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The changing world (313) Jan-Mar 2015

Jn 1st J&co and Burroughs here. Usual beard trim.
3rd    Deb back from Wales.
4th    PL on Jesus Christ the same. Jn 8 HIRC.
5th    Start of week of prayer. One friend has miscarriage.
6th    U3A world religions on humanism. Session. Liss is in serious trouble.
7th    U3A history Thuraiya on recent history of Iraq.
8th    Petrol106.9/L. Ruislip Beefeater with Littles.
9th    Deb starts as classroom assistant volunteer at West Twyford primary. IPC evening. PL far too long and repetitious on Jn 3:16.
10th  To visit Pam H in Bedford than Braithwaites.
11th  SC on Rev 21. Swains from Florida to lunch. 1,500,000 march in Paris over Charlie Hebdo killings. Seven dead. PL good 2Cor 7.
13th  Delivered CAP hamper. Nikides staying. Much discussion on Liss church.
14th  Emergency presbytery committee to discus Liss. I was called in as PL at birth of Phoebe who may have Downs. Nikides are to do to Liss.
15th   Nikides left.
16th   Phoebe Levy confirmed Downs.
17th   Churches burned in Niger after Charlie Hebdo protests.
18th   CP on Ps2. Sandra, Philips and Olly to lunch. Jonathan Fletcher excellent on Malachi.
19th   Thuraiya at U3A history on emigration to Palestine. Plan to let PL have a month off work.
20th    Deb looking after Ellie Levy while her mother is in hospital with the baby.
22nd    BN says no need for emergency presbytery. Sheila Briggs funeral Ruislip crematorium. Wake at the house.
23rd   SE gospel partnership at S Andrew's Undershaft one which like St Helen's survived the great free. At St Helen's top man from FIEC rather boring on the state of the church but good Aussie Indian former Buddhist on preaching. Enjoyed the monuments which are second only to Westminster Abbey in number.
24th   Petrol 104.9/L
25th   CSSI curry evening at IPC with Joan's slides of India.
26th   First C of E bishop ordained.
27th   Representing IPC at Perceval House, holocaust memorial day. Liberal rabbi did not pray.
28th   SC on Dt 8. Flint family to lunch. HIRC Jn 8. Shocked to hear Ian Green had 'married' his male partner. No idea he was that way when I was a councillor and he was mayor.
29tgh Coming back from U3A bothered by incontinence as I had been at HIRC.
Feb 1st Taught Chaledon creed at adult SS. SC Dt 9. HIRC Jn 8.
3rd        First snow of the year overnight thawed by noon.
4th        U3A current affairs on ISIS. Phoebe Levy home.
6th        Visted Baddock. Macbeth at Questors. Phoebe L back in hospital with fever.
8th        Taught on rule of benedict at adult SS. Gurtlers to lunch. Preached Ps 40 pm.
10th       U3A world religions Thuraiya on Bible and colonialism. K had physio at Ealing hospital.
12th       First pipe outside this year. Cafe Rouge with Littles.
13th       No helpful advice at sleep clinic on dopiness. Is the quetiapine?
14th       Evangelical Library.
15th       Phoebe at IPC. PPL on Ps 19. Barnes to lunch. PM Ps 41.
16th       Poor U£a paper on history of Huguenots. Session discussing planting in Brentford. AR on sabbatical so briefer.
18th       Sunny enough for pipe outside. JBH here.
19th        Feel depression coming.
20th        PL excellent on baptism.Elde-Cardoso family to lunch. HIRC Jn 9.
24th        Down.
Mar 1st PL excellent on Lord's table. Arians to lunch.HIRC Jn 10.
2nd        HIRC prayer meeting.
3rd         U3A on Hinduism.
4th         U3A on election manifestos. Complaint to presbytery concerning a letter from the moderator.
5th         N Henderson very good agin U3A on Catherine Howard. Jose Segovia staying. Franco imprisoned his father. Jerram Bats writes concerning Liss.
6th         Gary Williams on covenant of redemption at presbytery.
7th         Presbytery occupied with Liss elder under discipline. PM ridiculously angry with the moderator over his letter.
8th         Down. PL good on benediction, Jose on providence.
10th        Jose left.
12th        Lunch with Littles Charlotte's Place. Pricey.
15th        PL Naaman. SC stoning false prophets.
16th       Dan. Syl and Janet Jacobs called.
19th       Down. Dennis Roe not well after surgery.
20th       Canterbury once again missing the slip road which is not properly signed now.
24th       Down. German plane crashes in the alps killing 150+ children.
26th       German pilot deliberately crashed the plane.
28th       With Deb to Wembley, Saracens v harlequins.Right at top. Great view thanks to Ade's Groupon.
29th       IC on ascension. HIRC on Palm Sunday.
30th        Parliament dissolved.

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