in her old age. It will be part of my prayers, that this be so in her, by him who is able to do exceeding abundantly, who's Grace again I recommend you, and her, and all yours.

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