Monday, February 11, 2019

Christ Crucified: A Sequel to Christ in His Suffering and Christ on Trial Hardcover – 1944 by Klaas; Zylstra, Henry (trans) Schilder (Author)

This is my second reading of Schilder.

1. Christ being cast out of the gates.

First condemned, now cursed. Usually the sequence was this then declared an outlaw but Jesus was first made outside the law then condemned and cursed. As our surety he suffered hell for us but before he died. He suffered outside the city, the lace where the sin offerings were taken.

2.Christ's right of requisition completely denied.

The condemned man had to carry his cross to the place of execution but a scourged Jesus was so weak he was given the hep of a man from Libya. Simon was compacted to carry the cross. We are called to willingly bear Christ's cross.

3. Christ's last ministration of the word

Christ is the green tree, the tree of life from Eden, being cut down willingly as mediator. Christ the prophet gives his last public discourse. Speaks on judgement and his next discourse will be when he comes in judgement.

4. Christ on Golgotha

The exact location does not matter but between Zion the place of revelation and Hinnom that of judgement.

5. Christ not repelling his judge

It was usual to give the condemned man a sedative drink to lessen pain and provoke a confession. Christ refuses to alleviate his suffering. A sedated Jesus could not be a true representative mediator. He would have put bodily ease above his spiritual worn.

5. Christ under the catastrophic curse

No_one is certain as to the details of how crucifixion was carried out. (But I have read elsewhere that wrists not hands were pierced with nails) He was lifted up as a witness to all that God's curse was on him. The curse fell on Christ before he died.

6 Christ isolating himself in the catastrophic curse.

When Christ prayed 'Father forgive', who were the objects of he his prayer? If it was all those who put him to death, Jews and Romans, did not the Father always here the Son's prayer? So it is said here not that they be given a judicial reprieve for there sin but that exception of judgement on them be delayed.

7. Christ among the bandits

Angry with the Jews, Pilate mocked them with the inscription, King of the Jews, and by putting their king between common criminals. This fulfilled Isaiah's prophecy that he would be numbered with the transgressors.


He was probably naked after his clothes were divided, The executioners had a legal right to the possessions of the condemned.

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